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Behavioral Intervention Plan

Student Name: Tommy Grade: Fifth Date of Plan: December 8, 2018 Date of Plan Review: December 15, 2018

I. Target II. Functional III. Antecedent Intervention IV. Reinforcers and Consequences V. Progress
Behaviors and Behavioral Strategies (Positive Behavioral Monitoring of
Definitions Assessment and Interventions and Supports) BIP
Identified What data? What
Function of the A. Context & B. Alternative A. B. progress monitoring
Antecedent Behaviors/ Individualized Consequences tool? Who will
Target Behavior collect the data?
(Hypothesis from Modifications Behavior Skills Reinforcers for Target
the FBA) Training Behavior
1. Verbal If Tommy is Context: Quiet, Alternative Behavior Tommy will not The
outbursts, refusing faced with independent Behavior: sitting Specific Praise, receive a token. paraeducator
to do his work independent work in his seat doing the token will be required
(i.e. yelling and work, then he Modifications: his work quietly. economy, more to monitor
profanity). will have a Tommy will be Behavior Skills breaks in Tommy’s
verbal outburst provided a Training: instruct between behavior. There
(i.e. yelling at token economy. Tommy on independent will be a chart
other students, completing work. provided to
profanity, independent work record Tommy’s
telling other in 10 minute time on task in
students to intervals. Tommy 10 minute
“shut up”) will watch a social intervals.
story on how to
independent work
in the classroom
appropriately, and
have him practice
2. Tommy will If Tommy is Context: quiet, Alternative Behavior If Tommy The predicator
throw classwork faced with independent Behavior: sitting Specific Praise, engages in the will receive a
and materials independent work in his seat doing rewards from target behavior, chart in which
across the room. work, then he Modifications: his work quietly. contingency he will get a they will record
will throw contingency Behavior Skills contract. minute how many times
classwork and contract (i.e. if Training: instruct deducted off of (frequency)
materials across Tommy does 10 Tommy on how to his free time. Tommy will get
the room. minutes of appropriately upset about
independent complete doing
work, then he independent work independent
will have 5 extra in the classroom. work and throw
minutes of free Tommy will things across
time) engage in a High the classroom.
Request sequence,
so he is more
willing and able to

Crisis Plan:
How will an emergency situation or behavior crisis be handled? (Define possible scenarios, including the use of in-school or out-of-
school suspension, or aversive techniques, as appropriate)
If Tommy engages in an aggressive outburst that puts other students in danger, the rest of his class will leave, and Tommy will
have his time to calm down.
If Tommy is actively refusing to do his independent work, he will be reminded about his rewards and be given redirection by the
paraeducator and the general education teacher.
If Tommy has more than two physical outburst within a two week span, then he will be suspended for 3 days.