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Hospital Arts Programme

The Value of Meaningful Activity

St John's, Western General,
Royal Infirmary and Royal Edinburgh

January - March 2019
Hospital Arts Programme
January - March 2019

The Value of Meaningful Activity

Introduction to Programme

Happy New Year to everyone; we hope you all had a good festive period and
are starting the New Year hopefully having had a restful break!

As usual this year we will be aiming to provide a variety of activities across
hospitals, involving short and long stay patients, relatives, visitors and staff. A
stay in hospital - no matter how short - is a stressful experience and can also be
increasingly isolating the longer you stay in hospital. Therefore, we are constantly
looking at ways to reduce anxiety and improve wellbeing for patients in acute and
elderly care settings.

We are acutely aware of the difficulties staff
face in delivering care; we aim through our
activities to collaborate with and give support
to those individuals and care professionals who
are on the front line.

We know from feedback from patients,
relatives and staff how much a couple of hours
of meaningful activity can lift an individual
out of their present circumstances into a more
positive place. We witness these shifts in mood
and levels of concentration first hand in the
James and Hannah Workshop WGH
workshops, and it is these recurring moments that © James McLardy

sustain our belief in the importance of meaningful
activity in people’s lives, especially in the context of a stay in hospital.

The approach we take within Artlink workshops is to create a space where artists,
staff and patients can enter into a 'making' process together. This may be a
general activity, i.e. weaving or painting, but the activity is tailored to the abilities
of the patients taking part. It is often subtly altered during the five week process of
the workshop to further respond to and engage with the people taking part.

We work with professional artists who are flexible and responsive in their
approach and sensitive to the situations patients are in. It is this empathy that
starts and sustains conversations and opens up possibilities and potentials. We
have witnessed how activity can change behaviours and seen how the process
of working alongside someone can change distressed and confused behaviour
into engaged and concentrated behaviour that would have seemed impossible
at the beginning of the workshop. For example on stroke, care of the elderly
and dementia wards, patients have gained confidence over a simple five session
making workshop, shifting from an initial reluctance to take part to spending
one and a half hours engrossed in creating the work. One lady, who has limited
memory, and who at the start of the workshops spoke in one word sentences,
towards the end of the workshops was heard to say, 'This makes me feel like I
can do something.' Relatives watching their husbands, wives, mothers or fathers
engaged in meaningful activity are lifted by such positive responses.

In an earlier life, Artlink was responsible for curating exhibitions in spaces across
the four hospitals. We no longer have responsibility for these spaces but continue
to see the value of showing staff and patient work in each hospital. As a result
we now work closely with nursing staff to show the work made by patients in and
around the actual wards where the work was made. This has been met with real
enthusiasm from staff and patients, as it is the most accessible and natural way to
display the work. Read more about the Western General and Royal Infirmary
later on in the brochure.

Working together is the best way to overcome barriers and improve the ward
environment for everyone. As those involved begin to value meaningful activity, it
then becomes a goal that we all share and work together to attain.

Hospital Arts Programme Team
© Anne Elliot
St John's
Ward 17 Workshops
St John's

© Anne Elliot
Art Workshops with Anne Elliot
Anne Elliot has been working on Ward 17 at St John’s. Ward 17 is a Acute
Psychiatric ward with a changing group of patients. This is often the first ward that
patients are admitted to, and it is on this ward that they undergo initial assessment
and suggested treatment. People will often move from an acute ward to a rehab
ward, while others will move back home from this ward.

High levels of anxiety and displacement are often displayed by patients on the
ward, therefore activity has to be devised to try and alleviate anxiety in order to
help individuals concentrate on the workshop. Anne has been working closely
with Daniel Doig, Occupational Therapist on ward 71 where they have been
facilitating workshops where the idea was developed by the staff. This encourages
patients to create a tree as a metaphor for their journey whilst in hospital. The
messages that patients draw or paint on its leaves, trunk or branches depict
different positive elements of their individual journeys.

"As part of the therapeutic approach to recovery we are asking that in preparing
for your discharge you will help this tree flourish and leave a message to those
who have yet to complete their journey. When contemplating your message
please consider how hopeless people feel about their state when admitted here
and sometimes this hopelessness can be masked." Ward 17 staff.

The value of
Meaningful Activity 5
St John's

Watercolour Painting with Vanessa Lawrence
New 5 week making workshops

Laura Key, the clinical Associate in the Applied Psychology unit at St John’s got
in touch with us last year asking if Artlink could help brighten up the waiting
areas in their department. We had a look at the spaces and chatted to Laura
and her colleagues to find out what they were looking for. Through conversation
we arrived at the idea that artist Vanessa Lawrence will work with patients and
staff to produce art works to brighten the space. There is something special about
artworks having a direct association with staff and patients who are either cared
for, or work in the unit. We look forward to what Vanessa achieves with the
Applied Psychology unit and will update you and share photographs in the next

Days and times to be agreed with the unit.

Open to all users of the unit.

