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Brand new homes — $140s to $190s 1.5 miles to SoCo or Town Lake 1-, 2- and 3-bdrm plans with flexible layout options Stainless appliances, granite countertops and garages standard in all 6 floorplans Gated, low-maintenance lifestyle Large, leash-free dog park

Sparkling pool w/ stainless grill and entertaining space

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Mon noV 1 tuE noV 2

Agony And EcstAcy of Phil sPEctor (ritz) pg.14 Music Mondays: iMVfest 2010 (ritz) pg.18 Austin film society: Mrs. MiniVEr (lamar) pg.36 Agony And EcstAcy of Phil sPEctor (ritz) pg.14 terror tuesdays: EVils of thE night (ritz) pg.20 dionysiuM (lamar) pg.28 the ritz’s 81st Birthday: thE JAZZ singEr w/ live Music (ritz) pg.30 Agony And EcstAcy of Phil sPEctor (ritz) pg.14 Weird Wednesdays: BuMMEr (ritz) pg.22 the Action Pack: the Beyonce & Jay-Z sing-Along (ritz) pg.24 the Action Pack: thE lAByrinth sing-and-Quote-Along (ritz) pg.24 duE dAtE opens pg.10 four lions opens pg.10 Kids club: Big (lake creek) pg.39 rocKy horror PicturE shoW (Village) pg.29 Kids club: Big (lake creek) pg.39 the Action Pack: the Monster rock sing-Along (lamar) pg.24 strAngE PoWErs: stEPhin MErritt & thE MAgnEtic fiElds (ritz) pg.14 roman Polanski: short films w/ live Music by sza/Za (ritz) pg.30 digital classics: A BridgE on thE riVEr KWAi (lamar) pg.26 strAngE PoWErs: stEPhin MErritt & thE MAgnEtic fiElds (ritz) pg.14 Music Mondays: do it AgAin? (ritz) pg.18 Austin film society: thE hEirEss (lamar) pg.36 Kids club: Big (lake creek) pg.39 digital classics: A BridgE on thE riVEr KWAi (lamar) pg.26 the World Air sex championships (ritz) pg.30 terror tuesdays: crittErs (ritz) pg.20
strAngE PoWErs: stEPhin MErritt & thE MAgnEtic fiElds (ritz) pg.14
Weird Wednesdays: confEssions of A young AMEricAn housEWifE (ritz) pg.22

thu noV 18

real Ale tasting (lake creek) pg.12 stEEl MAgnoliAs (lamar) pg.29 the Action Pack: the Beyonce & Jay-Z sing-Along (ritz) pg.24 the Action Pack: thE lAByrinth sing-and-Quote-Along pg.24 dr. strAngEloVE (Village) Kids club: short circuit (lake creek) pg.39 rocKy horror PicturE shoW (Village) pg.29 Kids club: short circuit (lake creek) pg.39 digital classics: thE good, thE BAd, And thE ugly (lake creek) pg.26 cinema club: BEAt thE dEVil (ritz) pg.34 digital classics: thE good, thE BAd, And thE ugly (lake creek) pg.26 rEAdy, sEt, BAg (lake creek) pg.15 thE cAMErAMAn w/ live score by Bee vs. Moth (ritz) pg.31 Music Mondays: toM ZÉ: AstronAutA liBErtAdo (ritz) pg.19 Austin film society: 101 rEyKJAViK (lamar) pg.37 Kids club: short circuit (lake creek) pg.39 digital classics:thE good, thE BAd, And thE ugly (lake creek) pg.26 rEAdy, sEt, BAg (ritz) pg.15 terror tuesdays: PArEnts w/ Wiley Wiggins (ritz) pg.21 sXsW Presents MArWEncol (ritz) pg.28

WEd noV 3

sAt noV 20 sun noV 21

thu noV 4 fri noV 5 sAt noV 6

Mon noV 22


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sun noV 7


noV 24 digital classics:thE good, thE BAd, And thE ugly (lake creek) pg.26
celluloid handbag: sunsEt BoulEVArd w/ live stage show (ritz) pg.31

Mon noV 8

Weird Wednesdays: thundErBolt & lightfoot (ritz) pg.23 Kids club: icE AgE: thE MEltdoWn (lake creek) pg.39 Kids club: thE littlE PrincE (lamar) pg.39 Master Pancake: thE Blind sidE (ritz) pg.29 rocky horror Picture show (Village) pg.29

tuE noV 9

sAt noV 27

sun noV 28

WEd noV 10

digital classics: A BridgE on thE riVEr KWAi (lamar) pg.26 sXsW Presents MArWEncol (ritz) pg.28

Kids club: icE AgE: thE MEltdoWn (lake creek) pg.39 driVE-By trucKErs: thE sEcrEt to A hAPPy Ending (ritz) pg.15 Zzang!!!: roAd housE w/ guest co-host david schmader (ritz) pg.35

thu noV 11

digital classics: A BridgE on thE riVEr KWAi (lamar) pg.26 the Action Pack: the Beyonce & Jay-Z sing-Along (ritz) pg.24 the Action Pack: thE lAByrinth sing-and-Quote-Along (ritz) pg.24 Beauty and the Beast feast (Village) BoXing gyM opens (lamar) pg.10 the Action Pack: ladies of the 80s sing-Along (lake creek) pg.25 Kids club: MAdAgAscAr (lake creek) pg.39 Austin comiccon: huMAn cEntiPEdE (ritz) pg.28 Austin comiccon: AliEn Vs. ninJA (ritz) pg.28 rocKy horror PicturE shoW (Village) pg.29 Kids club: MAdAgAscAr (lake creek) pg.39 BoXing gyM And titicut folliEs (lamar) pg.37 stag comedy! live sketch comedy (ritz) pg.30 cinema cocktails: horsE fEAthErs (ritz) pg.12 Music Mondays: Who is hArry nilsson? (ritz) pg.18 dr. strAngEloVE (Village) Austin film society: thE dEsPErAtE hours (lamar) pg.36 Kids club: MAdAgAscAr (lake creek) pg.39 girlie night Presents AMEliE (ritz) pg.34 terror tuesdays: thE Bird With thE crystAl PluMAgE (ritz) pg.20 dr. strAngEloVE (Village) sXsW Presents MArWEncol (ritz) pg.28 cinEMA cocKtAils: horsE fEAthErs (ritz) pg.12 Weird Wednesdays: iMPulsE (ritz) pg. 22 dr. strAngEloVE (Village)

fri noV 12 sAt noV 13

Mon noV 29

sun noV 14

digital classics: it’s A WondErful lifE (lamar) pg.26 Music Mondays: PurPlE rAin w/ schmader (ritz) pg.19 MonsiEur VErdouX (ritz) pg.35 Austin film society: JAr city [Myrin] (lamar) pg.37 Kids club: icE AgE: thE MEltdoWn (lake creek) pg.39 digital classics: it’s A WondErful lifE (lamar) pg.26 tMnt Pizza Party! (ritz) pg.12 terror tuesdays: rEturn of thE liVing dEAd (ritz) pg.21 digital classics: it’s A WondErful lifE (lamar) pg.26 MonsiEur VErdouX (ritz) pg.35 Weird Wednesdays: Big guns (ritz) pg.23 digital classics: it’s A WondErful lifE (lamar) pg.26 the Action Pack: the indie darlings sing-Along (ritz) pg.25 the Action Pack: ZoolAndEr Quote-Along (ritz) pg.25 repo! the genetic opera (lake creek) pg.29 Kids club: hAPPy fEEt (lake creek) pg.39 rocKy horror PicturE shoW (Village) pg.29


noV 30

Mon noV 15

tuE noV 16

dEc 1


dEc 2

WEd noV 17

fri dEc 3 sAt

dEc 4


dEc 5 dEc 6

Kids club: hAPPy fEEt (lake creek) pg.39 tough guy cinema: diE hArd (ritz) pg.35 MonsiEur VErdouX (ritz) pg.35 digital classics: it’s A WondErful lifE (lake creek) pg.26 Edible Austin: chocolAt (lamar) pg.12 sXsW Presents: four BoXEs (ritz) pg.29 Music Mondays: PunK rocK (ritz) pg.19 Austin film society: childrEn of nAturE (lamar) pg.37 Kids club: hAPPy fEEt (lake creek) pg.39 digital classics: it’s A WondErful lifE (lake creek) pg.26 girlie night Presents loVE ActuAlly (ritz) pg.35 terror tuesdays: MAusolEuM (ritz) pg.21 digital classics: it’s A WondErful lifE (lake creek) pg.26 owen Egerton’s BEst of god (ritz) pg.31 shoWgirls w/ david schmader (ritz) pg.31 Weird Wednesdays: inVinciBlE ArMor (ritz) pg.23
tchaikovsky’s nutcracker suite w/ invincible czars (lake creek) pg.31



dEc 7

dEc 17

tron: lEgAcy opens pg.10 Kids club: hoME AlonE (lake creek) pg.39 Kids club: EMMEt ottEr’s Jug BAnd christMAs (lamar) pg.39 rocKy horror PicturE shoW (Village) pg.29 Kids club: hoME AlonE (lake creek) pg.39 Elf Quote-Along (lamar) pg.25 Zzang!!!: gEt crAZy (ritz) pg.35 hArold & KuMAr (ritz) pg.11 Music Mondays: Monkees hEAd (ritz) pg.19 Austin film society: thE sEAgull’s lAughtEr (lamar) pg.37 Kids club: hoME AlonE (lake creek) pg.39 terror tuesdays: silEnt night dEAdly night (ritz) pg.21 holy MountAin? (ritz) pg.11 nothing lAsts forEVEr (ritz) pg.35 Weird Wednesdays: thE MAgic christMAs trEE (ritz) pg.23 Elf Quote-Along (ritz) pg.25 the Action Pack: the Xmas Pops sing-Along (ritz) pg.25 Kids club: grEMlins (lake creek) pg.39 rocKy horror PicturE shoW (Village) pg.29 truE grit opens pg.10 Kids club: grEMlins (lake creek) pg.39 dArK sidE of thE rAinBoW (ritz) pg.11 fEAr & loAthing in lAs VEgAs (ritz) pg.11 dArK sidE of thE rAinBoW (ritz) pg.11 Music Mondays: MonKEEs: hEAd (ritz) pg.19 Kids club: grEMlins (lake creek) pg.39 fEAr & loAthing in lAs VEgAs (ritz) pg.11 terror tuesdays: crEEPshoW (ritz) pg.21 celluloid handbag: VAllEy of thE dolls (ritz) pg.31 holy MountAin (ritz) pg.11 Weird Wednesdays: thE dEAn’s WifE (ritz) pg.23 the Mixtape sing-Along (ritz) pg.25 super troopers Quote-Along (ritz) pg.25 henri’s rockin’ new year’s Eve sing-Along (ritz) pg.25

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dEc 9

digital classics: it’s A WondErful lifE (lake creek) pg.26 the Action Pack: the indie darlings sing-Along (ritz) pg.25 the Action Pack: ZoolAndEr Quote-Along (ritz) pg.25 thE tourist opens pg.10 Kids club: thE PolAr EXPrEss (lake creek) pg.39 rocKy horror PicturE shoW (Village) pg.29 spamarama reunion (ritz) pg.29


fri sAt

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sun dEc 12

dEc 23 dEc 25

Kids club: thE PolAr EXPrEss (lake creek) pg.39 immortal Beloved Music and Movie (lake creek) pg.31 foleyvision: santa vs. satan (lamar) pg.29 Master Pancake: choosE your oWn PAncAKE Viiii (ritz) pg.29 Winter night (ritz) pg.15 the Action Pack: the Xmas Pops sing-Along (ritz) pg.25 Music Monday: deconstructing dad w/ director live (ritz) the devil’s Backbone (ritz) Austin film society: cold light (lamar) pg.37 Kids club: thE PolAr EXPrEss (lake creek) pg.39 girlie night Presents loVE ActuAlly (ritz) pg.35 terror tuesdays: thE BEst of sEX & ViolEncE (ritz) pg.21 Weird Wednesdays: cArniVAl MAgic w/ Elvin feltner (ritz) pg.23 daft Punk: ElEctroMA (lake creek) pg.15 date night: o Brother Where Art thou (lamar) pg.13 Elf Quote-Along (ritz) pg.25 the Action Pack: the Xmas Pops sing-Along (ritz) pg.25


Mon dEc 13 tuE

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Mon dEc 27 tuE dEc 28

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truE grit: opens dec 25

froM coWBoy VEngEAncE to JihAd WAcKinEss, A truly insAnE sEAson of nEW filMs

Due Date

iron MAn robert downey Jr. and squishy man Zach galifianakis team up in this road movie of disastrous circumstances. galifianakis and director todd Phillips already worked together on last year’s hit thE hAngoVEr, and all sources indicate that their chemistry is even stronger here. downey Jr. is an expectant father who must race across the country to be present at the birth of his child. in order to do so, he has to hitch with weirdo galifianakis. if anyone can breathe new life to the road movie formula, it’s these two great comedians.

