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Rowan’s Biology Syllabus

North Cobb High School
January – May 2019

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Welcome to Ms. Rowan’s biology classroom! I am very excited to engage my students in biology… the
study of life. This course will help us all better appreciate life around us and realize the magnificent
processes of life. We will cover units about characteristics of life, cells, genetics, organisms, ecology,
and evolution. Get ready to learn about the world you live in!!!

Expectations and Goals

- All student work must be entirely in your own words – unless you indicate otherwise by using
quotation marks and parenthetical citations/footnotes or in an attached bibliography.
- Lab reports must be your own intellectual product completely.
- Plagiarism will NEVER be tolerated, either in the writing of lab reports, or in the
performance of daily work such as homework questions.
If plagiarism is discovered, parents will be notified, and the affected student will
receive a grade of ZERO on the plagiarized work.

Required Materials
Bring these materials to class every day!
 2” 3 Ring Binder specifically for biology  Notebook Paper
 Set of Dividers – I recommend at least 8  Pens, pencils, highlighters, etc.
 Colored Pencils

 Attendance
If a student misses class, he/she is responsible for getting notes or missed assignments, homework,
etc. You cannot make up work for unexcused absences. You DO NOT get an unlimited amount of
time to make up assignments if absent. You will receive the same number of days that you were gone.
Afterwards, the assignment will be considered late. If you are absent on the day of a quiz, test,
project, or lab then it is your responsibility to reschedule a day to make up the work with Ms.

Daily participation is required, and assignments will frequently be given in class to assist with learning.
There will be an online component to this course. Students may use home internet resources or
students can use the media center to complete assignments. Homework will be assigned as needed.

Tests & Quizzes

Students should expect pre-lab quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, and content quizzes regularly. Lecture
and vocabulary quizzes help assess current comprehension and are used to adapt future instruction to

Syllabus is subject to change at the teacher’s discretion in order to best meet the needs of the students. Page 1
students’ needs. Frequent reviews of the daily lessons are crucial as quizzes may be unannounced.
There will be a unit test at the end of each unit that will be used to assess student progress with the
course. The End of Course Test (EOC) is given at the end of the semester.

Students will be required to participate in many projects throughout the semester – which may include
creating, researching, and presenting a project. Students will be given multiple opportunities
throughout the semester to show content mastery through these projects. Projects will be checked at
deadlines and students will have plenty of time and notice when completing these assessments.

Extra Credit/TICKETS
Extra credit is rare. Under certain circumstances extra credit opportunities may be given to the class
but it is not guaranteed.
Tickets will be given out as rewards throughout the semester. You MUST put your name on your
tickets. These can be used in two ways:
1. Use up to 5 tickets on a test or quiz as bonus points.
2. Use a ticket in place of a hall pass.


I WILL NOT accept work after 2 days from the due date. A percentage will be deducted from the
assignment everyday that it is late – not including Saturday and Sunday. If you miss a lab, video, quiz,
test you must schedule a makeup day by appointment with Ms. Rowan.
1 Day Late = maximum credit is 80%
2 Days Late = maximum credit is 50%
3 Days Late = 0% (no credit)

Tests/Quizzes – MUST be made up within 5 days of your return and MUST be done by appointment.
Homework – If assigned before your absence the homework is due the day you return. If assigned
during your absence it is due per the schedule in the student handbook or the due date assigned by
the teacher.
Labs – Missed labs will have to made up with an alternative assignment if the lab cannot be made up
(determined by the teacher).
Late Work – Any work not turned in on the due date established will be considered late (unless due to
absence). ALL late work will be deducted following late work policy.

Course Grading
Percent of Grade
Tests/Projects 25%
Labs 20%
HW/Notebook/Assignments 20%
Quizzes 15%
EOC 20%

Syllabus is subject to change at the teacher’s discretion in order to best meet the needs of the students. Page 2
Grade Percent
A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 74-79%
D 70-73%
F 0-69%

- Be Prepared:
Pack your bags appropriately with all necessary student materials and come to class on time.
This also includes coming to class with completed assignments ready to turn in.
- Be Polite:
Treat others and their property as you would want to be treated. The use of any profanity will
NOT be tolerated at any time. Please keep the classroom and your desk area neat and clean!
- Be Prompt:
Make it to class on time. If lateness continues to occur, there will be repercussions.
- Hall Passes:
You will only be given 12 hall passes for the semester. You must put your name on the passes.
If you lose them, they WILL NOT be replaced.
- No Food:
Food will not be allowed in the classroom.
Drinks are not allowed in the classroom – with the exception of water – in a re-sealable
- No Cell Phones:
Cell phones are not to be used during class time unless directed to use them by a teacher.
You may charge your phone, but ONLY at the designated charging station that Ms. Rowan has
set up. The phone will be taken up if there is a distraction to our learning environment.
- Teacher Detention:
If you are issued a detention due to any misdemeanors during class you will have ONE WEEK to
serve the detention. Detentions issued by Ms. Rowan must be scheduled and served during the
designated times. Teacher detentions are only 30-45 minutes long, however, the form must be
signed by a parent/guardian in order for the detention to be served.


As a teacher, I get SUPER excited about classroom donations. Here is some of the best stuff that you
and Ms. Rowan will benefit from most in the classroom: (tickets may be rewarded – HINT, HINT)
- Tissues - Glue Sticks
- Hand Sanitizer - Dry Erase Markers
- Command Strips - Cool Biology Books
- Clorox Wipes (disinfecting wipes) - Pocket Folders
- Scissors - Office Supplies
- Markers/Colored Pencils - Anything you think that could be useful
- Bulletin Board Supplies for a science teacher!
- 3 Ring Notebooks - Dr. Pepper �
- Notebook Paper - Dark Chocolate �
- Craft Supplies (for projects) - Krispy Kreme donuts �
Syllabus is subject to change at the teacher’s discretion in order to best meet the needs of the students. Page 3
Syllabus is subject to change at the teacher’s discretion in order to best meet the needs of the students. Page 4
Verification of Receipt and Review of the Biology Syllabus

I ______________________________ parent/guardian of ________________________________

have reviewed this syllabus with my student and agree to the terms set forth within. I
understand the code of conduct and consequences for missed make-up work, plagiarism, and
lack of effort on behalf of my child. If I have any questions, I know that I can contact the
teacher via email or phone.

By signing below, you…

1. Acknowledge receipt and agree to the terms set form in this syllabus.
2. Agree to the code of conduct that the student is not to plagiarize or cheat on
assignments or tests and that doing so constitutes a zero and a referral.
3. Understand the grading scale.
4. Will comply with the rules of the classroom.
5. Understand that my binder MUST be kept in order, and that it will be graded at the end
of each unit.
6. I am only given 12 emergency passes.
7. Will give nothing but your best!
8. Understand that passing biology is one step closer to achieving my goals!

___________________________________ _______________
Student Signature Date

___________________________________ _______________
Parent Signature Date

Additional Parent/Guardian Information:

Home #: ______________________ Cell #: ____________________

Email: ___________________________________

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