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10th Grade At a Glance

English Geometry Honors

English 10 Basic Trig & Pre-Calculus Academic
English 10 Academic Trig & Pre-Calculus Honors
English 10 Honors
Creative Writing .5 World Languages
Public Speaking .5 French I Academic
Mythology .5 French II Academic
Film & Literature Honors .5 German I Academic
Humanities Honors .5 German II Academic
Spanish I Academic
Social Studies Spanish II Academic
Government Basic Spanish III Honors
US History Academic
US History Honors Technology Education
US History AP Foundations of Technology
US GOV & Politics AP Exploring Computer Science
Human Geography AP AP Computer Science Principles
Am Rev & Civil War .5 Technological Design
Sociology .5 Technological Issues and Impacts
Graphic Communications
Biology Basic Physical Education/Health
All PE and Health courses .5
Biology Academic
Health I
Biology Honors
Health II
Chemistry I Basic
Health III Honors
Chemistry I Academic
Physical Education I
Chemistry I Honors
Individual Dual Sports
Chemistry II Academic
Team Sports
Chemistry II Honors
Weight Training
Advanced Weight Training 1.0
Personal Fitness
Algebra I Basic
Barbell & Cross Training
Algebra I Academic
Algebra II Academic
Business Education
Algebra II Honors
Managing Personal Finances Using-
Integrated Algebra
Geometry Basic
Business Communication Keyboarding
Geometry Academic
Honors Accounting I
10th Grade At a Glance

Family & Consumer Sciences Honors Vocal Ensemble

Honors Child Development Honors Music Theory .5
Child Dev Lab
Into to Foods .5 Junior ROTC @ CHS
Advanced Foods .5 LET I
Teen Leadership .5 LET II
Agriscience LET IV
H. Intro Ag/Food & Natural Resources
Agricultural Mechanical Tech
Agricultural Science Animal
Agricultural Science Plant
Case animal and Plant Biotechnology
Wildlife Management .5
Flower Design .5

Fine Arts
Art I
Art II 2 & 3 D
Honors Drawing .5
Honors Painting .5
Honors Commercial Art
Honors Studio Art
Honors Ceramics
Honors Digital Photography
Drama I .5
Drama II .5
Technical Theater .5
Honors Theater Production
Band I Concert Band
H. Symphonic Band
Ensemble Participation Percussion
Honors Orchestra
Electronic Music .5
Electronic Music 1.0
Honors Chorus
Honors Festival Chorus