Opens nOv 5, Dir. tODD phillips, 2010

chris Morris’ four lions is a funny, thrilling comedy that illuminates modern jihadism through the prism of farce. it understands jihadists as human beings. And it understands human beings as innately ridiculous. What this is sPinAl tAP did for heavy metal and dr. strAngEloVE the cold War, four lions does for the modern face of terrorism.

oPEns noV 5, dir. chris Morris, 2010

FOur liOns

America’s greatest verite documentarian frederick Wiseman (lAW And ordEr, JuVEnilE court, titicut folliEs) is back, turning his meditative camera on a new institution, this time one in Austin texas. Wiseman studies the men and women, professionals and amateurs that spend their days and nights in richard lord’s Boxing gym, training with a rhythm and ritual that Wiseman is particularly suited to capture and represent. note: Wiseman will be in Austin on november 14 to show BoXing gyM and titicut folliEs. see Afs page for details.

oPEns noV 12, dir. frEdEricK WisEMAn, 2010


in Venice, a seductive nymph (Angelina Jolie) sets her eyes on a naive tourist (Johnny depp), engaging him in a European fling amidst the canals of italy’s most charming city. But suddenly they’re being chased, and a case of mistaken identity reveals a web of intrigue. With hitchcokian flare and a frenetic style, thE tourist is this christmas’s thriller to beat.

oPEns dEc 10, dir. floriAn hEncKEl Von donnErsMArcK, 2010

the tOurist

you’ve been watching the trailers in anticipation for months now, seeing the sweet new virtual world recreated and updated from the original disney classic of 1982. Kevin flynn (Jeff Bridges) the videogame master is back after all these years, but this time his son must find him and save him from a technodrome. score composed by daft Punk!

oPEns dEc 17, dir. JosEPh KosinsKi, 2010

trOn: leGacY

from acclaimed directors the coen Brothers (fArgo, thE Big lEBoWsKi, o BrothEr, WhErE Art thou?, no country for old MEn) comes this gritty remake of the classic John Wayne film about a young girl and her quest to avenge her murdered father. Jeff Bridges, Matt damon, Josh Brolin and newcomer hailee steinfeld star in this Western revenge film. shot partially in Austin!

oPEns dEc 25, dir. JoEl And EthAn coEn, 2010

true Grit


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thE holy MountAin dec 22 & 29 at ritz

sAntA’s hErE With A Big BAg of suBstAncE ABusE for you And yours

HigH FoR tHE HoLidAyS

Alejandro Jodorowsky followed up his intense cult hit El toPo with this even more intense meditation on planetary relations, black ritual, and general grotesqueries. thE holy MountAin follows a christlike protagonist as he joins a footless, handless dwarf to perform in a village for tourist dollars. the man then leaves town, gets himself involved with an Alchemist who can turn excrement into gold, and finally launches into a series of astrological visions that result in a mind-numbing tornado of satirical surrealism. Jodorowsky is a master of weird, but his films never feel superficial or arbitrary. he is a visionary artist in the truest sense, and thE holy MountAin, while not the underground sensation that El toPo is, may very well be his most expressive and honest work.

dEc 22 & 29, ritZ, dir. AlEJAndro JodoroWsKy, 1973, 35MM, nr

the hOlY MOuntain

to prove who rEAlly has an excessive appreciation of fine cuisine, we’ll be having a WhitE cAstlE sPEEd EAting competition before the hArold & KuMAr screening! yep, a select few bold ingestors from the audience will join each other on stage to shove down some burgers for fun/prizes/fun prizes!! We’d love to see you up there, but remember: if you wanna compete, pace yourself on the burgers beforehand. All’s fair in burgers and war! “you’re going to think i’m insane, or kidding, but honest-to-god this is one of the year’s best films; possibly the best movie comedy about an all-nighter ever made (sorry Bob!). it’s from danny leiner, the director of dudE, WhErE’s My cAr?, and plays like an r-rated second draft of that film, which, i remind readers, went from concept to finished product in under 7 months. harold (John cho, of the second and third AMEricAn PiE movies) and Kumar (Kal Penn, MAliBu’s Most WAntEd) are indeed stoners looking to feed their drug-induced hunger pangs, but they’re no dummies. harold is a lower-tier employee in some kind of fancy office job, and Kumar is the son of a doctor who deliberately screws up med-school interviews to piss off dad. As the movie begins, harold’s obnoxious bosses conspire to make him do all their work for the next day’s meeting, but Kumar calls and insists the two of them get stoned first. they do, and see a commercial for White castle. now all they have to do is get there.” -luke thomas,

dEc 20, ritZ, dir. dAnny lEinEr, 2004, 35MM, r ticKEt includEs our nEW And iMProVEd All-you-cAn-EAt WhitE cAstlE-stylE BurgErs!

harOlD & KuMar w/ all-YOu-can-eat Mini-BurGers!

We may never know if Pink floyd had the foresight to record their greatest album with the notion that it was meant to synch almost perfectly to Victor fleming’s, thE WiZArd of oZ. some say that this is just a happy coincidence, perpetuated by bong rips and the child-like naiveté of your average stoner. Even though the band has categorically denied that this was their intent, others swear that the list of coincidences is too great for even Jungian psychologists to deny. Whatever your stance, it’s hard not to get excited when the ‘cha-ching’ from Money coincides with the exact moment dorothy steps out into technicolor munchkin land. Even if dArK sidE of thE rAinBoW was not a brilliantly hatched plan, more meaningful than a double rainbow (all the way!), the two go together better than funyuns and Mountain dew (warning: while dArK sidE of thE rAinBoW can be enjoyed in any state of mind, funyuns and Mountain dew are only safe to ingest if you are high out of your mind). (Bret)

dEc 26-27, ritZ, dir. Victor flEMing, 1939, n/r, 101 Min

DarK siDe OF the rainBOw

Johnny depp plays madman journalist hunter s. thompson in this movie about…what the hell is this about? last time i saw this i was so fucked up i completely blacked out and i don’t remember waking up. this is high for the holidays, right? What does it matter what this brilliant movie is about? thompson and his gigantic friend (played ingeniously by Benecio del toro) travel across the country in a convertible, in search of the “American dream.” they get lost along the way in a sea of intoxicants, including “two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a saltshaker half-full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers… Also, a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of beer, a pint of raw ether, and two dozen amyls.” Make sure to come out to this seminal classic of psychedelia, and don’t forget to blackout. it’ll make the movie taste better.

dEc 26 & 28, ritZ, dir. tErry gilliAM, 1998, 35MM, r

Fear anD lOathinG in las veGas

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tEEnAgE MutAnt ninJA turtlEs PiZZA PArty!: nov 30 at ritz

EXQuisitE Multi-coursE MEAls PAirEd With finE cinEMA


groucho, harpo, chico, and Zeppo star in the movie that made them famous. yes, the Marx Brothers come to the Alamo drafthouse, bringing their unique brand of anarchy and hilarity to unsuspecting and potentially drunken audiences. no comedy group was ever as funny, as satirical, or as disrespectful as these four brothers, and horsE fEAthErs is their tour-de-force, demonstrating the uncanny wit of wiseguy groucho, the trouble-making hustling of chico, and the mute antics of harpo (and Zeppo plays the straight man, as usual). horsE fEAthErs has groucho as Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff, the new president of huxley college who is interested only in destroying the university and making off with the money and the women. harpo and chico, who work in a speakeasy, are mistakenly enlisted to join the college football team as ringers, and the confusion proves overwhelming for the entire student body. this film has some of the best gags in their career, merging their mean-spirited and chaotic energy with perfectly-executed sight gags and one-liners. the songs “Everyone says i love you” and “i’m Against it” are classics in their genre, and definitely the most hilarious the brothers ever performed. in the spirit of harpo and chico, we’ll be serving speakeasy, prohibition-era cocktails, a time when the spirits were strong and the drinks served sweet. (daniel)

noV 15 And 17, ritZ, dir. norMAn Z MclEod, 1932, 35MM, nr

cineMa cOcKtails: hOrse Feathers

real Ale has been brewing craft beer out of the texas hill country since 1996. from their brewhouse brown to the session drinkability of the fireman’s 4, real Ale has secured their place as one of the finest texas breweries. over the last year or so, they have even been producing our Alamo house EsB. We figured it was high time to partner up with our friends at real Ale Brewing for a beer tasting paired with a delectable mini-feast. Join us at lake creek as we present a tasting paired with gourmet food and discuss the particulars of the different real Ales offered. this guided tasting will feature a guest speaker who will walk us through the various real Ale beers as we explore their catalogue while dining in style. (Bret)

noV 18, lAKE crEEK, nr

real ale tastinG

turtlE PoWErrrr! thE originAl tMnt MoViE!! the world’s most beloved reptiles are in full effect in the greatest ‘80s movie of the ‘90s! four ordinary turtles are exposed to the ooze (a.k.a. toxic waste!) and, with the help of enormous Buddhist rat Master splinter, grow into an unstoppable force of martial arts justice! When splinter is kidnapped by his loathsome nemesis the shredder, the turtles enlist the aid of tV reporter April o’neil and wise-cracking vigilante maniac casey Jones to rescue their number one rodent from the venomous karate clan. And you’d better believe that leonardo, donatello, Michaelangelo and raphael are ready to kick as much shell as necessary in the process. in true radical ninja party fashion, the Alamo drafthouse is pleased to present All-you-cAn-EAt PiZZA for this screening! so bring your little dudes and chow down! coWABungA!!!

noV 30, ritZ, dir. stEVE BArron, 1990, 35MM, All-you-cAn-EAt!

teenaGe Mutant ninJa turtles piZZa partY!

hey chocoholics, do we have an event for you! We’ve partnered with Edible Austin to present a special screening of chocolAt, paired with an exquisite dinner inspired by food featured in the film. Alamo chefs John Bullington and trish Eichelberger will prepare a meal featuring chocolAtE, and tons of it. if you’re not already sold on supping on delicious chocolate while you watch a 5 time Academy Award nominated film, then what if i told you that all proceeds would benefit the community garden center, urban roots ( okay, then what if i said “chocolate” one more time? (Bret)

dEc 6, lAMAr, dir. lAssE hAllströM, 2000, 35MM, Pg-13, 121 Min

eDiBle austin: chOcOlat


nov- dec 2010 schedule of special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

this stunning french masterpiece is the closest to a cinematic fairy tale we’ve ever had. Poetic, heartwarming and beautiful, BEAuty And thE BEAst is a classical interpretation of the timeless tale of woman and man, fear and desire, and the power of love to conquer all. it’s the perfect date movie not only for very ugly men and the women they’ve trapped in their castles, but also for the rest of us romantics who can see the beauty in the parable. Jean cocteau, an acknowledged master not only of french cinema but of literature and playwriting as well, offers his best work in this film, an intensely expressive and glorious fable which will swoop you into the forests of an eighteenth century france where magic is the law and poetry the language. Just reading about this is romantic, isn’t it? We’re proud to show this with a delicious meal included in the price of admission. Executive chef John Bullington will prepare the menu and pair the wines. (daniel)

noV 11, VillAgE, dir. JEAn coctEAu, 1946, 35MM, nr

BeautY anD the Beast Feast

Whether you are a fan of fop, or a dapper dan man, we’ve got a special date night screening of o BrothEr, WhErE Art thou that is sure to satisfy any customer. date night pairs some of our favorite films with an affordable multicourse mini-feast that is sure to impress you and your special someone. Alamo Executive chef John Bullington (he’s bona fide) will prepare a meal fit for Pappy o’daniel himself as we enjoy the coen Brothers’ farcical take on homer’s the odyssey. With an all-star cast including george clooney, John turturro, and tim Blake nelson, o BrothEr, WhErE Art thou will make you forget all about that constant sorrow the soggy Bottom Boys were talking about. (Bret)

dEc 16, lAMAr, dir. JoEl coEn, EthAn coEn, 2000, 35MM, Pg-13, 106 Min

O BrOther, where art thOu Feast

This Holiday Season Shop Locally Owned!
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From 29th to 32nd St.

