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“Corporate Selling & Feedback” forHCL Info system

CH institute of management & communication
(In the partial fulfillment of the requirements of Post Graduate Diploma in


Jyoti shahi

Mr. Aram Ajmera Mr.Kripa Shankar Gautama

HCL Infosys

S.N. Title
2 Executive Summary
3 Literature Review
4 Scope Of The Study
5 Objective Of The Study
6 Research Methodology
7 Data Analysis & Graphical Interpretation
8 Major Players In The Market
9 Competitors Of HCL
10 Role Of Advertisement
11 Marketing Strategies
12 Future Scope
13 Management Hierarchy
14 Key Partnership
15 Market Share
16 Marketing & Selling Strategies
17 Changing Trends
18 Decision Making Process
19 CRM
20 SWOT Analysis
21 Findings & Limitations
22 Suggestions & Recommendation
23 Conclusion
24 Bibliography
25 Annexure – Questionnaire

I, herby declared to the best of my knowledge and belief that the

summer training report entitled as “Corporate Selling & Feedback” for
HCL Info system being submitted to the partial fulfillment ofCH
substantially the same one, which has already been submitted for
Post Graduate Diploma in Management of any other academic
qualification at any other university or examination in India.

I, Jyoti shahi hereby declare that all this work purely doneby
myself on a primary data and it is totally free from any biasness
to any individual or any group of people.


Industrial training is an integral part of any post graduate diploma program

and for that purpose I had joined a company what else can be as good as
HCL Info systems Ltd, India’s premier information enabling company .

I take the opportunity to express my gratitude to all of them who in some or

other way helped me to accomplish this challenging project in HCL Info
systems Ltd. No amount of written expression is sufficient to show this my
deepest sense of gratitude to them.

I thank my Institute who has given me an opportunity to show my skills. I

also thank all my nearer and dearer ones without whose support this project
would not been possible.

I would like to thank Mr. Kripa Shankar Gautama, who allows me to do this project in
I would like to thank Mr. Sumeet Maru CEO, CHIMC, Indore, for providing me the
opportunity to have such a good experience of an internship program and of course my
faculty guide Prof. Ram Ajmera the guiding source of light in this vast journey of
learning experience while doing the project that really made me learn the real
application and management principles of the project. His continuous advice has really
transformed me into a much mature personality. Their everlasting support and
guidance on the ground of which I have acquired a new field of knowledge. The
course structure created for this curriculum has benefited with the inclusion of recent
development in the organizational and managerial aspects.

Modern organizations are highly complex and dynamic systems. They operate under very
turbulent social economic and political environment. They are required to reconcile several
incompatible goals. Conflicting roles and divergent interest they are also fraught with the
use risk and uncertainties, hence tactful management of such organization to plan to
execute guide, coordination and control the performance of people to achieve predetermined
goals. Management has to keep the organization vibrant moving and in equilibrium. It has to
achieve goal which themselves are changing it is therefore a problem highly complex and

The marketing research is the process which links to manufacture, dealers and individuals
through information in important part of curriculum of Post Graduate Diploma in
Management, programmed is project taken by the students in any business organization, after
completion of third trimester of the programme.The objective of this project is to enable the
students to understand the application of the academics in the real business life. I am fully
confident that this project will be extremely useful to the management.
CEO’s certificate

This is to certify that Ms. Jyoti shahi is a bonfire student of

CHIMC Indore and is presently pursuing a Post Graduate
Program in Management.

Under my guidance, he has submitted his project report titled

“Corporate Selling & Feedback for HCL Infosys
” in partial fulfillment

of the requirement for the summer internship project during the

Post Graduate Program in Management.

This report has not been previously submitted as part of any other
degree or diploma of another Business School or University.

The HCL Family
At HCL, people are not just employees but family. So, like an important member of
the family should, you get endless freedom to experiment, unlimited empowerment to
execute your dreams and the rare opportunity to be an entrepreneur.

HCL Info systems are the progenitor of the HCL Group and are known as the
‘Entrepreneurial Incubator’ in the Indian IT industry. We believe in empowering people to
help achieve their goals - goals that are achieved by the coming together

of talent and innovation, powered by ownership and freedom to experiment, leading to

tremendous growth and gains for the individual and the organization. We pride ourselves
in being a pioneer in creating the Indian IT Industry, by pioneering the creation of the
people for the industry.

Our HR philosophy is “beyond HR Practices and Systems”, where we are ceaselessly

creating the ‘HCL Family’, whose DNA is Pride, Passion, Performance and People, with an
inexhaustible Spirit of Entrepreneurship.

Who do we look for?

Our objective has always been to acquire quality people and groom them to become
entrepreneurial Leaders. HCL it’s are people who take pride in continually doing better than
their best; people with a passion to succeed; people who have a fire within to perform and
realize results….People who want to ‘WIN’ (W -Work hard, I- innovate and N-never giver

Why HCL?
 Ranked Top 3 Best Employer Survey in IDC-DQ Survey 2006  Ranked Best Employer
in IDC-DQ Survey 2005.

We are one of the few IT companies in India that provide a lifetime

comprehensive career plan. At HCL, we look at the strengths of a person and
accordingly assign future job roles to match those. People can chart their own
career options of Entrepreneur or Manager or Technocrat. HCL provides an open
canvas of opportunities for each individual, which is how 90% of our top
Management is from campus (people who joined us as trainees straight from campus).

 be an Entrepreneur - An organization with a large number of recruitments

from campuses all across India, creating entrepreneurs from and for HCL.
 Endless growth opportunities in an open and entrepreneurial environment
Where your team mates and manager become your best friends.

