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JOIN THE CIRCUS from Barnum ‘Music by Cy Coleman Lyrics by Michael Stewart Arranged by Michael Dansicker Steady “2” 2 = 138 Fm it) Ft Fé G m5) cr 5 Fm Fminai?) Fat Fm6 ill the doc- tor gave you tums your cold tothe pi x ° c7 Cmaj765) Crust cr i yi stitch to save nine oth - ers comes a When the rats in - Yade your and start leaving your ship, opi ©1980 Nouble Muse Compare “ie Admire by Ch sk at 0 Bb? Bb7 AWC BOTH — Ebradd6 Eb? 2 Abmait Abo ab Bb9 you want ~ 2% Bias) Bb Fb? Bb 31 2b? ESTD> BbTICBbTIB> Abc Ev ESTB> BST EBT fore it moves on and you'll ‘Thank your you did. 22 4 Bb? Biases) BO BBOVAD BOG BHO phe Pack your 46, Déim? AbIES FT bbs cr brush and your comb. a- gain, Read = y si Fm bs. Daim? AbIED Bless your soul, you'll nev = er go home