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Question I (25 p)
Write ONE main body paragraph describing either one of your grandparents’ personality or their
physical appearance. Write between 80-100 words.
Question II (75 p)

A. For questions 1-10, read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each
space. There is an example at the beginning (0). 20p

0 A ages B lives C years D dates
This is a place where people of all (0) __A__can come and be entertained and never want to (1) ….. . It
is Disneyland, (2)….. outside Paris, especially (3) ….. to provide the best for Europe and the (4) ……
of its new guests. The park is (5) ….. into five areas, each one representing a special theme. (6) ….. in a
film, the (7) ….. are taken along through a series of magical sets to relive the past, even (9) ….. visit
wonderful faraway places (8) ….. of excitement and fantasy, and into the future. The trees that have
been (10) ….. around the park protect the guest from the real world outside.
1. A leave B go C depart D set off
2. A nearly B almost C just D recently
3. A composed B created C consisted D placed
4. A rights B demands C consideration D dealings
5. A shared B distributed C calculated D divided
6. A Whereas B Unless C As if D Wherever
7. A staff B guests C members D teams
8. A full B crowded C complete D packed
9. A look B go C run D turn
10. A dug B planted C grown D stuck

B. Rephrase the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the
word given. Do not change the word given. (20 p)

1. The meal costs a lot more than I expected. (FAR)

The meal ______________________ expensive than I expected.
2. “I’m sorry I didn’t call yesterday,“ Angela said. (APOLOGISED)
Angela __________________ called the day before.
3. There is no more petrol left in the car. (RUN)
The car ________________________ petrol.
4. She failed the exam because she was very tired. (HAVE)
If she _____________________________failed the exam.
5. They say Peter was the best singer of all. (IS)
Peter ___________________________ best singer of all.

C. Read the text and then write the correct form of the word in CAPITALS to fill in the gaps.
There is an example at the beginning. (20 points)

Example: (0) adolescence


Stephen Murray was clearly going through a difficult (0 ADOLESCENT). He had never managed to get the
(1 APPROVE) of his teachers at school. He ignored repeated (2 WARN) to change his attitude or be
expelled. He was widely considered to be an (3 INTELLIGENCE) pupil who was wasting his (4
OPPORTUNE) by misbehaving in class. His parents received regular (5 COMPLAIN) about their son but
in spite of their own experience of Stephen’s rebellious behavior, it was their belief that the school was as
much to blame as Stephen was for the misunderstandings that arose from time to time.

D. Use only one word in each space to fill in the following passage. (15p)

I have always wanted to try snowboarding, so I went for a training day to 1) ___________ indoor snow
slope near my home – a 170-metre-long slope, all covered by 1500 tones 2) ________ man-made snow
which is surprisingly like the real thing. Having had the pleasure of learning the basics of snowboarding
several years 3) _________ in the French Alps, I’d hoped that returning to the sport 4) _________ be a
bit like riding a 5) _________, something you supposedly never forget.