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Construction Extension to the PMBOK ® Guide —

Third Edition
by Project Management Institute
onstruction managers were building see the utility of this Construction Extension as

C things—really big things—long before

project management became popular.
So, who needs a new construction
extension to the PMBOK® Guide? Well, proba-
bly construction managers. To be sure, con-
the integration of interrelated matters becomes
Readers may find the greatest value not in
the tweaking of existing PMBOK® Guide
Knowledge Areas, but in the elucidation of
struction projects are often scheduling prob- four new Knowledge Areas germane to con-
lems of Brobdingnagian proportions. But such struction management. Project Safety Mana-
projects include matters more than scheduling gement is a matter of no small concern. The
that come into play in complex ways. extension lays out a comprehensive Know-
The Construction Extension to the PMBOK® ledge Area that includes planning, assurance,
Guide—Third Edition, published by the Project and control in a way similar to quality man-
Management Institute, addresses the full range agement, but much more complete.
of issues important to construction managers Project Environmental Management is
Project Management Institute, 2007,
and describes generally accepted good prac- another new Knowledge Area. It too follows
ISBN: 9781930699526, paperback,
tices for consideration and use by construction the quality management model of planning,
190 pp., $33.95 Member,
managers. Construction projects share many assurance, and control, and, like Project Safety
$39.95 Nonmember.
common aspects with projects in other Management, provides an extensive array of
domains. They also include unique aspects within common inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs that home in on the
knowledge areas such as quality and risk management and some special needs of construction projects.
unique aspects that are specific to the construction industry. The extension includes a new Knowledge Area, Project
The greatest strength of this extension is that it lays out the dif- Financial Management, that is fundamentally different from tra-
ferences from the norm in an easy-to-follow way. It is these differ- ditional cost management. Construction management projects
ences that are of most value to readers. Each Knowledge Area of the now more and more rely on long-term financial management by
PMBOK® Guide and this associated extension includes a graphic the project organization. This requires a codified process for
that summarizes the contents. The graphic shows a box for each planning, control, and recordkeeping. Readers will not become
process that lists the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs for certified accountants but will gain an essential capability to
the process. In the Construction Extension, changed items are manage the financial aspects unique to construction projects.
shown in italics and new items are shown in bold italics. Readers Last, the extension includes a Project Claim Management
can, at a glance, identify things that are new or different from the Knowledge Area. A claim is a demand for something due or
basic PMBOK® Guide—things that merit special attention. believed to be due. Claims are a normal part of construction pro-
The Project Time Management Knowledge Area includes sig- ject performance. Similar to risk management, this Knowledge
nificant new material related to linear scheduling, activity Area includes identification, quantification, prevention, and res-
weights, progress curves, and progress monitoring. Project olution. All processes include brief but practical guidance on
Quality Management includes new material across all three handling this inevitable aspect of construction projects and pre-
processes of Planning, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control venting it from disrupting project performance.
that takes into account contract requirements, stakeholders, The Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide—Third
and site characteristics and constraints. Project Human Edition provides additional relevant information for managing
Resource Management should not be overlooked, as it includes projects in a major domain of general project management. It is
construction-specific information on resource leveling, labor not the whole story or the last word. Much focused and specific
force issues, and closing the project team. literature already exists, and the history reaches back thousands
Project Communications Management contains important of years. The extension offers a foundation; that is, common
information that addresses unique aspects of construction man- ground on which the experienced may hone their skills and the
agement and ties back into previously described processes relating beginners may get off to a good start. ■
to contracts, scheduling, and stakeholders. Readers will begin to

Project Management Journal, Vol. 39, No. 1, 98 Reviewed by Kenneth H. Rose, PMP, Director, Peninsula Center for Project
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