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A Steele Christmas Novella
C.M. Steele

Merry Christmas to all my readers!!

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To my husband and best friend who tries to help me stay off the internet but fails miserably.
I love you to pieces.
My betas and proofers:

Thank you for all that you do. Audrey, Evelyn, Mary, Morgan, and Yvette—you all rock.
And to my readers…without you all I wouldn’t be living the dream.
Can you fall in love with someone you only can steal a glance or two at?

As soon as Mason Hunt slid his hands around the lovely Winter Snow, he
knew that she was special. Weeks of wonder and dreams lead him to finally take
his chance when she accidentally crosses his path again.
Can you fall in love with someone when they belong to someone else?

Crashing into Mason nearly sent her to the ground if it wasn’t for his
strong hands catching her. She could still feel his touch even weeks later. Winter
knows it's not meant to be and does her best to stay away, but he has other plans.

Winter and Mason fall hard and fast in this holiday romance full of heat.
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Chapter 1
“I need you to go pick up my dry-cleaning,” Carissa informs me while
reapplying her makeup in the large living room mirror as if I’m just another
member of the staff. Technically, I’m her step-sister, but I’ve been tasked to help
Carissa as a sort of personal assistant, or I can find a new place to stay as they
have so eloquently put it. At almost twenty-one, I’m living in their home, and
since I’m not blood, I’m treated as an interloper by both her father and her.
Granted, I should be on my own two feet and long gone, but life has its ways of
holding you back.
My mother married John Grable about six years ago. It started off
fantastic between them, but I was well aware that it wasn’t hearts and flowers, it
was money and jewels—at least on her end.
I think his resentment comes from the fact that he and my mother are in
the middle of a contentious divorce. Their marriage lasted about four years, and
she played her cards right like always. It’s what she’s good at, playing the
damsel in distress then she takes you for all you have. He’s husband number
three, and he fell for I’m not interested in your money bit she perfected over the
“I’ll get it tonight,” I tell her, reading my textbook for my finals. I’m
finishing up my degree while working for her highness. I have less than two
weeks until I graduate. By January, I have to find a job and move out. My
mother forced me into this terrible position and left me high and dry, but that’s
just the kind of person she is.
Carissa clicks her heels on the marble floors and stands directly in front of
the sofa where I’m studying. She snatches my book from me. “No, I need it in
two hours, so you have to go right now.”
I get off my feet in a flash. I’m a foot smaller than her, but she takes a step
back anyway. “Give me my book back,” I exclaim, lunging for it, but she lifts it
over her head to be a total bitch.
“Not until you promise to go pick up my dry-cleaning,” she challenges
“Why? It’s not like you’re going anywhere.” Damn this woman. I hate her
lazy ass. She doesn’t do anything to deserve the company, but it’s hers because
she’s the heiress. My skills would be put to better use in the company. Not that I
want to be tied to them for long, but a real job that pays more than fifty bucks a
week would be good.
“I don’t want you around when my boyfriend gets here.” This new
boyfriend probably knows that she’s the heiress to her father’s business and
wants to get a piece of that action. He can’t be attracted to her personality.
“Are you serious? I live here, too,” I remind her.
“You keep that up, and you won’t be living here for long. If my dad didn’t
feel sorry for you, he’d dump your ass on the street. You’re lucky that I find you
useful,” she scoffs, tilting her chin up at me.
I cave because I’m likely to say something that will get me in hot water.
“Give me my damn book, and I’ll get your stupid dry-cleaning.” One more
month and I’m out of here. I need to chant that to myself repeatedly.
“Good. Here you go.” I grab the book from her with more force than
necessary, but she knows how to work my nerves. “Now, go before he comes. I
don’t want you to meet Mason.” I’ve never heard of this new love interest, but
he must be important enough that she wants to hide me from him. The last
boyfriend said I was pretty and that was enough for them to break up.
I stomp out of the room, tossing my book on my bed. I look over myself,
seeing my hair is in a messy bun. I pull it out and let it hang down and put on my
winter hat. I look disheveled but screw it, I don’t care. I’m not looking for a
man. With my mother’s history, I could stand to stay away from all men.
The trip to the dry cleaning took longer than expected with the morning
traffic. How I hated this life. It’s moments like these that I despise my mother.
This is all her fault. I tried to get a job at sixteen, but she and John refused
because it would look terrible on them. Now I have nothing to fall back on. I’m
at the mercy of the Grables since my mother filed for divorce and moved away.
My mother declined to take me with her. My step-father used it to his advantage
and didn’t let me go because I served a better purpose as an indentured servant.
Granted, I’m old enough to leave, but where would I go? I have no money,
and I don’t get my actual degree for another month. One of my professor’s wife
secretly offered me a job after I graduate at her law firm as a mail clerk. They
both have even offered me a place to stay if I need it. I’ll take it as soon as I can,
but I’ll pay them as much as I can for it until I can become independent and
I step into the dry-cleaning shop. “Hello, here for Ms. Grable’s
“Yes, Mrs. Gee.” She smiles and nods, walking to the back. I look at the
calendar on the wall as I wait. It’s only the first of the month, the semester ends
in less than two weeks. It feels like forever, but I have to hang in there.
“Hello, Winter, here is Ms. Grable’s dry-cleaning.” I sign for it, but
Carissa prepays for it because they refuse to give me more than fifty bucks a
week to get anywhere. I save twenty-five of it, using the rest for gas. So far, I
have over a thousand dollars for my move.
“Thank you, Mrs. Gee.”
“Thank you, Ms. Winter.” I take the large load to the car, hoping not to
drop it. Mrs. Gee’s son comes dashing out of the backroom and lends me a hand,
opening the door for me. He’s about twelve and a total gentleman. “Thank you,
“You’re welcome, Ms. Winter. Drive safe.” He smiles then goes into the
store. The drive back seems almost as bad as the first, but I get back to the house
and see a sleek Mercedes parked in the driveway. Shaking my head, I walk
inside and drop off her clothes into her room. I don’t hear anyone, so they must
be in the study. I’m almost ready to sit down and study again when I realize I left
my phone in the car. Damn it, I get up from my perch on the sofa and head back
out to my car.
Chapter 2
I enter the Grable Mansion driveway, feeling annoyed that Mr. Grable
insisted the meeting being held at his home. It’s too personal for the first
encounter, but that’s probably how he thinks he can schmooze me into
purchasing his company.
The Grable Textile empire has been going strong for forty years until now.
Mr. Grable’s only child Carissa Grable has taken over, but she doesn’t want the
business. And as if to prove her disdain for work, she’s sent the company
hovering just above the red. He’s eager to sell the company because of it, but I
wonder how eager. I don’t want it if I can’t get it for a reasonable if not
beneficial price. My prosperity comes from making smart deals.
An older butler answers the door just as my hand comes up to knock. “Mr.
Hunt, please come inside. Mr. Grable and Ms. Grable are waiting for you in his
“Thank you,” I remark and step into the opulent foyer. I follow him down
a long hallway into another corridor until we stop in front of a large wooden
He knocks, and the sound of clicking heels rapidly race toward us.
Ms. Grable opens the door. “Oh, Mason. I can call you Mason, right?” she
continues without missing a beat. “We’re so glad to have you make the trip.”
The butler disappears, but she barely moves enough for me to enter, intentionally
creating a little physical contact. I hope my face didn’t give away my disgust
with those antics.
“Please have a seat, both of you,” Mr. Grable orders, glaring at his
obviously flirtatious daughter. She couldn’t have been any more brazen if she sat
in my lap. “I’m sorry about having the meeting here, but I just had a doctor’s
appointment, and I’m to be resting as much as possible.”
“It’s a little unorthodox for me, but it’s on my way into the office anyway.
So please give me a rundown of the company atmosphere. I have the sales
figures, but I want to know about your employees.” I’m well informed about the
employee dynamic, but I want to hear it from them. I know they are trying to lull
me into a false sense of security. The company needs an influx of cash, or it’ll go
belly up in a year. I’m one of the few buyers able to do so.
Mr. Grable waxes on about his staff and how amazing they are, but I can
see the look on his daughter’s face when he mentioned the female employees.
She doesn’t like them very much, and I’m getting a distinct impression that it’s a
territorial thing. For now, I’ll ignore her judgment on these people.
Since I had to be back at my office for a meeting with my chief financial
officer, I ended the session before they could con me into coming to dinner.
“Thank you for taking the time with us,” Mr. Grable says, standing to walk me
“Yes, I agree with my father. Thank you for coming all the way here for
me,” she coos, giving me a put-on smile.
“I’m interested in the possible purchase of the company,” I reiterate. I
know she’s hoping for more, but that’s a snowball’s chance in hell. I nod and
step outside, only to bump into a beauty who I catch before she falls on her ass.
With just my hands around her, I feel a change come over me. I straighten her
out and apologize, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.” She looks up at me, and I itch
to stake my claim right here on the spot. I take her in as much as I can without
being considered fucked up. She’s about a foot shorter than me with her light
hair laying over her shoulders. A sudden need to run my fingers through her soft
waves comes over me, but I know I won’t be able to stop. Her eyes were a
brownish green color, but I’ve only gotten a brief glimpse of them, and that isn’t
enough. I have to get more, but that’s not going to happen because I have an
audience. Would it be considered kidnapping if I can see the longing in her eyes
too? The thought passes through my mind in the short seconds I have in her
“Winter, get in here,” the jealous woman behind me vehemently barks.
This woman is ridiculously spoiled. I loosen my tight hold on Winter just a little.
Winter? What a name? It’s different, but it’s now become my favorite season.
She pulls away, and I’m forced to reluctantly let go.
“Please drive safe, Mason,” the green-eyed monster says, trying to rush
me away from the house when I was sure just a minute ago, she wanted me to
stay. I nod and walk away. I don’t know who the woman is, but I’m going to find
out. And next time, I won’t leave without getting her promise to be mine.
