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Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA INGGRIS Soal disusun oleh Eka Susanty dan diverifikasi
Kompeteni : Invitation oleh:
Kelas : XI Nama Tanggal TTD
Hari / Tanggal : …………………………
Waktu : …………………………
Choose the best answer!
1. Brian : Would you like to go camping with us next holiday?
Ben : …..but I have to accompany my family to London.
Brian : Wow, London? That will be a fantastic holiday.
a. Sure, I cannot d. It is tiring
b. It sounds interesting e. Yes, you are right.
c. I am afraid I cannot
2. Adi : I am having a little party at my home on Saturday. Can you come?
Husni : ………., what time is it?
a. Of course not d. Yes, I’d like to
b. No, I can’t e. Maybe not
c. I am not sure
3. Santi : There is a bazaar at the city hall today. …………?
Yuyun : It sounds good.
a. I am glad you like it d. Why didn’t you come
b. I’d like to go e. Would you go there with me
c. Could you come to my house
4. Anton : I really want to visit the computer exhibition. Would you like …with me?
Budi : I am sorry, I can’t. I am not in the mood to go out.
a. comes along d. to coming along
b. to come along e. to comes along
c. came along
5. Della : Could you come to my home tonight?
Tom : ……………., but I have to do my assignment.
a. I’d love to d. No way
b. I can’t e. I don’t need
c. I won’t
6. Susi : There is a rock concert at the city hall tonight. ……………..?
Sinta : Sounds great but I have to do my report.
Susi : Ok, maybe next time.
a. Had you gone? d. How about doing your report?
b. Would you invite me? e. Do you like that concert?
c. Will you join us to go there?
7. Sela : …………………….my house this evening?
Hani : Sure, I’d love to.
a. Would mind coming you to d. Would you mind coming to
b. Would you mind to coming e. Would you to coming mind
c. Would to coming mind you
In questions 8 – 12, there are five underlined words/phrases that are marked A, B, C, D and E. Choose the underlined
word/phrases that is incorrect
8. Sisca : Har, do you have any plans on Sunday?
Harry : I don’t think so. Why?

Sisca : Do you want to come to a barbeque party at my house?

Harry : Sure, I’d love to. I’ll coming to your house on Sunday.

9. Dave : I have two tickets to Boy band concert on Saturday night. Would you like to go?
Alex : Thanks, I’d love to. What time was it?
Dave : It’s at 8.00. I’ll pick you at your house

10. Mrs. Kun : Would you mind to come to my house this evening? I’ll have a dinner party. We’ll
celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Mrs. Pur : Oh, congratulations to you. I’d love to come but I’ve already planned to visit my
parents. Anyway, thanks for invitation.

11. Jack : Would you care to go with me to the concert tonight?

John : It sounds uninteresting. What time shall we meet?
Jack : I’ll pick you up around 7. Is it ok?
John : That’s fine.

12. Seno : Jen, my sister wants to invite you to come to her birthday party tomorrow night. Would
you like to come?
Jenny : I’d love to. Thanks for the invite

An Evening of Romance to ……13………

25 years of Love
You are cordially …..14……. to an Anniversary Party in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Andri Wibowo
…..15……Sunday, May 17, 2010 …..16…… eight o’clock …….17…….. the evening.
Jl. Setiabudi 204 Semarang
Hosted by:
Children and Grandchildren

13. a. celebrating e. invites c. in

b. celebration d. about
15. a. on
c. celebrate e. after
b. at
d, celebrated
c. in 17. a. on
e. celebrates
d. about b. at
14. a. inviting e. after c. in
b. invitation d. about
16. a. on
c. invite e. after
b. at
d. invited

To : All Employees
Re : Staff Meeting

There will be a staff meeting next Friday at 11:00 A.M. All employees are required to ... 18… the meeting and to
…19… on time. The topic of the meeting is Improving Employee Morale.

Though it has been a long cold winter, we need to stay positive at work. As usual we have ... 20… a guest speaker
to …21… us. The speaker ... 22… this month's meeting will be taking about methods of positive thinking.

Thank you.

18. a. attend 19. a. arrive

attend b. arrival
attendant c. arrives
attending d. arrived
e. attending e. arriving
(D) attendance
2. (A) invite
(B) invited
(C) inviting
(D) invitation
3. (A) in
(B) on
(C) at
(D) by
d. come
20. a. invite
e. discuss
b. invitation
22. a. off
c. invites
b. of
d. invited
c. up
e. inviting
d. by
21. a. join
e. with
b. talk
c. speak

Englishindo Senior High School will be having a Grand Alumni Homecoming on December 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm at Elephant
Mungkur Hotel and Restaurant as the celebration of 10th Foundation Anniversary of SMAN Englishindo

On this regard, we are Cordially inviting you to Attend the said affair to meet your old friends, classmates, acquaintances
and teachers, reminiscing memorable experiences and sharing stories of success and most specially to renew our
commitment to the noble ideals of our beloved Alma Mater .

