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Jazz ++ Recording Steps with Yamaha YPT220 keyboard

Version 1:55 PM 8/4/2017.

1. Open Jazz ++ Software.

2. On JAZZ ++ File: Load: (selection template.mid)
2. On JAZZ ++ Setting:; Midi Device; Input Midi device: mio, <OK>
Output MIDI device, mio
3. On JAZZ ++ File: Save As (name files) ENTER
3. On JAZZ ++ Click "M" on track bar and change to "T"
4. On JAZZ ++ Set speed to "???" by clicking speed right click "up" or left click "down"
5. On JAZZ ++ Click track bar "Track Setting"
<uncheck> "Force channel number onto all events on track", <uncheck> "clear track...";
name track "rec", <OK>.
<default> 6. On JAZZ ++ Setting:; "Metronome"; <uncheck> Accented; <OK>
<default> 6. On JAZZ ++ Setting:; "Midi Thru"; <uncheck> Software Midi thru; <OK>
<default> 7. On JAZZ ++ Setting:; "Timing";
"Clock Source" <INTERNAL>; "MTC Type" <30 non-drop>;
(check) "Realtime to Midi"; Click <OK>
8. On JAZZ ++ Setting:; "Song" <192> "ticks";
<500> "measures"; <0> "8 intro..."; <OK>
9. On JAZZ ++ Setting:; "Synth Type" "XG" & "Never" <OK>
10. On Yamaha YPT220 keyboard set FUNCTION #ExtClock External clock <on>.
11. On Yamaha select "Style"; press "Acmp/ON"; press "Start/Stop";
12. On Yamaha (press the) "starting CHORD"
13. On JAZZ ++ (Select JAZZ++ Track) by clicking under "T" on recording track "00".
12. On JAZZ ++ Click Record (to start)(red button)
13. On JAZZ ++ Click Record (to stop) or (intro/ending)
14. On Yamaha DJX keyboard set FUNCTION #ExtClock <off>.
15. On JAZZ ++ Click Misc: "Split Tracks"
16. On JAZZ ++ "Sure?" <OK>
17. On JAZZ ++ Click play >
sonarX3 recording
File new, Save,
selection on MIDI TRACK midi record...
selection on top RECORDING BAR (RED recording button)right mouse over record button

preferences screen

- inputs and outputs (turtle beach)
- output 1-8,12-16 xg
- output 9,10,11 xg drums
playback and recording
record (notes, key aftertouch, controller, patch changes, pitch wheel, system exclusive,)
playback (always echo current MIDI track)
MIDI Files(always uses sysx banks for MIDI files) and (write cable meta events to MIDI files (port

- Recording Mode (overwrite)
- Loop Recording (store takes in separate tracks)
- Lanes (create new lanes on overlap)
MIDI machine Control (MMC)
- transmit MMC
Other Options
- Zero Controllers When Play Stops
- Patch/Controller Searchback Before Play Starts
Send MIDI Sync
- transmit MIDI start/Continue/Stop/clock
-Use Start, Never Continue
-Transmit MIDI Song Position Pointer (SPP)
MIDI Sync Output Ports - turtle beach USB MIDI 1x1 (OUT and SYNC)
Send MIDI Time Code
- Transmit MTC (Frame Rate: 30 FPS NDF)
- MTC Output Ports:
- Turtle Beach USB MIDI 1x1
metronome (defaults)
Source (MIDI sync)
Ticks per quarter-note (960)
Timecode Format (30FPS ndf)

click SONAR system RECORD

Select YPT220 voice
Select YPT220 style
Push YPT220 sync start...
Push YPT220 start/stop..
just play the Yamaha YPT220