As I get into my car, my heart’s pounding and my cock is throbbing
against my pants. I hesitate for a minute, hoping to catch a glimpse of Winter
before I pull out, but the view is blocked by the sunshine beaming into my car.
I drive away, thinking about her pretty eyes. They were opened wide
because she was shocked, but then they softened as our gazes locked. That was
until Ms. Grable called her name. Damn, I wish I made introductions. It’s not
Once I’m at the office, I attempt to work on my emails, but all I can think
about is how her lips parted ever so slightly. Groaning, I slip my hand under my
desk and stroke my shaft over my pants. A knock at my door stops me from
whipping out my dick and getting out of control.
“Come in,” I grunt out.
My assistant Madison comes in and gets straight to the point. “Sir, Mr.
Grable’s assistant called and would like to schedule another meeting.” My ears
perk up at the possibility of seeing Winter again. I wonder if she’s his assistant.
“When?” I ask her, sounding a little too eager.
She gives me a slight twist of her mouth, then remarks, “Tomorrow, if
possible, but your calendar is full.”
“Let me see.” I have no interest in seeing Grable or talking about the
purchase. All I can think of is Winter and being in her presence again. I open my
calendar and see what can be done. “Did he say where and when?”
“At his office at ten.”
“I can make that happen if I move my finance meeting to twelve.”
“That can be done, sir,” Madison says, making a note. She looks up and
adds, “Your mother also called.”
“Damn, the usual?” I question already knowing the answer. My mother is
relentless in her pursuit of grandchildren. As an only child, I’m the only one to
give her grandbabies.
“Yes, but I told her you were out and wouldn’t be in for another hour.”
Damn, that woman won’t give me a break. It’s always: find a good girl, get
married, and have tons of babies.
I roll my eyes and mouth a “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. Do you want anything from the deli down the street?”
“Yes, I forgot to eat today.” I pull out two twenties and give them to her.
“Get us both something. The usual for me.” She knows what I order because she
likes the same thing. It’s one of the reasons my mom wanted us to get together
for the past three years. I like Madison, but not in a sexual way. She’s a great
employee and a sweet person, but she’s not for me.
“Okay. I’ll be back in twenty.” Once she’s gone, my thoughts are on
Winter again. Fuck, maybe it’s just a fluke. Perhaps I just need to get some.
Chapter 3
I step into Mr. Grable’s lobby, hoping to see the lovely Winter again. It’s
only been one night, and I’m dying to bury my cock to the hilt in her sweet,
warm pussy. My dick throbs against my zipper, begging for release. What the
fuck has she done to me?
“Mason. I didn’t expect to see you here,” Ms. Grable exclaims; her face
brightens and her eyes widen. I’m not sure if she really didn’t know I was
coming or she’s a superb actress.
“Your father asked for another meeting,” I inform her, biting my tongue
because if I keep her close maybe her assistant will appear or maybe she’s her
father’s assistant. I’m not sure who she works for, but it really doesn’t matter
because if I have my way, the only thing she’s going to be working is my cock.
“Actually, my father’s not here at the moment. He’s running late.” This is
bullshit. “Since he retired, he rarely ever comes in. I think he forgot how
unpredictable traffic can be,” she sighs, stepping in closer. “Please follow me.
You can wait in my office.” I follow her into a large office right off the reception
area. The rush of heat hits me full force. It’s hot as fuck in here. What the hell?
It’s cold outside, but it’s an inferno in here. I take off my suit jacket and loosen
my tie immediately.
“Sorry, there’s something wrong with my thermostat. They are working on
it right now,” she explains, taking off her suit jacket as well to reveal a strapless
dress. She better be telling me the damn truth and not attempting to seduce me. I
wasn’t interested in her before I saw Winter, and I’m most definitely not
interested now. “I can take your coat,” she says. I hand it to her, avoiding the
intentionally extended fingers reaching for mine.
“When will your father be here? I already didn’t have time for this
meeting as it is.”
“Sorry. Let me get you a drink. It’s probably too early for scotch, but I
have some if you’d like. Or I could get you coffee.”
“No, it’s too damn hot in here for coffee. I’ll take the scotch.” She
saunters to the sideboard, trying too hard for her own good. She’s going to cost
her father this deal which I’m sure will ruin her little inheritance if she keeps this
up. I take the glass from her and down it in one gulp.
“Wow, you’re thirsty.” She takes my glass and refills it. I want to guzzle it
down, but I’m not trusting her one bit. I have to get out of here before I sweat
my balls off. There’s a knock at the door, but she doesn’t answer it right away.
It’s as if she’s trying to make them think she’s not in here. After the next knock,
she takes a drink of her scotch. “It’s probably your father,” I say, standing up and
walking to the door, adjusting my tie.
“It’s not him,” she mutters angrily over her glass. I open it anyway. The
cool gust of air gives me no damn relief because now I’m staring at the woman
I’ve been obsessing over. She’s so fucking hot that my dick suddenly found life
again. “Winter, what are you doing here? I told you to take that to the house.
How can you be so fucking dumb? I swear. You can’t find good help anywhere.”
“Sorry, Ms. Grable. I’ll go there now,” she bites out, holding back all the
fucked-up words I can tell she’s ready to unleash on the shrew behind me.
“I have to leave, too. I have another meeting in an hour,” I state, walking
over to get my suit jacket and coat. “I’ll be in touch,” I say distractedly, slipping
on my jacket and staring at Winter who’s rushing to the elevator. Two men in
maintenance uniforms call for Ms. Grable’s attention, leaving my prey all alone.
Winter presses the button rapidly like she’s in some horror movie trying to
escape. I wonder if she’s scared of her boss or the instant attraction between us.
The elevator doors open, and she dashes in like she’s going to get away.
It’s really fucking cute, but I’m quick and step in before she can press the close
button, letting the doors close behind me. I leave the buttons alone, so the
elevator doesn’t move.
“We meet again, Winter.” I inch closer, stalking and trapping her into a
corner. Her eyes look away from me, trying to hide the momentary joy she got
when I entered.
“Yes, more’s the pity,” she scoffs, glaring at me and twisting her lips, but
her body’s much more telling than her words.
I lower my head, dipping my nose down to her neck and taking in her
scent. “Wow, you sweet little liar,” I accuse, leaning in and stealing a kiss of her
racing pulse. Her mouth parts as I linger above them. “You’re a pretty little
fibber, aren’t you? I bet if I slide my hand between your thighs and run my
fingers across your panties, your pussy would be soaked.”
“Don’t even try it. There are cameras right over there, watching us. I’m
not losing my job because of you.” She grinds her teeth, mashing that last
syllable, then points out the one camera mounted to the roof of the elevator that
could see everything.
“Now, that’s a pity.” I step back and reach to press the lobby button when
the doors open.
It’s Ms. Grable with her hands on her hips, and her brow cocked. “What’s
going on, Winter? You’re already skating on thin ice. Come here. We need to
have a talk,” she bit out, nearly dragging Winter from the elevator. I wink at
Winter who scowls at me before the doors close again.
I’m going to get her alone one way or another. There’s no way she can lie
about the attraction. I’m not sure why she’s fighting it, but she won’t for very
much longer.

Chapter 4
Why? I can’t stop thinking about Mason Hunt. Why? I know he’s hotter
than sin, but he’s taken. And why won’t he quit trying to talk to me? Better yet,
stop trying to seduce me. I somehow managed to run into him at every meeting.
It’s all because Carissa is a total damn airhead and forget that she’d send me on
an errand. I felt like she was purposely torturing me. She knew that I was
interested in him and rubbed it in my face. Damn, I couldn’t even hide it, but he
belonged to her. They can’t make it public until the company’s sold, so they see
each other secretly. In fact, they’re supposed to have another “business meeting”
in less than an hour at a fancy restaurant while I’m driving through this winter
mess, picking up her Christmas presents.
Just thinking of them together makes me nauseous. Soon I’ll be gone and
never have to see them again, but until then I have to brace myself for the
heartbreaking encounters. The other day in the office was the worst; it nearly
broke me. They took forever to open the door. And when they finally did, he was
fixing his collar while she was behind him straightening her top. Then as if to
rub it in, she ran her finger around her lips to hide that they were kissing. His
brow was sweaty and his cock was unmistakably hard when he ran into the
elevator, pinning me to the wall and acting like he wasn’t in the middle of trying
to get busy with Carissa when I interrupted. That fucking disgusted me, but my
body refused to agree. My pussy practically screamed “take me” when he kissed
my neck.
And despite the fact that he’s taken and a player, I let him see how
attracted I was to him. Damn, I hate the way it makes me feel. He’s gorgeous,
but a total dick. He’s engaged to my step-sister and looking at me as if he can see
through my clothes. Every day, I go to bed and hope that this feeling for him will
go away, but any time I think of him it gets worse. I’m a wretched person for
wanting him and yet I can’t avoid him—even in my dreams.
I still remember the first encounter two weeks ago that started it all. Has it
only been two weeks since he barreled into me? I can still feel his hands
wrapped around my waist as he stopped me from hitting the ground. Our eyes
connected, and my heart raced out of control. I thought I was going to faint
But then I remember what happened right afterward.
“Winter, if you want to live in this house, you’ll stay away from Mason.
He’s mine,” she snarls, poking me in the chest. “Do you hear me?” she
screamed. It was so loud that I thought he could hear her in his car.
I nod. “Answer me,” she bites out.
“Yes, I hear you. I didn’t even speak to him,” I remind her crazy ass.
“Good. You’re your mother’s daughter, so keep your slutty paws off my
man. And just so you know our engagement is a secret. If you say anything you’ll
be out on your ass, and the best job you’ll get is at a fast food restaurant.”
