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Ariel Dominic A.

Alfonso 12-Trust B-1

Movie Title: _Heneral Luna_____

Use 3 adjectives to describe the beginning (first 10 minutes of the film)
1. Intense 2. horrific 3. inspirational
Example of why you chose one or all of those words:
I chose inspirational since the words general Luna said in the interview greatly struck the Filipinos who does
not care for their country.
Did you want the hero to succeed? Yes.
Why or why not? Yes, since the great plan would’ve been executed if he was alive.
What was the plot (in 15 words or less): General Luna was a strict general who was not accepted by the
president and generals resulting in killing him without a fair reason.
Is it a typical formula movie or something else? (formula examples include good vs. evil, looking for romance,
underdog vs. the big guys, or revenge) Yes.
Example as to why it is or isn’t formula:
Many of the movies such as 300, Divergent series show the same formula as Heneral Luna which is betrayal.
Example of a surprise in the film:
example of surprise in the film is in the plot twist in end in which the main character died since the main
character did not achieve anything extravagant before the plan was executed.

Name an actor and his/her character that was good:

John Arcilla showed the realistic portrayal of his character as Antonio Luna. his good acting skills contributed to
the success of the movie.

Example of a scene in which they were best:

The example of a scene in which they were best is the scene where general Luna and his forces were on the
verge of defeat because it shows what the general feels when it happened and the horrors of war.
Name another actor who could have played this role: Coco Martin.
What stood out about the camera work (circle): angles / color / movement / others Color.
Give an example of a scene in which that is notable in the camera work (good or bad):
An example of a scene in which the camera is notable is where General Luna jumped out of the trench in
horseback to lead the army since it shows the intensity of the decision by focusing on his emotion.
Was the overall lighting / visual mood of the film: dark / bright / colorful / dull Dark.
Was the movie pacing (circle): fast / slow / normal / a mix / I fell asleep fast.
Why do you think the movie was paced or lit that way? it is because the complete history of the efforts heneral
Luna did and the additional storylines must be shown to make it a good and educational movie.
Give an example of a great use of music or costume in the film:
An example of great use of music is when the high authorities are arguing whether to fight the Americans or
accept them. the music shows the boiling emotion of general Luna.
The 3 phrases I could use to describe this movie’s themes are:
1. Bravery of soldiers on war 2. Oppression of society 3. love of country
Will this movie be just as cool in 10 years? Yes In 20 years? No
What didn't work so well for me was… (you must name something!)
What didn’t work so well for me was the emotion of some soldiers notably the soldier women joke and the
humor on the battlefield since it does not portray the seriousness of the movie.
I would recommend this movie to: The students and historians who are studying Philippine history.

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