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INVENTORY LIST FOR 23 NUNNERY LANE, LEAGRAVE, LU3 1XA 10 1" 2 2 “ 8 16 7 8 20 Sola set ‘Wooden cning table wth chairs 20 rable bin Hoover Bosch tumble aor thie) Curtine with tobacks Spout alarm + PIN pad by enty door Single bes with matress Double bed with matress ‘edsie tabi 2 drawers Chest of dramers 2x Wooden chopping boards 2 landinw handeots cepa pln for touch ues Fabre are colecton and apotihts & Halonen tuts, Heat and smoke alam Carton meonoxis Wier hose caret Fie blanket BUILT IN WHITE GOODS 112 and 4 senters/ Living room 6 chairs wit 2 square ttle anon tenon Russel Hobbs model na RHECV2502 Classen Kitchen and entzance door Yale sR340) Room 2 Room 4 ft room Room 4 lft room Room 4 lt om ‘Ktchan to protect the workton Panasonic Living rom ‘chen cupboard drawer inktenan In boter oom outside by kitchen door (on stars and entvance hall in ketchan Date: 22/1) (is ‘teaned andin good canditon In g00d cnditon, no scratches and eae ply and clean In working eoriton In working contin ‘ieaned and in good conaiton esse canizt Propety management In good condition {in good conten In gp0d contion In goed eondtion mgood eondion Pato do ot ser eusise Tested «in working ofdar Tested =n working ordor Inwerking order ‘ean and in gos condition Unopened 2 2 23 INDESIT O¥F 0481 DISHWASHER. FRIOGE FREEZER DIPLOMAT Double Oven Cleaned andtin good working orter Cleaned ann waking order, = Freezers lst crawar broken ‘Geaned and in good working order LIST OF KEYS Eniy door 3.9 keys fo op and botiom locks Garden door 1-1 key to main ok / op and botom locks ‘chen door x key to top look & tx key to bottom lock Windows Anheys Shed te) Plesse sgn and print your namngmes hereto confirm tha you have ecaived the above listed items in your ventory i acetad Page 20f2