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Please join us at the 5th High Quality Poultry Congress APAC

JULY 09-12, 2017 More speakers are to be confirmed.
Hong Kong SAR, People’s Republic of China

TENTATIVE AGENDA Dr. Jiroj Sasipreeyajan

Professor at Faculty of Veterinary Science,
Top international experts will review current and future trends in chicken meat demand and the challenges we need to target with Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
special focus on producing clean and healthy birds. We will share experiences in ND and IB controls and review optimized breeder
health and hatchery vaccine applications.
JULY 09, 2017
Arrivals and registration Dr. Brain Jordan
Associate Professor UGA
JULY 10, 2017 Assistant Professor, Agriculture and
Environmental Sciences, Veterinary
Topics: Consumer Demand Trends, ABF Production, Genetics, Poultry Disease Control. Speaker Panel Discussion Medicine, University of Georgia
Welcome Dinner
JULY 11, 2017
Topics: Producing high quality breeder flocks; Optimal vaccination protocols for early, more profitable protection. Dr. Marleen Boerjan
Director R&D, Pas Reform Academy,
Speaker Panel Discussion Dr. Boerjan is responsible for new
developments in incubation technology
JULY 12, 2017 and Pas Reform Academy, including
Always producing more….Optimizing Profitability & Food Safety hatchery management trainings and
writing papers on incubation.
Topics: Optimizing Profitability and Food Safety: Monitoring IB and salmonella from the field to the processing plant.
Speaker Panel Discussion
JULY 13, 2017
Dr. Jacob Obdam
Departures Consultant on Poultry Production and
Processing, Food safety- program for
Please contact your local MSD Animal Health representative for more information. salmonella zero

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