Chapter 1 The Background and its Study 1.

1 Introduction ‘Payroll' refers to the records - paper or electronic - and calculations that you make to work out your employees' pay and deductions under the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system. It's essential to a business or company that you pay your employees the right amount and on time - and that you make the correct deductions. So keeping accurate payroll records is really important. Now a day, Manual System is replaced into more advance and modern technology, just like the Manual Payroll System where the accountant, computes or process employees salaries through calculator. The way of saving files and important documents are only filed in filing cabinets that may cause loss of files when large amount of data are being received. In addition, it is not secured. And in fact, most accountant, uses same software of Microsoft office especially MS Excel. And with the use of this proposed system, a new and more advance Payroll System may be produced which can provide data security, prevent loss of data and redundancy and easier, accurate and faster to use.

SCAS Computerized Payroll System

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Background of the Study Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences (SCAS) was established since 2007,

a college with only one vision in mind: that of producing graduates who have the competence and the ability to compete with the best of the world. There are competent faculties, 5 full time and the remaining 20 are part-time faculty. It is also worthy to know that the college has been establish as a legacy of and in memory of the late senator Lorenzo S. Sumulong, a man of excellence and integrity made the country proud with his highly publicized and world-acclaimed debate against the Russian law maker Kruschev. And as time passes by the population of the employees in SCAS is increasing. As of this year, it has 27 full time and 20 part time employees. And unfortunately as a computer school the accountant only uses Microsoft Excel for the preparation of the payroll and generating pay slips for the employees’ cut-off period. The accountant manually records the different data.

SCAS Computerized Payroll System

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working hours (Time Cards) Employee Information -Employee Number/ID number -First Name -Surname -Last Name -Birth date -Contact Number -Position -Number of dependents -Basic Rate -Employee Type Employee Deductions ADD / UPDATE EMPLOYEE INFORMATION List Employees Information (in the File Cabinets) PROCESS TIME ATTENDANCE OUTPUT Summary of Employees Time Attendance PAYROLL COMPUTATION Pay Slip SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 3 .1. HRM personnel collect the time card for validating the time record and making a summary report attendance of the employees and send it to the accountant. The accountant will input the data and compute the salaries of each employee. The accountant manually records the different data. The employees used time cards and buddy clock for their daily time record. INPUT Total No.3 Theoretical Framework The accountant of Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences is currently using Microsoft Excel for the preparation of the payroll and generating pay slips for the employees’ cut-off period. of Days Present.

working hours (Time Cards) Incentives/ Bonus Payroll Summary SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 4 .-Pag-ibig -GSIS -PhilHealth -Cash Advance -Loan Total No. of Days Present.

but the accountant must get the working hours of the employees in Time Monitoring System and must input and select the type of deduction of the employees have. INPUT Employee Information -Employee Number/ID number -First Name -Surname -Last Name -Birth date -Contact Number -Position -Number of dependents -Basic Rate -Employee Type Employee Deductions -Pag-ibig -GSIS -PhilHealth -Cash Advance -Loan ADD / UPDATE EMPLOYEE INFORMATION PROCESS OUTPUT List Employees Information (in the Database) PAYROLL COMPUTATION Pay Slip SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 5 .1. The system can generate pay slips which contain the exact amount of salary and deductions of all employees.4 Conceptual Framework Payroll Computation The SCAS Computerized Payroll System will automatically compute the gross salary of each employee.

information security and integrity is in risk and filing cabinets requires a lot of space in the room. Manual Payroll system uses MS Excel Spreadsheet 2003 for the computations and also for printing reports.Total No. It is • • How to provide the accurate salary output efficiently? -As stated.2 Specific Problem/s Processing the payroll of the employees is time consuming and • - In the existing manual system of the company. It uses bandy clock for time-in/time-out. - Every payroll cutoff period. the payroll clerk uses MS Excel for the preparation of the payroll. It also saves its employees information in the file cabinets . the payroll clerk uses Microsoft Excel to compute the salary and total deductions of the employees in preparing the payroll for the month. working hours (External: Time Monitoring System) Incentives/ Bonus Payroll Summary 1. 1.5. which will lead to slow data retrieval. MS Excel has a “link/references” feature wherein a specific sheet within the worksheet can be link to another to get the total result in any computation.5 1 • Statement of the problem General Problem Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences is a computer school but still using MS Excel in generating their payroll system.5 1. as SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 6 . the HR personnel checks all the time cards of all the employees manually. of Days Present.

