Who are the Ad-busters?

"We are a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who 'want to advance the new social activist, movement of the information age."

What do they do?

"Our aim is to topple existing power structures and

forge a major shift iii the way we live iii the 21 st


century .

. Actively devote themselves to numerous political and social causes ..

. Anti-consumerist cause, They regularly produces activist magazines and subvertisements.

"Ultimately, though, Adbusters is an ecological magazine, dedicated to examining the relationship between human beings and their physical and mental environment. "

What is Culture Jamming?

Is a tactic used to disrupt or subvert mainstream· cultural institutions

A form of subvert ising

It entails transforming mass media to

produce ironic or satirical commentary about itself

Used as a reaction against social conformity

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How did they start?

founded in 1989 by Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz in Vancouver, BC,

Kalle Lasn

R D moved to Australia at the age of 7

2". his first job was playing computersimulated war· games.

J.. at age. 23 headed over to E~:J however the boat stopped in Yokohama and he stayed there for a couple years.

4 .. 'During the '60s 'he ran a marlretreseareh company in 'Tokyo. He married Masako T ominaga and they immigrated to Canada

5~ starteda documentary film making company

1]", 'Over the next' 15' years, his documentaries were broadcast on PBS:J me and around the world, winning over 15 international awards

7.~ 1989 he produced a 30-sec0nd TV'spot about the disappearing old-growth

forests of the Pacific Northwest, but none of the commercial TV stations were prepa ':red.to sell him any airtime

:[ ~ This incident led bim to found the Adbusters Media Foundation, Adbusters Magazine andPowershift Advertising Agency to fight for the access to ,public airwa ves

Bill Schmalz

(, In 1989 the Be 'forestry Industry was under attack by many environmentalists and activists, The Industry fought back, by producing billboards and. ads.

o Bill Schmalz, Kalle .La.CU1:J and other activists launched a counter-ad to fight the ads

produced by fhe Industry

Q But because the public televisioncompanies would not produce-this counter' ad, the environmentalists launched a protest in front of the 1999ing company, and.received 'widespread media attention.

Q After hundreds of supporters began to phone in to the networks the industry's ads w ere pulled=the birth of the Adbusters,

G' Schmalz was extremely active in the first few issues of , the magazine, however beca use

offheunprofitability.he went back to wilderness film and photography;

o Schmalz is still listed as the co-publisher and occasionally contributes to the magazi ne

What Have they done so far?

o They have targeted many advertisements, and have actively boycotted and protested them,

o has also launched numerous :intemational social marketing, campaigns, including Buy Nothing Day and TV TmnoffWeek.

~ In April 2009 Adbusters declared a ',Digital Detox week encouraging citizens to spend seven days "unplugged'

o In order to fight Nike owned Allstar converse, Adbusters found a small union shop in Portugal, producing open sourced shoes (meaning no private trademarks) made primarily from organic hemp and recycled car tires.

Q They have created a charter called, "Media Carta," Basically challenging the media system, adbusters have filed a, lawsuit in 2004 against the Canadian television broadcasters, for refusing to air Adbusters videos in the television commercial spots that

Adbusters attempted to purchase,

Q If they succeed against the Canadian televisonbroadcasters, There may be action against The American television broadcasters, CNN being the only program to showAdbusters videos.

o April3:J2OO9:J The court granted Adbusters the ability to legally go afterthe major corporations that originally:refused to air their

anti-car ad "Antosaums", specifically against Canadian Broadcasting Company and Can West Global

(~ representing a big victory for Adbusters, essentially opening' doors for future Iegal.action against the media conglomerates

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