I close my eyes and shake away that conversation. I want to tell her to go
fuck herself, but I can’t. Even when I want to quit so bad, especially right now.
I’m circling the block in my car that technically belongs to Mr. Grable. It’s been
snowing for hours; it finally stopped around four in the afternoon, but now rush
hour has begun. Cars hit the road all over downtown Chicago, making it hard for
me to find a parking spot and the plows to clear the streets. The nearest garage is
a block away, and I’m not interested in paying twelve bucks to park there to pick
up something. Carissa already told me that she wouldn’t reimburse me for it, so
I’m not paying more than a few bucks to run her errands.
Finally, a spot opens up halfway down the block, and I get in with a
couple of tries. The snow on the curb forces me to take the tight spot slowly.
Once I’m out, I nearly slip on the icy roads. Everything will be salted down in a
few hours, but right now, the ice and slush are a bit of a mess. I make it into the
store and my time doesn’t get any better. The people inside are total dicks, and I
can’t wait to get out of the place.
I bundle up, but my waist length coat does nothing to protect my chilled
thighs. Even after twenty minutes in the store, my body hasn’t warmed up
enough to brace myself for another return outside. I suppose that’s why rich
people hire assistants. Getting to live at the house while I finish my degree if I
serve as Carissa’s assistant is almost at an end. She’s an heiress with beauty and
brains, even if she doesn’t use them. and I don’t even get anything from her dad,
so I don’t understand why she has to be extra bitchy with me.
She’s the total package and yet, I get the feeling that even that isn’t
enough for her. She’s getting married to the most handsome man in the world. In
fact, I’m sure one of these packages is for him. I stack them in my arms and
practically stumble out of the store.
As I step out, the wind picks up sending my packages, or rather Carissa’s,
nearly tumbling down. The only thing that stops them from falling to the ground
into the slushy abyss of winter is a pair of gloved hands. “Whoa, whoa,” a deep
husky voice exclaims. “Are you alright, miss?” A voice that’s so familiar to my
“Yes, yes. Thank you,” I reply, looking around the boxes at my rescuer. I
almost drop them again because it’s really him, Mason Hunt. He’s hot, and even
in this cold weather, I feel heat course through me. He’s my freaking fantasy.
He’s a lot taller than my five feet-three. His eyes are greyish-blue, but I can’t get
a great look at them because the street light blinds my in-depth inspection of his
irises. My eyes move down further to his mouth and a strong jaw with a scruffy
beard. It’s thicker than before. I’m moaning internally. I have to get away, but
I’m not sure I want to try.
Chapter 5
The only reason I’m going to this business dinner is in hopes that Ms.
Grable’s sexy assistant is going to be there. I haven’t stopped fantasizing about
what I want to do to her. I only got a moment of her attention the last two times I
encountered her.
She did everything to avoid the truth between us, and Grable and his
greedy daughter monopolized my time when she was around. Fuck, I didn’t even
get a proper introduction. I wanted to curse their asses out and steal her away for
the way they treat her, but I knew she’d think I was fucking crazy. Damn, just
thinking about the taste of her skin after kissing her pulse made me come every
time I took my dick in hand.
And maybe I am a bit off my rocker, but I want Winter more than I need
to breathe. Her long blonde hair, pinned up in a tight ponytail, trailing down her
back makes me want to grab it and drag her lips to mine. Crushing them, owning
them until she understands what she does to me. Every inch of me wants to chain
her to me, fuck my kid into her, but things don’t always go your way.
I swallow a deep breath, remembering that I have somewhere to be and
can’t have my cock hammering against my zipper. I step out of my Mercedes,
adjusting my length and using my car door as cover. Once I’m good, I close it
and hit the lock. I make a mad dash for the restaurant. I’m getting slush on the
edge of my pants. Not the best damn look for an important meeting, but I’m not
here to impress them, especially Ms. Grable.
I’m nearly there when a group of women with strollers take up the entire
sidewalk. I try to move around them, but one of their little ones decides to dart in
my way. “Oh my, we’re sorry, sir,” one of them exclaims dragging the child to
her side. “I told you to be careful.”
I nod as they apologize profusely to me, but my attention is taken by none
other than my woman. I can see through the window of Oui an expensive store
newly added to downtown Chicago.
She smiles at the man behind the counter but doesn’t get one in return.
What the fuck kind of service is that? I heard it was one of the most expensive
stores in the area. For the price of things in there, they should come with a grin
plastered to their face. She’s walking toward the exit with a handful of
packages. I make my way to the entrance just as she’s coming out. I’m lucky as
fuck it’s freezing out here or the attraction would be noticeable, very noticeable
even in the dark. She darts out and into my arms again. Fuck, now my dick is
hard despite the cold. She thanks me for my help, but this time, I don’t have a
psycho woman trying to interfere.
“My pleasure, Winter,” I add, caressing her name. “Can I lend you a hand
to your car?” She’s hesitant, but I can see she’s interested.
“Um…you don’t have to, Mr. Hunt,” she responds, trying to talk both of
us out of it. That’s not going to work one bit. I grab for the boxes she’s
struggling to stabilize them.
“Call me, Mason. And I know that I don’t have to help, but I can’t let you,
in good conscience, struggle to carry them.”
“Um. Thank you. My car is down the street.” I can’t hold onto her like I
want to, but I stand as close as I can.
“Please be careful, Winter.” There are patches of ice scattered randomly
on the sidewalk. They clean them off, but the slush gets kicked by the foot traffic
sending it onto the cleared path.
“I’m already pushing that envelope,” she mutters under her breath.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask, stopping in the middle of the
“Nothing, it’s just slippery out here.” Damn, she’s lying to me. This girl is
not a convincing liar at all. I like that. Years of negotiating deals and buying and
selling companies have put me in the sights of professional liars.
We continue walking halfway down the block when she stops and says,
“We’re at my car. Thank you.” Attempting to rush our time together, but she’s
not getting away that easily. She opens the back door and loads the gifts inside,
then turns around to reach for the ones I have. I ignore her and slide them in
myself. She’s already treated terribly by her boss. I can’t do the same thing to
her. I stand up and step back, so she can close the door, and that’s when I spot a
gift tag sticking to her pants. It’s in the perfect spot, and I can’t help but smirk
when I see my name on it.
It’s a fucking sign that her pussy belongs to me. And damn am I going to
love unwrapping that present. I don’t give a fuck how dirty that shit sounds, but
I’m going to leave her a gift for both of us.
“Um, you have a sticker.” I point to the spot I want to fucking taste. She
glances down at it and back up at me with a blush.
“That’s not a good place for a gift tag,” she jokes clearly hoping to push
away the embarrassment.
“I beg to differ,” I insist. “It has my name on it.” I step in closer to her,
and she moves back until she’s pressed against the car.
“Um you shouldn’t be talking to me like that,” she stammers out.
“Are you offended that I’m interested in you?”
“Yeah. You have a fiancée.” I jump back like she slapped me.
Chapter 6
Mason’s gaping me like I’ve lost my mind. He pins me in with his hands
on either side of my body, resting on the roof of my car. “What the hell gave you
that idea? Better yet, who the hell gave you that fucked up idea?”
“Um. Carissa,” I answer, trying to process that he’s claiming it’s a lie.
After what I saw in the office, maybe they’re not engaged but just dating.
Tilting his head, seemingly annoyed, he questions, “Ms. Grable told you
“Yes, she said it was a secret.”
“Fucking bitch,” he muttered under his breath, pushing off the car and
standing straight up. “I’m not engaged to her. I’ve never been with her.”
“What about what I saw in the office?”
“What do you think you saw?”
“You both were straightening your clothes.”
“Sweetheart, did you step into that room? I loosened my tie and took off
my jacket because it was about a hundred degrees in there, and I was sweating
like a damn pig. The maintenance crew walked in just as I darted to the elevator
to chase you down. I’ve never chased a woman in my life, but I had to see you,
touch you, know you.” I’m flabbergasted. When I think back on it, I remember
after I got out of the elevator Juan and Frank came up to Carissa and said it’s all
fixed. Damn, I’m brainless sometimes.
“Come, we’re going to have dinner.”
“What? I can’t. I have to get these to Carissa.” I truly wanted to dump
them in the nearest slushy puddle, but knowing her, she’d accuse me of stealing
her purchases.
“Good, we’ll do that first.”
He opens my car door and grabs all the boxes at once. I close it behind me
and follow him as he storms toward the restaurant down the street. “Be careful.
You’re going to drop them.”
He freezes and turns to me. With a snarl, he scowls and asks, “I don’t give
a fuck. Tell me, Winter. Did you avoid me because of her?”
“Um. Yes,” I stammer out. It’s the only reason I tried to hide from him. I
want to be in his existence forever. I want to be his shadow. I want to give him
my virginity and have his beautiful babies. My womb is screaming for him to fill
me up. Wow, knowing that he’s not engaged changes everything. It’s as if the
chains holding me back have fallen off.
“Then, that’s all that I need to know.” He turns back around and marches
to the restaurant, leaving me three steps behind. Uh-oh, it looks like I angered
the beast.
We enter Chateau, a fancy French restaurant, and the host greets us,
looking at us oddly because of his handful of packages. “I’m Mr. Hunt. I’m here
to join the Grable party.”
“Yes, Ms. Grable is at the table. Follow me.” Carissa is sitting at a small
intimate table only meant for two people. I want to snap because this is what she
was hoping to have—a nice private dinner that I’m sure had nothing to do with
business. She sees Mason first since his broad body blocks me from her view.
She stands up with her calculating smile turned on him until she takes in the
expression on his face. A part of me loves this and wants to instigate the matter,
but I won’t have anywhere to live if I do. Maybe there’s a shelter or Mr. Reedy,
and his wife will let me stay with them sooner than expected. Shit, I just
remembered they are going out of town to visit their kids.
