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IN THE MARION MUNICIPAL COURT FOR MARION COUNTY, OHIO (NV THE MATTER OF THE MUNICIPAL 6 2039 GENERAL FUND BUDGET Fug CURT FOR THE MARION COUNTY MUNICIPAL COURT DEC 2 8 28 JOURNAL ENTRY MARION, OF “Teresa Balinger,udge ‘This day this use came tobe heard inthe matter ofthe general fund budget forthe Marion County Municipal Cour for2018, ‘Upon consderstion therefor, the Court finds and determines as follows: 4. The attached budget fr 2019 allows the Court to effectuate the orderly and efficient administration of justice. 2._De-appropriating funds from this budget cantrary to ths court order, 3. The doctrine of separation of powers requires that the funds necessary forthe administration of justice be provided tothe Court “It isa wel-ertablshed principle thatthe administration of justice bythe judicial branch of the, {government cannot be impeded by the other branches of the government in the exercze of ther respective Powers. The proper administration of justice cequies tha thejudlary be fre fom interference ints operations bbysuch other branches indeed, it may wel be said tat tis he duty of such other branches of goveenment 10 facilitate the administration of justice bythe jury." Foster. Bd. of County Commissioners. 16 Ohio St. 2°92 nd Motor. Atkinean (1985) 146 Ohi9 St. 4. On this date and in consideration ofthe above action, the budget ofthe Court for 2019 $1,21,119,00 and thiss the minimal amount necessary forthe ordery and efficent administrative operation ofthe Municipal Court for 2013, {71S THEREFORE ORDERED thatthe Counc forthe Cty of Marion be andi hereby drected to appropriate the above- listed sum forthe administrative operation ofthe Municipal Cour forthe year 2019, ln the event sai ity Counc fais to comply with the order the mandamus proceedings authorized by Sections 2251.10 ‘ofthe io Revised Code, together with contempt proceedings and the inherent power ofthe Court shall nated Johnston v.Toulbee (1881) 66 Ohio St. 2" 417. Iris So oRoERED. ‘Approved lek of Cours ‘mands Fellows (Cc Robert Landon, 1" ward city Council member ‘Ayers Raiff,2* Ward city Councilmember Jason Schaber, 3" Ward City Counc! member Debbie Blovins, 4% Ward City Counc! member Leslie Cunningham, 5! Ward Cty Council member Rick Hudale, 6 Ward Cy Counel member fobeeca Gustin, Counc at Large member Kevin Norris, Counc at Large member Josh Daniels, Counc at Large member “Toda Schneider, President of Counc Scott Schertzer, Mayor City of Maron ely Care, Marion Cty Auditor ‘Mark Ruse Marin Git Law Director