49 Locally owned shops, services and restaurants

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strABgE PoWErs: stEPhEn MErritt & thE MAgnEtic fiElds nov 7-10 at the ritz

BEcAusE othEr thEAtErs ArE AfrAid of Anything this AWEsoME


“legendary pop music genius/record producer Phil spector created the “wall of sound” behind some of the greatest hits of the ’60s: Be My Baby, he’s a rebel, da doo ron ron, you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling, to name just a few. today he is imprisoned serving 19 years-to- life for the murder of B-movie actress lana clarkson. during his first trial (a hung jury), spector gives a rare freewheeling interview to Vikram Jayanti, filmed at his castle, seated before the white piano which he bought with John lennon for the album imagine. he lucidly holds forth on his life and work: his father’s suicide when he was a child; the process through which he achieved his distinctive sound; his friendship with lennon; and his case that (despite Paul Mccartney’s position), he salvaged the Beatles’ album let it Be. then there is spector’s curious enmity toward tony Bennett and Buddy holly (“he got a postage stamp even though he was only in rock ’n’ roll three years”), and a grandiosity that has him likening himself to Bach, da Vinci, Michelangelo and galileo. And, yes, there is an endless parade of hairstyles and flamboyant outfits.” (film forum)

noV 1 - 3, ritZ, dir. ViKrAM JAyAnti, 2010, 108 Min

the aGOnY anD ecstacY OF phil spectOr

With his unique gift for memorable melodies, lovelorn lyrics and wry musical stylings that blend classic tin Pan Alley with modern sounds, stephin Merritt has distinguished himself as one of contemporary pop’s most beloved and influential artists. Both a prolific recording artist and composer of theater and film scores, he performs most famously as the Magnetic fields, whose 1999 three-disc opus 69 love songs is widely considered a masterpiece of traditional songcraft and irresistible synthpop. ten years in the making, strAngE PoWErs explores Merritt’s songwriting and recording process, and focuses on his relationships with his bandmates and longtime manager claudia gonson, revealing an artist who has produced one of the most engaging and confounding bodies of work in the contemporary American songbook.

noV 7-10, dirs. KErthy fiX & gAil o’hArA, 2010, 82 Min

stranGe pOwers: stephin Merritt & the MaGnetic FielDs


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it’s high time someone pulled back the veil on the underground sport of competitive grocery bagging. rEAdy, sEt, BAg! does just that as it chronicles the lives of eight grocery baggers who are competing for the honor of being named the “Best Bagger” at the annual national grocers Association convention in las Vegas. you may scoff at the thought of a “national Bagging competition,” but the subjects of this documentary are deadly serious about their craft. the film follows these diverse characters as they prepare for the competition and offers a rare glimpse into the lives of the commonly misunderstood grocery bagger. A portion of ticket proceeds from this will benefit the capitol Area food Bank and the screening will include an exhibition sack-off before the show. (Bret)

noV 22, lAKE crEEK, noV 23, ritZ, dir. AlEX d. dA silVA, JustinE JAcoB, 2008, nr, 90 Min

reaDY, set, BaG!

this is a film about the redemptive power of rock-and-roll. it’s a film about the American south, where rock was born. it’s about a band, straddling the borders of rock, punk, and country. it’s about making art, making love and making a living. it’s about the drive-By truckers. thE sEcrEt to A hAPPy Ending documents the band and their congregation of fans as they explore tales of human weakness and redemption. While dBt songs are often dark, their whiskey-soaked concerts raise joyful hell. With the filmmaker’s unparalleled access, thE sEcrEt to A hAPPy Ending documents three critical years of touring and recording – years in which the band struggles to overcome the trauma of divorce and survives a near breakup, as they persist in their search for a happy ending.

noV 28, ritZ, dir. BArr WEissMAn, 2009, 101 Min

Drive-BY trucKers: the secret tO a happY enDinG

Join four Winnipeg artists for a program of live music and moving images inspired by Manitoba’s cold winters, grim histories, and supernatural stories. At the geographic centre of the continent, Winnipeg is a thoroughfare and point of convergence of many kinds: railway paths, bird migratory routes, and as the supernatural centre of the land for many aboriginal peoples and spiritualists. hailing from this, the coldest English-speaking city in the world, doreen girard and irene Bindi developed WintEr night. their similar processes develop through collections of found technology, materials, and stories. Both rely heavily on the Manitoba winter for assistance in their creations.

dEc 12, ritZ, 90 Min slidE ProJEction PErforMAncEs By dorEEn girArd AccoMPAniEd By slAttErn. 16MM filMs & ProJEction PErforMAncE By irEnE Bindi AccoMPAniEd By Aston colEs

winter niGht: niGht-BaseD prOJectiOns FrOM winnipeG ManitOBa

in our excitement for the opening of tron: lEgAcy, which features a killer soundtrack by our favorite robots-cum-electronic musicians daft Punk, we decided it was about time to revisit the group’s visual and musical odyssey ElEctroMA. have you ever wondered what is was like to become a robot? this is not the case for daft Punk, as they already know what it’s like to be robotic(and french). rather, ElEctroMA follows the pair as they embark on a quest to become human. in this experimental film, the duo decided it best not to use their own music, and instead relied on such musical heavyweights as todd rundgren, Brian Eno, sébastien tellier and curtis Mayfield to score the film. if you’re expecting the film to be as upbeat and fast-paced as daft Punk’s music, you may be sorely disappointed. that being said, Electroma is as visually stunning as it is nuanced, and totally worth a watch (especially on gorgeous 35mm). (Bret)

dEc 16, lAKE crEEK; dir. thoMAs BAngAltEr & guy-MAnuEl dE hoMEM-christo, 2006, 35MM, nr, 74 Min

DaFt punK: electrOMa

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The  Posies  & Brendan  Benson

PurPlE rAin With dAVid schMAdEr: nov 29

only $2. EVEry MondAy night At thE ritZ! Brought to you in PArt By End of An EAr rEcords And rooM sErVicE VintAgE!


the 9th annual indiE Music VidEo fEstiVAl makes it’s yearly stop in Austin featuring a fresh crop of independent music videos from all over the world, showcasing brilliant cinematography, astonishing animation and the most precise and artful editing that is sure to rock each of your senses. rarely seen, never seen and must be seen - an eyepopping, ear-blasting, heart-pounding audio/ video extravanganza! 60 minutes of stellar music videos by international indie acts including: dAn dEAcon, dEAd lEttEr chorus, diVinE ElEMEnts, EAtliZ, EldorAdo, thE lAundronAuts, lolly JAnE BluE, luKE JAcKson, Minto, Mostly BEArs, n.A.s.A., thE nEthErlAnds, PAtricK PlEAu, PEtuniA, thE sPinto BAnd, WE hAVE BA nd, adn WoodPigEon.

noV 1, ritZ, VAr. dirEctors, 60 Min

iMvFest 2010

it is a quest. geoff Edgers, a newspaper reporter dreading the approach of his 40th birthday, decides to take a most improbable leap. he sets out to find the still-surviving members of the long dormant British rock band, the Kinks (“you really got Me,”“lola” and “come dancing”), to convince them to reunite. never mind that he’s an American with just one connection to Kinks leader ray davies and his younger brother dave: Edgers grew up loving their music. When his initial mission fails, Edgers turns the film into a meditation on the power of music and his own chance to testify on his love for the Kinks -- a kind of “sherman’s March”... with guitars. Along the way, Edgers meets up with fellow Kinks fans that include sting, Zooey deschanel, rEM’s Peter Buck, Paul Weller, robyn hitchcock and clive davis.

noV 8, ritZ, dir. roBErt PAtton-sPruill, 2010, 85 Min Austin PrEMiErE!

DO it aGain

if you mention harry nilsson’s name, there are two possible responses – “Who the hell is that?” and “i love that guy!” you’re either hip to the brilliance of nilsson or you haven’t heard of him yet. nilsson, who the Beatles often cited was their “favorite band,” was a songwriter of immense talents and a singer with a range unmatched in popular music. Although most famous for singing the theme of Midnight coWBoy, “Everybody’s talkin’,” he also penned and recorded the classics “one,” “coconut” and countless others. this documentary exposes nilsson not only as a songwriter but also as a person, an often-reckless almost-rock star who partied too hard for too long. stories about him and John lennon on benders in the ‘80s are at once fascinating and immensely melancholy, shining a light on the dark side of genius. if you go to this movie, you will become a fan of harry nilsson.

noV 15, ritZ, dir. John schEinfEld, 2006, nr, 116 Min

whO is harrY nilssOn (anD whY is everYBODY talKin’ aBOut hiM?)


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take a peek into the mind of Brazilian musician tom Zé, one of the most innovative avant-garde pop composers of the past century. Blending interviews and footage of past and current performances, igor iglesias gonzález’s documentary details tom Zé’s roots in the tropicalismo movement and subsequent fall into obscurity before his revival through the help of david Byrne. More amazingly, toM ZÉ: AstronAutA liBErtAdo manages to capture the artist’s irrepressible energy and enthusiasm for his music. With his otherworldly mix of south American folk tradition and futuristic pop beats, tom Zé is not just a force to be reckoned with but must be seen to be believed. (chicago international Movies and Music festival)

noV 22, dir. igor iglEsiAs gonZAlEZ, 2009, 90 Min

tOM ZÉ: astrOnauta liBertaDO

there are vanity projects, and then there’s PurPlE rAin. in his semi-autobiographical film debut, Prince stars as “the Kid,” a hard luck boy from Minneapolis who dresses like a pirate and is desperate to catch his big break and launch his musical career. he’s also desperate for love and really angry about his messed up parents (apparently their fighting sounds like doves crying, which is soooo annoying). he meets a girl, a beautiful young singer named Apollonia (played by... Apollonia) and it seems like everything might just work out... but of course it doesn’t. Basically, PurPlE rAin is a showcase for Prince’s musical numbers and his aforementioned swishy, pirate regalia. clunky and implausible, it probably should never have been green-lighted by any studio in its right mind, but thankfully it was. not only was it just made, but it was a pretty big hit. And, because of the accompanying album, the world knows the glory of “When doves cry,” “let’s go crazy,” and of course, “Purple rain.” for this special Music Monday presentation, critically acclaimed writer and performer (and Prince fan) david schmader joins us to share his opinions about how this movie is all at once awesome, terrible, and awesomely terrible.

noV 29, dir. AlBErt MAgnoli, 1984, 35MM, r, 111 Min

purple rain with DaviD schMaDer

one of the earliest instances of punk on film! soft-boiled detective Jimmy dillinger falls into a mountain of frame-ups and homicides when he saunters down a trail of seedy late ‘70s nyc mayhem. the “punk rock” of the title is largely provided by actual primal band Elda & the stilettos, their fashion aesthetic a daring mix of cabaret, lounge jazz, d.c. punk and extraterrestrial chic. in the hardcore adult version of this ‘70s classic, the East Village audience shows their appreciation by gyrating, tearing off clothing and degenerating into group sex. But! legendary porn director stevens also completed this separate r-rated cut, where graphic sex scenes were omitted and often replaced with additional footage of new york bands like spicy Bits and the fast, who put in a spastic performance reminiscent of the sparks colliding with the dickies. At one point, their frontman pulls a box of cheerios from nowhere and dumps it in his mouth while the geek-chic guitarist brings his stacked amps tumbling down in a display of punk wildness. the stilettos have the most impressive pedigree of the film’s roster, having been a creative launch pad throughout the ‘70s for artists like fred smith and deborah harry before they moved on to their more fame-destined projects. Porn or not, PunK rocK was one of the earliest narrative films to focus on the exploding movement. it’s never screened, and not to be missed!! Big thAnKs to AltErnAtiVE cinEMA for making this show possible! (Zack)

dEc 6, ritZ, dir. cArtEr stEVEns, 1977, r, 97 Min

punK rOcK

one of the true enigmas of 20th-century music, harry Warnow -- better known to the world of jazz aficionados, record collectors, exotica fiends and electronic music tinkerers as raymond scott -- was a highly prolific figure with a career that began in the 1930s swing/big-band era, and continued on through the experimental music age of the 1970s. Practically everyone on Earth can instantly recognize scott’s off-kilter melodies as heard in many of Warner Brothers’ cartoons, but few also know that he also invented his own dazzling array of gadget-based musical instruments (as well as other devices like an early fax machine), played a part in busting racism on network radio -- and was the director of Electronic Music research and development for Motown! stan Warnow, scott’s son and renowned film editor (Woodstock, hair, and many collaborations with robert downey sr.), leads us on a thorough and revealing tour of scott’s multi-faceted life, while attempting to reconcile the myth of the man with the reality of a father he never fully knew.

dEc 13, dir. stAnlEy WArnoW, 2010, nr, 100 Min dirEctor in PErson!

DecOnstructinG DaD

Jack nicholson (yes, thAt Jack nicholson) co-wrote and produced the Monkees’ surrealistic madcap adventure through uncharted psychedelic territory. the pre-fab four’s feature film debut is so chock-full of goofball segments and pie-in-the-face high art that you’ll go crosseyed with the best possible combination of confusion and laughter. this must-see journey through the craziest circles of late-’60s subconscious also contains cameos by everyone from frank Zappa to boxing superstar sonny liston and even ex-Mouseketeer/beach bunny Annette funicello! A truly hilarious adventure in chemically altered comedy!

dEc 20 & 27, dir. BoB rAfElson, 1968, 35MM, Pg, 90 Min

MOnKees: heaD

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crEEPshoW: dec 28

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lAtE-night horror MoViEs EVEry tuEsdAy At thE ritZ for Just A BucK!

vulcan video .com

i don’t like horror movies...i love love loVE ‘em!! And so do you, so hunker down to the Alamo drafthouse downtown every tuesday (check online for showtimes) for that gooood slash, smash, trash and thrash, all for one dollar cash!! We’ve scavenged the bowels of the earth for the most shocking and seldom-seen 35mm terrortreasures, guaranteed to leave you gasping for air, thirsting for blood or - at the very least - scratching your head. no foolin’, junior...the ritz is ground Zero for evisceration, degradation and mutilation!!! Eeaaauuugghhhh!!!! - Zack Carlson, Terror Tuesday host

