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Method Statement for Fan installation

1. Scope
The purpose of this Method Statement is to describe the measures and ways of
fan installation at transformer radiator. The works shall be carried out in
compliance with the drawings and project specification.

2. Work Procedure

a) Before installation
Check for quantity, model number, type, physical damage before moving
to the required area.
Check drawings used are latest and approved.
Read carefully the manufacturer instruction.

b) Shift the fan to the place of installation in a safe manner using hand
trolley or fork lift, as applicable.

c) Ensure that the correct fan is shifted to the correct place.

d) Install the mounting kit.

e) Follow the drawing CXR35376 RevD & CXR35383 RevC

Each transformer will have the addition of 3 fans total.
One fan on the front radiator and two fans on the rear radiators.
These fans are mounted directly on the cooling panels.
Correct positioning of the fan needs to maximize the blade interface with
the cooling panels, in other words the blade should not extend past the ed
ge of radiator if at all possible.
The most efficient location of the fans is at that top of the radiators as
close to the tank as the panels will allow and be located near the
top of the cooling panels. When a second fan is installed it should be
directly below the first fan. Refer to figure 1 as well as drawing A-10143-
13 for an example of the fan bracket parts and assembly.

f) Ensure that the installation of Fan is carried in accordance with

manufacturer’s installation recommendation and specifications.

g) Follow the below Figure 1 for direction of fan

h) Install one fan on the front radiator, and two fans on the rear radiators. It
is recommended that all fans are mounted to blow in the same direction to
maximizing the fresh air across the transformer and minimizing air
current from circulating around the transformer. If possible the fans
should blow towards an opening in the surrounding walls to expel any
hot air most efficiently.

i) Hardwire the fans to the new fuse terminal blocks installed in the
transformer control cabinet, as shown in the revised wiring diagrams.
Refer to drawings F16‐A8477, F24‐8606 and
F24‐A8052 for proper fan power wiring connections and phasing.

j) Each fan should be individually grounded.

3. Safety
1. All works shall comply with safety procedure
2. Basic PPE to worn by all staff and labour.

4. Equipment and Tools

1. Portable hand tools