“Ms. Grable, here are your packages from the shop.” He tosses the gifts
on the table carelessly.
“What’s going on?” she asks, looking between the packages and Mason. I
step around, so she can see me and then her face blanches instantly. “Oh, you’re
telling him lies.”
“Ms. Grable, I’m leaving these here, and Winter and I are gone. Now, just
so you know the deal is off. I’m not going to buy your father out. You fucked
that up big time. You told my future wife that I was engaged to you,” he
exclaims, then slides his hand down my arm and intertwines his fingers with
mine. Did he just call me his future wife? I can’t believe he said that. Maybe it’s
just to piss her off.
“What? I didn’t,” she chokes out, pointing her finger at me. “She’s lying.”
“You did,” I screech out, forgetting that I was in public.
“You can tell me that bullshit, but it doesn’t matter. Good night.” He turns
around and walks us out of the restaurant. “Sorry about that, Winter.”
“I’m going to be homeless now. I don’t know what I’m going to do,” I cry
out, losing my nerve I had a moment ago. Fuck, what am I going to do?
“Stop worrying, Winter. If you really want to work, you can work for my
“It’s not wanting to, I have to. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon like…”
“Me?” he asks, quirking his brow. I totally didn’t mean him, but I know
that he’s not going to be out on the street tomorrow like I will be.
“No, I don’t know if you were born rich. I meant that I have to work for a
living, unlike my step-sister.”
He does a double take, then asks in disbelief, “Step-sister? You can’t mean
that wench back there?”
“Yes, but our parents are getting divorced.”
“I never heard anything about him having a step-daughter.”
“That’s because I’m just a stowaway. I have to be her assistant to get my
college paid for and to live in their home.”
I could see the anger in his eyes, but then he smiles and says, “Well, see
there’s a little secret I will let you in on. They are trying to sell their company
because she’s not good at running it. She’s grown up too spoiled. One of the
side-effects of giving your kids everything is they may never learn the value of
hard work. She is an example of it.”
“What about you? Did you become successful by your own bootstraps?”
“No, I had family money. Nowhere close to what I have now, but I had to
earn my success. My parents owned a small textile company in the suburbs. We
lived as a middle-class family, but of course, there were times when my father
had to downsize and fell into the red. I never wanted to worry about going
bankrupt or having to lay off employees when there’s a turn in the market or
trends that lead to useless materials. I work buying companies and bringing them
back to life before selling them and moving on to the next.”
“Wow, you’re pretty awesome.” I feel so out of place around him. It’s
different to meet someone who isn’t so damn self-absorbed.
“I think you are too,” he adds, going straight to my ovaries.
“Whatever. I don’t do anything special.”
“As cheesy as it sounds, you do something special to me. Every time I
think of you, see you, or dream of you, I want more. So my lovely Winter, you
are special to me. Now, let’s get some dinner because I’m starving, and we can
talk some more before I take you home and spend this weekend learning
everything we can about each other.”
“Um…sounds good.” He grabs my scarf and fixes it, then lowers his head,
taking my lips with his, kissing me slowly, sliding his hands over my arms and
pulling me tight to him until I can feel the desire in his pants. My body reacts
instantly, rolling my hips forward, and grinding along his hard ridge.
“And baby, I wasn’t kidding about the gift tag either,” he whispers,
stepping back to look at me. “I definitely can’t wait to unwrap you.”
“Then we better find a place to eat.”
“That’s more like it.”
Chapter 7
We walked down the street to a small restaurant, and they seated us
quickly. “Winter, tell me a little about you. Tell me it all,” I say while we wait
for our order.
“What can I say? I graduated from UIC a few days ago,” she remarks,
taking a sip of her water. I can see she's a little bit nervous, but then again, she
steals lust-filled glances at me from beneath her pretty lashes.
"Congratulations. That’s wonderful. In what?”
“I have a degree in accounting.” Damn, Grable could use her to help with
the company, but I’m guessing that was never an option.
“Ha, man that explains another reason why she’s so dead set against you.”
“I suppose that’s true,” she giggles.
“So, when you're not slaving away for the shrew what do you do?" I ask,
reaching for her hand to rub it. I can’t take my eyes off her, making her blush
and smile all the way up her face.
She straightens her shoulders then looks at me seriously, and states matter
of factly, "Lately, I spend my time thinking of you." She starts giggling when she
sees my surprise.
"Be serious,” I growl, clasping our hands together. "Honestly, I spend
time at the library. It's the only place I can afford to visit," she admits reluctantly,
fiddling with the napkin in front of her. "What do you do when you're not ruling
the world?"
"Visit my mom."
"That's so sweet." I shrug and sit back. I can see the questions in her eyes,
so I answer it because she's too polite to ask. "My dad died two years ago. He
was killed by a distracted driver."
"Oh no, that's awful." I didn’t say that he was the distracted driver. He was
busy getting head from his mistress when he crashed into another car, forcing my
mom into a depression I never thought possible. She learns of my father’s affair
only after learning of his death. My first thought is if Winter learns the truth,
she’ll think I’d do the same to her. I wouldn’t because nothing is as terrible as
destroying the person you love for a moment of release. Fuck, my hand has been
my friend for years now. I won’t break her like my father did my mother. She's
just coming around to being happy again and has even started dating some guy
in the neighborhood who is a widower.
“Thanks. But enough of the somber talk.” The waiter comes with our food
which looks good. After we both have a bite, I begin my interrogation again,
“What were your plans for Christmas?”
She plays with her food on her plate before muttering, “Um…I really
didn’t have any.”
I lean in closer to get her attention that’s focused on the steamed broccoli.
“You don’t celebrate?” I ask.
“No, I love the Christmas season, but my family kind of sucks. We
haven’t had a decent Christmas in two-plus years.”
“Sorry, where’s your mom now?”
“Off with her latest boyfriend, waiting for the divorce to be final before
she marries the next guy.”
“Oh no. I’m sorry Winter.”
“It’s fine. She left me stranded and at the damn mercy of the Grables.”
“Yes, that’s not good at all.”
“Speaking of the car, the one I’m driving is theirs. I’m going to be
thoroughly fucked.”
I give her a smirk because the word fucked coming from her pretty lips
only makes my dick harder. “You will be later on, but not when it comes to your
life. I promise, Winter. I’m going to make everything better.”
“You don’t have to be taking care of me just because you want to bang my
brains out.”
“I want to bang your brains out, but baby, that’s not all I want. I want you
swollen with my babies, wearing my ring, and growing old with me.”
“Stop. You’re making me blush.”
“I happen to like the look on you. I’m crazy about you, Winter.” I would
tell her that I loved her, but I didn’t want to scare her. They say it’s rare to fall in
love at first sight, but I fell hard.
As we’re sitting there, finishing our food, her phone rings. She looks at it
and frowns. “Grable?”
“Yes,” she remarks, staring down at it biting her lip with her finger
hovering over the screen.
“Let it go to voicemail. They can leave a message. I’m going to tell you
this. They made it seem that you were just an assistant, which makes them big
dickheads. So, don’t worry.”
My phone starts ringing. I pull it out and wonder if it’s the Grables, but
it’s my mom. “My mom,” I muttered, letting it go to voicemail.
“You should have answered it. Maybe it’s important.”
“No, she wants me to give her grandbabies already. So right now, she’s
getting in the way of that.”
“Well we can’t have sex right on the table,” she says just as the waiter
returns to the table with our check. He smiles awkwardly, and Winter looks like
she wants to slink under the table.
“No, I suppose it’s not sanitary, but I would love to have dessert when we
get home.” I look at the guy and give him a smirk. “The food was great,” I add
dropping a fifty and stepping out of the booth. “Come on, babe.” She reaches out
for me and stands. Helping her with her coat, I lean in and kiss her neck. “I bet
you taste a thousand times better.” A light gasp escapes her lips then she shivers.
I’m going to make her body do a lot more in a little bit.
“Let’s get your car, and then I’ll follow you back to the Grable estate.”
“Okay,” she says.
We slowly stroll on to her car or at least where her vehicle should be, but I
don’t see it. “Oh no. Where is it? This is where I parked it.”
“Are you sure?” I question while trying to remember where we were but
damn, my eyes had been on her only.
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“Yes, because I remember this Arizona plate in front of where I was.”
“Okay.” I start looking around, and that’s when I see near the car parked
there now. I had a feeling that this was intentional. She takes out her phone just
as it dings with a notification.
“Haha. Steal my man, and now you’re stranded bitch,” she reads out the
“There’s a voicemail, too.”
“Check it because we’re going to have to get your things and I want to be
prepared. I’ll have the law with me if necessary.”
She puts it on speaker, letting me hear it. “Winter, how could you do this
to our family?” I hear Mr. Grable’s voice, and I want to pound his face in.
“Lying and getting him to believe it. You are no longer allowed to live here.
Your things are being packed by the staff and will be waiting outside the house. I
don’t want to see you ever again.” Tears stream down her face as the message
ends. I wrap her up in my arms but don’t say a thing. She doesn’t need to be told
to not cry if that’s what she’s feeling.
“I’m here for you,” I whisper over her head.
“Thank you, Mason.”
“Well, give me a minute, and I’ll call in a favor. Someone else can pick up
your belongings and deliver them to the house.” I pull back and take her hand.
She looks down at where they meet. “We look good together.”
“Are you for real?” I pinch myself.
“Yes, I’m real. This is real. So how about I make the call.” I smell
something in the air that reminds me of the holidays. We have less than two
weeks until Christmas, so that means that it’s the mart I smell. “I know we just
ate, but the holiday sweets are hitting my nose. Are you warm enough to want to
hit up the Christkindlmarket?”
“I would love that. I’ve never been.”
“Really? My mother loves it. I’ll just make the call, and we can go have
fun before I take you home,” I say, bending down and stealing a kiss, wiping
away a stray tear. “No more crying. Let’s celebrate the holiday season.”