A group of very horny teens, on a relaxing camping and fellatio excursion, are abducted by elderly space vampire John carradine and his senior-citizen followers (including tina “ginger” louise and Julie “catwoman” newmar), who need teenage blood so they can stay alive a few more years. you’ll be rubbing your eyes in disbelief. Best of all, the young people are played by porn stars, the better to make things even more surreal. featuring neville Brand and Aldo ray as retarded auto mechanics. Will the degradation never end? not if we can help it! (lars)

noV 2, $1, dir. MArdi rustAM, 1985, 35MM, 84 Min, r

A hugE sAlutE to our sPonsor - thE Mighty VulcAn VidEo - for MAKing thEsE shoWs hAPPEn! Made Possible in Part By the American genre film Archive ( evils OF the niGht

in the 1970s, Jaws and his gargantuan cronies forced horror to get lArgE. for the following ten years, towering bears, snakes and even tomatoes battled for cinematic dominance. But this chapter would come to an end in the unexpectedly wee shadows of gremlins, ghoulies and Munchies. the late ‘80s truly were the little Bastards era, with no dwarf-beast franchise more compelling than crittErs! Well, the first two anyway. regardless, crittErs takes off with interplanetary force, as a rocketload of carnivorous furry orboids get misdirected to earth! it’s up to a small town drunk, two shape-shifting galactic bounty hunters and an ugly red-haired kid to keep the human race from ending up on the buffet line. if you don’t think that plot sounds like fun, you are almost as cool as a mime with dreadlocks. (Zack)

noV 9, $1, dir. stEPhEn hErEK, 1986, 35MM, 82 Min, Pg-13


Before the name dario Argento became the ramones t-shirt of movie fandom, he made some pretty good giallo thrillers. this is his very first. it’s colorful, sexy and relentlessly modern. And like much of his subsequent work, it doesn’t make much sense. But the pace is great and the Ennio Morricone score contributes a lot to the film’s stylish appeal. tony Musante plays an American writer who turns detective when he witnesses an apparent murder attempt in an ultra-chic modern art gallery. Part VErtigo, part BloW-uP, it’s all good with us. (lars)

noV 16, $1, dir. dArio ArgEnto, 1970, 35MM, 96 Min, r

the BirD with the crYstal pluMaGe


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With guEst host WilEy Wiggins! there comes a point in every child’s life where they stumble across the basic truths: santa claus is dead. Black people are better than white people. Money buys love. And -- most importantly -- all parents are secretly cannibalistic maniacs bent on stuffing the fridge with humanoid cutlets. this last fact is especially hard on Michael, an all-American young’n navigating ‘50s suburbia in the shadow of his parents’ evident flesh-eating. Mom (Mary Beth hurt) keeps the house spotless while dad (an exceptionally creepy randy Quaid) brings home the bacon. And the roasts. And some unusually large ribs. if you catch my drift. i’m referring to their penchant for eating other folks, you see. (Zack)

noV 23, $1, dir. BoB BAlABAn, 1989, 81 Min, r


special book release screening for dEstroy All MoViEs!!!: the complete guide to Punks on film! two types of people exist solely to terrorize and/or exterminate all of mankind: zombies and punks! tonight, these colossal forces of shit-disturbing unite for the most savagely entertaining horror/action/comedy of the new wave era! rotld is an unstoppable splatter-massacre of the highest order, a hyper-adrenalized nuclear shockwave of undead rampaging and mohawked raaaaaage! When punk teen fred accidentally unleashes a toxic corpse-cloud, the world quickly falls victim to a scourge of shambling, talking, unmurderable cadavers. featuring the most memorable teen performances you’ll ever see in a horror movie, the smartest zombies to ever nosh a brainpan, and a truly unforgettable punk n’ metal soundtrack from the cramps, 45 grave and more! this screening is for the truest spazzoids and self-destructors only! “you think this is a fuckin’ costume? this is a way of lifE!” (Zack)

noV 30, $1, dir. dAn o’BAnnon, 1985, 35MM, 91 Min, r

return OF the livinG DeaD

some horror movies came to being solely to prove that true entertainment has no rulEs. dig to the bottom of the ‘80s terrorbarrel, and beneath the latex disfigurements and blood-soaked lingerie, you’ll find this sparkling gem of anti-budget filth. A woman (professional naked lady Bobbie Bresee) is infected with some of that no-good satanic darkness upon visiting her mother’s grave, and she soon embarks on a logic-defying spree of telekinetic head-burstings, sexual mutilations and high-octane unholy transformations...including one memorable segment where her breasts become carnivorous goblin heads. this inevitably leads to some stress in the relationship with her husband (notorious screen dud/former child evangelist Marjoe gortner), as well as sAnford & son’s wisecracking laWanda Page as the maid who won’t take shit from demons or anyone else. throw in a crazed gardener, Mephisto-spawned lazerlight and a brutal disregard for all rational motives or dialogue, and you’re in for the best sub-zero-intellect cinematic aneurysm of the century. (Zack)

dEc 7, $1, dir. MichAEl dugAn, 1983, 35MM, 96 Min, r


not on dVd! We at the Alamo have a number of addictions. chief among them are horror and exploitation films, beat up old 35mm trailers and eternally lovable hambone John carradine. sometimes an addict just requires a little hit to keep going, and sometimes he needs to jam that hypodermic needle directly into his urethra. thE BEst of sEX And ViolEncE is exactly what it promises: a nonstop barrage of quick clips, previews and offenses from the Molden Age of low-budget shockery, all hosted by a 200-year-old carradine at the height of his fuck-it-All final days. trailers run the gamut from thE dEVil’s WEdding night and ZoMBiE all the way to non-terrorizers like trucK stoP WoMEn, but the relentlessly oozing seediness will make you feel like you’ve been violated by a busload of horned-up cobras. this so-called movie is the celluloid incarnation of your uncle that stares through his mini-blinds at children playing in the park across the street. rarer than a Jewish nazi, screening tonight in 35mm and featuring a cameo from an extremely embarrassed david carradine. not to be missed. or watched, really. (Zack)

dEc 14, $1, dir. KEn diXon, 1981, 35MM, 76 Min, nr

the Best OF seX anD viOlence

children think of santa claus as a jolly, kindhearted purveyor of toys and dreams. But as we mature, the truth is inevitably revealed: he’s a coldblooded butcher of innocents. Quite likely the most prevalent entry in the surprisingly rich santa-slash genre, sndn spawned four sequels, several imitators and 12,000 tons of nightmares. this masterpiece still stands as a monolith of anti-christmas celebration, in which a haywire claus-damaged nut dons the ol’ red-and-white and goes on a killing spree that leaves more than his cheeks rosy red. see our hero deliver death to both the naughty and the nice! see a nubile teenage girl impaled on moose antlers! see police fire whitehot bullets at the most beloved figure in the entire world! i mean, we’re talking about people getting killed by a guy in a goddamn santa suit here! that’s what entertainment is! What’re!! (Zack)

dEc 21, $1, dir. chArlEs E sElliEr Jr, 1984, 35MM, 79 Min, r

silent niGht DeaDlY niGht

this night is for every one of you who have dreamed of seeing leslie nielsen be attacked by an undead ted danson. And the fun doesn’t stop there. this timeless ‘80s collaboration between zombie-meister romero and money-counter stephen King is arguably the most beloved horror anthology of the last 50 years, a collision of top notch hollywood stardom and gut-munching comic book craziness. A tribute to the old Ec horror mags, crEEPshoW genuinely captures everything that parents didn’t want their kids to see in those 4-color pages, and throws it on the screen with conscience-free abandon. the players are bona fide hollywood pros, from oscar nominees like hal holbrook (shooting his wife in the forehead) to sympathetic baldy Ed harris (watching a corpse sing a ditty). With no story longer than 20 minutes, we demand that you come immerse yourself in Add terror. But note: this show is not recommended to anyone afraid of cockroaches, drowning or moss-encrusted hillbillies. (Zack)

dEc 28, $1, dir. gEorgE roMEro, 1982, 35MM, 120 Min, r


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BuMMEr: nov 3


Midnight EXPloitAtion clAssics EVEry WEdnEsdAy At thE ritZ only $1
Since the fall of 2001, we’ve been hosting a weekly program of exploitation classics. From Cheerleaders gone Bad to Blaxploitation to ‘70s Action Cheese and even to Women in Prison, it’s all there - scratches, splices and all. Many of these films are so obscure that little is known or has been written about them. Some of them are bad, most of them are enjoyable, and a rare few are mind-blowingly amazing. Weird Wednesdays is the vanguard of cinema exploration in Austin. Escape the crushing lameness of the real world with us every week. For only a dollar! - Lars Nilsen, Weird Wednesday Programmer and Host Special thanks to i Luv Video for helping to make this series possible. Check out their amazing stores for the best selection of cinematic rarities in town. And see for news and reviews. Made Possible in Part By the American genre Film Archive (

Anyone who’s spent any time at all around rock music knows one thing: bass players are the scum of the earth. here’s a movie with the courage to come out and say it. A small-time rock band with aspirations towards the big time is derailed by their psychotic four-stringer’s crime spree. the electric bass may provide the bridge between the melody and the rhythm but if we have to put up with this sort of behavior we’re better off without it! And this bassist is even worse than most. he’s raping and killing all the groupies. A band this bad should be down on their knees thanking god every night for even having groupies at all, let alone groupies this hot. fortunately carol (ABBy: thE BlAcK EXorcist) speed is on hand to take care of business in the explosive, double-barreled ending. fuck Bass Players! (lars)

noV 3, $1, dir. Bill cAstlEMAn, 1973, 35MM, 90 Min, nr


nobody made adult movies like the late, great Joe sarno. starting in the mid-60’s, sarno created his own unmistakable style of stylish, ultra-imaginative psychodramas. regular Weird Wednesday viewers have seen some pretty over-the-top sex movies but there aren’t many sex movies that work on you like this one. sarno, master of the kinky situation, concocts a whopper: a pair of swinging couples, neighbors; are dreading the arrival of their new houseguest, the attractive mother of one of the wild wives. they’ll all have to stay dressed and stop their round-the-clock bone-a- thon... or will they? the attention sarno pays to characterization and context really pays off. it’s an amazing experience that should not be missed. Bring a date, a raincoat, or both. (lars)

noV 10, $1, dir. JosEPh W. sArno, 1974, 35MM, 105 Min, nr

cOnFessiOns OF a YOunG aMerican hOusewiFe

director William grefe will join us to tell us about this all-time classic of shatnersploitation. certain stars loom so large in our personal mythology that we know them by one name. think gArBo, BogArt, cAgnEy, and yes: shAtnEr. A lot of people put down shatner’s acting but he’s never boring to watch. here he puts on an acting clinic, playing a murderous psychopath constantly on the verge of exploding. shatner demonstrates fear, pain, dementia, demon rage -- the whole gamut of unsavory emotions, in his own inimitable shatner way. it’s always fun, when watching shatner emote, to imagine that captain Kirk has beamed into some sort of alternate reality. here Kirk is transported into a metaphysical ‘70s south florida, decked out in the finest polyester psycho-gear, and required to deal with a pulsing walnut-sized tumor throbbing against the aggression center of his brain. As you would expect, shatner carries it off with all the wit and aplomb we expect from our greatest living Actor. (lars)

noV 17, $1, dir WilliAM grEfE, 1974, 35MM, 84 Min, r

iMpulse with DirectOr williaM GreFe live!


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At a time when he was the undisputed king of the silver screen, a box office draw beyond compare, clint Eastwood began to strike off on his own and use his box-office clout to get some pretty daring and personal films made. But no one could have expected this bizarre buddy film featuring Eastwood as an expert in military armament who teams up with a wild young fuckup (Jeff Bridges) to commit crimes and settle old scores in the modern west. Writer-director Michael cimino’s conception of these characters is strange to say the least and this movie must have been a staggering blind-side to anyone who paid to see what they thought would be a standard-issue Eastwood action film. loaded with quotable lines and weird visual setpieces, it’s one of the outlaw classics of the seventies. With george Kennedy and geoffrey lewis as Eastwood’s vengeful and greedy former partners. if you liked frEEBiE And thE BEAn, this is the next dose of your medicine. (lars)

noV 24, $1, dir. MichAEl ciMino, 1974, 35MM, 114 Min, r

thunDerBOlt & liGhtFOOt

When we think of Europe in films, we probably think of smooth-lined sophistication, an appealing mixture of oldworld charm and modern taste. that’s precisely what we get in the crime films of duccio tessari. like protaganist Alain delon, this movie is all coolness and style on the surface with a raging torrent of violence just below the skin. delon plays the undisputed number one, class-A hitman in the world. When he decides to retire his employers opt to make it permanent. needless to say it doesn’t take and he gets really angry at them. he kills some people and looks really sharp doing it. this is one of the very best European crime films ever made, visually stunning and spiritually devastating. see it with someone you’re secretly planning to kill! (lars)

dEc 1, $1, dir. duccio tEssAri, 1973, 35MM, 90 Min, r

BiG Guns

one of the most purely satisfying old school kung fu movies ever. inVinciBlE ArMor looks like it was made for about 10 bucks but the kung fu is unreal. the young fight choreographers yuen Biao and corey yuen push the action into the stratosphere and stars John liu and hwang Jang lee put on a demonstration of precision face-kicking that will have you spitting out teeth. the title refers to a form of kung fu that is invincible except for one vulnerable point. i won’t spoil it for you but when you see the final reckoning you will probably vacate your colon. this movie has a lot going for it but my favorite part of the film is hwang Jang lee’s perfect embodiment of the no-good, shitstarting, white-haired old man with the (almost) unbeatable kung-fu technique.(lars)

dEc 8, $1, dir. sEE yuEn-ng, 1977, 35MM, 90 Min, r

invinciBle arMOr

if you’ve ever checked out our Weird Wednesdays, you’ve seen some pretty strange things. But unless you’ve sparked up the sherm with Bigfoot on the moon you’ve never seen anything quite as awe-inspiringly demented as this “inspirational” kids’ movie from the director of sAtAn’s sAdists and BlAcK sAMurAi. Why anyone thought this was appropriate for kids we’ll never understand. Although it might be educational to see the lion tamer gratuitously slapping his girlfriend around or a woman apparently giving an ape handrelief (we didn’t believe it at first either), we don’t know if we’d be prepared to field Junior’s many questions about the unsavory goings-on in the cheapest, most depraved carnival this side of tod Browning’s frEAKs. it’s a sick world and this Wednesday we’re going to help spread the disease. oh, and if you bring your kids to this you’re on your own. (lars)

dEc 15, $1, dir. Al AdAMson, 1981, 35MM, 80 Min, nr

carnival MaGic with special surprises!