Art Taster Workshops

It’s Monday morning, who wants to do some art? We
know you do! Patients have told us that after a long
weekend where there are no planned activities so
it’s great to start Monday morning off with a group
activity. The art groups on ward 17 have been very
well attended and there is a wealth of creative talent
waiting to be unleashed. So join in and explore
craft based activity with Anne in a series of taster
© Anne Elliot


6 The value of
Meaningful Activity
St John's

Art Taster Workshops with Anne Elliot

Artlink has been building a portfolio of ways of working with stroke patients
across the Western General and the Royal Infirmary. Building on the knowledge
and links already established with the staff on the Stroke Unit at St John’s,
artist Anne Elliot will introduce a variety of new taster art activities for patients,
exploring ways that art can complement their rehabilitation.

© Albie Clark
Sarah Phizacklea
St John’s here she comes! Sarah is Artlink’s multi-instrumentalist, golden voiced
superhero and is always a hit on the wards. It was a wonderful 2018 visiting all
the hospitals and now she is looking forward to starting the year back at St. John’s
and ready to explore new songs with new people. The power of song is tangible
but what songs speak to you? We all have one or two that resonate and often
brings us together. Sarah will be working with patients and staff over five sessions
in order to find those songs with special meaning. She will also share some of her
favourites with you. Enjoy a relaxed hour of live music and chat as she takes you
on a journey through the years, singing your favourite songs along the way.

The value of 7
Meaningful Activity
St John's

Singin' and Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a
huge back catalogue of songs from every genre,
Edinburgh’s premier Cabaret singer and host will be
singing in the new year with songs that cheer us up
and bring us together. The unifying effect of music is
powerful and Annabel is delighted to be back at the Stroke Unit and on Ward 17
for 2019. Patients and staff alike have been clearly enjoying the healing power
of song. New friends at the stroke Unit proclaimed ‘You are really treating us to
something very special here!' as staff and patients danced to the music.

Annabel has had a great time connecting with patients and she looks to the new
year to build upon these positive bonds. She will be visiting the activity rooms and
going bed to bed with her unique brand of entertainment and chat, inviting you
to join her in singing together, sharing stories, laughing, dancing or simply sitting
back and enjoying some entertainment.

The value of
8 Meaningful Activity


Art Taster Workshops Mondays
4 , 11 , 18th, 25th February
th th 10.30am -12.00pm Ward 17
with Anne Elliot*
4th March

Art Taster Workshops
7 , 14 , 21st, 28th February
th th 10.00am -11.00am Stroke Ward
with Anne Elliot+
7th March

11am - 12pm Ward 3
Wednesday 23rd January
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Ward 3
Wednesday 6th and 20th
Sarah Phizacklea* February 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

11am - 12pm Ward 3
Wednesday 6th and 20th
March 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

10.45am -12.00pm Stroke Ward
Wednesday 16 January

1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

10.45am -12.00pm Stroke Ward
Wednesday 13th February
Miss Annabel Sings^
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

10.45am -12.00pm Stroke Ward
Wednesday 13th March
1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 17

Vanessa Lawrence 11.00am -12.30pm Applied
Dates to be agreed
5 Week Making Psychology
Workshops^ with the unit 1.30pm - 3.00pm Unit

* Open to patients on Ward 17
+ Open to patients on the Stroke Ward
^ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s
© Trevor Cromie
Western General
Wards 71 & 72 Workshops
Western General

In the overall introduction we touched on the process we engage in when
delivering workshops. In the October to December quarter artists Hannah Imlach
and James McLardy worked on Ward 71 and Ward 72. Initially we were going
to be working with Rachel Muir who was the only activity co-ordinator at the
Western General. However as Rachel left to go back to college we then had a
more involved conversation with the senior charge nurses on both wards, Carol
Paterson of Ward 71 and Kirsten Smith of Ward 72. This proved to be very
productive, and I left the meetings with the words 'simple is the most effective'
ringing in my ears.

Both wards are 26 bed rehab wards; patients are aged 65 and upwards with
the majority of patients aged 80 and over. The average stay is four weeks but
some patients can be on the ward for longer. Patients tend to have cognitive
impairments as well as mobility issues.

James and Hannah worked in the bright and airy communal dayrooms of each
ward. All patients on these wards have their own bedroom, which is great, but it
can be isolating. Therefore, creating an opportunity where they can get round a
table to work together is important. James, Hannah and a member of the nursing
staff worked with four patients per workshop; the numbers had to be small as
everyone pretty much needed one to one work to engage in the workshops. The
process was simple and the materials of high quality.

For the first three workshops everyone sat round huge sheets of watercolour paper
collaborating on one artwork per workshop. In the fourth and fifth workshops
each patient had their own watercolour paper stretched on a board.

The value of
Meaningful Activity
Western General

Over five weeks of workshops levels of confidence grew, and while some
patients forgot their involvement from the previous week, their level of skill and
engagement somehow got better. Conversations developed, kindred spirits
gravitated towards each other and a rapport between all was nurtured and
encouraged. All the way through this, mark making, fragmented memories, careful
and gestural paint strokes combined to make impressive works.

© James McLardy

'The collaborative process and the collective atmosphere of working together
provide a safe space in which people feel encouraged to not only take part but
also to talk about those things in their lives which they can still remember.

'Some relatives started dropping in at the times they knew this activity was taking
place, to see their loved ones engaged in a different activity, creating something
beautiful also lifted their spirits.