I call in the old moving company I owned before selling it to a friend.
“Hey, James, I need a solid. Can you head over to the Grable estate and pick up
my woman’s things.”
“Wow, you claimed her did you now. Good job, man. I’ll have people on
the way,” he laughs. “I want to meet her soon.”
“Yeah, well you’re coming over for Christmas. See you then, my friend.”
“See ya later. My guys will be there in half an hour.”
“Now that that is taken care of, shall we go?”
“I’m ready,” she says, tucking her hand into the crook of my arm.
Chapter 8
The lights of the Christkindlmarket make me smile. It’s super crowded,
but Mason doesn’t let go of my hand at all. In fact, he tightens his grip on me.
Every few steps he steals a kiss on my cheek or lips. This is wonderful. How can
it be this amazing?
“Did you want to try some of the sweets?”
“I’m not sure what I want, but everything smells delicious.”
“Fine, let’s walk around and see what the world has in store.” Many of the
companies in the wooden stalls aren’t American. It’s a taste of Christmas from
different countries. The items all seem to be handmade. We stop at an Austrian
vendor, and I see several different versions of the Christmas pickle. It’s a
German tradition to find a pickle in the tree, but that’s all I know. As we go
around, I don’t feel the cold with him at my side.
He took out his phone and lifted it, taking a picture of us. “As much fun as
I’m having here, Mason. Can we go back to your home?”
He smiles at me and says, “No.” I freeze, wondering what he has in mind.
“I’m taking us to our home.” He lowers his head, claiming my lips in a
breathtaking kiss.
We get in his car, and he gets a message from his friend that my things
will be delivered in the morning. I can’t believe he tossed me out like that. Well,
I suppose I can, but it still hurts. Looking over at Mason, I push all of that out of
my head. What I want to think about is the way Mason’s hands clench the
steering wheel like he’s going to break it.
“Is something wrong? You’re gripping the steering wheel so tightly your
knuckles are white.”
He gives me a quick glance. “Being this close to you after weeks of trying
to get over this insanity makes it hard to breathe. I want to fucking feel every
inch of you before I take you deep.” I squirm in my seat because I’m feeling the
same way. Getting to his house seems to drag on. When we pull up to the gates
they open and standing before me is what looks to be a mansion or damn near
close to it.
“Wow, for real?” I exclaim, clasping my hand to my mouth. We aren’t
even in the same sphere. I feel like I walked into a different world. I wonder if
this is where he brings all his women. The thought pangs me.
“This must stun any woman you bring here.”
“Well, other than the once a week cleaning staff, my mom and my
assistant, no other woman has been here. I’ve never brought a woman here
before. I bought it right after I stopped dating or attempting to date.”
“Wait? How long have you had this mansion?”
He chuckles, “It’s not a mansion, but for three years now.”
“Wow, that’s a lot for a guy in his prime,” I remark. I don’t know why I’m
getting into this. It would upset me if he had been with someone right before we
met, but I couldn’t shut my mouth. After all, I’m going to give him my virginity.
“Baby, I’m not that old yet; I’m just about to turn thirty next month, but I
plan for our prime to last into our sixties,” he murmurs.
We go inside, and as soon as he drops the keys on the table and locks the
door, he's on me devouring my lips, slipping his tongue inside my mouth and
owning every inch of it. I pull back breathing hard, but I need to tell him the
truth. We don’t get that far because he’s taking off my coat for me and kissing
me at the same time. Losing my mind, I tug his jacket off his shoulders. I kick
off my shoes, and so does he. Mason growls, sucking on my neck, reminding me
there’s something I need to tell him before it’s too late.
“Mason, there’s something I need to tell you,” I pant out.
“You can tell me anything,” he replies against my skin.
“I’m a virgin.” And like that, the mood was gone. He stops kissing me and
steps back, looking at me skeptically. Instant regret fills me. Maybe I should
have been quiet about it.
“Are you serious?”
“Yes. I don’t think that’s something to joke about.” I feel so mortified. I’m
only going to be twenty-one. It’s not like I’m in my late twenties or something.
“No, there’s no laughing here,” he growls, moving quickly to me. He flips
me over his shoulder, carrying in a hurry up the stairs.
Chapter 9
I can’t get her in bed fast enough. She’s mine to keep and only mine. I
nearly came when she told me that she saved her pussy for me. I drop her onto
the mattress. “Woman, I’m doing my best to hold it together, but I want to fuck
you hard and rough.”
“Do whatever you want,” she moans.
“I will.” I tug off my sweater and tee. “Take off your clothes and show me
what’s mine, Winter.” She blushes, hesitates, then slowly lifts her top over her
head. I freeze with my hands on my loosened belt, staring at her large beautiful
breasts covered by a lacy cream bra. Her pretty mounds peak over the material,
causing my balls to rise up and my pants to tighten. I whip my belt out of the
loops and stalk toward the bed, climbing on top and pushing Winter down onto
the pillows.
“Mason,” Winter moans, clutching onto the sheets. I drop my head down,
sucking on the tops of her perky tits. I hadn’t noticed how big they were until she
took off her coat at dinner. Since then, I’ve imagined the feel of them in my
mouth, hands, and around my dick. My hands reach around and drag the fabric
down, revealing her hard, dusky pink nipples. The tip of my tongue rolls around
her peak before I suck it between my lips. “Fuck,” she cries out, thrusting her
chest out.
Pushing them together, I cup and devour her fabulous mounds. They’re
perfect. “I fucking love your large breasts,” I growl, pulling my mouth off her
spectacular tits and kiss her. I want to rub my dick between them as my tip slips
past her lips. “But I’m just getting started. I want to taste your pussy.” She
blushes then tries to close her legs. I shake my head as I move lower and undo
her pants. “I told you I wanted dessert.” I tug them off, dragging her panties with
them. I take a deep breath, trying to hold off my orgasm. Just seeing her pretty
little pussy covered by light blonde hair. Grabbing her thighs, I part her legs and
lower my head, lifting them over my shoulder. I run my finger over her lips
gently parting them. She’s so fucking soaked, and it’s just for me. The tip of my
tongue slides across her seam and hitting her nub. Damn, I could eat her out all
day, stroking her cunt with my tongue and fingers until she comes all over my
face. I press one finger inside, feeling how insanely tight she is. My cock throbs
against my pants, but thankfully I loosened them. I slip another finger inside her
tiny slit, feeling her close around them.
“Mason, holy shit, I’m…I’m…I’m coming,” she shouts, squeezing her
thighs together and thrusting her hips up against my greedy mouth.
I pull my fingers out and suck her sweetness off them as I smile up at her.
“The way you cry out makes me want to keep you coming.”
“I agree,” she stutters with her lip shaking. I move up her perfect body,
tasting and nipping my way to her mouth. I crush my face to her, slamming my
tongue inside, letting her taste herself. She moans, and I have to fuck my kid into
her. There’s no more waiting. I get up from the bed and pull off the rest of my
clothes. My pre-cum covered cock bobs against my stomach attracting her eyes
to it. Damn, I want to put this big fucker between her lips and watch her suck me
down. I stroke myself as I line up my cock to her tiny entrance.
“It’s time to make you mine.”
“I’m already yours.”
“Good, because there’s no fucking going back,” I state, kissing her while I
thrust past her barrier. She’s mine and only mine. I don’t stop, but I slow down
and lazily let her get used to me. “I’m sorry I had to hurt you, but at the same
time selfishly enjoying it. You’re mine, Winter.”
“It’s getting better.” I continue the steady slow pace because my balls are
full as fuck and ready to blow if I don’t think of something else. I can’t fucking
take my mind off the way her sweet, tiny womb is holding onto my cock for dear
life, coaxing my load from me. I crush her mouth again, lifting her thigh over my
waist and pick up the pace.
“Baby, I’m going to have to make it up to you because I can’t hang on
much longer. You’re too damn sexy. Eating your pussy is permanently on my
dessert menu. Fuck this,” I say, pulling out and dropping back down her slick
cunt, sucking on her gorgeous pussy until she’s grinding her hips around me,
feeling my last warning before I come, I push back into her pussy and we both
“I’m coming again, damn it,” she moans clawing on my biceps. I give her
one last thrust, shooting jets of cum into her unprotected womb, breeding my
“Winter, thank you for my early Christmas present. I want to unwrap it
every night.” I start to get off the bed because I need to run her a bath. I’m sure I
tore her little pussy apart.
“Ooh, I’d like that. Where are you going?”
“I’m going to start the bath for you.”
“Are you trying to tell me I smell?” she teases.
“No, but I’m guessing you’re pretty sore.”
“I am, but you don’t have to.”
“I will always take care of you. Besides, I’m a bit selfish. If you’re too
sore tomorrow. How will I get to claim you all over again?”
“And I can’t let you suffer. Go now, run my bath,” she orders with an air
of superiority. I start her bath and get the towels ready. She doesn’t have any
clothes besides the ones she wore here until morning, so I’ll dig out some of
mine. Or else, I’ll be trying to fuck her all night.
She comes into the bathroom with the sheet covering her, but I yank it off.
“No need for modesty, Winter. Seeing you naked is like heaven.” I crush our
mouths together, both of us naked again.
“Join me,” she moans as my stiff length presses on her belly. I adjust it
and rub it across her slit. Back and forth as I kiss her, she rides me, rocking her
pussy along the shaft, soaking it with her need. I want to give it a little nudge
and take her, but I don’t want to break her goodies. “Mas…Mason,” she
stammers, trembling as she gets closer. “Please make me come.”
I reach between us and use my thumb to stroke her aching nub. She cries
out, coming for me. It’s all I need because I’m coming too. I jerk off, spraying
her mound and belly with my cum. She slides her fingers over the sticky mess I
made on her, bringing them to her mouth and sucking off my seed.