 A company where the diversity of 360+ locations, languages and cultures

blend seamlessly into a challenging work ethos of the HCL Culture that
fosters excellence, recognizing and rewarding performance.

 A career with diverse, rewarding & challenging assignments everyday...with

the freedom to create, articulate new ideas, collaborate with the sharpest
minds and truly realize your potential.










 HCL training facility in the city of Hyderabad is spread over a sprawling 16 acres
Residential facility to accommodate165 employees at the same time in training. Equipped
With class rooms, labs, canteen, a recreation centre and dedicated faculty with vast
Experience in the IT industry, we conduct over 25000 man days of internal classroom
Training every year.
Classroom trainings are further complimented through Enable Leadership Enrichment and
Development - which provides a comprehensive automated learning tool to each?
Employee through various online learning options.
360 Degree Feedback for a holistic quality improvement and individual
development plans.
 Learn from Leaders who have a three decade rich history of inventions
and innovations.

 ‘perform’, our online Performance Management System tracks result
achieved through daily to weekly to monthly to quarterly review system for Career
Planning and Position planning.
 Media Tech Experts, a fast-track career growth programmer identifies and groom
young engineers for leadership positions in a short period of 18 months.
 We continue to promote Indian traditions and recognize talent in
diverse areas, through he much acclaimed HCL Concert Series - a
tribute to excellence in human endeavor.
 80% of our top management today is people who joined straight from

Pioneer in IT industry for ESOP started in 80’s.
 Profit Sharing Scheme since 1997 for all employees.
 ‘HCL One Quarterly Awards’ Night is a gala celebration every quarter when the HCL
family gets together to celebrate achievements of individual and team performances.
 Bottom up communication channels providing opportunities for employee opinion.
 HCL Towers - Houses for our employees.

Culture at HCL
With our open and entrepreneurial environment, every HCL its is
synonymous with passion for performance, high need for achieve me not
and commitment to job. Our core value of high integrity with a Never-
Say-Die approach is ingrained and visible in all our people, practices and
(A)Diversity and Inclusion

HCL strives to attract and retain the best talent and provide an
environment where each individual is given the opportunity to build a
rewarding career. With offices in more than 300+ locations, we employ a
diverse group of people from different backgrounds, yet all connected by
a common sense of the HCL culture. We value the uniqueness of each
individual, relying on the diversity to drive our innovation, growth and

(B) HCL’s Community Involvement

Recognizing the important role of business in society, HCL supportsand
encourages the active involvement of its people in community volunteer
initiatives. Employee volunteering programmers’ at HCL enableyou to do
much more than routine work through active participation in various causes.
Job Openings
HCL Info systems - An ocean of possibilities! Want to explore the possibilities? Check out
the following profiles:

 Account Manager
 Account Executive

Job oriented Trainings

Customized to the industry requirements our educational services are focused towards
technologies related to IT Infrastructure and IT Sales. The two offerings of HCL
Education are as follows:

1. HCL’s Job Oriented Training Program in IT Infrastructure Technologies

This one year programmer for bright Engineering Graduates, provides hi-tech
training in the stream of Computer Networks, Network Operating Systems,
Security and other IT Infrastructure Services. The programmer involves a classroom
training followed by On Job Training (with stipend as applicable) at various offices of
HCL. On successfully completion of the programmer, candidate would receive a
certificate by HCL Training recognizing the candidate as a HCL Certified IT
Infrastructure Engineer- a rare breed of individuals who are accepted by the Indian IT
industry as trained professionals in their field of IT work.
2. HCL’s Sales & Marketing Training Program

A unique Program for fresh Engineering and Science Graduates who have a passion
to achieve. This is a yearlong program with 3-4 weeks of exhaustive instructor led
training conducted by experienced HCL professionals, followed by 11 months of Sales
Experience (With Stipend as applicable) at any of HCL offices. The focus is to groom
candidates into a new breed of technocrats who are smart business developers who have
the right blend of technical know-how. Candidates also have the advantage of being
nominated for a company sponsored Executive Management Programmer with a reputed
Management Institute

Meet our people

Take a look at some HCL it’s and read their experiences to get an "insider's view" of your
potential colleagues.

A vivacious Punjabi at heart, Amanpreet Singh Bedi has spent 22 years in HCL and
now is fondly known by all as APS. He remembers well the morning of 07 July
1986 when he began his journey with HCL as Customer Engineer trainee.
Today he feels satisfied that his efforts have been recognized and rewarded.

He feels content to be part of HCL and cherishes every moment he has spent here. “HCL
has given me the freedom to work, be creative and develop my entrepreneurial skills.”

A very cool and calm person, Melinda has handled diversified jobs with utmost ease,
in the last 23years with HCL. Comedy movies are his craze; he watches
any movie that can make him laugh and enjoys every moment. No wonder he is
considered jovial and approachable by his colleagues. His feel this 23years
old journey with HCL has changed his whole personality.