The value of
12 Meaningful Activity
Western General

To hear patients say "There is some talent here" and "It makes me feel like I can do
something" lifts everyone’s spirits.

'While the main benefit is the level of engagement achieved in the workshops, we
are so proud of the beautiful works they achieved that we want to frame them and
hang them in the day room. How can we get you back to work with us again!'

Kirsten Smith, SCN Ward 72

'The daily activity of the ward and delivering the high levels of nursing care our
patients deserve is very time consuming. While we have two great communal
dayrooms on the wards, they are often used just for watching telly and mealtimes.

'Having an activity that patients so clearly
engaged in offers them an opportunity
to interact differently with each other
and with members of the nursing team.
It's uplifting to see individuals bond with
each other, offering words and looks of
encouragement. Another patient taking
your hand and smiling says a lot. It's also
great to see the pride they take in the work
throughout the workshop. We also love
© Trevor Cromie

the works and are determined to hang
some of them in the communal dayrooms,
replacing some of the works we already
Carol Paterson
have on the walls with work that patients
have done.'
Carol Paterson, SCN Ward 71

The value of
Meaningful Activity 13
Western General

© Anne Elliot
Art Taster Workshop with Anne Elliot

Building on the links established with the nursing staff on Ward 50, artist Anne
Elliot will return to try out a variety of new taster art activities for patients. These
will be designed for people to work together and where possible they will take
place at the patient’s bedside.

Artlink have been working with other stroke units in St John's and the Royal
Infirmary, and are building up a portfolio of ways of working with stroke patients.

The value of
14 Meaningful Activity
Western General

Magdalena Durant

After a wonderful winter at the Royal Infirmary Magdalena Durant is ready for a
new adventure back in the dayrooms of the Royal Victoria Building. Magdalena is
an old friend of Artlink's hospital arts programme and an accomplished classically
trained singer and teacher. We are excited to invite her back to share her gentle
and bright personality and get the new year going with a song.

Staff and patients are always in a good
mood once Magdalena has visited and
always ask her to come back again
soon. After an hour with her they feel
refreshed and uplifted. They also always
ask when she is entering The Voice, so
look out for her in a dayroom on your
ward before TV fame and fortune find
© Miss Annabel Sings

her! She is bound to brighten up your
day with some of her favourite classical
songs, opera and pop songs from all
over the world.

ALL NEW! Volunteer Variety Hour

Artlink Hospital Arts have been working with some incredible volunteers over
the years, and we want to show them and their skills off in the all-new Volunteer
Variety Hour showcase.

Every quarter we will be celebrating volunteer groups and organisations local to
the Royal Infirmary, The Western General and St. John’s.
(Continues overleaf)

The value of
Meaningful Activity 15
Western General

ALL NEW! Volunteer Variety Hour (cont.)

We have had singers, storytellers, choirs and all manner of musicians volunteer
over the years.

During 2018's annual Fete at The Royal Edinburgh Hospital visitors and staff
were wowed by the inspiring Harmony Choir, an Edinburgh based community
led choir that (in their own words) 'started out as a research project to investigate
the benefits of singing in a choir for mental health - and to raise awareness of,
and change, mental health stigma. The research project proved that well-being,
enjoyment and sense of connectedness improved after every rehearsal compared
to before, and that singing in a choir with people from different mental health
backgrounds can reduce some of the stigmatizing attitudes surrounding mental
health. Due to popular demand, the choir is still rehearsing together and has
continued to attract new choir members. We enjoy each other's company at our
weekly rehearsals as well as a varied musical repertoire, uniquely arranged by
our choir director Ben Jones.'

This quarter we will be focusing our time on a public space at The Western
General Hospital. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as we cheer up the whole
hospital community over lunch. These events will be take place close to the main
entrance and reception area in the Anne Fergusson building.

If you are interested in Volunteering your or your group's musical or dance skills
for a date during the next quarter (April – June 2019) at St. John's Hospital then
please do get in touch with Miss Annabel Sings at and start the conversation!

The value of
16 Meaningful Activity
Western General

The Vintage Chorus

This brilliant choir is made up of people who are over 50 and are led by the
fabulous Wendy Hunter and Duncan on keyboard. They're visiting the Western
after two hit performances at ERI where they cheered up the whole hospital
community. They also meet weekly at The Festival Theatre. If you are interested in
joining visit:

Harmony Choir

If you are interested to hear more about the
choir, or are thinking about joining, please
email or visit
our website at

Alan and Ron's Songs and Stories

Alan and Ron have been volunteering on the wards at The Western General for
nearly three years for Artlink. These two lovely chaps have been sharing their
songs and stories on the RVB wards, but now we thought it’s about time we share
them with you! Alan and Ron enter stage left, it’s your time to shine in front of the
whole hospital community!

Alan and Ron will also be performing on the wards as usual; please see page 21
for details.