which will lead to slow data retrieval.1 General Objective To enhance and design a Computerized Payroll System for Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences (SCAS).a result the data is identified to be inaccurate after being checked by the payroll clerk. • To provide the accurate salary output.6. he/she has to search for it in the bulky folders stored in filing cabinets. 1. In time that the accountant needs to retrieve certain reports.2 • Specific Objective/s To process payroll salaries of the employees. • To provide Employee information module to easily deal with the generation of the reports. total gross salary and total net salary of the employees for more efficient and accurate result of data. -The proponent will develop a module that automatically computes the total deductions.Employee’s information’s are filed in folders and these folders are kept in filing cabinets. information security and integrity is in risk and filing cabinets requires a lot of space in the room. 1. SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 7 . • • How to save the employees data and information? Management of Employees data in insufficient and . -The study aims to develop a module that automatically computes the total deductions. The study aims to develop a computerized payroll system that will support the entire payroll computation and management process of SCAS. total gross salary and total net salary of the employees for more efficient and accurate result of data.6.

2 1. They could learn basic manipulation of the system and analyze the system flow. and can store.8 Significance of the Study 1) For the system users (Accountant) – the study provides system that is simple and easy to use and provides reliable outputs. 3) For the proponents of the study – through the help of this system.7 1.7. It will be a great help them as it prepares the proponents to be more exposed in organizing and socializing with other people.The proponents will develop Employee information module to lessen the difficulty of Accountant in terms of handling.1 • Scope and Limitation Scopes Computation module for computation of the employees salary Keep the records of the employees. searching and maintaining Employee Records by replacing their manual system. SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 8 . 1. Limitations Daily Time Record or Attendance of each employee is not included in our system because the attendance or working hours of each employee will be provided by the SCAS Monitoring system using biometrics • • 1. Generate reports. the proponent’s abilities and knowledge in making programs will be enhanced and improved.the researchers could learn the base requirements in the system development. 2) For the future researchers ..7. it also makes them to focus into harder and difficult task in the gears to come.

Monitor and manage your information like compensation packages. loans. deductions.CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES 2. Accounting data is also kept on your local data storage thus giving you high security and control than a web-based system. This is particularly designed for small and medium-sized businesses to meet their specific payroll needs. this can be integrated with systems like HRIS. Blaze was built on Smart Client architecture which allows you to use it even if you don't have internet connection. Make payroll and tax computation fast and easy with Blaze.1 Local Literature Blaze Payroll System is a simple payroll software package that automates payroll computing and managing of employee accounting files. SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 9 . Blaze system allows you to easily comply with the timely submission of government mandatory contributions and reports. Time-keeping and MS Accounting. allowances and other benefits in your organization. For flexibility and more comprehensive usability of your payroll system.

What are the benefits of using OCS HR Philippine Payroll? Same data used in both HR and payroll. and has a major advantage of having all personnel data in one system. with employee’s personal details.Reference: http://www. The solution also includes government tax reports and allotment.blastsuites. The solution handles multiple currencies and global retain and reuse basic data for use in planning and payroll • Wages calculated on basis of activities • Import and export payroll transactions. and payslips available • Onboard system • SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 10 .aspx 2. and link to onboard system and hours registration • WEB interface.2 Local Literature OCS HR Philippine Payroll OCS HR Philippine Payroll is a comprehensive HR and payroll system for easy setup and calculation of payroll for Filipino offi ce employees and seafarers.

with unlimited number of currencies • Payslip sent by e-mail • Day balance and expired competence can be printed on payslip • Flexible reporting with history and non-approved payroll at any time • Unlimited number of rates and pay elements • Ability to run separate or common payrolls for different categories of personnel • Advanced access control • OCS Payroll consists of the following data Personnel information – Overview with all employee`s key data and picture • Rates and pay elements • Payroll calculation with Filipino tax calculation and social security contributions • Currency • Payslip for employee and allotee • Payroll information.Advanced calculation of wage scale • Advanced currency calculation for payroll. current and historical • POEA Reports • Leave pay • Additional modules Transfer to Accounting Automatic transfer of approved payroll transactions to accounts system • SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 11 .