The registration charges are USD. 250.000, - per person payable at the venue. These charges include Alumni T-shirt, ID
Alumni, Alumni souvenir, dinner, live band and Raffle draws.

For further inquiries, please contact our Alumni Secretariat at (021) 237-2383 or text us at 08173445631.

We look forward to your presence in this once a year celebration.

23. What is the text about?
a. Advertisement d. Personal letter
b. Invitation e. Business letter
c. Manual instruction
24. What kind of event which will be held?
a. Birthday party d. Exhibition
b. Wedding anniversary e. Business meeting
c. Reunion
25. Who will be invited?
a. All readers c. The graduates of Englishindo Senior High
b. The students of Englishindo Senior High School
School d. Anyone who is interested
e. The members only
26. Where is the venue?
a. The hall of SMAN Englishindo d. Unknown
b. The secretariat office e. Elephant Mungkur Hotel and Restaurant
c. The new building of Englishindo Senior
High School
27. How to join that event?
a. Come to the venue d. Send a letter
b. Send an email e. Call the headmaster
c. Call a friend
On behalf of the government, City Mayor invites you as a guest in the Independence Fair Opening
Day/date: Thursday, October 12, 2017
Time: 04:00 p.m.
Place: City Stadium
Due to the limited time and place, your attendance will be highly appreciated. Thank you for your

City Mayor
H. Zainuddin

28. Where will the ceremony be held?

a. In another city d. At the mayor’s office
b. In a guest house e. Somewhere in the city
c. At the city stadium
29. What should you do after receiving this invitation letter?
a. Attend the event on time d. Hold a ceremony
b. Contact the city mayor e. Come to see the mayor
c. Send back the letter

30. The word ‘attendance’ in your attendance will be ……has similar meaning with…
a. Presence d. Attention
b. Invitation e. Appreciation
c. Absent

31. The word ‘you’ in City Mayor invites you as a guest in … refer to ….
a. the officer d. the receiver
b. the mayor staff e. the writer
c. the sender
32. What time does the guest should be at venue?
a. After 4:00 p.m, d. In the late afternoon
b. At 4:00 a.m. e. Anytime in that afternoon
c. Before 4:00 p.m.
Seva is inviting John to come to her birthday party by phone.
Seva : Hello, John
John : Oh hello Seva. What’s up?
Seva : By the way, are you ….33…. on Saturday night?
John : Saturday night? I think I’ll go home rather late. I have overtime working.
Seva : Well, ….34….to come to my birthday on Saturday night. Would you like to come to my
John : …35…, but I may come late. I should take my sister to her friend’s house.
Seva : That’s no problem. I will be waiting for you. Thanks John.
John : You are welcome.
33. a. happy d. better
b. sad e. worried
c. free
34. a. You have d. I would like to invite you
b. I would like e. Would you like
c. I prefer you
35. a. sure
b. I don’t think I can
c. I am not sure
d. Sorry, but I have another plan
e. No idea

36. Who is going to have a party?

a. John d. Seva’s friend
b. Seva e. One of Seva’s best friends
c. John’s sister
37. Will John be able to come to that event?
a. He is not sure d. No, he wasn’t
b. No, he doesn’t e. Yes, he will
c. Yes, she will invite him
38. What kind of event will be held at Seva’s house?
a. engagement party d. welcoming party
b. farewell party e. birthday party
c. reunion party
39. Why John will not be coming on time?
a. He should take care his brother c. He is waiting for his sister
b. He will take his sibling to somewhere d. He may accompany his sister to a mall
first e. John has to come to his sister’s house
40. How does Seva invite John to her party?
a. She makes a call d. She writes an invitation letter
b. She sends a card e. She sends an email
c. She announces it through a radio

1. C
2. D
3. C
4. B
5. D
6. E
7. B
8. A

9. C
10. D
11. D
12. E
13. A
14. C
15. E
16. C

17. D
18. A
19. B
20. C
21. A
22. A
23. D
24. A

25. B
26. B
27. C
28. C
29. E
30. A
31. C
32. A
39. E
33. A 40. E
34. D
35. C
36. C
37. D
38. B