special seasonal reprise of the christmas-killing hit! here it is: the evil holiday movie we’ve all secretly been waiting for. it made its producers wealthy men and turned a generation of children into santaphobic sociopaths. We are still paying the cost. it’s a very strange film and we’re not sure why anyone would make it, but two words come to mind: Malicious intent. Why else would the young hero be abducted by a witch and forced to uh, plant satan’s magic seed in his backyard? the seed grows into a tree that gives him three wishes. then the kid abducts santa claus, straps him to a chair and abuses him until he gets all the toys in the world. Plus there’s a long race between a lawnmower and a turtle and more tomfoolery presided over by the powers of darkness, including the appearance of a giant who says inappropriate things. We cannot be held responsible for any lasting trauma. (lars)

dEc 22, Midnight, $1, dir. richArd PArish, 1964, 35MM, 60 Min, g

the MaGic christMas tree

i don’t know what the sixties were really like but i’m pretty sure they weren’t anything at all like this movie. Amid a backdrop of student protests the dean’s wife, played by the bodacious redhead christine Murray, generously donates her time and affections to bettering the state of student/faculty relations. After several lively and spiritually uplifting scenes of the act of physical love, the action settles down to a party at the house of the dean, where the depraved Professor clove demonstrates his spanking technique for the benefit of the assembled guests and everybody (but the dean) gets down and dirty. Pretty soon a bunch of radical students show up with their lsd and giant boobs, and the whole last reel is the dean’s big-breast-laden bad lsd trip. should be shown to every college administrator in the country and the sooner the better. (lars)

dEc 29, Midnight, $1, dir. BEnJAMin oniVAs, 1969, 35MM, 73 Min, nr

the Dean’s wiFe

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the indie darlings sing-Along: dec 2 & 9 at ritz

sing-Alongs, QuotE-Alongs, thEAtricAl EXPlosions And MorE, All ProducEd And hostEd By hEnri MAZZA, grEg MAclEnnAn & cAitlin stEVEns
the Action Pack takes all of your favorite movies and music and makes them into interactive super shows. Why just watch lAByrinth when you can singalong to it? Why not get snowed on in the theater when santa flies out of central Park in Elf? With sing-Alongs, Quote-Alongs, theatrical dance parties, a huge prop closet bursting with santa hats just ready to go caroling, this holiday season the Action Pack will warm you in all of the right places (and maybe just a couple of the wrong places, but that’s okay, too). - Henri Mazza


sometimes we take our inspiration for new sing-Alongs from suggestions sent in by our fans either after a show or via our twitter and facebook pages. this one, however, comes straight from greg, who’s been bothering me about doing an all Beyonce sing-Along for yEArs. “c’mon,” he’d say. “We’ve done Justin timberlake and Michael Jackson solo shows. Beyonce has the destiny child years and all of her diva years and she’s just as good as Jt and MJ.” that, of course, is sacrilege to my ears, so i punished him by saying, “no! We can not do an all Beyonce sing-Along! you may enjoy it tooooo much.” then somewhere around the 800th time i was playing Empire state of Mind at a highball dance party, greg said, “Well what if we blended Jay-Z and Beyonce together, just like god did when they got married?” And that... that sounded like a stroke of genius. so for the first time ever we’ll be pairing Big Pimpin with Bills, Bills, Bills. We’ll go from Empire state of Mind to irreplaceable. By the end of the night we’ll all be crazy in love. (henri Mazza)

noV 4, 11 & 18, ritZ, d. thE Action PAcK, 120 Min

the BeYOnce & JaY-Z sinG-alOnG

come on people - do i really need to say anything more than that to convince you that this lAByrinth sing & QuotE-Along is not to be missed, no matter what the goblins tell you that they’re going to do to your little brother? david Bowie, Jim henson, and Jennifer connelly created an unsurpassed work of young adult cinema in the 1980s, and it can never possibly be celebrated enough. We’ll have subtitles on the screen for all of our favorite lines and every single song, so the whole crowd can yell them all out in unison. We’ll have labyrinth games on the stage before the movie starts. We’ll have props for the crowd and a wig and tight pants for the host. if you miss this show, you most definitely have no power over me. you hAVE no PoWEr oVEr ME! (henri Mazza)

noV 4, 11 & 18, ritZ, d. JiM hEnson, 1986

the laBYrinth sinG-anD-QuOte-alOnG

We celebrate hair metal every february in our annual loVE BitEs Power Ballad sing- Alongs, but sometimes you want to do more than slow dance. sometimes, you want to rocK. And this fall, that’s exactly what we’re fucking gonna do. We’re not gonna take it anymore, because god gave rock and roll to us and now we’re going to shake you all night long. so yeah, we’ve got the big hair and bigger make up of twisted sister and Kiss. We’ve got the spandex of Van halen and Poison. And we’ll bring back more favorites from the love Bites show, too, because “november rain” isn’t the only song by guns ‘n roses. oh, and Ac/dc. lots and lots of Ac/dc. And you KnoW we’ll be giving everyone their very own inflatable guitar when they sit down, just so we can all have something to smash against the stage when we’re too overcome by the power of our own mystical rocking. (henri Mazza)

noV 7, south lAMAr, d. thE Action PAcK, 120 Min

the MOnster rOcK sinG-alOnG


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the ladies of the 80s sing-Along has been one of our most popular shows for years now. And even though we just did a run of this show back in April, we felt like it was time to bring it up to lake creek and show a whole new crowd just how thankful we are that the 80s gave us so many timeless leading ladies of pop. We’ll have 99 red balloons in the theater, trampolines to help us Jump for our love, and of course inflatable men raining down on the Weather girls... just be careful, because our raining men are naked, not all well-dressed like the guys in the video. if you look up at the wrong time you might end up with an inflatable penis in your eye, and that is *not* how she bop, i bop a you bop! (henri Mazza)

noV 13, lAKE crEEK, d. thE Action PAcK, 120 Min

laDies OF the 80s sinG-alOnG

it’s no secret that the majority of our music video sing-Along parties celebrate the poppiest of pop music. from ladies of the 80s to Jiggy crunk: the Pop rap sing-Along, our shows are usually all about the songs that we all know and love but sometimes have to pretend like we’re too cool for. With the indiE dArlings sing-Along we’re going in the other direction for the first time ever. there will still be big pop that everyone knows, but it won’t be the absolute cheesiest, and there will be much more Brooklyn than our other shows. (henri Mazza)

dEc 2 & 9, ritZ, d. thE Action PAcK, 120 Min

the inDie DarlinGs sinG-alOnG

derek Zoolander isn’t smart, but he looks “really, really good.” An empty-headed yet kindhearted male model, the selfabsorbed derek becomes an unwitting pawn in a international assassination plot masterminded by oddball fashion dictator Jacobim Mugatu. Meanwhile, the clueless cover guy must also contend with a new rival, a blonde hipster named hansel. Quoting along to this masterpiece has been one of the highlights of my life, and it’s the real reason i’m glad i went to a school for Kids Who can’t read good And Wanna learn to do other stuff good too because reading along with these subtitles is better than having the essence of wetness. (henri Mazza)

dEc 2 & 9, ritZ, d. BEn stillEr, 2001

ZOOlanDer QuOte-alOnG

i’ve confessed so many embarrassing things about myself in my write ups for shows in the past that adding one more can’t really hurt, can it? so here it is - when i was in high school, i was in choir. And yeah, when i was in high school choir, i thought that the caroling trips we took through my suburb every december were loads of fun. But i was wrong. Because what’s rEAlly fun is taking a group of people from the theater down sixth street and into the bars throughout the month of december, with all of us singing songs like lAst christMAs by Wham. of course, the caroling after the show is only a small part of our annual XMAs PoPs show. We’ll have trivia, videoke, a host of new videos along with favorites from last year, and so, so much more. don’t be left out of our reindeer games this year; get your tickets early, and come on down to the ritz for the greatest holiday party of the year. (henri Mazza)

dEc 12, 16, 19 & 23, ritZ, d. thE Action PAcK, 120 Min

the XMas pOps sinG-alOnG

two years ago we offered the Elf Quote-Along as an event purely available to private parties, and it almost killed us. this show was soo much fun, from the spaghetti and syrup eating contest at the open of it to the mandatory group tickle fight at the end, and it didn’t feel very christmasy of us to not share it with everyone. so last year we decided to spread that christmas cheer the best way we know how - by singing and quoting loud for all to hear. And don’t worry, if you can quote alone, then you can quote around other people. there’s really no difference! Will ferrell’s take on a north Pole elf trying to figure out Manhattan just might be the funniest he’s ever been, and this is certainly the best holiday movie from the past ten years. to celebrate, we’ll have jingle bells for everyone, bubbles for a few key scenes, and a special present for whoever can eat their spaghetti the fastest! “Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?” that’s how i’m answering my phone all through december. (henri Mazza)

dEc 16 & 23 At thE ritZ, dEc 19 At thE VillAgE, d. Jon fAVrEAu, 2003

elF QuOte-alOnG

dEc 30, ritZ, d. BroKEn liZArd, 2001 “littEring And? littEring And? littEring And?”

the super trOOpers QuOte-alOnG

in 2002, the boys at Broken lizard realized that America had been missing something we couldn’t live without anymore. this was before rEno 911, remember, and in those dark days of the early millennium, it had been more than seven years since the final PolicE AcAdEMy movie. People were starting to forget that law enforcement in this country is run by a bunch of lovable schlubs who like to prank each other, steal drugs from the stash they confiscated, and totally hook up with each other in all sorts of awesome places (like the back of a police car). But then we got to see a car full of stoners on their way to canada pulled over when they were already pulled over and couldn’t pull over any further, and we knew the world would be safe for cop comedy once again. With this suPEr trooPErs Quote-Along, of course, we’re hoping to make it dangerous...

By setting up new year’s Eve proper on a friday this year, santa brought us an extra thursday night time slot where our usual sing-Alongs go and let us play around. We’ve never been one to look a gift horse in the mouth (it’s smelly in there anyway), so we’re taking the opportunity to bring back one of our favorite shows, and one that we haven’t done in a loooong time: thE sing-Along MiX tAPE! there may be some songs from movies and tV shows that we mix in liberally with music videos. And there will probably be some songs we love but haven’t been able to fit into a show before. But one thing’s for sure: there will be PlEnty of dancing.

dEc 30, ritZ, d. thE Action PAcK, 120 Min

the sinG-alOnG MiX tape

featuring a true and official countdown based on the world atomic clock, a champagne toast, and the most confetti per square foot of any other party in town! 2010 has been a hell of a year. We’re hosting our very own new year’s Eve sing-Along Extravaganza Party, and it promises to be the best movie theater dance party ever. And as you know, we’ll all get some free champagne for the midnight toast, and i can guarantee you that our midnight countdown will start precisely ten seconds before midnight.

dEc 31, ritZ, d. thE Action PAcK, 120 Min

henri’s rOcKin’ new Year’s eve sinG-alOnG

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thE good, thE BAd, And thE ugly: nov 21-24 at lake creek

EVErything thAt’s old is nEW, And our fAVoritE filMs froM thE PAst ArE Brought BAcK to lifE in glorious nEW digitAl Prints


Winner of seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, director, Actor, Music, Editing, cinematography and Adapted screenplay, A BridgE on thE riVEr KWAi has secured itself as one of the finest World War ii films ever produced. the movie has since been deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” and selected for preservation in the united states library of congress national film registry. the film has been lovingly restored in sony digital 4K with the original aspect ratio of 2:55:1 for the first time since its release. As part of our digital classics series, we are giving everyone a chance to see this film on the big screen as it was intended. so, line up to the whistled strains of the “colonel Bogey March,” and make sure to experience this while you have the chance. (Bret)

noV 8-11, lAMAr, dir.dAVid lEAn, 1957, 4K digitAl, 161 Min, Pg

a BriDGe On the river Kwai

sony’s brand new digital restoration of dr strAngEloVE or: hoW i lEArnEd to stoP Worrying And loVE thE BoMB is a glorious, beautiful example of film preservation. in stanley Kubrick’s comic masterpiece, the cold War is seen as an enormous collective expression of the sexual insecurities of middle-aged men in power. sterling hayden is general Jack d. ripper, who starts World War 3 to compensate for his impotence, launching bombers which are as phallic as his cigar. Professional anti-communism is represented by Buck turgidson (george c. scott), the increasingly manic general who giggles over casualty figures, and dr. strangelove (Peter sellers), a cyborg ex-nazi with an uncontrollably heiling erectile arm. A cold War comedy with some serious fu Manchu megalomania, the hoarding of precious bodily fluids and slim Pickens as the greatest patriot this country has ever known.

noV 15-18, VillAgE, dir. stAnlEy KuBricK, 1964, 4K digitAl, nr, 95 Min

Dr. stranGelOve

As part of our digital classics series, we are presenting a meticulously restored digital print of perhaps the greatest threequel of all time. now is your chance to experience the rise of clint Eastwood’s legacy and the culmination of the “Man with no name trilogy” on the big screen. thE good, thE BAd, And thE ugly has set the the bar pretty damn high for every Western film that followed. sergio leone’s sweeping visuals and distinct cinematic style are punctuated by Ennio Morricone’s score, which features one of the most recognizable musical themes in any movie (it’s playing in your head right now). in addition to the limited run of screenings, we are also screening the film for one night with our own play on the “spaghetti Western”. for this showing, one low ticket price gets you an endless bowl of spaghetti (suck it olive garden), salad, and more! (Bret)

noV 21-24; sPAghEtti WEstErn scrEEning noV 21, lAKE crEEK, dir. sErgio lEonE, 1966, 2K digitAl, r; 161 Min

the GOOD, the BaD, anD the uGlY

Jimmy stewart stars in frank capra’s masterpiece of christmastime despair, a tale you’ve seen countless times but must see again. stewart plays banker, family man and general mensch george Bailey. Bailey is a clever man with big dreams, but his ambitions are always thwarted by his compassion and the townspeople of Bedford falls who take advantage of it. the film captures this intense conflict perfectly, and all the credit belongs to stewart, whose career-topping performance here is too often overlooked in all the holiday merriment. stewart as Bailey goes from compassionate to overwhelmed to drained in a fury he never repeated. When the assistance of an angel shows him what life would have been like if he had never been born, Bailey sees that sometimes sacrifice has its own rewards. it is no wonder that this, a very strange movie about money, about morality, about sacrifice, is so damned superlative about so many things. it is the most christmassy, the most inspirational, and certainly the most heartwarming, of all hollywood output during the golden Age. frank capra’s yuletide yarn is touching, and will bring you to tears for a good portion of its two-plus hour running time. With its perfect winter setting, good cheer, and strong family and community message, this film is the quintessential representation of the christmas spirit in the cinema, and it is meant to be enjoyed over and over again. (daniel)

noV 29-dEc 2 And dEc 6-9, lAMAr And lAKE crEEK, dir. frAnK cAPrA, 1946, 2K digitAl, nr, 130 Min BrAnd nEW high dEfinition digitAl rEstorAtion!

it’s a wOnDerFul liFe


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Find Inspiration Here
Learn more at Or call us toll-free: 866.583.7952 We offer programs in the following areas: DESIGN MEDIA ARTS FASHION CULINARY

101 W. Louis Henna Blvd., Suite 100 • Austin, TX 78728 The Art Institute of Austin is a branch of The Art Institute of Houston.