“The empowerment and independence to take decisions given by this company, has
instilled in me confidence and pride in calling myself an HCL its”
Management Team

Ajai Chowdhry
Co-Founder HCL, Chairman and CEO - HCL Info systems An engineer
by training, Ajai Chowdhry is one of the six co-founder members of
HCL, India 's premier IT conglomerate.
J V Ramamurthy
Chief Operating Officer HCL Info systems Ltd J V Ramamurthy has an
engineering degree in Electronics & Communications, from Guindy
Engineering College , and a Masters' degree in Applied Electronics from
the Madras Institute of Technology, both in Chennai.
Rajendra Kumar
Executive Vice President - Frontline Division HCL Info systems Ltd. Mr.
Rajendra Kumar has been with HCL for over 30 years and has seen HCL
grow from a startup company to a gigantic conglomerate that it is today.
George Paul
Executive Vice President Marketing, HCL Info systems. George is a
B.Tech in Electronics and Telecommunications from REC, Suratkul. He
joined HCL in 1983 as a Customer Engineer. In his long stint at HCL,
George has handled a diverse portfolio of responsibilities that has given
him a very well balanced perspective and exposure to IT in business and
business of IT.
STM Eswar
Head HCL Career Development Centre. Mr. STM Eswar, a BSc.
(Electronics) Graduate, joined HCL in 1986.Handling complete South,
heading National Channel Management along with HCL Career
Development Centre project are some of his major assignments.
HCL Info systems Ltd is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market , with its origins in
1976. For over quarter of a century, we have developed and implemented solutions for
multiple market segments, across a range of technologies in India. We have been in the
forefront in introducing new technologies and solutions. The highlights of the HCL saga
are summarized below:

Year Highlights
Foundation of the Company laid
1976 Introduces microcomputer-based programmable calculators
with wide acceptance in the scientific / education community
Launch of the first microcomputer -based computer with a
1977 ROM.
Based Basic interpreter.
Unavailability of programming skill with customer result in
HCL developing bespoke applications for their customers.

Initiation of application development in diverse segments such

1978 as textiles, sugar ,paper, cement, transport.

Formation of Far East Computers Ltd. a pioneer in the

1980 Singapore IT market, for SI(System Integration) solution.

Software Export Division formed at Chennai to support the

1981 bespoke application development needs of Singapore.

1983 HCL launches an aggressive advertisement campaign with the

theme `even a typist can operate` to make the usage of
computers popular in the SME (Small & Medium
Enterprises) segment. This proposition involved
menu-based application for the first time, to increase
ease of operations. The response to the advertisement
was phenomenal.
HCL develops special program generators to speed up the
development of application.
1985 Bank trade unions allow computerization in banks. However, a
Computer can only run one application such as
Saving Bank, Current account, loans etc…
HCL sets up core team to develop the required software-
ALPM (Advanced Ledger Posting Machines). The team uses
Reusable code to reduce development efforts and
produce more reliable code.
HCL designs and launches Unix -based computers and IBM
PC dons.
HCL promotes 3rd party PC application nationally.

1986 Zonal offices of banks and general insurance companies adpot

Purchase specification demand the availability of RDBMS
Products on the supplied (Unify,Orade).HCL
arranges for such products to be ported to its
HCL assists customers to migrate from flat-file based systems

1991 HCL enters into a joint venture with Hewlett Packard

HP assists HCL to introduce new services:
Systems Integration, IT consulting, packaged support
services (basis line, team line)
HCL establishes a Response Centre for HP
products, which is connected to the HP Response
Centre in Singapore.
There is a vertical segment focus on Telecom,
Manufacturing and Financial Services.

1994 HCL acquires and executes the first offshore project from IBM
HCL sets up core group to define software development
1995 Starts execution of Information System Planning projects.
Execution projects for Germany and Australia.
Begins Help desk services.

1996 Sets up the STP (Software Technology Park) at Chennai to

execute software projects for international customers.
Becomes national integration partner for SAP.

Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get ISO 9001
1998 Kolkata and Noida STPs set up.
HCL buys back HP stake in HCL Hewlett Packard.

1999 Acquires and sets up fully owned subsidiaries in USA and UK.
Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia.
HCL ties up with Broad vision as an integration partner.

2000 Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia

Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get SET level 4
Bags Award for Top PC Vendor In India.
Becomes the 1st IT Company to be recommended for latest
Version of ISO 9001:2000.
Bags MAIT,s Award for Business Excellences.
Rated as No. 1 IT Group in India.

2001 Launched Pentium IV PCs at below Rs 40,000

IDC rated HCL Info systems as No. 1 Desktop PC Company of

2002 Declared as Top PC Vendor by Dataquest.

HCL Info systems & Sun Microsystems enters into a Enterprise
Distribution Agreement.

2003 Became the first vendor to register sales of 50.000 PCs in a

First Indian company to be numbers undo in the commercial
Enters into partnership with AMD.
Launched Home PC for Rs 19.999
HCL Info systems Info Structure Services Division received
ISO 9001:2000 certification.
Launches Infiniti mobile Desktops on Intel Platform.
Launched Infiniti PCs,Workstations & Servers on AMD

2004 st
1 to announce PC price cut in India ,post duty reduction ,offers
Ezeebee at Rs.17,990.
IDC India-DQ Customer Satisfaction Audit rates HCL as No.1
Brand in Desktop PCs.
Maintains No. 1 position in the Desktop PC segment for year
Enters into partnership with Port Wise to support & distribute
Security& VPN solution in India.
Partners with Microsoft & Intel to launch Beanstalk Neo PC.
Becomes the 1st company to cross 1 lack unit milestone in the
India Desktop PC market.
Launched RP2 systems to overcome power problem for PC
Registers a market share of 13.7% to become No.1 Desktop PC
Company for year 2004.
Crosses the landmark of $1 billion in revenue in just month.