The value of
Meaningful Activity 17
Western General

© Miss Annabel Sings
Singin' & Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a huge back catalogue of songs
from every genre, Edinburgh's premier Cabaret singer and host will be singing in
the new year with a celebration of songs that cheer us up and bring us together.
The unifying power of music is strong and Annabel is pleased to be back at the
Western where she is always inspired by the stories patients share with her about
the Dance Hall days and growing up in Edinburgh. Patients always comment how
good they feel to be out of their room joining in with the group. One lady left the
room dancing last year. 'I feel young again!' she smiled. Annabel will be visiting
the dayrooms with her unique brand of entertainment and chat, inviting you to join
her to sing together, share stories, laugh, dance or simply sit back and enjoy some

The value of
18 Meaningful Activity
Western General

All New! That's Entertainment

After a successful few months bringing in a new
scheme of entertainers to care of the elderly Wards
51 and 55, Artlink and Miss Annabel Sings are
excited to build on this, and start 2019 with friends old and new paying you a
visit. Expect a dazzling variety of poets, magicians, musicians and singers who
are just a taste of the amazing variety of artists and talent in Edinburgh right now.
Have a look below to see who will be visiting your ward to brighten up the day
with some enlivening entertainment.

Sarah Phizacklea

This golden voiced multi-instrumentalist will be sharing her favourite songs and
what they mean to her.

Max Scratchmann

Burns Night was last weekend but, no fear! Max is visiting to share his favourite
Scottish literary fayre.

Paul Novak

Comedy, chat and magic from everybody's favourite close up magician.

Toby Mottershead

Captivating live music from Edinburgh's premier Rhythm 'n' Blues man.

The value of
Meaningful Activity 19
Western General

Magdalena Durant

This classically-trained singer will be bringing you pop and opera hits from all
over the world.

WGH 150 Celebrations

It has been a real pleasure meeting up with staff past and present over
the last year or so to hear more about their connection to the Western
General. Artlink has been supporting the hospital to find ways of
marking 150 years of healthcare being provided on the site; from its
first incarnation as the Craigleith Hospital and Poorhouse to what it is
today - a hive of first class healthcare on a site that also supports over
80 different plant species.

Our meetings have involved copious amounts of coffee, running a half marathon,
enjoying the talents of musical medics of the 1960s and meeting some of the
folk who were born - and now work - at the
Western. The conversations have given a real
insight into the strong bonds that form when
working in a hospital, and we have also found
some pretty decent runners amongst you! These
encounters and more can be found on the
WGH150 blog at
© Albie Clark

There is more to come in early 2019 as we
Staff born - and now working at - The Western
complete the WGH150 timeline.

The value of
20 Meaningful Activity


Art Taster Workshop
4 , 11 , 18th, 25th February
th th 2pm - 4pm Ward 50
with Anne Elliot+
4th March

11am - 12pm Ward 72 Day Room
Tuesday 15th January
1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 73 Day Room

11am - 12pm Ward 70 Day Room
Tuesday 29th January
1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 71 Day Room

11am - 12pm Ward 72 Day Room
Magdalena Durant* th
Tuesday 26 February
1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 73 Day Room

11am - 12pm Ward 70 Day Room
Tuesday 5 March
1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 71 Day Room

11am - 12pm Ward 72 Day Room
Tuesday 26th March
1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 73 Day Room
Main Entrance
The Vintage Chorus° Tuesday 22nd January 12.30pm - 1.30pm Anne Fergusson Bldg

Harmony Choir° Main Entrance
Saturday 23rd February 2.30pm - 3.30pm Anne Fergusson Bldg

Alan and Ron's Wednesday 30th January 1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 72 Day Room
Stories and Songs*
Wednesday 27th February 1.30pm - 2.30pm Ward 71 Day Room

Alan and Ron's Main Entrance
Tuesday 27th March 1.30pm - 2.30pm Anne Fergusson Bldg
Songs and Stories°

Sarah Phizacklea+ Tuesday 15th January 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 51

Max Scratchmann+ Tuesday 29th January 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 55

* Open to patients and staff on all wards in the RVB building
+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s
° Open to all


Magdalena Durant+ Tuesday 5th February 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 51

Tuesday 26th February 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 55
Paul Novak+
Tuesday 26th March 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 51

Toby Mottershead+ Tuesday 12th March 1.45pm - 2.45pm Ward 55

11.00am - 12pm Ward 70 Day Room
Wednesday 23rd January
1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 71 Day Room

Singin’ & Reminiscin’ 11.00am - 12pm Ward 72 Day Room
with Miss Annabel Wednesday 27th February
Sings + 1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 73 Day Room

11.00am - 12pm Ward 73 Day Room
Wednesday 20th March
1.15pm - 2.15pm Ward 70 Day Room

+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s
© Trevor Cromie
Royal Infirmary
Claire Barclay and Laura Spring Workshop
Royal Infirmary

In the October to December quarter artists Claire Barclay and Laura Spring have
been working with Carey Moss and Kim McGovern. Carey and Kim are the
only two activity coordinators at the Royal Infirmary and cover wards 101, 104,
201, 202 and 203; some are stroke wards and some are medicine of the elderly

Since the patient profile on these wards varies, Claire and Laura had to come up
with an activity that would work across all wards.

On the stroke wards patients may experience sensory and communication
difficulties, problems reading, writing, and mobility issues as well as increased
levels of tiredness and fatigue. On top of this
they are dealing with the emotional stress of
having had a stroke.

