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2nd Grade Newsletter

November 12 – November 23, 2018

Upcoming Dates:
11/12 No School – in observance of Veteran’s Day
11/15 Family Book Fair Night
11/19 Q2 Interims Available online
11/21-11/13 Thanksgiving Break

Spelling Words- ai, ay

Pay Tray Wait Plain
Paint Stain Train Hay
Pail Gray Clay Away
Stay Day Raisin Birthday
Vocabulary Words
Voyage Wedge Skim Aircraft
Basket Envelope Cabin Sailboat
Note from the teacher:
 Students should read at least 20 minutes each night and login to Iready and reflex. Strive
for 45!
 Please check your child’s folder each night and sign/return any necessary documents. 

What we are working on this week:

* Subject to change i-Ready, Lesson Complete North American Soil
Tuesday 11/13
Social Studies
12 Chapter 4; Magazine
Scholastic quiz I-Ready Vocabular
Science Target Skill: Lessons Topics: y:
Soil Quiz
Informational Identify Soil,
Wednesday 11/14 Text Features Topics: continents and particle,
Math 2 digit addition; oceans on a color,
Chapter 4 Test
Specifically: Solving Word globe. texture,
Friday 11/16 Glossary, Index, Problems scientist,
Spelling Quiz
Table of Vocabulary: gravel,
Cold Read Test Contents Vocabulary: boundary, locate, sand, silt,
regroup, boundary, clay
Monday 11/19 legend, grid map,
Math Grammar: hundred,
I-Ready Quiz Possessive Nouns digit, key words autumn, capital,
Social Studies globe
North America Test
Soil Test