2005 Launch of HCL PC for India, a fully functional PC priced at

Rated as the no.1 Desktop PC company by IDC India -
Best Employee 2005 with five star rating by IDC India -
IT Hardware Category by The Economic Time -await Global
7th IETE -Corporate Award 2005’ for performance excellence
in the field of Company &Telecommunication Systems by
Best Boom Brand 2005’by 360 magazine:
1. In the PC category.
2. In the LCD Monitor category.
India ,s No.1 vendor for sales of A3 size Toshiba Multi
2006 75,000+machines produced in a single month.
HCL Info system in partnership with Toshiba its retail presence
in India by unveiling shop Toshiba.
HCL Info system & Nokia announce a long team distribution
IDBI selects HCL as SI partner for 100 branches ICT
infrastructure rollout
HCL Info systems showcases computer Solution for the Rural
market in India.
HCL From a strategic Partnership with APPLE to provide
Sales &Services Support for IPods in India.
HCL Info system sustains its commercial Desktop PC
leadership for the fifth consecutive year.
HCL Info system rated as number one Desktop PC Company
IDC, Sixth year successively.
HCL launches “trusted ICT infrastructure platform” for the
BPO -Its segment.
HCL launches India’s first High Performance Enterprise Server
Platforms Powered by dual core Intel uranium.
HCL completes 30 years in India.
HCL in association with The Music Academy, Madras brings
HCL Concert Series to Chennai City.
Enters into partnership with Casio.

2007 HCL introduces eco-efficient Notebook PCs Company with

Rosh directive.
HCL unveils initiative to create industry ready ICT
Professional- launches HCL career development centers.
Kodak and HCL ink agreement to distribute digital cameras in
HCL LAUNCHS India’s first multilingual POS printers HCL
STAR-tsp700, Designed exclusively for the needs of rural
Launches a new range of eco-efficient desktop PCs, with Rosh
HCL launches NETMAX; suite of networking products and
solutions expands its portfolio for emerging enterprises.
HCL announces launch of its workstation 2008 series for
MCAD and DCC professional.
2008 HCL unveils that e future of personal computer Launches next
Generating, ultra portable, sub 14000/laptop Milled series for
the first time in India.
HCL strengthens its BPSI system Integration Portfolio-
Acquires a niche banging Software Product Company.

HCL Info systems, India’s premier information enabling and integration has
received the ISO 9001:2000 certified specifies requirement for a quality management system
where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability provide
product and service that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements.
ISO 9001:2000 also aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective
application of the system, including process for continual improvement of the
systems and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatory

The menu of HCL Infosys global services broadly covers IT consulting and professional
services in the area of vertical applications, technology, ERP implementation and software
development. This also includes a complete portfolio of systems and network service for
development. This also includes a compete portfolio of systems and network service for
facilities management, helpdesks, systems supports and network and internet implementation.

HCL global customer include Samsung, Government of Singapore and AMAL insurance Jargon
port Singapore an d Malaysian’s BSN commercial bank, SIA, DBS bank, May bank life assurance
charted semiconductors.

HCL Infosys’ chosen platform of total technology integration lends itself to some very
significant alliances with the global leaders. Among its partner are HP for high end
AISCE/UNIX services and workstation and HP open view network management solution; Intel
for PC and PC server building block Microsoft novel and Scoot SOLUTION. Red hat, Linux,
Samsung, Pivotal for CRM solution and ORACLE Sys. Base and Information for RDBMS
Today the company has aligned its operation into five entities that offer seamless linkage for
the customers seeking entry into the wired world through total the ‘Integration solution and
HCL Info systems focus on the ever-growing segment in imaging, Telecom and Communication
products solution and services. Now it has an exclusive sale and support partnership with
Toshiba Corporation, Japan for sales and services of its imaging and photocopier products. HCL
Info systems products portfolio covers a range of other office automation and communication
products through alliances with world leaders. The Management network service offering for
Corporate include VPNs, ASP offering, CO Location hosting, CDNs, security corporate
internet telephony solution, technical and consumer help desks, 24/7 network operating
centre monitoring and a host of value added networking services. Consumer services include
dialup PSTN/ISDN Internet access, Valadon calling cards and VoIP telephony devices.

Doing training was really an opportunity before me when I could convert my
theoretical knowledge into practical and of real world type. Fortunately, the
company I got is a true follower of the various principle of management and also
one of the leading companies in its segment of the industry. The working
environment that I was being provided was extraordinary and helped me a lot in
delivering my work properly and with of mine. HCL Info systems Ltd. Is one of the
renowned names in the Software and Hardware sector of computer industry?

The graph of sales of these respective product lines is the best in the industry as compared to
their competitors. I did my summer training project at HCL Info systems Ltd. Noida
where I found all the professionals are very much committed to their work as well as they
were all professionals enough. This helped me a lot in getting a good deal of exposure. As I
had to consult the channel partners, I felt in the beginning in a bit problem. But the
cooperation of my superiors at the work induced confidence in me to deal with my
problems whenever they came.

Born in1976, HCL has a 3 decade rich history of inventions and innovation. In 1978, HCL
developed the first indigenous micro-computer at the same time as Apple and 3 years before
IBM’s PC. During this period India was a black box to the Indian computer industry. The 80’s
saw HCL developing know how in many other technologies. HCL’s in depth knowledge of
UNIX led to the development of a fine grained-processor UNIX in 1988, three years ahead of Sun
and HP.

