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Article I: NAME

The organization shall be known as the New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women


Article II: Objectives

The objective of the organization shall be to unite women of the New Mexico Democratic


To inform and educate the membership on issues and activities vital to the Democratic Party

and promote the cause of the Party structure.

To promote opportunities for members and encourage strong county and statewide NMFDW


To encourage members to become involved in the political process at local, county, state

and national levels.

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 1
Article III: Membership

Sec 1 The NMFDW members shall be registered Democrats from County Federation

Organizations in the State of New Mexico, Individual and Honorary members.

Sec 2 County Federation of Democratic Women of whose members are in good standing

with NMFDW and have By-laws and membership list filed with the NMFDW Treasurer at least

sixty (60) days prior to any General meeting.

Sec 3. Honorary membership shall be granted to those individuals who are awarded

honorary status by the membership. Honorary members are not eligible for office at the state


Sec 4. Dues for new members in County Federations shall be paid no later than thirty days

(30) prior to NMFDW state meeting. Dues for membership shall be received by the State

Treasurer at the end of January of each year. Membership in arrears shall have no vote.

Sec 5 Paid dues entitle members to be members in the National Federation of Democratic

Women (NFDW) for the year in which dues are paid.

Sec 6 A member in good standing is one who conducts themselves in accordance with the

By-Laws of NMFDW.

Sec 7 New Mexico County Federation Democratic Women organizations must maintain and

file current By-Laws with the Secretary of NMFDW. Revised By-Laws must be filed 30 days

after revision.

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 2
Sec 9 Individual membership shall be granted to those individuals who reside in a New

Mexico county where a county organization of Federation of Democratic Women does not exist.

Such member will pay individual dues to the NMFDW Treasurer.

Article IV: Meetings and Quorum

Sec 1 NMFDW shall hold two (2) General Meetings per year for the purpose of conducting

regular business.

a. All meetings shall consist of a business session, program or workshop.

b. The approval of the budget will occur at the first meeting of each year.

c. Election of officers shall occur during the second meeting of the odd numbered year.

Terms of office shall be for two (2) years.

d. The Executive Board and the host organization shall determine the date and

location for a general meeting.

Sec 2 Special meetings may be called by the President or by the majority of the Executive

Board upon notice thirty (30) days prior to meeting date. The notice shall include time, date,

place and purpose of meeting.

Sec 3 The presence of twenty (20) members in good standing, including officers, shall

constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business at any scheduled meeting of NMFDW.

Sec 4 Thirty (30) days prior to a meeting the President will notify the President of each

County Federation organization of meeting date, place, time and purpose of planned meeting. In

odd numbered years a report from the Nomination Committee shall be included. Each County

President in turn shall notify all members in good standing of scheduled meeting.

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 3
Notification of meetings may be done via email or social media to members.

Sec 5 Financial Responsibilities

NMFDW shall assume Financial responsibility for expenses necessary for General meetings.

a. Present, implement and manage the annual budget.

b. NMFDW shall assume financial responsibility for General meetings.

Sec 6 Fiscal Year The fiscal year shall be January 1st through December 31st.

SEC 7 Voting at NMFDW meetings:

a. Members in arrears shall not have a vote.

b. The NMDW Treasurer shall certify each member in good standing and shall compile

the list of members in good standing ten (10) days prior to meeting at which election

of officers will be conducted.

c. Each member must be physically present, as proxies are not accepted.

Article V. Officers

Sec 1 Elected officers shall be as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and

Regional Directors.

Sec 2 Voting elgibility:

a. Only members in good standing as certified by the Treasurer shall be eligible to

nominate officers and/or hold an office.

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 4
b. To be eligible to hold office, a nominee must be a member in good standing for the

two (2) previous consecutive years and have attended at least two (2) of the previous

four (4) general meetings.

c. Elected officers shall assume office immediately following their election or

appointment. Installation shall be held at the meeting of the election, if feasible.

Sec 3 Election of Officers

a. Election of officers shall be held at the second meeting of the second year of the

term of office.

b. Election of officers shall be by secret ballot.

Sec 4 Vacancies

a. In case the office of the President becomes vacant, the Vice-President shall

immediately assume that office for the remainder of the term.

b. In case of a vacancy of an elected officer, the President shall present to the

Executive Board the name of an individual (s) qualified to fill the vacancy. The

approval of the individual shall be accepted by the majority of the Executive Board.

Sec 5 Replacement of Officers

By a majority vote of the Executive Board, an officer may be removed and replaced upon

the following grounds:

a. Failure to attend three (3) consecutive regular, special and/or Executive Board


b. Neglect, failure and/or refusal to discharge the duties of the office.
New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 5
SEC 6 State Party Central Committee Representatives

The Democrartic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) issues two (2) memberships to NMFDW to

the State Central Committee (SCC), these two (2) memberships shall be assigned to the

President and Vice-President. In the case where either officer has been elected independently

to the SCC the President and Executive Board will name a member in good standing to fill that


Article VI: Duties of Officers and Regional Directors

Sec 1 The officers of NMFDW, in accordance with NFDW, shall perform the duties usually

performed by such officers, together with such duties as shall be prescribed by the By-laws or

the Executive Board to include the following responsibilities:

A. President Shall have general supervision over the affairs of NMFDW.

Preside over all general meetings and Executive Board meetings.

Review and accept all official documents.

Appoint a Parliamentarian.

Cosign all checks with the treasurer or other authorized person.

Act as the custodian of all records.

Act as an ex-officio member of committees, except the Nominating Committee.

Support all Democratic Candidates running for offices.

