Kenny Werner Lesson

Practice efficiently! -small chunks of things -one phrase for 4 measures -rhythmically, work on nailing a small phrase-one that is awkward for you (awkward intervals, key, different harmony) -practice starting it and ending it on different beats throughout the 4 bars (but practice it in a tune) -remove notes from line -resolve things late/early -Chords- work specifically on a few types major (b5 #5, etc) minor (Aeolian, phryg, maj/min) all kinds of dominants, sus, polychords ..well I guess that s all of them, but then pick 4 random notes and plan which qualities you ll use, a different one for each note. Do this a whole frickin lot. Eventually, you will be able to free associate. -another exercise, take a tune, have someone call out random notes, harmonize that tune to those notes -Do this, but with a melody, too. Cycle things. Use LH. -Improvise intervallicaly, but do it with conviction! - A mix of in and out = something interesting something on the border is best

-there are three components to music- rhythm, harmony, and melody. Work individually on each, and things will come together. -The point of practice is muscle memory. Practice things until your hands know them. -Once you have this muscle memory, things you ve practiced will just pop up in your playing.

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