HCL’s R&D was spun off as HCL Technologies in 1997 to mark their advent into the
software services arena. During the last eight years HCL has strengthened its processes and
applied its know how developed over 28 years into multiple practices- semi-conductor, operating
systems, automobile, avionics, biomedical engineering, wireless, telecom technologies and many

Today, HCL sells more PCs in India than any other brand runs Northern Ireland’s largest BPO
operation and manages the network for Asia’s stock exchange network apart from
designing zero visibility landing systems to the world’s most popular airplane.

Today, HCL sells more PCs in India than any other brand runs Northern Irelands largest BPO
operation, and manages the network for Asia’s largest stock exchange network apart from
designing zero visibility landing systems to land the world’s most popular airplane.

HCL Info systems Ltd. Is one of the pioneers in the Indian IT market, with its origin in 1976. For
over quarter of a century, we have developed and implemented solutions for multiple markets,
across a range of technologies in India. We have been in the forefront in introducing new
technologies and solutions.

In the early 70’s a group of young and ambitious technocrats embarked upon a venture that
would make their vision of IT revolution in India a reality. Shiv nadir and five of his
colleagues got together and 1875 set up a new company MICROCOMP to start with they
started to capitalize on their marketing skills. MICROCOMP marketed calculators and with in a
few month of starting operation the company was out selling its major competitors.

On11 th August 1976 HINDUSTAN COMPUTERS LIMITED was incorporated as joint

venture between the entrepreneurs and UPOSCE, with an initial equity of Rs.1.83 lacks.

Vision Statement
“It is the most preferred employer and principal taking leading edge IT product and service to
the masses through sustained excellence.”

Mission Statement

“We shall increase the shareholder value by improving the PAT through free cash flow,
reducing the BR cycle, inventory levels, wastage.”

Quality Policy Statement

“We shall deliver defect- free products, services and solution to meet the requirements
of our external and internal customers the first time, every time’

Objective of The Study

Management Objective
To fuel initiative and foster activity by allowing individuals of action and innovation in attaining
defined objectives.

People Objective
To help HCL Info systems people share in the company’s success, which they make possible; to
provide job security based on their performance; to recognize their individual achievements and
to help them gain of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work.

Core Values
• It is uphold the dignity of individual It is
• honor all commitments
• It is committed to quality, innovation and growth in every endeavor It is
• responsible corporate citizens
Research methodology
HCL Corporate selling and feedback and market share of HCL and compared to other IT
The business of HCL and the company through its researchers wants to know the potential in order
to expand and retain its market share

Determined the Information Sources: The researcher gathered data through secondary
PRIMARY DATA is collected through questionnaire, search and research through place where
today's computer has been mostly used
SECONDARY DATA is being search sites like magazines, newspapers, journals,websites
and the data has been collected through other approaches

The researcher collected information through the official websites, magazines and journals.


This included deciding upon various aspects for the project on which the entire research is based.
The research frame included:

The project on which the researcher worked is descriptive and inferential in nature.
The researcher took the help of both primary as well as secondary sources. Secondary
sources being interaction with various IT people of the selected and has been chosen for the
research by the researcher. Secondary sources being the internet as the medium and the official
sites of the companies of IT sectors and corporate selling and feedback of HCL.

The researcher for the research used a Questionnaire cum Schedule for market research for
both the segments horizontal and vertical. The Questionnaire was prepared by the
researcher and Schedule was provided by the company in which the researcher did its
research report.


Sample size for the research is fixed. It counts to55. That is the HCL companies and corporate
selling and feed of HCL in comparison between other IT sectors.

1. Which type of computers do you use?

a) Branded
b) Assembled

Branded 30
Assembled 25

It was observed that almost 67% of the people use branded computers or other gadgets for their
business purpose. Hence can be concluded that more people want branded products as they are
not ready to compromise with the quality and services being provided.

2. Which brand computers do you use?

a) HP
b) HCL
d) Others
Brand used Total Nos.
HP 7
HCL 14
Acer 13
Others 21

This observation showed that HCL is among the top used brands. Major part under the pie-
chart goes to HCL. So HCL should continue making efforts to attract new market and sustain
the existing market.

3. What is the number of installed desktops?

b) 15-50
d) 75-200
Installed desktops Total Nos.
< 15 19
15-50 21
50-75 11
75-200 3
200-500 1

Most of the surveyed and found the use of computers within the 15-55 range. So it
can be inferred that the main target market is which lies in the middle range.
Thus we targeted mainly on SME (small and medium enterprise).

4. What is the number of used servers?

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3-5
d. >5

Servers used Total Nos.

1 10
2 11
3-5 21
>5 13

From this observation, it was concluded that numbers of servers were directly proportional
to the number of desktops used.
5. What is the number of installed laptops?
a.) 1-5
b.) 5-15
c.) 15-30
d.) >30

Number of laptops Total Nos.

1-5 20
5-15 22
15-30 8
>30 5

It was observed that maximum computers and laptop users ranging between 5-25. This area
can be focused.

6. What is the brand used for laptops?

e.) HCL
f.) Toshiba
g.) Lenovo
h.) Others

Laptops brand Total Nos.

HCL 11
Toshiba 19
Lenovo 13
Others 12

Observation showed that Toshiba was the major brand used in laptops. Various other
brands like HP and Samsung etc. are also used. HCL has also a good market share.
7. Do you have AMC?
i.) Yes
j.) No

Total Nos.
Company place having AMC 30
Company place not having 25

According to above graphical data interpretation, that is the most important places where
computer has been used and it has been observation and showed that less than 60% hospitals
have their AMCs. This area can also be considered.