MAstEr PAncAKE christMAs shoW: coming in december

othEr grEAt PEoPlE Who do grEAt things


the dionysium offers a unique, innovative program of debate, lecture, declamation, theatrical presentation and music in a salon-like atmosphere on the first Wednesday of every month. Audiences enjoy offerings not to be found elsewhere in Austin, including the recitation of famous speeches, participatory discussion in a formal, moderated context, and the opportunity to participate in the recreation of Ancient rituals. A typical dionysium show will feature a lecture, a declamation, a drinking song, a film or live musical performance, an appeal to dionysus, a fiction-writing contest, and plenty of strong drink. But the heart of every dionysium is the debate, pitting two experts against each other in toe-to-toe parliamentary combat. dionysium debate resolutions have covered everything from social security reform to the future threat of genocidal robots.

noV 3, south lAMAr


thE Most tAlKEd-ABout docuMEntAry of sXsW 2010! A surprisingly beautiful true life study of a man who retreats to his own incredible fantasy world. After being beaten into a brain-damaging coma by five men outside a bar, Mark hogancamp builds a 1/6th scale World War ii-era town in his backyard. Mark populates the town he dubs “Marwencol” with dolls representing his friends and family and creates life-like photographs detailing the town’s many relationships and dramas. Playing in the town and photographing the action helps Mark to recover his hand-eye coordination and deal with the psychic wounds of the attack. When Mark and his photographs are discovered, a prestigious new york gallery sets up an art show. suddenly Mark’s homemade therapy is deemed “art,” forcing him to choose between the safety of his fantasy life in Marwencol and the real world that he’s avoided since the attack.

noV 10, 17 & 24, ritZ, dir. JEff MAlMBErg, 2010, 82 Min

sXsw presents MarwencOl

that’s right: Ashley c. Williams, Ashlynn yennie and Akihiro Kitamura, the three performers who form the “human centipede” in tom six’s maniacal mad scientist masterpiece will be live in person at the theater to answer your questions! Make them count! huMAn cEntiPEdE (first sEQuEncE) is an insane biological horror film that enthusiastically explores territory that few filmmakers dare to tread. dr. heiter (dieter laser) is a leering, sepulchral surgeon from germany whose specialty is separating siamese twins. dr. heiter decides to evolve his craft by sewing together living beings together at the “mucous-cutaneous zone” (guess) in order to create siamese triplets with a single digestive system. After his experiment in creating a three-segment rottweiler (“a beautiful three-hound construction”) fails, dr. heiter tries again, shifting his attention to humans. (rodney Perkins) special thanks to Austin comic con for making this show possible. Catch all the Austin Comic Con fun at the Austin Convention Center November 12-14.

noV 13, ritZ, dir. toM siX, 2009, r, 92 Min

austin cOMic cOn presents huMan centipeDe (First seQuence) with huMan centipeDe live

like some kind of ultra-stupid, ultra-gory version of the Mighty Moronic Power rangers, AliEn Vs ninJA is the kind of boneheaded movie that does exactly what it says on the box. there are ninjas, and they fight an alien and by the end so many buckets of gore have been emptied, so many prop swords have been soaked in green alien gunk and so many copyright laws have been violated that the entire dumb Movies genre needs to go on vacation. the first title in nikkatsu’s sushi typhoon line of films, no other motion picture can offer you the cheap, rotgut thrills of this massive slab of cheddar. (subway cinema) special thanks to Austin comic con for making this show possible. catch all the Austin comic con fun at the Austin convention center november 12-14.

noV 13, Midnight, ritZ, dir. sEiJi chiBA, 2010

austin cOMic cOn presents alien vs. ninJa


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As part of its annual celebration, safePlace presents a special screening of stEEl MAgnoliAs with Academy Award-winning actress and social activist olympia dukakis in person. With more than 35 years of experience working with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence in Austin/travis county, safePlace is an internationally recognized leader for its innovative and valuable programs. Proceeds from the screening will benefit safePlace and its continuing mission to end sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change.

noV 18, lAMAr, dir. hErBErt ross, 1989, 117 Min

saFeplace presents steel MaGnOlias with OlYMpia DuKaKis in persOn

EVEry sAturdAy Midnight, VillAgE, dir. JiM shArMAn, 1975, r

rOcKY hOrrOr picture shOw

rocKy horror interactive screenings have undeniably grown in an American institution, but one of the nation’s best rhPs crews is right here in Austin. the rotating cast of QuEErios have been performing rocKy horror PicturE shoW at the AlAMo drAfthousE VillAgE since october 2004, and have built the best interactive version of the cult classic in the nation!! Admission is just $5, regulars and virgins welcome!

for years spamarama was a popular Austin tradition, featuring the spamalympics, spam cook-offs and more high-nitrate, canned weirdness than you could shake a meat thermometer at. spamarama ground to a halt after almost 30 years back in 2007 but this year co-founder david Arnsberger is staging a spamarama reunion with reminiscences from many of the participants, film clips and more. Best of all, there will be a live set by several members of ritz and spamarama favorites uranium savages, back on the ritz stage where they got their start. don’t miss it!

dEc. 11, ritZ

spaMaraMa reuniOn with uraniuM savaGes all-star aluMni live

dEc 3, lAKE crEEK, dir. dArrEn lynn BousMAn, 2008, 35MM, r, 98Min

repO! the Genetic Opera

the beloved Alamo holiday tradition returns: it’s the famous Master Pancake X-mas show! Join us as we channel surf A.d.d.-style through a blizzard of clips from your favorite holiday tV specials (rudolPh, thE grinch, sAntA clAus is coMing to toWn) and some weird programs you never dreamed existed (thE christMAs shoEs, PEEWEE’s christMAs sPEciAl and more)! Pancake regulars John Erler and Joe Parsons welcome their special guest: lilliputian santa-phile owen Egerton who joins us for all the fun, including caroling based on your actual holiday memories. this will likely be owen’s last show with us before moving to los Angeles so come out to say goodbye to owen and help us slEigh thE holidAys in Master Pancake style! (John)

coMing in dEcEMBEr - chEcK onlinE for dAtEs And locAtions!

Master pancaKe christMas shOw

if you thought things were bad in 2010, just wait until the year 2056. When an epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet, out of the tragedy, a savior emerges: geneco, a biotech company that offers organ transplants, for a price. But, miss a few payments and you will be scheduled for repossession and hunted by the villainous repo men. With an eclectic cast to say the least, rEPo! is fast becoming the “rock opera du jour.” Austin’s premiere rEPo! shadow cast, the designer hearts will perform live along with the film in the vein of rocKy horror PicturE shoW. screenings are typically rowdy and costumes are always encouraged. (Bret)

now in its twelfth year, BnAt is a rampaging 24-hour celebration of movies new and old, as well as a gargantuan birthday party for its creator and host, Mr. harry Knowles, founder of Ain’t it cool news. the programming is top secret and special guests in the past have included Mel gibson, guillermo del toro, seth rogen, Peter Jackson, Zack snyder and countless more, all gathering together with the film-obsessed to truly revel in what makes movie-watching fun! Attendance is by application or invitation only, so watch for details on how to apply.

this dEcEMBEr, lAMAr

Butt-nuMB-a-thOn 12

come see Master Pancake tackle thE Blind sidE, the first lifetime movie ever to be nominated for an oscar. featuring sandra Bullock as leigh Anne tuohy, a lady who knows that the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum. When she takes in homeless African-American teen Michael oher (Quinton Aaron) she becomes the first magical WhitE helping-figure in cinema history. Also featuring tim Mcgraw as a country singer pretending not to be a country singer, and Kathy Bates as, well, Kathy Bates. come see why it takes diff’rent strokes to move the world as Master Pancake roughs up thE Blind sidE. (John)

dir. John lEE hAncocK, noV 27, ritZ

Master pancaKe: the BlinD siDe

A mystery thriller that impressed audiences at last year’s sXsW, four BoXEs is director Wyatt Mcdill’s first feature, and he comes out of the gate running with this tense piece of work. Justin Kirk, who plays the lovable Andy on WEEds, stars as an estate liquidator just starting a new job. his partner and his ex-girlfiend (now engaged to his partner) are also in on the job. What they find in this house is a collection of mysterious and distressing objects that keeps them befuddled while they box-up and appraise. they also discover a url on the deceased man’s home computer that displays a voyeur-style webcam site of strange men doing strange science experiments. they become obsessed with the mystery inside the computer and inside the home, and the film’s intensity will draw you in too.

dEc 6, ritZ, dir. WyAtt Mcdill, 2009, r

sXsw presents: FOur BOXes

once again, it’s time for choosE your oWn PAncAKE night where you, the viewer, get to pick a movie for the mockers of Master Pancake theater to mock, and then we do it right there on the spot! here’s how it works: just bring the dVd of your choice, we’ll narrow it down to our top favorites, then the audience will vote on which of those they want to see. Be prepared to give a short speech in defense of your movie. the audience has final say and must be convinced. What will be the pick this time around? Whatever it is, it’s up to you. Also, be sure to check out Master Pancake’s benefit show for KooP on dec 1 at ritz. check website for time and show details!

dEc 12, ritZ

Master pancaKe: chOOse YOur Own pancaKe

the world’s most unique film-viewing experience is returning to tackle jolly old saint nick in the most riotously bizarre holiday movie you’ll see in this lifetime! this holiday season, foleyvision takes on an incredibly ludicrous christmas movie from south of the border that features your favorite laughing fat man in a red suit versus your favorite laughing skinny man in a red suit. And this time, it’s personal.

dEc 12, lAMAr, dir. rEnE cArdonA, 1959, 35MM, 94 Min, nr

FOleYvisiOn: santa vs satan

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VAllEy of thE dolls With liVE stAgE shoW: dec 29 at ritz

cElluloid hAndBAg: VAllEy of thE dolls With liVE stAgE shoW


the ritz theater was one of the first cinemas in Austin to play sound films, and we’re celebrating its 81st birthday with the film that started the talkie revolution, thE JAZZ singEr. By the middle 1920s, American cinema was at a turning point. After decades of experimentation and failure, the technology for sound recording and amplification became a reality, jeopardizing the tradition of the silent film indefinitely. As these experiments became more and more sophisticated, there needed to be a huge movie to bring talkies into the mainstream, to do what AVAtAr did for 3d if you will. that “killer app” was 1927’s thE JAZZ singEr. thE JAZZ singEr presents the story of a young man who shames his father by performing the disrespectful, wild music known as Jazz. Al Jolson shines with his renditions of Blue skies, My Mammy, and dirty hands, dirty face, and his toot, toot, tootsie is a veritable showstopper, quite possibly the greatest single piece of performed music in motion picture history. to accompany this delightful movie, renowned jazz artist Erik hokkanen and his band will be presenting some music before the festivities, as was the tradition in movie houses of the era. (daniel)

noV 3, ritZ, dir. AlAn croslAnd, 1927, 35MM, nr

the ritZ’s 81st BirthDaY: the JaZZ sinGer w/ live Music FrOM eriK hOKKanen

Between 1958 and 1962, the acclaimed Polish-french director and Academy Award winner, roman Polanski made a series of short films, most at the renowned lodz film school. the films reveal Polanski’s surreal and dark style, his masterful storytelling ability, and the restless search for the truth about the human nature, however crooked and evil it would turn out to be. We are pleased to present the short films with the live accompaniment by szaZa, paying tribute to the Polish jazz master Krzysztof Komeda, Polanski’s long time collaborator both in Europe and hollywood. Additional support for this show has been provided by Trust for Mutual Understanding and Janus Films.