On the medicine of the elderly wards a large
percentage of patients have dementia, which
means we have to tailor activity to individuals

© Anne Elliot
who have memory loss, communication and
language difficulties, impaired reasoning and
judgment abilities as well as changes in visual
perception. Kim McGovern

Claire and Laura decided to try weaving exercises with the patients, as it was
a straightforward process with a high degree of repetition. This encouraged
movement dexterity but also worked with dementia patients as the repetitive
movements, over one, under one, became something all patients could process
and understand.

The value of
24 Meaningful Activity
Royal Infirmary

Making Workshops (cont.)

Working round a table on table-top
looms meant that everyone could see
what everyone else was doing. Akin to
the process of work songs where people
improvised rhythmic songs for waulking
the tweed, the under one, over one cycle
brought about a rhythm that engaged and
relaxed people. It became therapeutic
in the true sense for patients, staff and

© Trevor Cromie
artists alike, creating connections between
everyone, creating those 'human moments'
essential to the wellbeing of us all.

'The Weaving workshops started at the beginning of November; when first
organising these workshops the view was to try and have the same patients
throughout the five weekly sessions we had organised. This was quite difficult
due to patients being discharged; however it actually ended up being very
advantageous as people ended up adding to a piece of weaving that another
patient had worked on the previous week. This resulted in different colour and
pattern choices on each weave, which was not only visually interesting but also
meant that each piece had the "signatures" of each of the people who worked on
them. This has allowed a lot of patients to work on the pieces developed over the
workshops and resulted in six finished pieces which are so lovely we have framed
them and want to put them up on the wall of one of the rooms we do activities in.

'The workshops have been great for building each individual patient's confidence,
as many of them doubted their ability to create a woven piece. It was great to see
the shift and change in mood during the workshops, moods lightened and lifted

The value of
Meaningful Activity 25
Royal Infirmary

Making Workshops (cont.)
due to both the activity and the chat that went on between everyone. The change
in some patients has been amazing to see and It was lovely to hear the stories
about their lives and hobbies, it helps us all understand each other better. These
workshops have given them the confidence to be able to use the skills they have,
to take part in the activities they enjoy.

'These workshops were meant to be based in a room setting but due to unforeseen
circumstances we had to adapt some sessions and go bed to bed. As usual we all
just mucked in and the bed to bed working was also a great success, which just
shows that you can adapt these workshops to any situation.

'All in all the patients who took part in these sessions have thoroughly enjoyed
themselves and we look forward to working more with our Artlink colleagues on
future workshops.'

Kim McGovern, Activities coordinator Wards 102, 202 and 203

'The patients have clearly
enjoyed these workshops;
the feedback has been very
positive and has lifted the mood
of the ward.'

Advanced nurse practitioner
© Claire Barclay

The value of
26 Meaningful Activity
Royal Infirmary

Laura Aldridge Workshops
New 5 week making workshops

Artist Laura Aldridge will be working with activity coordinators Carey and Kim
and the patients of Wards 101,104, 201, 202 and 203. We are still talking about
what we are going to do at the time of writing the brochure but we know that the
previous workshops with James McLardy & Hannah Imlach and Claire Barclay &
Laura Spring have not only produced wonderful work but allowed us to gain a
greater sense of what works and what doesn’t.. We will share the story of what
happens with some photographs in the next brochure.

Days and times to be agreed with the wards.

Carey and Kim will select patients to participate in these workshops.

Max Scratchmann

Max is a fantastic performance poet,
storyteller and multi media artist who
uses different story telling tools. Now,
the New Year is here he is inviting
you to wax lyrical and explore new
skills or build upon old ones for an
hour. Join Max for some really fun
creative writing workshops where he
will perform some of his own lively and
© Albie Clark

amusing poems and show you how to
write your own verse and/or stories.

The value of
Meaningful Activity 27
Royal Infirmary

Singin' & Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings

With a passion for reminiscence and the help of a
huge back catalogue of songs from every genre,
Edinburgh's premier Cabaret singer and host will be
singing in the new year with a celebration of songs
that cheer us and bring us together. The unifying
power of music is a strong one and the emotional memory of a song can be

Annabel is pleased to be back for a regular session at the Infirmary and will be
visiting the activity rooms and going bed to bed with her unique brand of stories
and song, inviting you to join her to sing together, share stories, laugh, dance or
simply sit back and enjoy some entertainment.