11. How do you find the HCL products?

a.) OK
b.) Good
c.) Satisfactory
d.) Outstanding
e.) Not tried yet

Reaction about HCL products Total Nos.

OK 3
Good 12
Satisfactory 19
Outstanding 7
Not tried yet 10

According to above graph shows that the maximum of HCL user are satisfied with the products
and services provided. Very few have not tried yet HCL on a business scale, but most of them have
an experience about HCL.

12. Do you want to know more about HCL products?


Wanted knowledge about HCL Total Nos.

Yes 42
No 13

That the above graph shows that the observation and the most of the people are interested in
knowing more about the brand and have the urge to buy.

13. Do you require demo for any product?

Total Nos.
Interested in demo 24
Not interested in demo 31

This observation showed that almost 42% of the sample was interested in demo

Major players in the market






• Hp-Compaq
Advertisement plays an important impact on consumers to purchase desktop pc’s of brands.
Now a day we see that each and every company endorsing brand ambassadors so that to
attract customers and make their customer base more & more. IBM has signed Saif Ali Khan
to endorse his products Shahrukh khan was endorsed by Compaq so that more & more computes
can be sold out.

Indian PC Market to Show Double Growth than the World

PC market in India will likely grow at 20%, almost double of global PC market this year, as
per Gartner, the research firm. However, the growth in Indian PC market will be five
percentage-points lower in comparison to what it was last year (2006).

Gartner forecasts that PC makers will ship 255.7 million units worldwide
this year, a 10.5% increase from 2006. Revenue, on the other hand, is projected to
increase only 4.6% to US$213.7 billion, as average selling prices continue to drop.

In 2007, worldwide shipments of PCs are expected to increase 10.5% from

last year to reach 255.7 Million units. On the other hand, the revenues are
anticipated to grow just 4.6% and reach US$ 213.7 Billion with continuous decline in average
selling prices. Emerging markets will play a key role in this growth.

“Emerging markets and mobile PCs will continue to provide growth.

However, falling average selling prices (ASPs), slowing replacement activity, and
further declines in mature market desk-based PC shipments will keep PC vendors
under pressure to rationalize their operations or exit the market,” as per George
Shuffler, research director with Client Platforms Markets Group of Gartner
Dataquest. The statement appeared in India Times InfoTech on March 21, 2007.

As said by IDC, PC shipments in India increased 25% in 2006. “The consumer and the
SMB segments will be the major drivers of the Indian market. High demand for mobile PCs
bolstered the growth, overtaking sales in the desk based segment. In addition, with a greater
focus given to e-governance, the government spend is expected to propel the market further”,
said Gartner India’s principal analyst, Dipteral Chakraborti while commenting on Indian
market. India Times InfoTech published this statement on March 21, 2007.
As per the RNCOS report “Portable Electronics Market Worldwide (2006)” , ” a
fundamental move toward mobile computing going on in the market is Making significant
contribution to the top line growth.”

Marketing Strategies of Each company to attract Customers

Now a day every companies playing strategies so as to attract customers and increase revenues
and also customer base. Pent-up demand, attractive price points and economic stability
propelled PC growth. PCs are acting as entertainment centers with TV functionality,
supported by the digital sound experience and large screen displays

Some of the Strategies They Are Playing

Vista and Office 2007 hit the market Microsoft has opened the doors for consumers to
Purchase its latest Operating System, Windows Vista and Office 2007 with a grand launch across
70 countries. Microsoft released the latest version of its operating system Windows Vista and
Office 2007 for corporate customers in November 2006. Now it has launched the software
for the masses, i.e. non corporate consumers. The consumer launch took place on 30th
January across 70 countries. Windows Vista is the first major Windows launch by Microsoft
since the launch of Windows XP in 2001.

These products are launched to ‘wow’ customers with features like enhanced
security, better search, improved parental control and an all new interface.
According to Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman, Microsoft India, “This is the launch of
the decade for Microsoft and the biggest for us in India, with the design of this
product we have dealt with the security issues.” In India, OEMs including HCL,
HP, Lenovo, Sahara, Wipro and Zenith are launching Vista compatible PCs.

Windows Vista and Office 2007 will be made available to the public in several editions. The
consumer editions are Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows
Vista Home Basic and Windows Vista Starter. Vista is being shipped in 18 languages
including Hindi. Extending the Indian language support, Microsoft will have 13 more Indian
languages including Telugu and Marathi and support for these is expected by early 2008. Office
2007 comes in two consumer editions-Office Home & Student 2007 and Office Basic 2007.
Marketing & selling strategy
A computer at nearly one-third of current prices is a dream for most Indians. And yet, buyers
are not holding their breath for these devices. For experience has proved that expectations are
seldom met. However, this time around, those propagating low-cost computing solutions
have taken a different route. Chris Ann Ricardo elaborates on the difference.
The buzz is in the air again. PC manufacturers are excited. Users are expectant. Even
institutions like the IITs are enthusiastic. The reason: India’s dream of an affordable PC
(priced below Rs 10,000) is ready to hit the market. For nearly a decade this dream has struggled
to become a reality. India Inc. has made many noteworthy attempts in the past to introduce
low-cost computing solutions, but in vain. Be it Wipro’s Janata PC, enabling Technologies’
e-mail device, station, or the much-talked about handheld device, the Computer—all brilliant
concepts that have not quite made it commercially yet. The company net core is doing
groundbreaking work to make possible the Rs 5,000 PC (5KPC), says that if the price point of
a PC comes down between Rs 5,000 to 10,000 per user, India has the ability to absorb 10-20
million PCs a year for the next several years. This potential gains further significance when
one realizes that the present market size is just two million PCs a year! In the last 20 years the
installed base has barely crossed six million PCs in India.
According to Richard Brown, director for International Marketing at VIA attributes this
sudden interest by vendors to the "real growth potential" of the low-cost PC market."I
remember five to seven years ago when the first $1,000 PC appeared (introduced by
Compaq), people wondered if the price point was for real. And since then there has been a
continuous push down in the price points for PCs, which is a sign of commoditization of the
industry. For a long time the industry has resisted moving to lower price points, and now they
are actually seeing that there is demand in that space and they are buying into it," he says.