noV 7, ritZ, dir. roMAn PolAnsKi, 1958-1962, 35MM, nr A night of roMAn PolAnsKi’s short filMs! rArEly scrEEnEd 35MM Prints!

the pOlish cultural institute in new YOrK in assOciatiOn with unsOunD present: rOMan pOlansKi: shOrt FilMs w/ live Music BY sZa/Za

hey Austin, get that gun out of your mouth! good times are here again because stAg coMEdy is returning to the Alamo ritz to debut an all-new sketch comedy show. featuring members of Master Pancake theater, Mascot Wedding Productions, and the Andrew and Matt show; stag comedy presents a seamless mix of live and video sketches that will give you plenty of reasons to live (and laugh). so, on sunday, november 14th, order some drinks, don’t wear your good pants, and join Joe, Ben, david, Mac, Ximena, dave, and Andrew for the funniest show of the year. (Mac Blake)

noV 14, ritZ

staG cOMeDY! live sKetch cOMeDY

the 2010 season of thE World Air sEX chAMPionshiP is coming to a close, but you still have one more chance to come out, make love like a mime, and show this city that you know how to give good air just as hot as the next contestant. don’t miss your chance to be a part of sex history, come out and compete in the last preliminary round at the ritz and earn your spot in the Austin finals! once you destroy everyone with your pelvis thrusting mastery you’ll be on the way to the world finals where all the finest fake fellaters and finger bangers will converge on one stage. stay up to date on all of chris trew’s adventures from the road at (henri Mazza)

lAst PrEliMinAry round: noV 9 At thE ritZ, Austin finAls: noV 20 At thE highBAll

the wOrlD air seX chaMpiOnships


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this is one of Buster Keaton’s best, most imaginative and entertaining films. And that’s saying something. here the great stone-face plays a young man who tries to impress a girl by becoming a newsreel cameraman. of course, nothing goes right. he always forgets to load the camera or he does it wrong or he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. in short, everything gets screwed up, and nobody screws everything up more entertainingly than the great Keaton. And we feel that nobody can do better musical justice to Keaton’s wild set pieces than Austin’s own Bee Vs. Moth, whose brass-laden “multiple-genre, weirdo instrumental rock” is just right for this anarchic laugh riot. listen to them today at beevsmoth. com and be here for the live score of the year!

noV 22, ritZ, dir. EdWArd sEdgEWicK, BustEr KEAton, 1928, 35MM, 69 Min, nr

the caMeraMan with live scOre BY Bee vs. MOth

cellulOiD hanDBaG: sunset BOulevarD with live staGe shOw BY reBecca haveMeYer
ohhh to watch a giant silent hollywood movie star ruined by the talkies burn out like a toaster oven and fade into an ashy mist all the while clingin’ to the last piece of hope thrown to her! to experience one of the most beautiful and bewitchin’ pieces of film noir to leave the editing room in all its profound glory! People!...cElluloid hAndBAg is dAMnEd stanked in serving you the one and only sunsEt BoulEVArd for ya’ thanksgiving chow down this season! director Billy Wilder brings you norma desmond in all her glory, with a youthful William holden at the helm and enough famous quotes to keep ya screamin’ for yEArs! Put on ya’ gold turban and join ya hostess rEBEccA hAVEMEyEr for a night you’ll never ever forget! (rebecca havemeyer)

noV 24, ritZ, dir. Billy WildEr, 1950, 35MM, 110 Min, nr

in celebration of owen Egerton’s new novel the Book of harold, the illegitimate son of god and Michael largo’s god’s lunatics: lost souls, false Prophets, Martyred saints, Murderous cults, demonic nuns, and other Victims of Man’s Eternal search for the divine, the Alamo invites you to witness the most bizarre and entertaining collection of god moments ever caught on camera. from christian rock bands invading high schools to Kirk cameron condemning homosexuals in a post-rapture apocalypse, film has caught god, his followers and his naysayers at their finest. you’ll see preaching puppets, faith healing televangelists, hard-core kosher rappers, wonderfully disturbing children’s entertainers, and so much more. owen Egerton and Michael largo will host and offer some insight into the world of religious media. this is a must see show, but be warned: it might save your soul!

dEc 8, ritZ

Owen eGertOn’s Best OF GOD

upon its 1995 release, Paul Verhoeven’s glitzy stripper drama shoWgirls earned some of the most extravagantly awful reviews in cinema history. “A film of thunderous oafishness,” wrote Kenneth turan of the los Angeles times. critics around the globe unanimously damned shoWgirls as a failure doomed to die in infamy. only it didn’t. since its original release, shoWgirls has grown into a full-fledged cult phenomenon, thanks in no small part to the cinematic missionary work undertaken by david schmader, the critically acclaimed writer and performer who hosted his first annotated screenings of the film at seattle’s northwest film forum in 1999. Part art-appreciation lecture, part sit-down comedy routine, all against the backdrop of Verhoeven’s peerlessly offensive, flesh-drenched disaster, shoWgirls with david schmader was an instant hit, packing theaters in seattle and touring to film festivals across the country, with schmader reintroducing Verhoeven’s hideous folly to a generation of filmgoers as the most inadvertent, surreally hilarious comedy in film history.

dEc 8, ritZ, dir. PAul VErhoEVEn, 1995, nc-17

shOwGirls w/ DaviD schMaDer

Austin’s the invincible czars have set themselves apart from the local music scene by creating exceptionally original music: songs and instrumental pieces that are like four-to-five minute “mini-symphonies” chock full of memorable melodies, meticulous arrangements, dynamics, and humor. for the past few years leading up to christmas, the czars have made it a tradition of cranking out the holiday jams with performances of tchaikovsky’s nutcracker suite. this is tchaikovsky like you’ve never heard him before. this year, in the spirit of the holidays, we’re bringing them out to lake creek for a one-night-only performance of the nutcracker suite. leave your preconceived notions of what classical music is and get a wassailing to the drafthouse for this special live performance. (Bret)

dEc 9, lAKE crEEK

tchaiKOvsKY’s nutcracKer suite w/ invinciBle cZars

in celebration of Beethoven’s birthday, we are proud to bring back the musicians of PKW Productions for a special Music and Movie screening of iMMortAl BEloVEd. the movie will include a pre-show and intermission concert featuring some of Austin’s finest classical musicians playing selections of music either composed by or inspired by Beethoven. the musicians of PKW productions present classical music in a non-classical atmosphere. this biography of ludwig von Beethoven (played here by gary oldman) builds its narrative around an actual letter found after his death, addressed only to the composer’s “immortal beloved.” the responsibility of discovering this mysterious person’s identity falls to Beethoven’s friend and secretary (Jeroen Krabbé), who sets out on an investigation that soon becomes an exploration of the composer’s life. (Bret)

dEc 12, lAKE crEEK, dir. BErnArd rosE, 1994; 35MM, r, 121 Min

iMMOrtal BelOveD Music anD MOvie

haaaaay!! can’t sleep? EAt A doll!! gotta hangover? EAt A doll!! doin’ french porn? EAt A doll!! out of whiskey? EAt A doll!! gotta gay husband? EAt A doll!! single and horny? EAt A doll!! stuck in a movie with Patty duke? EAt A doll!! Married to a vegetable? EAt A doll!! Wig trouble? EAt A doll!! that’s right, chickens…life don’t get any easier til’ ya pop open that pill bottle and eat ya’ way to bigger, heavier, hazier new year with cElluloid hAndBAg’s high for thE holidAys presentation of thE VAllEy of thE dolls! Join ya’ burnt leggin’ of a hostess, rEBEccA hAVEMEyEr as she gulps the year away with a lil’ pink one, a lil’ blue one, and a big ol’ white horsey one! Booya!! (rebecca havemeyer)

dEc 29; ritZ, dir. MArK roBson, 1967, 123 Min, Pg-13

cellulOiD hanDBaG: valleY OF the DOlls with live staGe shOw BY reBecca haveMeYer

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Number 9


w w w. n u m b e r 9 p h o t o g r a p h y. c o m (512) 215-8698
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200 Hour RYT Teacher Training September 2010

ZZAng!!!: roAd housE: nov 28 at ritz

BEloVEd clAssics Brought to nEW lifE in sEVErAl sEriEs - cinEMA cluB, girliE night, ZZAng!! And MorE!


described as the first cult-movie, BEAt thE dEVil made very little money upon release but was a favorite at late night screenings and college revivals for years afterward. in a number of ways it was the Big lEBoWsKi of its time. And like that film, the charm of BEAt thE dEVil is both immediately apparent and difficult to explain. it has the feel of a film that has gone off the rails a little - and in fact it has - but it is held together (barely) by fine writing, excellent performances by actors who all seem to be having a great vacation, and the overriding cinematic perversity of director John huston and screenwriter truman capote, who wrote the script on daily deadlines as the shooting progressed. it tells the story of “middle-aged roustabout” Billy dannreuther (humphrey Bogart) who gets involved with a colorful band of international desperados including the great robert Morley and Peter lorre. A British couple on vacation become entangled in their bizarre scheme, there are misunderstandings, romances, a disastrous ocean voyage and a detour through north Africa. the effect is of an hour and a half spent with the most pleasant, funny company imaginable. there are drinks, laughs, and the feeling that one has been cheated out of a plot but given something so much more valuable. With gina lollogrigida as Bogart’s wife and Jennifer Jones (who steals the show) as the better half of the British couple. filmmaker Andrew Bujalski will join us to introduce the film and discuss it afterward. (lars)

Plus liVE discussion With AlAMo ProgrAMMErs And filMMAKEr AndrEW BuJAlsKi noV 21, ritZ, dir. John huston, 1953, 35MM, 89 Min, nr

cineMa cluB: Beat the Devil

J’AiME AMEliE! J’AdorE AMEliE! BEAcouP! oui! i wish i knew more french, but i don’t, so instead i’ll force myself to describe my passion for this film in plain old boring English. the first time i saw AMEliE, it immediately changed all of my life goals. Who cares about things like “career advancement” and “saving for retirement” when you could be a waitress in Paris and spend your days improving people’s lives through the power of whimsicality? in fact, if i didn’t love AMEliE so much, i would kind of hate it because Why cAn’t i BE hEr?!!! she’s so, so pretty, and she makes adorable little french meals for herself, and she lives in the most charming apartment (with paintings that come to life!! what!!) and she’s super good at pranks and she even solved a mystery that led her to truE loVE. Amelie, is, in a word, my hero. And for this month’s girlie night, we can all pretend to be her for one magical evening. We’ll cheer for lucien and his veggies, we’ll melt into a puddle over nino, and we’ll grin with delight as we crack the sugar on our crème brûlée (everyone gets one! ooo la la!). feel free to bring along your favorite garden gnome as we journey together into Amelie’s fantastical, romantical, absolutely wonderful world. As the french would say, lE sigh.

noV 16, ritZ, dir. JEAn-PiErrE JEunEt, 2001, r, 122 Min

Girlie niGht presents aMelie

come see the 200-fisted, tough-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold epic that capped off the brawling ‘80s action era! the late, great King swayze stars as world’s greatest bouncer dalton, a man that’s just as at home when cracking a man’s skull as when he’s doing tai chi in front of a glassy lake. though seemingly unflappable, dalton is pushed over the max when an evil town patriarch (Ben gazzara) brings the hammer down on every true-hearted citizen. sam Elliott, toP gun’s Kelly lynch and X bassist John doe co-star in this explosion of punching, pugilism and good old-fashioned fisticuffs! All in a movie actually made by a dude named “rowdy”!! the only major studio release to feature the following line of dialogue between two men during a fight: “i used to fuck guys like you in prison.” for this very special 35mm screening, we’ll be joined by seattle cinema expert david schmader, the man who opened the world’s eyes to the wonders of shoWgirls! ZZAng!!!

noV 28, ritZ, dir. roWdy hErrington, 1989, 35MM, 114 Min, r

ZZanG!!!: rOaD hOuse with Guest cO-hOst DaviD schMaDer!


