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HARVARD John A. Paulson ‘School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Harry R. Lows Gordon Mckay Professor of Computer Science lewis@narvard edu 17 September 2018 “To: The US House of Represeratives Commitee on Education and the Workforce My name is Hary Lewis. | am in my forty-fouth year asa computer scence professor at Harvard Both Bil Gates and Mark Zuckerboro wore my students, as were many loaders mn academia and government. hhave served both as dean of Harvard Callege and ‘as interim dean of Harvard's Schoo of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Iam alse a Horvara graduate, with both bachelors and PHO degrees. | regret that | am unable to attond the September 26 Hearing. | wre to express my distress about the ‘erosion of students’ personal feedom at Harvaré—freedom of thought, redom of speech, and most Specially freedom of associaton. Whie I regret these developments at Harvard, 'am also slrmed that Havara's actions may serve asa modelo justifeaton for practices elsewhere, ‘The clearest example of Harvars unwarrated liitaton of students fraedom is ts poy sanctioning studens for belonging to certain ofcampus organization. Studens belonging tothe backlsted cbs have been made ineligible for avariely of dsinctions and hovers, incuding team captalnles, presidencies of potieal clubs, nd nomination fr Rhodes Scholarships. Tobe removed from the backlit, an organization must te open to all genders In other words, Harvard is cooring single-gander student clubs that have no ofl connection to the UUnivorty to go cod o go outof business. To date, some have chosen each option. Several men’ cubs have defed the University and survived, but almost al ofthe womens cube had more ‘mambers but less power than the men's cubs—nave folded one Way or he ther. So the upshot of the poly has been to leave men wth mere single gender options than women. This uation fs a farilar atl in society: protecion of naval Inertes more important to those who ara more vunerable, ‘Because the sanctions pocy apple to the fuure as wel asthe present, creation of new single-gendor clubs Is efecively banned, No cial erganzaton of refugee women, for example, coud be formed by Harvard studens, oven to meetorf campus and wihout university support, unless members wer wllng tether to admit manor to forge ter opportunities for leadership poston and postgraduate fellowships Harvara's ralonale fr thie poi snot to combat the serous problems of cinklng or sexta assault, ‘hough at first it made such stastically dubious suagestions—hich were never credible about women's clubs. When the data were chalenged, Harvaré fll back on the pable and slippery notion that single- {gender clubs donot share Harr’ “institutional values" In ther word, Harvard claimed aright to| align studonts' thinking an soca mater wth oun. Anyone belonging to a single gander clip does not “advance ou dsepest values” ef cusin ar tsrig: she presto put and shod Bo