With prices of PCs being slashed, the education sector is expected to see a
high demand for personal computers.

 Consumers are shifting their focus of PC computing from an average system

to one that is closer to a high-end system and upwards.

 The need for the most powerful multimedia computers is increasing.

 Linux might gain ground in the government and defense sectors.

Customers, both in the consumer as well as in the commercial space will

demand better service levels from vendors.

 Service and support is going to be a critical aspect of vendor strategy.

 Depreciation period of IT products should be reduced to further boost


The desktop space will see more and more entertainment-oriented features getting
integrated into the normal PC.

The enterprise space will witness more stress on security, CO,

manageability and multiple levels of redundancy, among others

 Companies, which will offer affordable innovation will gain market share.

 Unicode will drive PC penetration into rural markets

 SME will continue to be a major segment.

 The industry has standardized on 80 GB HDDs.

Trends Expected In 2010

In the future, with more duty cuts expected, analysts believe branded PC players
gain further against assembled players. Retail may get a renewed thrust. Observes Raj
Saraf, Chairman and Managing Director, Zenith Computers, “We have1300 retail
outlets today, which we hope to grow to 15000 by the end of 2009.”
While vendors are bundling in Linux to bring down costs, analysts see desktop
Linux confined to the government and education sector. Linux on the desktop is unlikely
to make inroads in the enterprise. Prices of computers have been falling rapidly, but
vendors do not think prices of PCs will fall significantly in 2009.

While 2007 saw strong demand emerging from select sectors such as the government
and BPO outfits, 2008 could be relatively flat as most BPO firms are in the process of
consolidation and not growth.


PC market revival may happen in second half of this year. Post-Budget PC
prices will remain constant or rise marginally. Indian brands will survive, but they
need to decide on an unambiguous competitive pitch. Thrust into the B & C class
towns will be aggressive, by Indian and MNC players alike. The notebook market
will show significant gains in 2002-03. If you want to know what the future holds
for the Indian PC industry, the one fact you cannot afford to ignore is the current
slowdown not just falling growth, or a gentle trough, but the horrible spectre of
negative growth.


CRM is a term that is often referred to in marketing. However, there is no

complete agreement upon a single definition. This is because CRM can be
considered from a number of perspectives. In summary, the three perspectives are:
1. CRM from the Information Technology Perspective.
From the technology perspective, companies often buy into software that will help to
achieve their business goals. For many, CRM is far more than a new software package, the
renaming of traditional customer services, or an IT-based customer management system to
support sales people. However, IT is vital since it underpins CRM, and has the payoffs
associated with modern technology, such as speed, ease of use, power and memory, and so on.
2. CRM from the Customer Life Cycle (CLC) Perspective.
The Customer Life Cycle (CLC) has obvious similarities with the Product Life Cycle
(PLC). However, CLC focuses upon the creation of and delivery of lifetime value to the
customer i.e. looks at the products of services that customers need throughout their lives. It
is marketing orientated rather than product orientated. Essentially, CLC is a summary
of the key stages in a customer's relationship with an organization.
3. CRM from the Business Strategy Perspective.
The Business Strategy perspective has most in common with many of the lessons and topics
contained on this website, and indeed within the field of marketing itself. The diagram
below shows the Marketing Teacher Model of CRM and Business Strategy. Our model
contains three key phases - customer acquisition, customer retention and customer
extension, and three contextual factors - marketing orientation, value creation and innovative
Swot analysis of hcl

• HCL INFOSYSTEMS draws its strength from 29 years of experience in

handling the ever changing it scenario

• HCL has very strong customer relationships to bank on.

• HCL Info systems has the ability to provide the cutting edge technology at best-

HCL Info systems do have an excellent service & support infrastructure.


• The company needs to evolve a comprehensive plan & make strategy to inroads
into a part of middle class & upper middle class.

• Lack of production centers in India makes the product costlier as most of the
parts have to be imported.

• Lack of R & D centers also makes it difficult to launch new products over here.


• The present rate of growth of the Information and technology Industry & a large
potential available in these areas provides excellent opportunity for the company
to widen its market.
• With the fast growing economy the pricing strategy needs to be tackled with
care as it can decide upon long term decisions of the company.