A moan of satisfaction comes from her pretty lips. Then she drops to her
knees and takes my cock in her hand, then wraps her mouth around my tip
cleaning off my cum. Fuck, I’m getting harder by the second she’s going to
make me cum. “You keep that up, and I’m going to fill you with another load,
Winter.” She smiles up at me, pleased with herself.
“I want it. I want my dessert, too.”
“Good God, I fucking don’t know what I did to deserve you, but please
continue, Winter.” I grab her hair roughly and help guide her. She may come off
as confident in her words, but she’s not as confident in her movements. Fuck,
she can’t do it wrong at all, but my woman needs reassurance. “That’s it, take me
as deep as you can.” She gags a little, and that only causes me to throb in her
mouth. “Do you like that you’ve got me at your mercy, Winter?” She says
something mumbled on my cock. I pull her off. “What did you say?”
“Yes, I do,” she answers, a little bit of spit dribbling off her lips.
“Good girl, now finish what you started, and I’ll eat you out until you fall
asleep.” Her thighs clench closed on the floor, and she opens her mouth wide. I
drag my cock over her teeth, then start pumping until I’m coming down her
I help her to her feet, then kiss the fuck out of her. “Now get your ass in
the bath before your water gets cold.”
“Join me.”
“No, I’m jumping in the shower. I’m not falling for that shit again. I’m
supposed to be taking care of you.” I swat her ass, then help her in before taking
my own shower.
We passed out an hour later after I kept my promise twice over.
Chapter 10
I watch her sleep, feeling like the world is right. My phone had three
messages on it from Grable and his daughter, but after the way they treated
Winter, they’ll get a call back when I feel like it, and it’ll only be to get a piece
of my mind. I turn it off and slide back into the bed with my love, she
immediately rests on my chest in her sleep. I can’t even understand how much
this means to me.
When we wake up, the sun is shining, and there’s another light dusting of
snow on top of the older layers. I roll over and drag Winter in my arms. “Good
morning, beautiful,” kissing her lightly.
“Morning. Do you have coffee here?”
“Yes.” The buzzer rings for the front gate. I check my phone that’s
connected to the gate and it’s the movers. Shit, I forgot about them. “Baby, slip
on your clothes; the movers are here with your things.” I go downstairs, sliding
on my pajama pants and a tee shirt before picking up our coats and shoes from
the front door and opening it.
“Put everything in the living room. We’ll sort it out,” I tell the lead mover.
“Sure thing, Mr. Hunt. I’m Morris. Um, but can I have a word with you in
“Yes, Morris, come in the kitchen.”
“What’s going on?” I ask as soon as the kitchen door closes.
“We found a tracker inside one of her things. It was interfering with our
signal in the truck, and we had to pull over. It’s still in my truck, but we’re going
to take it with us, so they don’t come back here.”
“Have you told James?” I ask, needing to get a hold of him about this.
“Yes, he told me to tell you in private. The plan was his idea.” That’s a
good thing. I can’t believe they would do that. Did that bitch get home right after
the scene in the restaurant? It’s very likely, and she went on a tirade.
“That’s a great idea. Well, I’ll be waiting to see, but let me know if you
have some woman or older man creeping around.”
“Sure.” A knock on the kitchen door interrupted us.
“Boss, we’re done,” a worker says from behind the door.
“Thanks. I’m coming,” he says. “Mr. Hunt, we’ll keep you up-to-date.”
“Thanks, Morris.” I walk them out and lock up, making sure the gate is
locked, and there’s no one lurking. I have a strange feeling that Ms. Grable is a
little more vindictive than I gave her credit for.
When I come back in, Winter is going through her things. “Is everything
here?” She’s looking at a small photo in her hand. I can see that it’s her father.
“Mostly.” She is lost to the picture.
“Is there anything important that you want me to go and get from them?”
Her eyes met mine, and I can see that she’s on the verge of tears.
“No, nothing. They kept the expensive gifts my mom picked out for
Christmas or my birthdays that he paid for.”
Pulling her close to me, I remind her, “It’s still yours, but if you don’t
want to bother, that’s fine too.”
She shakes her head, then looks up with me without pain and says, “I
don’t. All of that stuff was in my jewelry box because my mom only bought that
stuff to show me off. It wasn’t because she loved me.”
“Do you want to talk about that?” I want to know how she feels so I can
make it better. This is a big deal; most mothers love their children
unconditionally even if they have moments where they don’t like us very much.
My mom would attest to that. In fact, her voicemail last night reminded me of
that. She told me I better be working on nailing my baby mama since I’m too
busy to answer for her. I quietly sent her a text back last night. I’m trying, but
you’re killing the mood. Call you tomorrow.
“There’s not much to say. She’s a selfish person who looks out for her
needs. I came from her first marriage. My dad died in a work accident, so she
got a huge settlement, and then when the money ran dry, she refused to do
anything but look for the next man with money to chase.”
“I’m sorry about that. We can’t pick our parents, but luckily, we can learn
from them and not make their same mistakes. What about your father?”
“Oh, he was loving. Every week we’d have a father-daughter date in the
city. I was ten when he died. He’s the reason I’m named Winter,” she finishes
just as her stomach rumbles. She giggles and covers her stomach with her hands.
“Really. This is a story I’d love to hear, but first, let's get some coffee and
breakfast.” We go into the kitchen and set up the things we need for some
pancakes and eggs. I point out where she can get the coffee things.
Her stomach rumbles again, and I tease, “Hey keep your hangry monster
under control. Food is coming soon.”
“Well, it seems I had a great workout last night.”
“That we did, and we will again as soon as we get that monster settled
“Seems your monster needs to settle too,” she says, pointedly staring at
my cock which is hard against my pajama pants.
“Get used to it. You’ve awakened a beast.” She walks past me and runs
her hand over my bulge, giggling while I groan. “Breakfast is almost done,” I
tell her, ignoring the tease because I’m about to bend her over and pin her to the
table with my cock.
She looks around and finds the plates, setting them up on the breakfast
bar. Just as we’re digging in, my phone rings. It’s my mother. “Good morning,
“It’s noon. I hope that’s a good sign,” she answers.
“Yes, it is, but, woman, that’s enough of that talk. How are you doing?”
“I’m great. I called because I want to meet this woman. How long have
you been dating her?” she questions.
“It’s new, but she and I have some Christmas decorating to do today, so
you’ll have to wait. Maybe tomorrow,” I say, looking at Winter who’s smile
“You don’t have Christmas decorations.”
“I know, we don’t, but I’m going to buy some today.”
“We? This is serious, isn’t it?” she squeals.
“Like I said, it’s a good sign. I love you, and we’ll do dinner tomorrow
night.” Winter is eating and blushing. Clearly, she heard my mother’s enthusiasm
over the phone.
“Your mother?”
“Yes, sorry about that. I told you she was a bit relentless in the grandbaby
“Wow, that’s wonderful.” I can see the pleasure in her eyes, knowing that
not every mother is unfeeling. Mine is a lovely nutcase with a heart of gold.
“So, we need to do some Christmas shopping. Do you want a real or fake
“A real one if we can. I’ve never had one. We had the best of the best
artificial ones, but never an actual Christmas Tree.”
“Okay, let’s eat and go before it gets dark. I want to pick out the best.”
“I don’t know if we’re going to find one this late in the season.”
“Then we’ll have to rope together a bunch of Charlie Brown trees.”
“Sounds like fun.”
We finish, then she finds some clean clothes to wear while I get dressed.
“What about all of this?” she asks, pointing to her pile of clothes and three
boxes of belongings.
“We’ll move it to the bedroom right now if you want, but it can wait until
tomorrow, so we don’t miss the light. It’s already almost one. The sun will be
down in three hours.”
“Let’s wait then.” We bundle up because it’s already a blustery day out. I
take her hand and lead her to my SUV since we have a lot of shopping to do. I
Google local tree farms, and then we pick one that’s supposed to be the best in
Will County. It takes twenty minutes to get there, but they can deliver the tree for
“Oh my, they have some of the biggest trees.”
“We have room for one of the largest that they have. So what kind are you
looking for.”
“They’re really expensive the bigger they are. Maybe we should stick with
a smaller one.” I spin her around to face me and tell her, “Winter, I don’t want to
hear any more of that nonsense. I’m loaded and loaded twenty times over. What
is the point of all of it if I don’t spend it on the woman I love.”
“You love me?”
“I thought it was obvious. I’m hopelessly in love with you Winter.”
“I love you too,” she squeals, throwing her arms around my neck and
kissing me in the row of trees. Talk about a memory I’ll never forget. My hearts
“Holy hell, it’s like one degree out here, and you’re hard.”
“I told you nothing can keep him down when you’re in my arms. Now
let’s find our tree before I take you under one of them.”
“Hey, save that for when you have it in your house already,” another buyer
teases, winking at me.
“That’s a great idea. Thanks.”
“No problem,” he remarks, walking off hand in hand with his woman.
A half an hour later, we picked a large spruce that had to be twelve feet
tall and eight feet wide. We’re going to need a lot of decorations.”
“We’ll have it delivered in the morning tomorrow.”
“That works perfectly.”
Chapter 11
Wow, it’s been too amazing of a day, but my feet hurt. We hit up Target
and several other stores in the Naperville shopping area, getting tons of
decorations. “Fall asleep, babe. I know you’re tired. We spent the entire day out.
It was already nine. I’m sorry I kept us out all day, but I never liked shopping
until today.”
“Me either.”
“Good, now let’s get our things inside and you into bed,” he offers, but I
haven’t forgotten that all my belongings are all strewn about the living room.
“We still have all my things in the living room.”
“That’s fine. I’ll take them up while you go lay down.”
“You need to stop spoiling me,” I tell him. Although from the scowl he’s
giving me, I doubt that will happen.