onsoft. Our software package powered with one database integrated Time Attendance software.. Biometric.infotech./OCSHRPhilippinePayroll. We also provide Fingerprint. wages and travel costs Reference: www. For our complete product details please visit our parent web site at www. HR software & HR system with all Singapore Payroll & HR requirements.pdf 2.. Payroll software.e. Simplified setup and calculation of crew costs.3 Foreign Literature: We are the Leading Payroll Software provider in Singapore for Payroll system. Proximity time recorders for employee time attendance & door access.0 SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 12 .no/bilder/filer/ocshr/. HR and E-Leave software' Product Name Info-Pay Version 8.

CDAC. IR8A. IR21.other user SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 13 . our Payroll software is the window based concurrent multi user access and multi company software with unlimited employee capacity. MBMF.Introduction:Info-Pay 8. SALARY ADDITIONS. MVC (MONTHLY VARIABLE COMPONENT). DEDUCTIONS. CPF.0 is a Payroll Software designed to suit for all kind of Singapore Payroll requirements. SINDA. FWL (FOREIGN WORKERS LEVY) . etc… Features: Payroll Basic Payroll Leave & Staff Master System House Keeping Online CPF PAL Pay-slip in Leave Module Concurrent Multi User Leave Online Bank GIRO Entitlement based on Join Date / Financial Year IR8A / IR21 FORMS Up to date Leave Prorate Multi Company as MOM Rule Unpaid Leave IR8A Auto Inclusion auto deduct from salary slip Locking the Payroll Period to protect from Year to Date Summary Report Payroll Summary Report Different Access leave for different user E-mail Pay-slip Sealed Pay-slip Paper Payroll Software Reports and show Pay. Our Payroll System does automatic calculation for PAY SLIP. BANK GIRO TRANSFER FOR ALL MAJOR BANKS. SDF (SKILL DEVELOPMENT FUND).

daily and hourly rated employees can be paid monthly or bi monthly. Shift Allowance.O. 2. Gross Wage. Pay slip for individual employees can be printed out at the Mid & End of the Month.. Payroll Summary report which shows the Basic Salary.CDAC / Medical Claim Annual Leave / SINDA / MBMF Monitor Medical Leave / Child Care Leave. Career Tracking Report Work Permit / Birthday FUND / SDF / Remainder Confirmation / S.C Remainder FWL Report Annual Increment Proposal Report Annual Bonus Proposal Report Custom Report Writer Features: • • • • Monthly.4 SYNTHESIS AND RELEVANCE TO THE STUDY SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 14 . CPF contribution details and Net Wage. Pay slip can be printed in the concealed pay slip or A4 size paper.. Skill Development Fund Monthly / BiMonty / Daily / Hourly Pay Pay by Bank GIRO / Cash / Cheque National Service Leave & Calculation Employee BioData with PHOTO Foreign Address Children Details Backup / Restore Allowance Report Foreign Worker Levy Audit Trial .To monitor changes done by other Overtime Pay. Reference: www.

and inside that year. Transaction Menu : Payroll Process Wizard This guides the user step by step in going through the whole payroll process.Local literature: BLAZE PAYROLL SYSTEM Features: Employee Menu : Employee Setup Employees' personal information within your organization may be added. -this feature shows automatic computation for payroll that given us an overview to provide a much efficient payroll system. -this feature shows full details of information of the employee that may help us in giving ideas in creating the employee interface. full name. gender. Some information required are employee ID. tardiness. holiday pay. allowances. etc. performance appraisal.. -this feature may help us in generating different payroll period reports. deductions. All the needed computation for your payroll is automatic after you set the required payroll items like overtime. hire date and termination date. marital status. semi-monthly or monthly. so you'll have no worry missing out one. birth date. A tax year is set from January to December. updated or deleted manually using this feature. payday can be set as weekly. The system was built abiding by the government's policies. Transaction Menu : Payroll Period A payroll period is needed to set the inclusive period for each payroll per tax year. The employee records are arranged in boxes and you can double click each to view the full details. SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 15 . This also includes a search feature.

