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Presenter- presents the show, they are the face of the show.
Camera Operator- they film the show.
Floor Manger- they relays information form the PA in the gallery to
everyone on the studio floor.

Vision Mixer- they are in charge of the visual. They use Tricaster to
change what we see they do this by switching between cameras.
They can fade in and out of the studio.
Production Assistant -they relays information form the director to
the floor manager in the studio.
Sound Recordist- they make sure the sound levels are equal and
make sure whoever is talking can be head, they will fade who doesn’t
need to doesn’t need to heard, they will fade out studio sound when
going to VT.
Antocue Operator- they are in charge of Antocue which has the
presenter script however the Antocue Operator has to match the
presenter reading pace.
Director- they make decision like when to cut between cameras and
when to in and out of VTs they also give times like coming out of VT
by saying in 5.
Lighting Technician- they set up and control the light during the