The value of
28 Meaningful Activity


10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 201 ERI
Tuesday 8th and 22nd
January Activity Room at 104 ERI
1.00pm - 2.00pm

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 201 ERI
Tuesday 5th and 19th
Max Scratchmann*
Febuary Activity Room at 104 ERI
1.00pm - 2.00pm

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 201 ERI
Tuesday 12th March
1.00pm - 2.00pm Activity Room at 104 ERI

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 201 ERI
Wednesday 9th
January Activity Room at 104 ERI
1.00pm - 2.00pm

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 201 ERI
Miss Annabel Sings+
Wednesday 6th
1.00pm - 2.00pm Ward 202
2.30pm - 3.30pm Ward 203

10.45am - 11.45am Activity Room at 104 ERI
Monday 18th March
1.00pm - 2.00pm Ward 101

10.30am - 12.00pm
Laura Aldridge Dates to be agreed Wards 101,104,
5 Week Making with the wards 201, 202 and 203
Workshops* 1.30pm - 3.00pm

* Open to wards 101,104, 201, 202, 203
+ Open to patients and staff on the ward/s
©Tom Krazny
Royal Edinburgh
Tom Krasny Workshop
Royal Edinburgh

We have been working with the Robert Fergusson National Brain Injury Unit for an
extended period of time over the last year. This is a specialist clinic for the treatment
of patients from across Scotland
who have suffered psychiatric
or behavioural problems after a
head injury. The unit has a multi
disciplinary team which includes
nursing staff, neuropsychiatrists,
speech and language therapy,
physiotherapy, occupational
therapy, art therapy and social
work. No two patients' needs

© Anne Elliot
are the same and the team work
together to create bespoke care
plans around each patient.

Anne Elliot had been working with Lynda Girvan, art therapist and also the OT team,
especially Alice Landrock. They have been working on generating ideas for an
artwork that celebrates the patients and the work of the unit. It takes time to establish
ways of working and at a certain stage we brought in a new artist, Tom Krasny, to
take the project onto a new level and develop a series of workshops with patients
and staff.

Tom worked on four workshops to further test approaches that would have meaning
to the patients. Working with a lightweight foam material, Tom constructed pieces
that could be deconstructed and reconstructed by the patients – a bit like arty,
colourful, oddly shaped, building bricks.

The value of
Meaningful Activity 31
Royal Edinburgh

We were amazed at how well some patients took to this process, happy to take the
pieces apart and reconstruct them in whatever way appealed to them. For some
people reconstructing was about colour combinations; for others it was about putting
different shapes together. The activity captured patients' attention for up to an hour
and a half, which is a mark of success on the Robert Fergusson Unit! We knew that
we had hit on something that was of meaning to patients on the unit. 'This is exciting
work.' Lynda Girvan, art therapist.

Tom has recently
been on arts
residencies in Japan
and Portugal but
will return to the
REH in mid January
to present options

© Tom Krasny
for artworks to
patients and staff
on the unit. Once
they have decided on an option they will begin to produce the interactive artwork
that will be sited on the ward when completed. More photos and updates to come
once the work is in place.

Tom’s way of working was such a hit on RFU that we decided to offer her the vitrines
commission at the REH which she will also be starting in the new year. Trevor will be
coming round all the wards to arrange with staff for Tom to work with every ward.
If you would like to talk to me about it in the meantime or let me know you want to
participate just email me on

We are really looking forward to see the amazing artworks that develop.

The value of
32 Meaningful Activity
Royal Edinburgh

Tom Krasny in the RFU

© Tom Krasny
Tom will be returning to the Robert Fergusson unit to present ideas for the final
artwork. Once the staff and patients have made a selection we will go into
production of the artwork. Days and times to be agreed with the RFU.

Tom Krasny Vitrine Project

All the wards have a 'storage' panel which separates the communal dining space
and living areas. At the top of these units are glass display boxes that can be
viewed from both sides of the space. Some wards have already started to use
these in inventive ways but we would now like to bring Tom in to work with all the
wards to build on some of these ideas. We want these spaces to be 'galleries' for
imaginative and creative artworks. If you want to get involved you can also email
me at

Days and times to be agreed with the wards.

The value of
Meaningful Activity 33
Royal Edinburgh

D.I.Y. Culture with Anne and Neil

The Glasshouses are open to patients and staff who have an interest in skills-based
activity working with wood, paint and plants as well as maintaining the
much-loved Glasshouses. Our plan is to make bird boxes in time for the nesting
season.  Places are limited so please book in advance.

Open Art Studio with Anne Elliot

On Wednesdays The Glasshouses art studio is the place for idea, imagination and
artistic creativity. It is a meeting place where participants old and new gather to
share ideas, knowledge and techniques. It is a great space to work on large scale
art projects, and somewhere to paint without worrying about making a mess. All
materials and protective clothing are provided.

Some comments from participants:

"It is nice to have all ages in the art group. It is
friendly and relaxed"

"Makes me feel accomplished"

"The art group is sociable and rewarding"

"The art group is a chance to improve your

"Art is good for the brain!" 

"Enjoyed the art group and the company"
© Albie Clark

"You can surprise yourself with what you can
do and take pride in what you have done"

The value of
34 Meaningful Activity
Royal Edinburgh

Slow Gardening with Chris Jones and Anne Elliot

We are excited that we will be in the Glasshouses till the end of the 2019 and
will continue to use the Glasshouses at the Royal Edinburgh during the 2019
growing season. Slow Gardening picks up pace early in the year; the warmth
in the greenhouses enables us to start with sowing tomatoes, onions and sweet
peas in January! If you have never tried gardening before Anne will introduce
you to the joys of working with plants and nature both inside and outside. The
benefits of gardening activities, the camaraderie you establish with your fellow
gardeners and the new skills you learn are really beneficial to both physical and
mental health. Find out for yourself and try something new in 2019.