-this feature may help us to provide editable government mandatory deductions module. regular. Reference Menu : User Editable Philhealth/ SSS/ Pag-ibig Tables Government mandatory deductions have to be maintained to have a reference of how much are the employee and the employer's contributions to these deductions. -this feature also keeps record in every transaction for future references. contractual. Reference Menu : Employment Status Employment status like probationary.aspx Chapter 3: Research Methodology SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 16 . Reference: http://www. resigned are examples of status that can be set to address company's needs. Reports Menu : Payslip Under report module.Transaction Menu : Transaction History Every payroll transactions made and each detail are kept in the database for future reference. pay slip can be generated by transaction and by payroll

The project team talked to the accountant for gathering of data about the system specification. needed for creating our proposed system that can help them for their payroll system in an efficient manner.2 Observation The proponents had some inspection regarding the current system to gather more ideas on how to design our proposed system.3 Internet Research The proponents also conduct an internet research to gather more data and topics that are related to our study. Traditionally with SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 17 . we noted some problems being encountered by the payroll clerk. the proponents conduct interview with the accountant of Sumulong College of Arts and Sciences who gave the resources about the flow of the current system and the process of computing the salaries of the employees.3.1. 3.1. 3.1 SPECIFIC METHODS FOR DATA COLLECTION Since our own school is our client. we have decided to have a personal interview with our client.1.1 Interview During requirements gathering stage. 3. From this observation.1. a) Method of research to be used 3. 3.2 SPECIFIC METHODS OF DESIGN Rapid Application Development (RAD) is a software development methodology that focuses on building applications in a very shirt amount of time.4 Library Research The proponents also used library materials like thesis documentation and books that are related to our study in gathering significant information and validation of our study.

ANALYSIS AND QUICK DESIGN The aim of the Analysis and Quick Design Stage is to gather the software requirements specification and perform rapid design creation based on the requirements. The term has recently become a marketing buzzword that generically describes applications that can be designed and developed within 60-90 days. Meetings between requirement planning team and key client users will be established at the beginning of the project life. but it was originally intended to describe a process of development that involves application prototyping and iterative development. features and/or execution speed. SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 18 . This stage will develop details and specific requirements based on the proposed functionalities.compromises in usability.

the team will develop the application in iterative cycles of development. Review will be conducted on the initial prototype that includes design team and customer/client review team. The team will update the requirements. The result of this stage will be the screen flows and layouts for essential parts of the system. requirements refining and development again until the development is completed. Identifying the core and secondary requirements shall be performed for all iterations. The team will convert the data model into a functional database. Once the prototype has been developed. Along with this. The next iteration requirements determination will be conducted after the review. while additional functionality may be scheduled for development after the initial release. and secondary requirements should be identified and targeted for future development iterations. it is vital to deliver each iteration on time. data models.The Quick Design Phase will involve the presentation of details requirements from Analysis Phase. REFINING REQUIREMENTS Refining requirements happens repeatedly during this stage. CONSTRUCTION (PROTOTYPING CYCLES) During this stage. During this stage it is imperative to identify the core requirements of the entire system and should be targeted for the initial development of the prototype. During the final iterations of SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 19 . test scripts and project plan as during the Design Stage. the team will test the initial prototype using test scripts from the Quick Design stage. the system and unit test plans will be put in place for the designed system. In this stage. The iteration plan will be developed and customer will be notified and then the lifecycle will continue. testing. developing the required data model.

e) Data Gathering Procedure • • • Library Research . Troubleshooting and system integration test will be performed in this stage to ensure the site goes live smoothly. VB Books Internet Research.development. the design team will update user documentation. related systems Interview – company Info. perform User Acceptance Testing and define the steps necessary for deployment/implementation. User Acceptance Testing is performed in this stage by the technical team and the client.SQL Books. TESTING During this stage the test focuses on the finished application rather than the prototypes iterations. IMPLEMENTATION This stage will focus on integration the new system into the live system (website hosting). computations SCAS Computerized Payroll System Page 20 . The development team will prepare the transfers and migration to the live system.Codes.

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