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Allatoona High School 10 th Grade World Literature and Composition Syllabus Spring 2019


Mrs. Szatkowski

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by appointment


Course Description

We will be using Springboard English Language Arts Grade 10 for World Lit, which is a college prep curriculum that

integrates reading, writing, speaking and listening in the classroom. Grade 10 focuses specifically on cultural identity, perspectives, conflicts and issues. While this curriculum will be our primary source, multiple secondary sources will be used as well.

Daily Required Texts

Springboard workbook: This is a consumable textbook which students can write in. An online version is available as well. One will be issued to each student at no charge. If lost, a replacement book will have to be purchased.

A novel/book for independent reading: At all times, each student should have a novel/book in his/her possession for independent reading. If we have extra time in class, students are expected to read. There will also be periods of sustained silent reading. Please note, it is the student’s responsibility to choose an age-appropriate text for his/her independent reading.


a 1.5” binder (Students will be responsible for keeping an organized binder. Each sheet of paper, journal, or handout will be a specific page in the binder. This page number will line up in descriptions shown on the blog and in Synergy. Our class is focused around building upon skills throughout the semester and it is imperative that students keep up with their materials from the beginning.)

Plenty of notebook paper

Writing Utensils: blue/black ink pens

1 pack of highlighters in multiple colors

School Rules and Classroom Expectations

Students are expected to adhere to all school rules that are outlined in the AHS agenda. Students are expected to come to

class every day with the proper materials (e.g. workbook, novel, notebook, paper, pen or pencil) and a willingness to participate in all activities in order to take full advantage of educational opportunities. Students are expected to act in a mature manner, be motivated, maintain a positive attitude, and be respectful of themselves and others. In a nutshell….

Allatoona High School 10 Grade World Literature and Composition Syllabus Spring 2019 Mrs. Szatkowski 770-975-6503

Cell Phones

Our class will operate with three “technology modes.”

  • 1. Mode 1 is “Out of sight, out of mind.” While in mode 1, cellphones should be in a purse, bookbag, or pocket and be on silent. Cell phones should NOT be on desks and should not be visible. If a phone is audible or visible while we are in mode 1, then the phone will be collected and sent to the front office.

  • 2. Mode 2 is “In hand with a plan.” While in mode 2, a student may use his/her cell phone to complete the assigned task. Students may NOT access apps or websites unrelated to the assignment. If a student is seen doing so, he/she will be asked to put away the cell phone and complete an alternate assignment. If the student violates this policy on a second occasion, he/she will lose BYOD privileges for the remainder of the semester and will have to complete alternate assignments thereafter.

  • 3. Mode 3 is “Testing.” While in mode 3, cellphones should be turned OFF and stored in a secure location AWAY from the student. If a student attempts to access his/her phone while in mode 3, the phone will be collected and sent to the front office. Additionally, a student may receive consequences for cheating.


Cheating, including plagiarism, will not be tolerated. If a student is caught cheating, his/her parent(s) will be notified, a permanent grade of 0 will be given for the assignment, and a conduct grade of U will be given for the semester.

Depending on the severity of the offense, an administrator may also be notified. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as your own, copying somebody else’s paper, giving or receiving unauthorized information on a graded assignment, communicating during a test or quiz, and collaborating without permission. For further information, please consult pg. 10 of your student handbook.

Late Work

Late work is defined as an assignment that should have been submitted on time, but was not. It is NOT the same as make-up work.

Late work may be turned in for ½ credit ( ½ of the actual grade earned) for up to 5 days from the assignment due date. A zero will be recorded in the gradebook until the assignment is turned in. On the 6 th day, if the assignment is still not turned in, no credit will be awarded for the assignment.

Make-up Work

Make-up work is defined as an assignment that was not completed or not submitted on time because the student

was absent the day it was assigned, absent when it was collected, or absent the day(s) during which it was completed. IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO GET MAKE UP WORK COMPLETED.

When absent, students are expected to make-up or make arrangements to make up missed assignments with the

teacher the day they return. Students are encouraged to check the blog ( when absent to stay current in class. Until the makeup work is submitted, a zero will be recorded in Synergy. If the work is not completed within the agreed upon time period, a permanent zero will be recorded in Synergy.

Long-term assignments and major projects are due on the due date regardless of the student’s absence. You may email the assignment or have someone drop it off at the school for you.





Final Exam






These assignments are used to practice and prepare for the summative assignments. (e.g. quizzes, worksheets, rough drafts)

These assignments are used to prove mastery of the standards/skills we are learning. (e.g. unit tests, final draft essays, projects)

This is the cumulative final given at the end of the semester.

Number of





*Please note, within the formative category, there will be 2 grades (classwork and bellwork) that will each start as a


For each classwork or bellwork assignment that a student fails to submit, 10 points will be deducted from that


*Also within the formative category will be an assignment labeled “Homework Completion”. Daily homework assignments that are checked solely for completion will be tracked using a non-graded category within Synergy. Periodically (about every 6 weeks), the average from that non-graded category will be used to update the grade for the “Homework Completion” assignment.

Grade Recovery

Grade recovery opportunities will be offered on all summative assessments. The highest grade a student may earn on a

grade recovery attempt is a 70%. Students may participate in recovery only if they have….

attempted the summative assessment (they turned it in).

failed the assessment (earned a grade below a 70%)

initiated the recovery process (It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the recovery attempt and complete all

requirements including the reassessment within the two week window.) completed remediation task assigned by teacher (additional written work, tutoring, research, etc.) prior to reassessment.

Remediation task and reassessment must be completed within two weeks of receiving a failing summative grade. Students participating in recovery may be asked to complete remediation task and/or reassessment before school, after school, or during class time at the discretion of the teacher.

Enrichment At the teacher’s discretion, opportunities will be given throughout the semester to prove or improve mastery of standards and earn additional credit.


If you need additional help in the class, you need to make an appointment with me. I am available before or after school

on most days.

Ongoing Assignment

Each week, you will choose an article in the Zinc Reading Lab. You must complete the related vocab games for the

article, read the article, and complete the quiz. The majority of your chosen articles should be at Level 2 or higher, and you must generate sensible answers for the “guess” boxes. I will check your progress on these articles at 4 different times throughout the semester and update your grade accordingly. I will spot check your reading quizzes. If you have entered a

nonsense answer (e.g. “idk” or “jk;l”), that is considered cheating, and you will receive a 0 for ALL of your Zinc articles.

You are welcome and encouraged to complete extra articles and vocabulary games. The checks will be on the following dates:

1 article + 10 words by 1/15

5 articles + 50 words by 2/11

10 articles + 100 words by 3/26

15 articles + 150 words by 5/6


Throughout the semester, I will be using film to enhance and reinforce the curriculum. Most movies will be shown in clips of 30 minutes or less in class. However, there may be times when more than 30 minutes are shown. Please note that movies are approved by the teacher, the department chair, and the English department administrator. Any student is allowed to “opt out” of the films and will be provided an alternate assignment during the viewing. All of the following movies MAY be used in this class. Please review the list and sign to indicate whether or not you approve of your child viewing the films. As always, if you have any questions, please email me.

Moana (PG)

1-2 episodes of Lost (TV-14)

1-2 episodes of The Good Place (PG)

Coco (PG)

Various Youtube videos are shown to enhance student learning. These are ALWAYS previewed prior to student viewing.

Please sign and return to Mrs. Szatkowski

_____________________ (Student name)

DOES/ DOES NOT have my permission to view the aforementioned films in class. (circle one)

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