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Standard Specification for Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe’ 1. Scope LL This specification covers reinforeed concrete pipe intended to be used forthe conveyance of sewage, industria ‘wastes, and storm water, and forthe eonstuction of culverts, 1.2 complete metic companion to Specification C 76 has been developed—C T6M: therefore, no metric equivalents are presented in this specification, Reinforced eonerete pipe that ‘conform to the requirements of C TOM, are acceptable under {his Specification C76 unless prohibited by the Owner: ff Bedding an ackil, and care Gat fsallaion conforma 10 the enstucon specifatins. The owner ofthe reinforced concrete pipe ‘th he ls pipe specie and provide inspection adhe contin 2. Referenced Documents 2. ASTM Standards: * [A 36/A 36M Specification for Carbon Structural See! ASIA 82M Specification for Steel Wire, Plain, for Con ‘rete Reinforcement AISS/A 185M Specification for Steel Welded Wire Rein- Foreement, Plain, for Concrete A49G/A 496M Specification for Steel Wire, Deformed, for Concrete Reinforcement AAOTIA 497M Specitication for Steel Welded Wire Rein- forcement, Deformed, for Concrete once pean hehe reqstity of Sibomatce C1802 on cunt ASR Cason Sonne at sence as, Pf Bt of STM of Dee ADISIA 6ISM Specification for Deformed and Plain Carbon Stel Bats for Conerete Reinvoreement AT06IA 706M Specification for Low-Alloy Steel De- formed and Plain Bars for Conerete Reinforcement (C33 Specification for Concrete Azeregates ‘CT6M Specification for Reinforced Concrete Culvert, ‘Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe [Metric] ‘C180 Specification for Poland Cement ‘© 260) Specification for Air-Entaining Admixtares for Con- (C309 Specification for Liquid Membrane-Forming Com- pounds for Curing Conerete CARHC 494M Specitcution for Chamiat Adminis for ‘C-497 “Test Methods for Concrete Pipe, Manhole Sections, or Tile (C1595 Specification for Blended Hydraulic Comes ‘C18 Specification for Coal Fly Ash and Raw or Caleined ‘Natural Pozzolan for Use in Conerete (€655 Specification for Reinforced Concrete D-Load Cul- ver, Storm Drain, and Sewer Pipe ‘C822 Terminology Relating to Conerete Pipe and Related Products (C989 Specification for Ground Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag for Use in Conerete and Mortars C1OI7IC 1OTTM Specification for Chemical Admixtures for Use in Producing Flowing Concrete CII16 Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete and Shoterete 3. Terminology 3.1 Definitions—For definitions of terms relating to con- crete pipe, see Terminology C822. 4. Classification 4.1 Pipe manufactured in accordance with his specification shall be of five classes identified as Clas I, Clas I, Clas I, Class IV, and Class V. The eoresponding strength require” iments are prescribed in Tables 1-5. lp c76-08 ‘TABLE 1 Design Requirements for Class | Relnforced ConerstePipe* Naw: 1-See Section 5 for iss of acceptance specified by the owner ‘he seg est requirement in poundeterce per linear Foto pipe expense pounis-fore pr linea ot pet fot of dant to rode a in rach othe D-oas to ros the OI rack athe ulate Toad a pele below, mpd bythe eral danetr of he pp i fet. Det, Gare Seng apse ra ea — arene Mg —_ FO * Cage Cage * Cage a ee same Bm 4 : ° ‘noapic age snes eg ag rots an a spade ut ageln ta aa he let he sat sn ‘nian’ agate ape ura grea cae n semenca win Fa sal cage sa na ns an epee fr ono eae mae "ea an qantas! mst bs Pa place by mea adn ocala tv mas Ereugou Re ee casing pete, Basis of Acceptance 5:1 Unless otherwise designated by the owner at the ime of coc before placing an order, tere are two spurte and ter the basce of