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The Significant Role Of Young Generation For National Resorgence

Hello everyone…Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb..

Good Afternoon ladies and gentleman..
First of all, I would like to say thanks to the lord of this universe namely Allah SWT. who
has giving us health and blessing. So, we can attend and gather in this beautiful place with a good
condition and happy situation.
Secondly, peace and salutation always be given to our Prophet Muhammad SAW. who has
guided us from the darkness to the brightness, from the stupidity to the cleaverness, from Jahiliah
era to the Islamiah era namely Islamic Religion that we love.
Therefore, by this guidance we are able to differentiate the good thing and the bad one, the
right way and the wrong one in order to enter God’s paradise.
The honorable to all of judges and all of the audiences here. In this good chance, I would
like to deliver my speech by little:
As we know, the nation resourgence is determined by the young generation. The formation
of youth or young movements as an activator of reformation and development. As the next
generation for national resourgence, we must explore the various conditions and problems that
exist. It’s time for young people to become themselves as agents and students. Youth has a lot of
aspiration for the future of Indonesia. So, that’s why young generation is very significant for
national resourgence.
Happy brothers and sisters...
In this globalization era, especially for students, As we know well that the students is very
significant role as the next generation. Such as to fill freedom by learning seriously and deligently
in education. As a result, youth generation of Indonesia can compete in international levels and
get achievement by carry Indonesian nationality names.
Happy brothers and sisters...
Now let me give the examples:
1. Joey Alexander Sila who excolled as a pianist into Grammy Awards in 2015
2. Next, Anjani Rahma Putri and Muhtaza Azizia Syafiq, they won as 2 Awards Intel
International Science and Engineering Fair in 2014
3. And also Taufik Hidayat as an athlete of Badminton who became the winner in Asian Games
in 2006 and so much more.
On the other hand, a respectable nation is a nation that has same degree with other nations.
It shows that national awaking is depended by youth of Indonesia. Therefore, we can say that the
role of young generation is very significant for our national resourgence.
Let’s support the spirit of youth, because the country's future is in the hands of a qualified
young generation.