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TRAINING GUIDE PART 2 (First Day; PM Session)


PARTICIPANTS’ PROFILE: Senior High School Teachers DURATION: 4 Hours

I.OBJECTIVES: At the end of the training session, the participants are expected to:
a. recall lessons on identifying the research problem, preparing Chapter 1 and citing sources;
b. suggest activities and pedagogies to teach the topics;
c. suggest forms of assessment to evaluate the output of the students;
d. write entries in the teaching guide for each topic incorporating the suggested strategies, activities
and assessment.

II. KEY UNDERSTANDING/CONTENT: Identifying the Inquiry and Stating the Problem



The learner … The participants are Divide the class into several Manila 15 mins.
1. provide expected to: groups. Let them paper;
examples of 1. identify possible brainstorm for 10 minutes marker;
research in areas areas of research; on a social or community masking
of interest (arts, 2. recall the criteria issue that interests them the tape
humanities, sports, for a good research most. Using a bubble map,
science, business, title; they should write down the
agriculture and 3. transform those chosen issue at the center
fisheries, research ideas into and around it would be the
information and research titles. reasons for choosing that
communication particular issue as a
technology, and research topic. Each group
social inquiry) must prepare to present
(*This competency their output to the class.
is taken from the
first part of the A quick discussion on the
CG*); criteria for a good research
2. designs a follows.
research project
related to daily life; After the discussion, each
3. writes a group will transform these
research title. research ideas into
research titles. Each group
must prepare atleast three
titles. These will be posted
in designated areas of the

During the critiquing, all

groups will go around and
evaluate the research titles.
They will write down their
comments and suggestions
to be discussed later.
The learner states The participants are Ask the participants to write Blank sheet 15 mins.
research questions expected to down a question on a paper of paper;
(*crafting the formulate two to which they have asked or PPT Slides
statement of the three questions as have been curious about
problem must be the statement of when they were once kids.
done before problem for the Then, they will reveal how
preparing or writing research title. these questions have been
the introduction, answered when they grew
hence, the up. Ask for some
modification of the volunteers to share their
arrangement of answers. Use this as a
some springboard to the next
competencies in activity in which each group
the CG.*) will now formulate two to
three questions as the
statement of problem of
their research title.
The learner selects The participants are Ask general knowledge Media 15 mins.
relevant literature. expected to think of questions. Invite everyone
various and to answer by sourcing out
(*This must be ingenious ways to from possible sources of
discussed before gather data needed information --- internet,
preparing the for the related texting others, stock
introduction so that literature, the knowledge, Encarta, or
the learners are introduction and even dictionary installed in
taught how to other support and their phones. Process the
systematically evidences for the activity afterwards and
gather from readily research. relate it with the lesson on
available sources finding relevant literature for
to be used in the study.
writing the
The learner… The participants are Start with “Discard or Post” PPT Slides; 15 mins
1. cites related expected to: activity. You may want to Pictures of
literature using 1. identify the show sample errors on fb Books;
standard style different citation posts. Sample FB
(APA, MLA or styles; posts with or
Chicago Manual of 2. differentiate in- Present different citation without
Style) (*focus on text citations from styles and focus on one citations;
APA Style*)’ reference citations (preferably APA). Show the OWL Purdue
2. follows ethical (for APA citation differences between in-text Handouts.
standards in writing style); citations and reference
related literature. 3. cite sources citations.
properly on direct
(*This must be quotations, Give the participants a
discussed before summaries and sheet with quotations and
preparing the paraphrases. lifted lines. Then provide a
introduction of the section where the possible
study, hence, the sources or references are
modification*) found. They are going to
choose the correct
references therein.
The learner The participants are Ask each group to think of a PPT Slides; 15 mins.
describes the expected to think of product (real or imaginary). objects
justifications/reason better ways to The trainer may also give
s for conducting the teach students how any available material
research. to write the around to each group to
introduction for their serve as the assigned
research problem. product. The members will
brainstorm on the best way
to advertise or introduce the
product. Presentations

Discuss the inverted

pyramid in writing the
introduction. Give sample
guide in writing the
The learner… The participants are Ask the participants to PPT Slides 15 mins.
1. indicates scope expected to: differentiate scope from
and delimitation of 1. differentiate delimitation. After clarifying,
research; scope from each group must prepare
2. cites benefits delimitation; one for their research.
and beneficiaries of 2. prepare a scope
research; and delimitation for After this, each group, with
3. presents written their chosen study; the concerted effort of the
statement of the 3. list as many members must list down the
problem. beneficiaries as beneficiaries of their study.
possible of their
WORKSHOP The participants are Group the participants Manila 1 hr.
expected to: according to competencies Paper;
1. suggest or topics available for this Marker;
activities and part of the subject. Masking
pedagogies to Tape;
teach the topics as handouts for
2. suggest forms of The trainer provides the the sample
assessment to template for the teaching template
evaluate the output guide to be followed by all
of the students. groups.
3. write entries in
the teaching guide
for each topic
incorporating the
strategies, activities
and assessment.
CRITIQUING The participants are Each group will present 1 hr.
expected to: their output to the class.
1. present their After each presentation, the
output to the class trainer will give comments
(not exactly demo- and suggestions. Other
teach); participants may be invited
2. incorporate to share their comments
other suggestions and suggestions.
for its improvement
(if there are any)
*End of Session 2*