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Abacus Junior 30


Abacus Junior 30
The Abacus Junior 30 is the first model in the
Diatron range of hematology analyzers. It is a
touch screen with an easy to follow, intuitive
user interface. The system is an ideal solution for DIATRON REAGENTS
compact, bench top, 30 test/hour, 22 parameter, the smaller clinic, laboratory or physician office
3-part WBC differential system. The Abacus that are looking for reliable, safe, accurate and
Junior 30 has a practical, simple to use color easy to use instrumentation.
Our systems comprise of two perfectly matched counts, osmolality, pH and other critical
elements: analyzers and reagents. The optimum parameters. Our diluent reagents contain no
performance of our analyzer systems is only azide and our lyse reagents are cyanide free. Our

BENEFITS AND KEY FEATURES achieved when our matched reagents are used.
Our ISO 13485 certified reagent manufacturing
highly stable reagents offer a shelf life of up to 36
months from the date of manufacture and up to
plant is designed to ensure the highest quality 120 days of on-board stability.The combination of
ACCURATE AND PRECISE RESULTS OPERATOR SAFETY standards. All lots of reagent we manufacture Diatron reagents and Diatron analyzers together
• Proven impedance measurement technology • Unique sample rotor to reduce risk of are fully validated prior to release on each of ensure the best system performance and quality
with advanced flagging biohazard exposure our associated instruments for low background of results.
• Clog detection and prevention with • Self-cleaning procedures minimize daily
automatic system cleaning processes maintenance
• Comprehensive 22 parameter results with 3 CONFIDENCE
histograms • System uses easy to understand warning
USER FRIENDLY AND EASY TO OPERATE messages and sample flags
• Easy to use high resolution touch screen with • Analyzer uses precision electronics and
multi-language operating menu mechanical components to provide precise
• Recording of sample and quality control and reliable results
information is fast and efficient • Designed to use specific Diatron reagents to
• 3 USB ports and 1 USB-B port allows simple deliver the highest quality results
connection with external devices such as a
host computer and printers
• Comprehensive QC package to provide
informative statistics
• Throughput: 30 tests/hour • Data storage capacity: Maximum 10 000 results,
• Parameters: 22 hematology parameters, including 3-part including RBC, PLT, WBC 3-part histograms and full
differential: WBC, LYM, MON, GRA, LYM%, MON%, patient data
GRA%, RBC, HCT, MCV, HGB, MCH, MCHC, PLT, PCT, • Built-in thermal printer (B/W, 56 mm wide paper)
MPV, P-LCC, P-LCR, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PDW-CV, • Printer interface: USB with support for HP printers
PDW-SD • External keyboard and mouse
• Volumetric impedance method • User interface: Color TFT touch screen
• Light absorbance for HGB measurement • User languages: English, German, French, Spanish,
REAGENTS AND SAMPLING SYSTEM Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Czech, Polish,
Samples Vietnamese, Russian, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian
• Sample volume: 25 μl of whole blood • Software upgrade: USB memory stick
• Sampling method: Open tube system with automatic • Interfacing capabilities: 3 USB A on back, 1 USB A on
sample rotor front, 1 USB B for interfacing to PC
• Calibration: Automatic or manual • Multi-user mode: Various privileges, limited access,
(WBC, HGB, RBC, PLT, MCV, RDW, MPV) unique passwords
• Environmentally friendly bulk Diluent and Cleaner • Size (Width x Height x Depth):
reagents and cyanide-free Lyse reagent or 32 cm x 37 cm x 27 cm
• Diatro-ECO Reagent Pack: Up to 145 measurements 12˝ x 14˝ x 10˝
• Weight: 10 kg, 21 lbs
• 6 QC levels: 2 x 3 levels (L, N, H) of control OPTIONS
• QC parameters include mean, range, SD and CV for all Barcode reader
measured and calculated parameters, Levey-Jennings • Optional with manual barcode scanner via USB port. It
charts of last 64 QC measurements can read all common barcodes used for test requisition.

Reagents for Abacus Junior 30 Analyzers

SAP Cat. No Cat. No. Pack size Description Catalogue No SAP Cat No
10023088 Diatro•Dil-5P 20 l Abacus Junior 30
ACS-1C 10022095
(closed reagent model)
10023114 Diatro•Lyse-Diff 1l
Abacus Junior 30
10023233 Diatro•Cleaner* 1l ACS-1 10022081
(open reagent model)
10023273 Diatro•Clenz* 1l Abacus Junior 30
AJ3-ND 10022412
(Non-diff model)
10023287 Diatro•Hypoclean* 1l
* Other sizes of reagents are available:
Diatro•ECO Reagent Pack Diatro•Cleaner 5 l D5015
› Diatro Dil 6.5 l set Diatro•Clenz 5 l D6015
› Diatro Lyse 200 ml
› Diatro Cleaner 250 ml Diatro•Hypoclean CC 100 ml D8011

We are a member of the STRATEC Group

This product is not currently cleared for sale in the USA and only available in non-US markets.
Diatron reserves the right to change any of the specifications without prior notice.Version Nr. AJ30180621V5