© Anne Elliot

One-to-One Art Session with Anne Elliot
Anne is offering the opportunity to make art on a one-to-one basis. This is only
open to a few people. These sessions can take place either at the Glasshouses
or on the wards. This is an opportunity to work in a quiet space, on a larger
scale artwork or a special project idea. If you know someone who would benefit
from these one-to-one sessions please contact Anne Elliot to discuss and book a
one-to-one workshop.

The value of
Meaningful Activity 35
Royal Edinburgh

Soul Food Sisters
Expanding Links with the Wider Community

Back in the summer of 2018 regular attendees to the Glasshouses and members
of Artlink’s Curious Routes project teamed up to make banners for the Procession
event.  The event was a great success so we will be teaming up again in 2019! 

The group will have a unique opportunity to work with the Soul Food Sisters
Community Kitchen in a series of workshops in Glasgow. It is hoped the exchange
will inspire those who take part to be more adventurous when it comes to culinary
styles as well as building their networks in the community. As Soul Food Sisters
say "Sharing food is good for the soul. As Soul Food Sisters, we share recipes,
experiences and a love of
food. Although we come
from diverse cultures, we
all share the same passion
for food; food at the heart
of family and social life, the
fuel of our relationships. We
want to share these feelings

© Anne Elliot
and experiences in every
plate we serve!"

For more information on this project contact Anne Elliot.

The value of
36 Meaningful Activity
Royal Edinburgh

© Anne Elliot
Volunteering Teams
Artlink has been working with The Conservation Volunteers since 2009. Over the
past ten years, large teams of volunteers have worked on many outdoor projects
at the Royal Edinburgh. They have undertaken major conservation projects,
digging, weeding, creating paths, painting garden furniture and making raised
beds in ward gardens and at the Glasshouses. 

Individual volunteers have also helped on the art and gardening groups.

"The Glasshouses are a safe non clinical space with lots of encouragement
and support to concentrate on art and gardening, giving something back by
volunteering and giving support to others."

Karina Davies, Volunteer

The value of
Meaningful Activity 37


Soul Food Sisters, TIMES TBC Glasshouses
15th, 22nd & 29th January; 5th February

One-to-One Art Session
with Anne Elliot* VENUES

D.I.Y. culture with Anne Wednesdays
16th January - 20th March 11am - 12pm Glasshouses
and Neil* 10 workshops in total

Open Studio with Anne
16th January - 20th March 1pm - 3pm  Glasshouses
Elliot* 10 workshops in total

Slow Gardening at the Thursdays
10th January - 28th March 1pm - 3pm  Glasshouses
Glasshouses+ 12 sessions in total

Tom Krasny - Making Dates and times RFU and
an Artwork for RFU" to be agreed Studio time

Tom Krasny - Vitrine Dates and times New Royal
Project<> to be agreed Ed. Building

* Open to inpatients only
+ Open to anyone
° Invited participants only
<> Open to all wards in the New Royal Edinburgh Building
" Open to staff and patients on the ward
© Miss Annabel Sings
Prospect Bank
Ben Nardone Supper Club
Prospect Bank

It has been a time of introducing new activities and working on new ideas at
Prospect Bank. Notably the new Supper Club (a bi-monthly event which has
quickly become a firm favourite on the ward calendar). Every other Monday Miss
Annabel Sings and staff have been working together to create this exciting series
of 'nights out at home' for residents, families and staff.

Listening and learning has been the key to building up a calendar of successful
activity. The colder, darker evenings have been the perfect time to do this and
Artlink have had the pleasure of inviting six completely different musicians in to
entertain everyone. Prospect Bank have been great hosts and have provided
delicious themed food and refreshments for the Supper Club. Anne Elliot and The
Wednesday Art Group at The Royal Edinburgh hospital made stage decorations
and tablecloths that helped to make the ambience extra special.

'The residents are so happy' has been the feedback every week and we are
starting to see family members come back each week to share in the experience
with their family. That’s what it’s all about after all! That and the incredible staff
and all the work they do to make residents time at Prospect Bank a happy and
comfortable one. Staff are invited to join us at the Supper Club and we have
seen a significant shift in mood during the hour; some have even been seen to be

As the New Year arrives we will be building upon the success of the Supper Club.
Inviting entertainers (from the local and wider community) old and new to Prospect
Bank. Miss Annabel is returning with her regular monthly singing and reminiscence
group with a new theme. Prospect Bank Gardens will be getting a makeover and
the Conservation Volunteers will be working with staff to further improve their

The value of
40 Meaningful Activity
Prospect Bank

Introduction (cont.)

outdoor space. Prospect Bank: get ready for a magnificent year! We will also
introduce an event called Prospect Bank’s Got Talent and will be working over
January to find out the many talents that staff, residents and relatives have that will
inform this event. For instance, we know that one staff members talent is folding a
towel into the shape of a chicken. She will be showcasing this talent at the event!
As part of a wider plan to get other organisations working at Prospect Bank, there
are also whispers of a dance project with staff training starting in the New Year
in collaboration with Dancebase, Edinburgh. We look forward to seeing (and
hearing) what happens!

