CCNA 4E Chapter 1 Introduction to WANs V 4.

0 March 2008
How does a WAN differ from a LAN? What are the three characteristics of a WAN network? List and describe the four stages of a developing/evolving enterprise: Describe and Diagram a scenario involving an organization with a central corp. office/campus with remote offices and telecommuters. How would all of these networks be interconnected? List the three layers of the Hierarchal Design Model and their main mission: What are the primary two layers of the OSI model at which the WAN operates? What is the reference point in the network at which the service provider and the customer define their responsibility for the network and networking equipment? Equipment on the customer side of this reference point is referred to as? The customer’s router is referred to as a DTE or DCE device? To the ISP your csu/dsu (modem) is considered a DTE or DCE? To you, your csu/dsu (modem) is considered a DTE or DCE? What device is responsible for timing of putting data on the link DTE or DCE? The POP/DEMARC is where your home or business connects to the? Which connects you to a ____ of the ISP. An “Access Server” performs what function? What is the function of a “Core Router” and where in the network does it reside? What is the function of a “WAN Switch” and what type of transport technologies do they normally use? What are the two encapsulation protocols used on a point-to-point serial link? When are the two used? What three technologies are considered “packet switched”? Describe how packet switching works: Which of the three packet switch technologies is also referred to as “cell switched” using 48 byte cells? What two technologies are referred to as “circuit switched”?
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3.0 March 2008 List and describe the five fields in a WAN Frame: Describe the two types of virtual circuits: Though packet switching provides satisfactory transport of voice and even video communications on these networks.3.1 In order for an ISP to provide DSL service to your neighborhood the CO must contain what device? Describe Broadband/Cable services: Is the Broadband/Cable service to your house dedicated or shared? Describe Broadband Wireless: Describe a Virtual Private Network (VPN): List 4 benefits of companies using VPNs: What is the type of VPN used by JNN/WIN-T not listed in Cisco material? Describe Metro-Ethernet/Metro-Area-Network (MAN): What is TDM? Developed by General Dynamics 2 . what are two issues with using packet switching for these two services? What type of WAN connections are considered public? What are three advantages for using PSTN/POTS analog dial-up connection for SOHO/Small Business WAN connection? Describe the channels for ISDN BRI: Describe the channels for ISDN PRI: Give an example of where the two different dial-up connections would be used: Describe DSL services: 1.CCNA 4E Chapter 1 Introduction to WANs V 4.