“Never.” He helps me out of the car and leads the way into the house with
a dozen bags. This is all too much. It’s been so long since someone cared about
my happiness. I’m not sure I could handle it if he ever stopped. I follow along
with a hope in my heart that I haven’t had since my father died.
We get inside, and he sets the bags down on the coffee table. Before I
know what’s happening, I’m in his arms being cradled and carried up the stairs.
“Whoa,” I gasp, clutching onto his neck. I’m tiny compared to him, but he
caught me off guard.
“What are you doing?”
“I thought I made it clear. You’re going to get some sleep. We have a busy
day of decorating tomorrow, then dinner with my mom. You’re going to need all
the rest you can get.”
“Don’t ever break my heart.”
“Not going to happen.” He tucks me in the bed after slipping off my boots
and taking off my jeans.
I wake up to the sun shining and Mason sleeping on his back in only a pair
of boxers which is tented. A wicked thought crosses my mind. I slide down the
bed quietly, then grab the waistband and lower it until his cock pops out. Wow,
my pussy is tingling to climb him and ride his long, thick shaft, but this isn’t for
me. I cup the base of his dick, then lick around the tip. A bead of cum lands on
my tongue, and a moan escapes my lips. Then I wrap my mouth around his cock,
learning how to satisfy him.
A growl comes from his mouth, then I feel his hand on my head. “Winter,
I’m going to come, baby. Fuck, suck me.” It spurs me on. I bob up and down,
taking him deeper than I had before. He bends forward, then pulls me off and
lifts me to straddle him. He doesn’t bother to take off my drenched panties.
Instead, he pushed them to the side with one of his thick fingers and then slides
me down his huge cock.
We are both sitting up as I start to ride his cock. “Good morning,” he
moans, cupping my face and bringing his mouth to mine. “I love you, Winter.”
“I love you,” I whimper as he slips one hand down to my breasts and
squeezes. I’m closer than I thought I was. My movements become erratic, but
Mason, now that he’s awake, takes the lead.
He sucks my breast into his mouth, and I’m clenching around his cock
like a vice as I come on him. A deep chesty growl rips from his throat before he
flips me onto my back, and pumping into me with rapid, fluid thrusts until
streams of his seed fill my womb. Thinking about having his baby causes my
pussy to pulse and take all he has to give.
“You like that don’t you?” he grunts above me. “Your pussy demands my
seed, doesn’t it?” He drops down onto his forearms and kisses me deeply until
both of us are breathless.
“Wow, Winter. Now talk about spoiling me. I could get used to that.”
“So can I,” I sigh, feeling totally relaxed.
“I’m going to jump in the shower if you want to join me,” he says.
“I’d like that.”
As soon as I’m out of the shower, I see that I missed a call from my
former professor’s wife. I check the voicemail. “Winter, I wanted to see if you
still had plans to move in with us. We haven’t heard back and well, we’re
getting worried. Please call us back.”
I call her back right away. “Hi, Mrs. Reedy. Sorry, I haven’t called you
sooner, but I’ve found a place to stay and have moved out of my step-father’s
home. I can’t thank you both enough for everything you have done and offered.”
“You’re welcome, my dear. We were just concerned. With the holidays
around the corner, it’s terrible for you to be alone.”
“Thank you, but I won’t be. Things have changed for me in the past few
weeks. Perhaps we can get together and have dinner soon.”
“Yes, that sounds wonderful. We’re going to see our daughter out of town
next week for the holiday. We planned on inviting you, so if you change your
mind, you’re more than welcome to come.”
“Thank you, but I can’t. I hope you both have a great holiday.”
“You too. Take care, my dear.” We hang up, and I fill Mason in about the
offer they made me before we met.
“They sound like pretty great people. I’m glad you had someone to lean
on if you needed it. Now let’s go feed your belly monster before they deliver the

Chapter 12
I stare at her, knowing that this is just the beginning. She’s standing there
in an off-white sweater, her hair spilling over her shoulders, holding a box of
Christmas ornaments and picking the next place on the tree to put it. I know
things won’t be this easy and perfect, but I’m a happy motherfucker, and I don’t
want to lose this moment. I sneak out my phone and snap a picture. She hears the
sound of the camera shutter and turns to me with a smile. I steal another shot of
her. “You’re taking a picture of me?” she exclaims, blushing and I have to kiss
her. Fuck, I have to do so much more.
Rushing to her side, I take the box from her hands and set it on the table.
Then I wrap my arms around her and lower my head for a kiss. She slides her
slender fingers up my chest and around my neck. I pull back because I don’t
want to get carried away before I get to do what I wanted.
“I love you, Winter. In the few short weeks since we met, my world has
changed for the better. I thought I had everything I needed until you. Now my
life isn’t right if you’re not around.” I drop to one knee, open the tiny box I took
out of my pocket, and finish, “Will you marry me?”
She clasps her hand to her lips and the other to her chest, tears
immediately falling, then she answers me after what feels like an eternity. “Yes.
Yes. Yes.”
I slide the ring on her finger and stand, kissing her again. “As much as I
want to celebrate with you naked under the tree, we have to get this all together.
I have a feeling my mother will be here sooner rather than later.”
“Wait, she’s coming here for dinner? I haven’t taken anything out to make.
Heck, I don’t even know if you have anything to cook.”
“Don’t worry. We’re not having a fancy dinner. She wants to cook for us,
but she’s bringing all the ingredients. She knows I don’t cook a lot since I’ve
been alone for years.”
“Oh, I thought we would go to a restaurant. This is actually better, but it
would be better if I was doing the cooking. I don’t want her to think I’m not
good enough.”
I stop her sudden jitters and state as clearly as possible, “Winter, my
mother is going to love you. As long as you make me happy and we’re trying for
a baby, I don’t think she’d care if you ever picked up a spatula again.”
“I hope you’re right.”
“Look, I get that you haven’t had the love and care that you deserved, but
not everyone is like that. I promise, I isolated myself from assholes a long time
ago. My mom is a total sweetheart and is already half in love with you and you
two haven’t even met. Now let’s get this tree decorated.”
Four hours later and our home is completely decorated in silver and gold
for the holiday. It looks like something out of a Hallmark Christmas movie, and
I’ve won the heroine in the story. I stand back with a glass of brandy and picture
what next Christmas will be like. Hopefully, we’ll be holding our little baby in
our arms as we sit around the tree opening gifts that he or she won’t even care
about. My thoughts are taken away from the image of us with my buzzer for the
gate. It’s my mother. Showtime. I hope that everything goes as smoothly as I
think it will, and that my mother doesn’t embarrass me with stories of me as a
kid—or harasses Winter for grandbabies.
I let her in the gate, then slip on my coat and boots, and meet her at her
car. She kisses me on the cheek, opens her trunk, then says, “Mason, sweetheart,
take the travel container.” I lean in to get it, and she runs ahead of me and into
the house. Damn sneaky woman.
When I step in the door with the large trunk container, she uses to bring
me food in, I find her arms around Winter. “You are so beautiful,” she squeals.
“Thank you,” Winter responds, blushing so damn perfectly. How the hell
am I supposed to keep my dick down when Winter looks so innocent?
“Yes, she is. Now that you’ve just barged in let me make the formal
introductions.” I sit the bag container tote looking thingy on the table and say,
“Mom, I’d like you to meet my fiancée, Winter Snow.”
“Oh my God, even her name is adorable.”
This woman. I shake my head and continue, “Winter, this lady here is my
beloved Mother, Marianne.”
“Well now that you’ve gotten that off your chest, Mason. You can leave us
to finish dinner,” my mother says, shooing me away with her hand and picking
up the container. I take it from her and carry it into the kitchen before she can
argue with me. Setting it on the table, I pull Winter into my arms. “If you need
me, I’ll be in my office, attempting to get some work done.” Then I take her
mouth in a deep kiss, then pull back and leave the room.
“Woo, it’s hot in here, and I haven’t even started cooking,” my mom adds.
“Be nice,” I warn her.
Chapter 13
“I hope you’re not a vegetarian. I didn’t think to ask before I bought the
dinner. I’m making steaks,” she questions, taking out the food from the travel
“Oh no, I love meat and I love this organizer.”
“Me too. Isn’t great? It’s perfect for bringing dishes with you or just plain
going grocery shopping. I have so many options depending on what I’m storing
in it. So tell me, when did you and Mason get engaged?”
That’s blunt. She doesn’t beat around the bush at all. “This morning.”
“Good boy. So, tell me about yourself. How did you and Mason meet?”
“Um. Well, I was working for the owners of a company Mason wanted to
buy. We literally crashed into each other a couple of times. We’ve been together
since the last run in.”
“Wow, Mason’s not usually the clumsy type.”
“Well the last time, he didn’t technically bump into me.” Not the second
time either, but I have no intention of telling her I almost let him have his way
with me in an elevator. “He saw me coming out of a store and helped me to the
car,” I explain. She knits her brows, and I wonder if she thinks I purposely ran
into him and made these incidents happen.
She smiles brightly at me before going to the fridge to put away a pie. “He
must have made up his mind about you from the start. Bad boy didn’t tell me a
thing about it.”
“We didn’t really get to have conversations until the other night. And well,
he’s amazing.”
“Yes, he is. A really decent man. I’m so proud of him. I’m glad I had him
at my side all these years. How about we get this started and you tell me
something about you?” she says.
“I’m an only child, but I’ve had three step-siblings over the years.”
“Over the years?”
“Well, my mom has been remarried twice.” I feel like I should shut my
mouth about her, but something about his mom makes me want to blurt out my
feelings. Maybe it’s that she’s been so kind to me or I just want to ease her own
sadness with a taste of my own bitter tale.
“Have you told her about your engagement?”
“No, and I think it’s best if we don’t even bother,” I remark, wiping down
the counter.
“That’s a shame. Don’t you want her to be a part of it all?”