Serve as a member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party of New


B. Vice President Shall conduct meetings in the absence of the President and assist

the President in carrying out her duties.

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 6
If the office of the President becomes vacant, she shall succeed automatically to that


Serve as a member of the Executive Board.

Coordinate membership efforts with the Regional Directors.

C. Treasurer Shall maintain the care and custody for all NMFDW funds.

Deposit dues and other revenues in the name of NMFDW in a FDIC bank.

Maintain records of receipts and disbursements.

Shall pay all bills, which have been approved for payment by the President and

Executive Board.

Shall submit to the Executive Board a quarterly statement of all receipts and


Maintain a list of members in good standing and submit to President and Secretary

prior to general meetings.

Submit to the Chair of the Audit Committee, all records and financial statement for

audit thirty (30) days prior to the end of the fiscal year.

Transfer all NMFDW financial records and bank statement to the succeeding elected


Serve as a member of the Executive Board.

D. Secretary Shall be responsible for or having the minutes of all meetings of the

NMFDW and all meetings of the Executive Board.

Receive and maintain reports from the Officers and committees

Review and advise on all official documents

Serve as a member of the Executive Board.

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 7
Shall be the repository of meetings and other communications as required or


Keep list of membership as provided by Treasurer

E. Regional Directors Shall perform those duties relating to recruiting, developing and

retaining members in Counties of their Congressional District.

Serve as liaison between the represented region and the Executive Board.

Assist the Vice-President with county membership recruitment and membership

events. Regional Directors shall be eligible to serve for no more than two (2)

consecutive terms in office.

Shall serve as members of the Executive Committee.

Perform such other duties as requested by the President.

Sec 2 No Officer or Regional Director may use the position (title) with NMFDW in the

endorsement of any candidate in a primary election.

Additionally, in accordance with NFDW county federation organizations cannot use the

club/federation affiliation to endorse one Democratic candidate opposing another Democrat.

NMFDW will not permit the use of its name or logos in any advertisement or written

paraphernalia without prior written consent of the Executive Board.

Staging or sponsoring candidate debates on behalf of the NMFDW during primaries is


New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 8
Article VII. Executive Board

Sec 1 The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer,

Secretary, Past President and Regional Directors.

Sec 2 A vacancy that occurs in an elective office shall be filled by the Executive Board,

except the office of President. This office shall be filled by the Vice President.

Sec 3 The Executive Board shall be the administrative body of the NMFDW and shall have

the power and authority to do and perform all acts and functions that the NMFDW itself might do

or perform that are not inconsistent with these By-laws.

Sec 4 The Executive Board shall meet as such time and place as the President or majority

of the Executive Board may designate.

Sec 5 An evaluation of performance shall be required as action by the Executive Board for

removal of any officer as determined by a 2/3 vote.

Sec 6 A quorum shall consist of a majority of the board’s membership. Voting by proxy shall

not be permitted.

Article VIII: Executive Committee

Sec 1 The Executive Committee shall consist of the Presidents of County Federation of

Democratic Women (CFDW) and members of the Executive Board

Sec 2 The Executive Committee shall represent each NMFDW recognized organizations

representing their county and shall attend one meeting per year as called by the President of

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 9
NMFDW and Executive Board. The members of this committee shall have the responsibility of

providing information to their local members. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.

Sec 3 If necessary, the Executive Committee may meet by conference call or via telephone.

Votes taken via telephone shall be as valid as votes taken in person, except in cases where

signed ballot is a requirement.

Article IX: Committees

Standing and Special Committees shall be appointed by the President with approval of the

Executive Board.

Sec 1 The organization shall have the following Standing Committees

a. By-laws

The committee shall review all proposed amendments and make

recommendations for revisions to the By-laws. The committee shall meet as


b. Legislative and Resolutions

This committee shall work with the Executive Board on proposed and pending

legislation and shall disseminate information to the Executive Committee for

distribution to the members.

c. Budget and Finance The committee shall present a proposed budget to the

Executive Board for consideration at the first Executive Board meeting at the

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 10
beginning of the year. The committee should also help plan all fundraising for

NMFDW with the approval of the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall serve as

Chairperson of this committee. At least one County President shall serve on the


Sec 2 Special Committees

a. Audit Committee shall consist of three (3) members appointed by the President.

The committee is responsible for auditing the books and records of NMFDW each

fiscal year and report the findings to the Executive Board and to the membership as

a whole at the general meetings. The committee may request the Treasurer to assist

with the audit.

b. Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) members and shall be formed at

the meeting prior to the meeting of the election.

1. The committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President, a member

appointed by the Executive Board and one member approve by each of the

Regional Directors.

2. The Chairperson of the committee shall submit to the President a written

report thirty (30) days prior to the meeting of the year that the election will be


3. Voting shall be by secret ballots and only members in good standing will be

eligible to vote. There will be no proxies accepted for this election.

Article X: Parliamentary Authority

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 11
Where the By-Laws are silent, the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised

shall be the final authority in all matters.

Article XI: Amendments

By-Laws of NMFDW may be amended by a majority vote of members in good standing in

attendance at any General or Special Meeting, provided such amendment (s) was introduced at

the prior General or Special meeting.

Article XII: Dissolution

Should this organization be dissolved by appropriate action of its membership, and after all

outstanding bills have been paid the funds and other assets shall be given to the Democratic

Party of New Mexico (DPNM).

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 12
Elected Officers

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary

Executive Board

Immediate Regional
President Vice President Treasurer Secretary
Past President Directors

Executive Committee

Federation County Executive Committee
Presidents Members


Budget/Finance By-Laws Legislative Nominating

New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women (revised 12-2018) 13