• Globalization is yet another opportunity, if followed effectively & promptly.

a)Global Presence:
 Its collaborations and joint ventures with international companies such as Perot
System, and partnership with world leaders like Ericsson, Toshiba, Nokia, Oracle and
Microsoft, enable it to bring the best technology available worldwide to its consumers.
24 locations in 16 countries.
b) Fast paced and flexible work culture which provides its employees autonomy to
accomplish the task without much pressure from the higher authorities. Thus, employees
are motivated to give their best to the organization.
c) The core strength of HCL is the talent and innovativeness of its people which enables it to
provide the “right solution at the right time.”
d) The mass markets handled through a chain of dealers, resellers and retailers which help
bring technology usage closer to the individual. It has very strong distribution network.
e) Its pool of competencies: Hardware, Software, Training, Networking, Telecom and System
f) Ability to understand customer's business and offer right technology.
g) Long standing relationship with customers.
h) Pan India support & service infrastructure.
i) Best-value-for-money offerings.

a) Local assemblers are biggest menace for the company.
B) Entry of MNCs i.e. IBM, Compaq giving direct competition.
c) Govt. instability has a long term repercussions affecting company’s policies & it growth.
d) Technological shift as a result of research & development. Daily new technologies are

Concluding the S.W.O.T. analysis in words that prosperity lies ahead for HCL. In order to
retain its position as India’s No. 1 IT conglomerate, it has to come out with the state of art as
well as futuristic technologies to its consumers well before time

Every project has some limitations even the researcher came across some limitations
while working on the project which made the analysis a little inappropriate at times.
Some of the basic limitations faced during the research are listed below:
• Only limited number of authorized, companies and other areas where it has
been found 55 players was covered in the study.
Most of the research was based on cold calls, so then visited many places i.e. authorized
and local areas and where it had not responded much.
There was a bias on the part of the respondents.
Companies that were contacted through telephone at times did not give
correct information to the researcher.
The IT manager or the person heading the IT Department did not have the rights to give
the authorized official information to people other than the members of the official itself
and the high officials.
At times there was a problem of non response from the hospitals, companies and other
authorized and unauthorized areas which affected the result of the project being done by the
Suggestion and recommendation
HCL is having large number of channel partners but it is not supporting &
taking care all of them equally which results in increasing discontentment
among new channel partners because its not possible for company to support all
of them equally. Company should take some positive action against it.
Company executive should visit dealers on regular basis.
They should pay proper attention towards checking of various components of
PC before end user delivery. Otherwise it tends towards defame of brand name in
comparison to rivals.
Need to expend customer care center as the consumer base of HCL Info system is increasing
with tremendously fast pace.
Proper attention should be paid for advertisement planning otherwise it may
lead to problem for dealer as well as for company.
Company should tie up with some event management company to organize
various promotional activities like canopy, Carnival.
Company should make policy for fixed end user price for all dealers so that fair
game will be played & dealer would not to compromise on their margin.

Key Business Associates

To provide world-class solutions and services to the customers, it has formed Alliances and Partnerships
with leading IT companies worldwide. HCL Info systems has alliances with global technology leaders like
Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Bull, Toshiba, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Ericsson, video, SAP, Scan soft, SCO,
EMC, VERITAS, Citrix, CISCO, Oracle, Computer Associates, Red Hat, In focus, Duple, Samsung and
These alliances on one hand give access to best technology & products as well as enhancing the
understanding of the latest in technology. On the other hand they enhance the product portfolio, and
enable to be one stop shop for all customers.
India's Most Preferred Personal Computer Brand by CNBC AWAAZ Consumer
Award 2007

India's 'No. 1 PC Vendor' consecutively for six years.

HCL among the Top 3 IT companies for the last 3 years, DQ & IDC,Best Employer
Survey, 'Best employer 2005' with Five Star Ratings
'Top 50 in ET Top 500 Companies' Listings for 2006

Top 21 companies in Business

Standard 1000 Ranking 2006

Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in India & 'Top 500 Fastest Growing
Technology Companies in Asia Pacific' by 'Deloitte & Touché'

'The Most Responsive Company 2005' - IT Hardware Category by The Economic Times -
Avaya Global Connect

'7th IETE - Corporate Award 2005' for performance excellence in the field of Computer &

Stock Report | Snapshot

HCL Infosystems


Live Stock Price (Rs) 119.55

Latest Closing Price (15/10/2010) (Rs) 119.55

Face Value (Rs) 2.00

Incorporation Year 1990

Daily High (Rs) 122.00

Daily Low (Rs) 119.10

52 Week High (Rs) 188.80

52 Week Low (Rs) 102.30


Sector Technology

Industry Computer Hardware

Market Cap. (Rs cr.) 2643.2

PE Ratio 10.11

PB Ratio 1.32

Year to Date Return(%) -21.89


Marketing is a very crucial activity in every business organization. Every product produced
within an industry has to be marketed other wise it will remain as unsold stock, which will be
of no value. I have realized this fact after completion of my summer training project.
Despite of various difficulties and limitations faced during my summer training project on the
topic “ Corporate Selling and Feedback ”. I have tried my level best to find out the most
relevant information for the organization to complete the assignment that was given to me. After
completion of my summer training project I have gained several experiences in the field or sales
marketing. I have got the opportunity to meet various people, which fluctuate in different
situation and time. This summer training project has
given me the opportunity to have first experience in the corporate world.

Theoretical knowledge of a person remains dormant until it is used and tested in the practical
life. The training has given to me the chance to apply my theoretical knowledge that I have
acquired in my classroom to the real business world. I have completed my summer training
project in which are involved in its successful completion. In spite of few limitations and
hindrance in the summer training project I found that the work was a challenge and
fruitful. It gives enough knowledge about the computers market and the distribution process
undertaken by an organization. This summer training project has enabled my capability in order to
manage business effectively and in my career in future.