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1. What is the problem?

As a child-friendly school, it is important that not only we conform to the policies
set by the department but that the school environment of our school should itself be
welcoming to our pupils. Several physical features of our school, however, have been
below par.
The school’s perimeter fence as part of our learning park has not been taken
cared-of while garbage has littered along our fences. Pupils carelessly litter their
garbage along the fence as they see it as a garbage dump.
In addition, the façade has deteriorated and prone of flooding. The passageway
is below our street level and water stagnates in these areas during rainy season.
The children’s playground lack amenities which could inspire and encourage our
pupils to come to school every day. Instead of hanging out in these places, children
choose to stay inside their classrooms.
These areas need renovation and infusion of colorful artifacts to catch the
attention of pupils and encourage them to come to our school.

2. When does the problem happen?

This has been the same situation since I assume office last 2016. Due to more
pressing needs of our classrooms, such as the installation of grills and Smart TV for
every classrooms, these areas have not been our priority concern. The main problems
we have usually occur independent of each other or in relation to each other.
Littering of garbage by pupils frequently occur during recess time and afternoon
recession when they go home from school.
The flooding of the passageway of the school’s façade is common during the
rainy season. Clogging of canals also occur because of garbage.
Children are also forced to study inside their classrooms during break time
because there is no learning park where they could study or play.

3. Where does the problem happen?

Along our fences, passers-by and some pupils have been littering as they see
that these areas have been neglected. These garbage are both inside and outside of
our fence.
The flooding of passageways occurs in front of the principal’s office making it
unsafe for teachers and children during rainy season because it becomes slippery.
The playground doesn’t have facilities where children could quietly study or
interact with each other.
4. Who are affected by the problem?

These problems are affecting everybody, the parents, teachers and most
especially the learners. When we have a school that has a learning environment not
optimal for learning, then the learning of our children suffers as a consequence.

5. What result do you want to see after solving the problem? Give quantifiable or
observable indicators.

Once we have improved our fencing, we expect to see a drastic decrease of
garbage thrown by both passers-by and pupils. We also expect that no flooding will
occur during rainy season in our façade. Lastly, we expect more pupils to hang-out
outside to play or study during break time.


1. Who benefits from solving the problem? Be specific, if possible, give exact numbers.

The beneficiaries if we solve this problem will be the 961 pupils, 29 teachers and
parents of Hibao-an Elementary School. However, pupils from Kinder to Grade 3 with
four section each grade level will most likely to benefit from the solution because their
buildings are located in the façade of the school.

2. What is the exact benefit to them?

The pupils from Kinder to Grade 3 will no longer be bothered by the garbage in
front of their buildings. They will also be safe to walk and run in our passageway even
during rainy season. They will also have the learning park to use if they choose to study
outside or hang-out with their friends.

3. How will solving this problem contribute to achieving DepEd’s vision and mission?

As a public institution which continually betters itself to serve its learners, the
school’s environment is one area that needs our attention. The learning environment
and learning are inextricably linked to each other. The absence of a conducive place for
learning is a major factor which hampers the total development of the child. By
improving the façade and the learning park we can encourage and inspire our pupils to
come to school and give them an enjoyable learning experience through creative
learning parks/façade.
When our pupils go to our school, they are greeted with their classmates and teachers.