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In this plan from our project, we have decided to bulid a kindergarten at Mukim
Kuala Perlis. We build kindergarten at strategic place to make easy for all people espeacially
for parents and kids. The near place to the kindergarten are free play area, futsal court, rice
field, children playground, foodcourt , and field area. The kids always want to play so that
we build kindergarten near the children playground. Its easy to the teacher to gives the kids
more happiness when they get bored after learn session with take them out from the
kindergarten to the playground.

The children also can used the futsal court when no one use that court to make
some activities. The most important is the foodcourt must have many customer in the
evening because that time is end of the kindergarten, so that some parents that back from
work to pick up their children stop by the foodcourt. From our observation, the area is not
gone be silent place which means the place is social because the place is not quiet place that
will not happen kidnapping. That place is less dangerous for kids. At back from the
kindergarten, there is rice field that gives nice view for kids in the morning. Then, the
kindergarten is near to the road so that it easy for parent to drop their children before they
go for work.

Before start our project we should make some agreement to some stakeholder to
discuss about the kindergarten. There are some stakeholder or client that we have to make
approval to get their permission and suitability place for kindergarten. First of all is Jabatan
Ukur Dan Pemetaan (JUPEM) to get their permission of the port to build the kindergarten at
that location. Second, Syarikat Air Perlis (SAP) have to confirm that drainage system and the
pond are not disturb when the construction work in progress to build the kindergarten.
Third is jabatan bomba to make sure safety for the kids is guarantee if something bads
happens to the kids. Fireman must apply some facilities for the kindergarten such as fire
fighting, fire host and service every year to check the facilities that provided for the
kindergarten. After that, we have to discuss with the Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) because the
kindergarten is near to the main road.
The kindergarten that we build have many differences from government
kindergarten. Our kindergarten have more facilities and structure that provided to the kids.
Typical kindergarten have same strcture and their learning system, so we make some
changes. The changes that we make is the door, floor and paint of the wall to make some
improvement to the kindergarten.
Some changes that we make is too make sure the kids feel comfortable. The changes
that we do it about safety for the kids. The door that we add is to make sure when fire
happen, its easy for all kids to come out from the class. So that one will be trap in the class.
Its clearly different from government kindergarten. They are not provide that facilities in the
class. About the floor, most kids feel less comfort cause of the carpet that under
government kindergarten is just use common carpet and tile floor. Its always cause the kid is
easy to fall. So our kindergarten make some changes with replace that carpet to another
floor mat carpet for kids which made up from span. If all floor was
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In first floor, there only have two classroom that have two doors for each class. There also
have two part of roof. Each of classroom has the same size The left side is biggest roof then the right
one. For the forward part of the building has one room that divided to 3 part which is store, small
office and big office. In this buildings there have two stairs to connect to the ground floor. Benefits
of two stairs is to make sure the kids can easily to going down when end of the class. Mostly kid
were scramble and like to play at the stairs. So that with two stair it easily for kids and teacher to
going down without any accident.
Pandangan hadapan

Plan from the frontal view that be see some changes that we make to the old kindergarten until the
new kindergader. From the ground floor shown that the first floor is small than ground floor. On the
first floor at the centre there have some window.