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Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat

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5th Call for Project Proposals under EaP CSF 2019 Re-granting Scheme for WGs

List of Eligible Proposals

Working Group Project Name Lead organisation

1. WG1 Open Governance in the EaP International Center for Policy

Countries: Prediction, Analysis Studies, Ukraine
and Promotion
2. WG1 Monitoring Recent Internews Ukraine
Developments of Russian
Propaganda: Messages, Tools
and Methods
3. WG1 Regulation for Audio-Visual Journalism Resource Centre,
Media Directive in the Georgia
Processes of Implementation

4. WG1 Research and Promotion of Open Society Foundation,

Good Governance Principles in Ukraine
Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and
5. WG1 Developing the joint advocacy Vesta, Moldova
plan of the EaP CSF and its
National Platforms for the
promotion of the prevention,
protection and prosecution of
the Gender-based violence in
the EaP Countries and the
implementation/ratification of
the Istanbul Convention
6. WG1 Towards a Culture of ZERO Communities Finance Officers
Tolerance to Corruption in EaP Association, Armenia
7. WG1 Russian Military Presence in Helsinki Citizens' Assembly
Some of the EaP countries and Vanadzor, Armenia
its Impact on Human Rights
8. WG1 Combatting State Capture to Centre for Policies and Reforms
Advancing Democracy and (IPRE), Moldova
Rule of Law in Moldova,
Georgia and Armenia
9. WG1 Building a Common Response Georgian Foundation for
to Hybrid Threats – Enhancing Strategic and International
Cooperation of EaP CSOs in Studies (GFSIS), Georgia
Policy Solutions Building

This project is funded by the European Union.

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat
Rue de l’industrie, 10 – 1000 Brussels – BELGIUM
Tel.: +32 2 893 25 85 –

10. WG2 Contributing to the formation of Polissya Foundation for

the Agenda and Institutional International and Regional
Preconditions for Enhancing Studies, Ukraine
Digital Competencies in
Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia
11. WG2 Opportunities for SMEs Export: Republican Confederation of
Enhance Through the b2b Entrepreneurship (RCE),
Smart Platform Belarus
12. WG2 Development of SME Social Strategic Researchers and
Strategies and its Impact on Analytical Investigations Public
Regional SMEs Union (SSRAIPU), Azerbaijan
13. WG2 Improving Investment International Business and
Strategies of the EaP countries Economic Development Center,
in order to Increase the Georgia
Attractiveness of These
Countries for European
14. WG3 Climate Workshop Bukovinian Agency for Regional
Development, Ukraine
15. WG3 Ecosystem Approach to National Ecological Centre of
Hydropower: Facilitating the Ukraine, Ukraine
Implementation of European
Requirements to Development
of Hydropower Sector in EaP
16. WG3 Energy poverty - Guidance for World Experience for Georgia,
State Policy and Public Georgia
Discourse on Energy Poverty in
the Time of Reform
17. WG3 Simulation of gas flows and Centre for Global Studies
coordination of infrastructure "Strategy XXI", Ukraine
plans and actions in some
countries of the Eastern
Partnership and the EU (on the
background of the new Russian
gas projects)

18. WG3 Contribution to Automobile Club of Moldova,

Decarbonisation Policy and Moldova
Road Safety in the Framework
of TEN-T in EaP Countries
19. WG3 Achievements and Perspectives EcoTeam Energy and
of Renewable Energy Environmentally consulting
Resources and Evaluation of NGO, Armenia
Impact of “20 Deliverables for
2020” on Their Development in
Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine

This project is funded by the European Union.

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Secretariat
Rue de l’industrie, 10 – 1000 Brussels – BELGIUM
Tel.: +32 2 893 25 85 –

20. WG3 Exchange of Best Practices in EcoContact, Moldova

Environmental Counseling and
Access to Information
21. WG4 ESY Providers’ Consultations Association for Life-Long
(Employability Skills for Learning and Enlightenment,
Youth) Belarus
22. WG4 Supporting the prevention of NGO “Europe without
irregular migration and barriers”, Ukraine
developing new concepts of
information campaigns on visa-
free regime rules in Ukraine,
Georgia and Moldova
23. WG4 Facilitating Effective Visa Georgian Institute of Politics
Liberalization in Georgia, (GIP), Georgia
Moldova and Armenia Through
Experience Sharing
24. WG4 Russian Black Sea Challenges: Institute for Development and
Threat to the Security of Social Initiatives (IDIS)
Georgia, Ukraine and Republic "Viitorul", Moldova
of Moldova
25. WG4 Assessing the Needs of Youth Local Democracy Agency
in the EaP (ANY EaP) Georgia

26. WG4 Supporting Economic National Youth Council of

Participation of Excluded Moldova
Youth in EaP Countries
27. WG4 Civil society and the Cultural Green Light Movement,
Sphere: in Search of European Azerbaijan
28. WG5 Partnership for Social Inclusive Armavir Development Center
and Gender Equal Employment NGO, Armenia
29. WG5 Social Partnership to Protect the All-Ukrainian Charitable
Rights of Working Pregnant Foundation “The Coalition of
Women and Women with HIV-Service Organizations”,
Children Ukraine
30. WG5 Study - Labour Rights of Georgian Trade Union
Migrant workers from EAP Confederation, Georgia
Working at the Informal Sector
in European Union
31. WG5 Deaf Skills Road Map 2019 – Infonet Alliance, Moldova
Advocacy for Paper Policy on
Deaf Disability in the EaP

This project is funded by the European Union.