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jordan woodson

ms architectural engineering
building concepts
building concepts
basketball museum
» proposed building to commemorate the success of
the duke university basketball program
» primarily wood structure, moving from heavy timber
at bottom to light wood framing on third floor
» Three story stone circulation tower houses stairs
and elevator — alluding to heavy use of ashlar
masonry on campus
» top room to house duke’s three national championship
trophies with room for possible expansion
» as structure rises, the exhibits move from individual
player accomplishments to team achievements,
embracing basketball as a team sport
» heavy use of glass to increase transparency as
elevation increases, emulating the forest surrounding
the structure
view of structure as approached from campus

view of structure as approached from athletics facilities section cut highlighting the exhibit spaces
building concepts
birdwatcher’s home
» design one bedroom home for birdwatcher
» desire for one open room
» bird watcher owns two valuable 24”x36” audobon prints
» site features large specimen tree and view to northwest
» site terrain is slightly sloping but mostly flat

» building shape conforms to sightline
» tiered roof allows birdwatcher to view birds at different
elevations within exhibit tree canopy
» series of rotating walls provide ability to give bedroom
privacy and ideal surface for audobon prints
+3’ » extensive use of glass to capitalize on sightline and
specimen tree

site plan

Entrance / Living Space

Kitchen Dining Space



“closed” floor plan envisioned spatial definition

building concepts
birdwatcher’s home continued

tiered green roofs provide multiple sightlines into northern perspective

specimen tree canopy

south-eastern perspective eastern perspcective

building concepts
student center renovation
prompt design issues
» renovate existing student center on duke university’s » current student center houses a large amount of
campus necessary office and support space for the university
» address multiple issues regarding organization of space, » the two theaters are commonly used and would be
daylighting, and circulation difficult to relocate
» incorporate building into newly renovated student » existing structure contains many oddly shaped walls,
plaza which create awkward and uncomfortable spaces
» add spaces currently lacking on campus

design solution
» design focuses on two canopies
Four “Quick” Restaurants extending from existing structure
into plaza
Coffee Shop » simplify overall shape of building,
reducing number of staggered and
diagonal walls
» first floor to act as city plaza —
Open to Below
Theater Lobby
housing restaurants and locations
to be visited for short periods of
Small Grocery /
Convenience Store
» use patios and coffee shop to help
integrate indoor and outdoor
Sit-Down Restaurant Duke Student Textbook & Computer Store
Open to Below
» define theater lobby as central space
of plaza
Patio » consolidate textbook, computer, and
student store into one major space
5' 50'
1' 20'

revised first floor plan

building concepts

Support & Service Space

design solution continued
Coffee Shop
» move spaces that would require a longer
usage time to second floor
» add a large amount of open floor space
for ‘social’ study space — a place for
Open Study Space / Group Study Rooms student collaboration with a coffee shop


DN RUN=8'-6"
» add lounge and bar to provide more space
for on campus social events
Theater Lobby Office of Student Activities and Facitilities Student Lounge & Bar
» move office of student activities and
facilities from first floor to a more daylit

» provide second theater lobby with its own
space and own vertical circulation
5' 50'
1' 20'

revised second floor plan

outdoor canopies canopies

» design inspiration from
santiago calatrava’s
bodegas ysios
» span from inside to
outside, connecting the
two spaces and providing
more transperancy to the
» varied roof structure helps
define interior spaces
» canopies aid in identifying
entrances which had
previously been difficult
to find
sketch-up model of canopies and massing model of center
logo design
logo design

R E C O R D S solutions
playhouse records windtech solutions
» local record company » hypothetical company for business competition

the needle & the groove nextray
» self-owned and operated music blog » concept for new x-ray technology out of the
university of north carolina
logo design

student basketball marathon 2010

upside duke-carolina student basketball marathon

» sticker design for local band » logo for large, student-run fundraiser

] ]

off beat innovation

blue skyy properties thinkopation
» local residential real estate company » music management company
general design
general design

“hip-hop caduceus,” pen & Ink — converted in illustrator

“wale pop-art,” spray paint on composite wood board

general design
mapping project
» create a four page spread under the concept
of “mapping”

canberra, australia

chicago, illinois
general design
mapping project continued
» use urban development plans from major
cities to create abstract prints

washington, d.c.

new york, new york

general design
system project
» create a ten page spread that illustrates a system
» design should be reproducable given a set of instructions

1 2 3

4 5
general design
system project continued
» each initial block attempts to expand » blocks do not always successfully » because expansion is based on
outward expand — expansion is based on probability each execution of the
assigned probabilities system will turn out differently

6 7

8 9 10

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