© Anne Elliot

The Supper Club
Supper Club is back for a new season of entertainment in sumptuous surroundings.
We are inviting a variety of musicians from Edinburgh’s vibrant live music scene to
entertain with a series of exciting evening events in the style of a Supper Club. This
is a chance for staff, families and patients to dress up and share in the experience.
Each event will take place in the dining room and be hosted by Miss Annabel
Sings with help from Prospect Bank Staff.

The value of
Meaningful Activity 41
Prospect Bank

Cammy Sinclair

Music, song and laughs with a firm favourite from Edinburgh’s Live Folk scene.

Wendy Weatherby
Cello, stories and songs from the marvellous Wendy. 

Magdalena Durant
This classically trained singer will be bringing you pop and opera hits from all over
the world.

Sarah Phizacklea
This golden-voiced multi-instrumentalist will be sharing her favourite songs and
what they mean to her.

Toby Mottershead
Captivating live music from Edinburgh’s premier rhythm ’n’ blues man.

Scott Heywood as ELVIS!

We are so excited to invite Elvis impersonator Scott to entertain us for our last
Supper club of the spring season. Polish up those rhinestone boots... ELVIS IS IN

The value of
42 Meaningful Activity
Prospect Bank

Singin' & Reminiscin' with Miss Annabel Sings: Let’s go to

the Movies

With a passion for reminiscence and with the help of a huge back catalogue of
your favourite songs from the movies, Edinburgh's
premier Cabaret singer and host will be celebrating the
rich history of music from the movies. Over the years at
Prospect Bank Miss Annabel has noticed that residents
love film music and it always gets people dancing and
remembering. Now, Annabel invites you to join her in the living room for a new
movie themed hour and a chance to sing together, watch classic film clips and
share stories, laugh and dance (or simply sit back with an ice cream and enjoy
some cinematic entertainment).

Prospect Bank's Got Talent!
Artlink are supporting staff at Prospect Bank to create an afternoon of good
old-fashioned entertainment in the form of a talent show. What's your talent? It
can be anything from voice throwing, joke telling, spoon playing, tap dancing,
cake baking, quilting, singing, towel folding. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as
you are prepared to share it with others. We want to hear from you! We all have
passion and talent and we would love for staff at Prospect Bank to share theirs.
We also need people to help with food and drink on the day so let us know if you
are a secret chef. Speak to activity coordinator Jess Cody or email to find out more. We won’t judge you;
that job has been assigned to the residents on the day!

The value of
Meaningful Activity 43


Cammy Sinclair* Monday 14th January 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Wendy Weatherby* Monday 28th January 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Magdalena Durant* Monday 4th February 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Sarah Phizacklea* Monday 18th February 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Toby Mottershead* Monday 11th March 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Scott Heywood* Monday 25th March 6pm - 6.45pm Prospect Bank

Tuesday 8th January 3pm - 4.30pm Living Room at Prospect Bank
Singin’ & Reminiscin’
with Miss Annabel Tuesday 12th February 3pm - 4.30pm Living Room at Prospect Bank
Tuesday 19th March 3pm - 4.30pm Living Room at Prospect Bank

Prospect Bank's
Saturday 2nd February 2pm - 4pm Living Room at Prospect Bank
Got Talent*

* All events are open to patients, staff and families at Prospect Bank
After a busy few months meeting our

volunteers and putting on a training event
we are looking forward to making the new
Reading friends project a staple part of the
hospital week in 2019.

Following on from Artlink and Elaine
Gallagher's very successful 'A Book and a
Blether' sessions at the Royal Infirmary we
are now bringing reading-related activities
to some wards. Look out for our fabulous
new volunteers who will read to you, read
© The Reading Agency

with you and have a good old blether to
pass the time. We hope filling some of those
quiet moments on the wards with activity and
events around reading will brighten your day
and leave you feeling enlivened.

Our aim over the coming months will be to place volunteers on the wards and look at
the best ways to support them, through small group meetings and exchanges of ideas.

One senior charge nurse at the Western General who highlighted how much her
patients love to read is keen to explore (using her words) 'The universal language of
books and reading.' We are also starting to set up a book group on a ward at St.
John's. This is an exciting start to our new phase of the project.

Artlink are working with Scottish Book Trust and the Reading Agency, who are
supporting this new scheme with books and materials for the wards and support
for the volunteers. If you are interested in doing something new in 2019 why not try
volunteering for the Reading Friends scheme?

Please contact

The value of
Meaningful Activity 45
Developing Future Partnerships

Artlink is an arts and disability organisation established in 1984. Artlink
believes participation in the arts has an important role to play in realising
personal and social change.

We want your involvement in this programme and your feedback on
exhibitions, events and workshops. We depend on you to make this
programme work and your participation will help us to shape future
direction. So call or email us if you need more information, or you want
to talk about what’s on or would like an activity placed on your ward.

Connect with Us
@ArtlinkEdin artlinkedin


Artlink Office: 0131 229 3555
Artlink Glasshouses: 0131 537 6127
Information on workshops:

Information on events:
© Anne Elliot
Ward 50 Art Workshops with Anne Elliot
James and Hannah Workshops, WGH. © Trevor Cromie
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13a Spittal Street
Edinburgh EH3 9DY

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