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Carmel Erika L.

Mammag GEO160-2 November 29, 2018

Environmental Geology


I. Introduction to Arsenic: Its Sources and Occurrence in the Environment

description of element and natural occurrence / cycle

II. Major Sources of Metal Pollution

- natural and anthropogenic (with diagrams / Tables)
III. Arsenic Pollution and Public Health
Public Health Effects/Diseases
(with photos and Tables)

Arsenic, a notorious poison, is now recognized to be one of the world’s greatest environmental
hazards, threatening the lives of several hundred million people. Long-term exposure to low levels
of arsenic in food and water produces a broad array of effects on human health that are often
described by the catch-all term arsenicosis.

IV. Mitigation
Mitigation Measures to prevent
toxic metal pollution / Global Standards
and Local Standards on pollution levels
(with photos/diagrams/Tables)
V. Case Study:
A brief case study (foreign or local)
on an actual toxic metal pollution
with summary of mitigation measures