cepance. Independent of the method. of scceptanes the pipe sal be designed to meet oth the 01 -n fact and ukimate srengh requirements specfid in Tables "5 Si. Acceptance om the Basis of Plant Laad-Bearing Tests, Material Tess and Inspection of Manufectred Pipe for Visual ages, agrees 5. iS. lameters and classes produced in accordance with 7.1 of 7.2 Shall be determined bythe resus ofthe thee-dge bearing tests defined in 11.1 by sch material tessa ate requ in 62, 63,65, and 66; by an absorption et ofthe concrete from te wall ofthe pipe for each mix design hat sued onan ‘onder, and by visual Iepetion ofthe finshed pipe to deter tines conformance with the accepted desig and ts reedom from defects S12 Acceptance onthe Bass of Material Tests and Inspec tin of Manifctured Pipe for Defects and bnperfectons— ‘Aceeptbilty ofthe pipe nal diameters and clesses produced in accordance with 7.1 or 7.2 shall be determined by'the results of such material tests as are required in 6.2, 63, 6, and 6.6: by erushng tests on concrete cores or cured conereteeslinders: by an absorption test ofthe concrete from the wall ofthe pipe fo each mix design that is used on an onder and by inspection of the finished pipe including amount and placement of feinforcement to determine its conformance with the accepted design and its freedom from defects. 5.1.3 When agreed upon by the owner and manufacturer, any portion or any combination ofthe ests itemized in $1.1 oF 5.1.3 may form the basis of acceptance, 5.2 Age for Acceptance—Pipe shall be considered ready for ageeptane when it conforms 1 the requirements indicated by the specified tests 6, Materials {6.1 The aggregate shall be s0 sized, graded, proportioned, and mixed with such proportions of Porand cement, blended hydraulic cement, oF Porand cement and supplementary cementing materials, or admixtures, if used, ofa combination thereof, and wate to produce a homogenous Gdncrete mintare ly c 76-08 ‘TABLE 2 Design Requirements for Cass Il Reinforced Conesta Pipe” Nore 1—See Seton 5 fr tas of acepane spect by te nec ‘The senth test requirement in pound free pet linear Foto pipe uni expo in pu force pr linea fot pre fate) to pce 400 Tea ay specified teow, lipid by the neal deter of he pp net. ler he te-ege-earing met sal be either the Dou (est od Seam Cores Sra at ‘Gente Seah 10058 Cares Srna Daye _Aacamoy toa eats” eign Te _ RHA eg oes Toe Gur” Rozen? nas Yay uy Reoaren® nes Inna our Relea? me Soe e Gao Cae BO Gage Gate a 13 on Sar or core care a Be oa Fo a a on bat os ade zest Stak Oa Gansete Seah 0p * resae » resin “ re "ct cc scl waa "teal . Ve scl ‘2m vrata nar ating nl rane Pe Ben dasha hae to eau casa ante teu pu are ele age, "orth sae nde ements eee wosted Te sched ute rent mo-erine posse an AMAeh ogc seat fn sandr dames "Shean suns a dei rig hoe ander recast eiotcemet maybe poston and ropertaned inate ine lowing mano: _ ieee a ei gn oat a a ge a amor an te Sage pur unt mae aaron nig or ‘nirer an deca un lesa sage accor wn Fi 2 pac and masa tes ust ox hes plasby mean hing Yeo, tor oa means Pugh he ere casing operon ‘of such quality that the pipe will conform to the test and design requtemens ofthe specification. In no case, however, shall the proportion of Poland cement, blended hydraulic cement, or ‘combination of Portland cement und supplementary cementing materials be less than 470 Ih (62 Cementitious materials: 62.1 Cement—Cement shall conform to the requtements of Specification C 150, or shall be portland blast-furmace slag cement, or slag modified portland cement, of portand- pozzolan cement conforming, tothe requirements of Spcifca- tion C 595, except that the pozzolan constituent in the Type IP Portland-pozzolan cement stall be fly ash