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BrAnd nEW 35mm Print! david denby claims: “one of the most challenging movies ever made in hollywood.” Andrew sarris: “it is a masterpiece. see it.” A pioneering black comedy, MonsiEur VErdouX, based on a story by orson Welles and directed by and starring charlie chaplin, is a singular film that was far ahead of its time. chaplin plays the titular character, a brilliantly mustachioed dandy who collects roses, fine wines, and wealthy wives. once he gains access to his brides’ financial assets, he murders them. Verdoux is world-weary and suave, a definite break away from the lovable tramp he played throughout his career. Although initially a flop upon its release in ’47, a re-release in new york in 1964, in a climate that fostered films like dr. strAngEloVE and Kiss ME, stuPid, saw VErdouX breaking boxoffice records. Pitch black, hilarious, and philosophical, this late-period chaplin flick will impress you. his final scene in the film, at once a parody of his tramp character and a brutal indictment against the human race, is one of the most monumental in film history. this is absolutely not to be missed, especially in this gorgeous new 35mm print. (daniel)

noV 29, dEc 1 & 5, ritZ, dir. chArliE chAPlin, 1947, 35MM, nr

MOnsieur verDOuX

yippe Kai yay, motherfucker. diE hArd may just be the ultimate tough guy movie. With John Mcclane, Bruce Willis created a tough guy who was instantly relatable but still impossibly awesome. Because even though he single-handedly takes down hans gruber’s entire gang of terrorists while roaming around an office building barefoot, he still lets us see how vulnerable he is and that makes him all the more badass. Join us this holiday season as we pay tribute to the movie that’s inspired screenwriters for two decades to pitch projects as “it’s like diE hArd, but in a _____________,” as we enjoy diE hArd on the big screen with cap guns to shoot-along with and live explosions from the Action Pack. (henri Mazza)

With frEE cAP guns And liVE EXPlosions in thE thEAtEr! sun, dEc 5, ritZ, d. John MctiErnAn,1986, 35MM, r

tOuGh GuY cineMa: Die harD

forget about A christMAs story or charlie Brown. heck, forget about Baby Jesus! loVE ActuAlly is basically the whole reason i celebrate christmas. for without this masterpiece of a romantic comedy, there would be no love in this cold, cruel world. Plus, we’d all be stuck singing “Jingle Bells” instead of everyone’s favorite carol, “christmas is All Around.” i challenge you to find one other movie that combines colin firth, an adorable little boy with a dead mom, the British Prime Minister, the porn industry, Mr. Bean, a washed up rock star and a kid in an octopus costume into something that makes me cry tears of shimmering, golden joy into my mug of spiced wine. this film trouncEs all other holiday films in the “squee” category. i mean, ask me how many times i’ve rewound and watched the scene when Mark shows up at Juliet’s door and shows her a sign that says, “to me, you are perfect.” Because oMg yEs yEs!!!! Join us for this very special holiday edition of girlie night, where you’re allowed (and expected) to squeal, sigh and grab your neighbor’s arm when colin firth finally proposes to that Portuguese lady. (sarah Pitre)

dEc 7 & 14, ritZ, d. richArd curtis, 2003 thE suPEr sWoony girliE night holidAy trAdition rEturns!

Girlie niGht presents lOve actuallY

this pain-ridden fairytale is alternately beautiful and brutal, and is easily one of the very best horror films of the last 20 years. Before helming PAn’s lAByrinth, writer/ director del toro established himself as cinema’s leading visionary fantasist with this uniquely chilling, unforgettable masterwork. now, almost a decade letter, we’re proud to bring it back to the big screen in its full 35mm glory! the story follows a young boy interned in a boarding school in the ruins of the spanish civil War, but the bombers overhead are nowhere near as terrifying as the icy whispers from the one Who sighs, the ghost of a child who haunts the grounds. del toro takes actual events and seamlessly weaves an epic in an entirely unique world of agony, fear, dedication and wrath. the tone is of a supernatural spaghetti western written by roald dahl, but del toro’s talents send this into the cinematic stratosphere. if you deeply hate yourself, miss this screening.

dEc 13 & 15, ritZ, dir. guillErMo dEl toro, 2001, 35MM, 106 Min, r

the Devil’s BacKBOne

A rArE, rArE, rArE 35mm scrEEning of thE Most Wild, untAMEd, unlEAshEd, unBEliEVABlE rocK MoViE EVEr MAdE! Arkush’s follow-up to his beloved rocK n’ roll high school offers up an even more outrageous look at rock, roll, sex and drugs! it’s new year’s Eve in new york city and a wicked promoter has a plan to hatch a massive concert at the biggest venue in town. As the bands and the fans start showing up at the saturn, things do indeed get crazy. Every conceivable musical stereotype is on the lineup for the night: a Bob dylan-esque character played by lou reed; reggie Wanker (Malcolm Mcdowell), an egotistical rocker in the Mick Jagger mold who ends up having a conversation with his penis; and an all-girl new-wave band called nada who arrive in a beat up old chevy with a license plate that says “gEt BEnt.” the trunk pops open and out comes the band’s secret weapon: an aggressive punk rock maniac named Piggy (fear’s lee Ving). he immediately bashes his head into a wall, signs a contract by smashing his skull into the form and punches a stagehand in the gut. go Piggy! the rest of the insane cast includes tons of cult movie favorites and rockers including Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel, clint howard, dick Miller, linnea Quigley and many more! rabid, manic and totally raging! ZZAng!!!

dEc 19, ritZ, dir. AllAn ArKush, 1983, 35MM, 92 Min, r

ZZanG!!!: Get craZY

nEVEr rElEAsEd on VidEo! Writer-director schiller is best known for his short films from the early days of snl and, together with producer lorne Michaels, concocted this imaginative fantasy-comedy about true love, bad art, magical bums, carnegie hall and space travel. sweet, absurd and crammed with moments of inspired brilliance, it was barely released and never found the cult-audience it so rightfully deserved. set in some bizarre, retro, b&w time-period (with occasional technicolor splashes!), the film follows a young man (a pre-grEMlins Zach galligan) on an adventure that will take him from beneath the Earth to the surface of the Moon, where Bill Murray is a sky host for a group of interplanetary grandmas. this is a true original that’s alternately charming, crazy and utterly unique. Also featuring appearances from a skinny dan Aykroyd, 1978 Playboy model Appolonia van ravenstein, lawrence tierney and larry “Bud” Melman. unseeable anywhere else!

rArE 35MM scrEEning of lost Bill MurrAy ‘80s MAstErPiEcE! dEc 22, ritZ, dir. toM schillEr, 1984, 35MM, 80 Min, Pg

nOthinG lasts FOrever & schiller’s reel with DirectOr live!

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firE BEnEAth thE icE: filMs of icElAnd: nov 23-dec 21 at lamar

Afs PrEsEnts EssEntiAl cinEMA And MorE


Austin filM sociEty

Afs continues its overview of the long career of classic film director William Wyler, with pithy, informative introductions by Austin chronicle Music Editor raoul hernandez.

tuEsdAys At AlAMo s. lAMAr, noV 2 – 16 (7:00PM)

essential cineMa williaM wYler’s Desperate hOurs: a DirectOr’s DraMa (cOntinueD)

greer garson and Walter Pidgeon, teamed as English yuppies bombed into the war effort, are the stuff of hollywood dreams in their alchemic cocktail of grace under pressure, while teresa Wright took home a supporting actress oscar on her way to Wyler’s post-holocaust bookend, thE BEst yEArs of our liVEs. the film’s final sermon was used in actual fdr propaganda bombs.

noV 2, dir. WilliAM WylEr, 1942, 134 Min.

Mrs. Miniver

devastating period piece beginning with the legend “A hundred years ago…,” thE hEirEss was born as the 1880 henry James novella Washington square, taken from gossip gleaned by the author himself. ralph richardson’s indelible dr. Austin sloper, as cruel and condescending as his beard, describes his daughter catherine (olivia de havilland) as “an entirely mediocre and defenseless creature with not a shred of poise” even though Montgomery clift, in his third film and follow-up to howard hawks’ rEd riVEr, thinks otherwise.

noV 9, dir. WilliAM WylEr, 1949, 115 Min

the heiress

humphrey Bogart, dying of cancer and in what ultimately became his second to last film, petitioned Wyler for the role here of escaped killer glenn griffin, who with his younger brother and a third prisoner, stage a brutal home invasion. “Why here? Why my house?” demands patriarch fredric March. “your break,” sneers Bogie. “i like the location. i like a house with a bike outside – love people with kids. they don’t take no chances.

noV 16, dir. WilliAM WylEr, 1955, 112 Min.

the Desperate hOurs


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A variety of works from the island that only gets in the news when it blows its volcanic stack. there is much more going on there – slackers, murders, escape from a retirement home, childhood interrupted, revenge for wartime wrongs, and love.

tuEsdAys At AlAMo s. lAMAr, noV. 23 – dEc 21 (7:00PM)

austin FilM sOcietY: Fire Beneath the ice: FilMs OF icelanD

101 reYKJaviK

thirty-year-old hlynur still lives with his mother and spends his days drinking, watching porn and surfing the net while living off unemployment checks. A girl is interested in him, but he stands back from commitment. his mother’s spanish flamenco teacher, lola, moves in with them for christmas.

noV 23, dir. BAltAsAr KorMAKur, 2000, 88 Min

A murder opens up a bleak trail of long buried secrets and small town corruption for a worn out police detective and his squad.

noV. 30, dir BAltAsAr KorMAKur, BAltAsAr, 2006, 93 Min dEc 7, dir fridriK thor fridriKsson, 1991, 82 Min.

Jar citY [MYrin]

chilDren OF nature

how important is it to have a long life if you have to leave everything that has a meaning for you?” two people escape a retirement home and return to the woman’s hometown. Academy Award nominee.

What could be better than knowing your future? And what could be worse? A love-filled childhood abruptly ends when catastrophe descends, one that the child had foreseen yet failed to act upon.

dEc 14, dir hilMAr oddsson, 2004, 90 Min

cOlD liGht

Post-war provincial iceland: around 1950, freyja, who’d been a plump teen, returns from America, a widow with a 20-inch waist, seven suitcases of dresses, and a list of who ever wronged or slighted her.

dEc 21, dir Agust gudMundsson, 2001, 102 Min

the seaGull’s lauGhter

With frederick Wiseman and lord’s gym owner richard lord in attendance! frederick Wiseman is a towering figure among documentarians. his powerful, unobtrusive style immerses viewers by forcing them to find their own bearings and grow to understand what is happening through context. his brilliant, devastating documentaries high school, lAW And ordEr, JuVEnilE court and titicut folliEs forced us to look inside institutions we pay little attention to and make our own judgments about their problems and ultimate worth. A study of Massachusetts’ treatment of criminally insane inmates at the Bridgewater state hospital, titicut folliEs was the first American film banned for reasons other than national security or obscenity. the stated reason was that it represented an invasion of its subjects’ privacy. it remained banned from 1967 until 1981. Viewers should be warned that this is pretty strong stuff, it is an uncompromising look at both insanity and institutional confinement and neither are pretty, though Wiseman’s film is an undeniably potent and beautiful thing. We are honored to welcome frederick Wiseman for this screening and a question and answer period.

With sPEciAl guEst frEdEricK WisEMAn noV. 14 titicut folliEs At 4PM And BoXing gyM At 7:00PM

aFs DOc tOur: BOXinG GYM anD titicut FOllies

Austin, texas’ lord’s gym was founded sixteen years ago by richard lord, a former professional boxer. A wide variety of people of all ages, races, ethnicities and social classes train at the gym: men, women, children, doctors, lawyers, judges, business men and women, immigrants, professional boxers and people who want to become professional boxers alongside amateurs who love the sport, in addition to teenagers who are trying to develop strength and assertiveness. the gym is an example of the American “melting pot” where people meet, talk, and train. Please note: BoXing gyM will be playing a full schedule at the Alamo south lamar beginning nov. 12.

dir. frEdEricK WisEMAn, 2010, 91 Min


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thE littlE PrincE: nov 27 at lamar

frEE MAtinEEs for thE young At hEArt or thE ActuAlly young


Based on one of the most beloved children’s books of all time, this deeply bizarre ‘70s musical curiosity follows the dreamish non-reality of a small boy who happens to be the ruler of his own teeny-tiny world. he befriends a crashed pilot, and the two unravel the secrets of the universe, occasionally being visited by impossible characters and extremely odd humans. one of the most memorable of these wingnut grown-ups is the fox, played by gene “Willy Wonka” Wilder at the height of his bug-eyed zaniness. though thE littlE PrincE befuddled both audiences and critics when initially released, it has since blown up into a secret cult favorite via those who remember its sheer weirdness from their childhoods. now, it’s time to pass on that head-scratching wonderment to a new generation!

ain’t it cOOl news anD the austin chrOnicle present Free saturDaY MOrninG KiDs cluB the little prince noV 27, lAMAr, dir. stAnlEy donEn, 1974, 88 Min, g

With liVE Jug coMBo thE roguE riVEr string BAnd PlAying BEforE thE filM! the Alamo Kids club tradition returns! christmas is approaching in frogtown hollow, and Emmet otter and his Ma hope to buy gifts for each other. unfortunately, Emmet doesn’t make enough from the odd jobs he does, and Ma doesn’t make enough as a laundress. they decide to compete in the frog town hollow talent contest in order to win money, but Ma will have to hock Emmet’s tool chest to buy a costume, and Emmet will have to put a hole in Ma’s washtub for his band! Kermit the frog hosts this classic Muppet musical christmas tale, based on the book by russell and lillian hoban, with original songs from master tunesmith Paul Williams.

Free saturDaY MOrninG KiDs cluB eMMet Otter’s JuG BanD christMas dEc 18, lAMAr, dir. JiM hEnson, 1977, 70 Min

We’ve been doing free summer Kids camp screenings at lamar for years, but why not share a big weekly serving of great family entertainment all year round? our lake creek Alamo is charging forward to provide kids of all shapes n’ sizes with as many good times as their wee eyeballs can stand. here’s the schedule through the end of 2010:

laKe creeK KiDs caMp

noV 6, 7, 9- Big (1988) noV 13, 14, 16- MAdAgAscAr (2005) noV 20, 21, 23- short circuit (1986) noV 27, 28, dEc 2- icE AgE: thE MEltdoWn (2006) dEc 4, 5, 7- hAPPy fEEt (2006) dEc 11, 12, 14- thE PolAr EXPrEss (2004) dEc 18, 19, 21- hoME AlonE (1990) dEc 25, 26, 28- grEMlins (1984)


nov- dec 2010 schedule of special Events - for complete calendar and tickets visit

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ho GivS

u a an A se. r as uche t and ha ivvo re a t g i f e i r p u rc aG B uy l g et a g r t of th ’l pa T h ey c e i ve a m i l l re S h o w iv
vi S i TG

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