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o repetition of limited words
o limited native language use
o limited knowledge and creativity o natural and authentic languag
o limited by grammar and vocabulary o peripheral learning
o inductive learning o interactive atmosphere
o frozen language use o sensitive to errors
Elementary o teacher as main input provider o clear articulation
o teacher centeredness o brief and real life materials
o high TTT(Teacher Talk Time) o simple and short activities
o habit formation process  fill in the blanks,pair/group work
o fluency as a goal  substitution drills,dictation
o concrete,contextual,functional,meaningful language  no abstarct discussion,exercises

 expanded knowledge  more learner centered class

 more creativity  an ideal minimum of grammatical metalanguage
 some automatic processing  use less native language
 diminish teacher centeredness  authentic and real language
 more focus on accuracy  fluency exercises as a must
Intermediate  less focus on fluency  complex techniques
 increase in language capasities  chain stories
 decrease in TTT  problem solving
 story telling
 basic competence in speaking and writing
 information tarnsform
 more sophisticated writing
 pair&group work