I spin around and lean back on the counter. Shaking my head, I answer,
“No. I haven’t spoken to my mother more than a dozen times in the last two
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“It really is, but Mason reminded me that not all mothers are like mine.”
An “ah-ha” moment hits her, and she decides to change the subject. She moves
around the kitchen, knowing where everything is and doing most of the work. I
feel like I’m not being useful. Then again, I’m sure that’s what she wants. I love
her genuine motherly demeanor. Mason was right all mothers are different, and
his mom is pretty stellar.
“Do you plan on working after you and Mason marry?” she asks, pulling
out a cutting board and a large knife. “Can you cut the tomatoes?”
“Sure.” I rinse the tomatoes and begin cutting. “I need to find a job again,”
I remark. I don’t want her to think that I’m just going to use her son.
“Why?” she asks turning on the grill top on the stove.
“Our relationship caused a bit of anger from the owners, and well, I was
fired,” I answer honestly because I know it’s going to come out, unfortunately.
“That’s lousy, but I meant why would you want to work when you don't
have to. It’s going to be hard with all the grandbabies you two are going to give
me.” She smiles playfully.
“I just graduated from college, so at this point, I don’t know what’s going
to happen, but I’m letting Mason lead the way for now.”
“I wish I had more kids, but after learning about my husband, I’m glad it
was only Mason.” There’s a story there, but I’m not sure I should ask. I finish up
the tomatoes for the salad and toss them in with the rinsed mixed lettuce.
“I’m sorry about your husband.”
“I’m sorry I wasted so many years with the cheating bastard,” she mutters
out. Wow, Mason didn’t mention that, but then again, it’s not something you go
bragging about. “Sorry, let’s not dampen the mood. I just want you to know that
Mason is nothing like his father.” She pours herself a glass of wine and I can see
that the past still burns. I can’t imagine being in that position after raising a

“I hope that we have several kids. I grew up without siblings and my step-
siblings were nothing more than strangers to me,” I admit. Thinking of having
Mason’s babies hits me straight in my chest. I can imagine little boys looking
adorable with their father’s light eyes and dark brown hair.
“You never got along with your step-siblings?”
“No, the first ones were already adults in my mother second marriage, and
my latest step-sister hates me.”
“Really, I can see why.” Before I can be offended, she adds, “You’re
beautiful, sweet, and educated.”
“She’s educated and beautiful,” I add.
“Yes, but if she felt like you were competing for her father’s love or
maybe a boyfriend’s attention, she would hate you.” I can’t help but laugh at
“What? Did one of her boyfriends fall for you?”
“No, but she wanted Mason and Mason wanted me.”
“Ah. That explains getting fired,” she replies. “Dinner’s ready. Do you
want to call Mason for me? Wait better yet, I’ll do it. If you go, he’s going to be
attacking you again, and the food is going to get cold.”
Chapter 14
I did my best to let the two of them bond, but I couldn’t wait for my mom
to leave. As soon as she pulls out of the gate, I’m on Winter, claiming her mouth
in a delayed kiss. For three hours, I barely had a stolen peck or two, and I’m
going through withdrawals.
“How about we go celebrate upstairs?” Winter suggests.
Shaking my head, I have a whole different suggestion. “Take off your
clothes, right here, right now. I want to Christen the tree.” Winter stares at me for
a minute, biting her bottom lip nervously before finally grabbing the hem of her
creamy sweater. Her tits bounce when her arms go over her head and then jiggle
some more as she brings them down again. I strip out of my clothes, growling in
the process like a possessed beast. Pulling the throw out of the ottoman, I lay it
over the tree skirt. Then I drag my beautiful fiancée to the floor. On our knees,
we share kisses, licking and biting gently until I lower her onto the throw. My
hands move up and down her sides, caressing her taut breasts. I drop my head
and suck on her nipple through the lacy cream-colored bra.
“Thank you, Winter. Thank you for being mine,” I whisper, kissing her all
the way down to the waist of her yoga pants. I drop kisses on her mound over the
fabric causing her to squirm from the sensations. “You smell so damn good. I
need your pussy. Are you ready to come for me, Winter?”
“Yes,” she cries out, thrusting her hips up and her hands wrapping around
the throw, pulling on it tightly. “Please, Mason. Make me come.”
“How do you want me to make you come? Like this?” I ask, stroking her
pussy through the material with two fingers. “Or like this?” I slide my hand
under her waistband and slip my fingers into her slit.
“Ah,” she moans, rolling her hips. I lean over and kiss her mouth, then
pull my hand out, getting a brief pout until I reach for her pants and tug them off.
She’s naked and I have her openly displayed for me. I move down her body,
lifting her legs over my shoulders, then ask, “Or like this? My tongue drags
across her folds, tasting her soaking wet pussy. I love the way she tastes. Her
flavor is driving me to lick and dip my tongue into her sweet center like a mad
man. I can’t get enough. My hands grip her flesh tighter, holding onto her body
and taking what I need.
“Yes, like that. Don’t stop, Mason. Oh my. Holy hell,” she pants.
Squeezing her ass cheeks, I part them and run my finger into her pussy, then I
glide them down to her ass, circling her little hole. “Please, Mason,” she begs. I
suck on her clit and push my finger into her ass, setting her off into a screaming
orgasm. “Mason, I love you. Damn. Oh, God.” Her body arches, fucking my
I pull out my finger, and glide myself up her body, rubbing my skin
against hers and loving every second of it. “I’m going to fuck your ass very soon
and it’s going to be so damn good. I want to claim every inch of you. Are you
going to let me bury my cock in there?”
“Yes,” she whispers, throwing her hands around my neck. Feeling
possessed, I pull her hands off me and raise them above her head, intertwining
our fingers while I grind my cock deep inside her womb.
“Good. I’ve never wanted that before, but the thought of possessing every
part of you makes my dick so hard.” I drag it out and then thrust my cock back
into her pussy, and she clenches around it. “You like that. You want me to own
your ass.”
“Please, Mason. Give me more. I’m close again.” I kiss her roughly,
pounding my throbbing shaft into her unprotected womb until we’re both
coming. I unload every drop into her pussy, then pull out and raise her legs over
my shoulders, exposing her eager ass. I stroke my cock between her cheeks,
rubbing my tip at her entrance. I lean down and suck on her tits, then push the
head in her tight pucker. She freezes for a second and relaxes. “Good girl. Relax,
Winter. You’re mine now.” I thrust inside her ass, claiming it. I’ve never tried
this, but now, I might have to fuck her little hole whenever she gets this wild. It
feels so damn good, and I can feel her pussy clenching even though it’s her ass
that’s got my big fucking cock in it.
“Can you come for me again?” I ask, hoping that she can.
“I think so,” she moans, biting her lip and tugging on her nipples.
“Oh, you will.” My dick was just getting back to full rock status. I’m not
coming until she does. I kiss her, pushing my dick deeper inside. I lower her legs
but keep them bent and wide open for me. “Fuck, you drive me crazy. I have to
be on you, in you and with you.”
“I need you too.” I rock my hips in long, lazy strokes, feeling her pussy
drip our release on my cock and giving me the lube, I need to keep working her
Sitting up, I reach between us and tease her little clit, pumping two fingers
in her pussy. “Damn, I’m going to come again,” she utters, tossing her head
back. I look down at my beautiful Winter as I fuck her ass, and finger fuck her
pussy, taking in how sexy she is splayed open and giving it all to me—only me.
She grips down on my fingers and comes, I thrust once more in her ass, pulling
out and coming all over her middle.
“Wow, I’m a sticky mess,” she complains.
“It’s okay. I’ll help clean you up.” She kisses me this time, nipping on my
bottom lip.
“I need to shower then you can ravish me in the morning.” I help her up,
then carry her into the shower for a quick wash. After that, we fall fast asleep.
Chapter 15
It’s the Monday before Christmas, and Mason wants me to come with him
to work. We drive into the city, getting some Dunkin on the way. Once we’re in
his office building, I’m shocked. It’s enormous, and apparently, he owns the
whole thing.
At the front desk on his floor is a beautiful woman who instantly stands up
and smiles. “Hello, Mr. Hunt.”
“Madison, I’d like you to meet my fiancée, Ms. Snow.”
“Hello, Ms. Snow.” She can’t stop smiling.
“Enough with the giggles, Madison.”
“I’m not,” she says holding back the giggles.
“Lying ass. Winter, come on. There’s a lot of work to do today so we can
enjoy the Christmas break.”
After we enter his office, and he closes the door, I ask, “Did I miss
something back there?”
“I’m guessing my mother called her.”
I don’t know what their relationship is, but now I can’t let it slide. “Have
you and her?” I stutter out truly afraid of the answer.
“God, no,” he exclaims. “My mother wanted us to get together because,
well, she wanted me to find someone. We’re not anything more than boss to
employee. And lately, I’ve been extremely moody, and now she knows why.”
“Oh. But why would you be moody?”
He closes the distance, sliding his hands around my waist and looking
down in my eyes, and states, “Because all I could think about was you and you
did your best to avoid me or at least they did it to hide you.”
“That’s true. I suppose I wasn’t in the best moods after we met, and I
thought you were engaged to Carissa. In fact, I was miserable.”
He flinches then shudders in revulsion. “That’s a miserable alternate
universe.” And it’s my turn to giggle. “Oh, you think it’s funny.” He starts
tickling me around my waist, and I can’t stop laughing.
“Stop, Mason. Stop,” I chuckle and pant, trying to catch my breath. I
clench my fist and bang on his arm until he stops.
“Say you’re sorry,” he orders.
“Sorry.” He loosens his hold on me. “Not sorry.” He shakes his head and
moves over to his desk.
“Sit your pretty ass down, while I get some work done.”
“Do you need me to do anything?”
“Just to sit down before I pin you to the desk and fuck your brains out.”
“Is that a promise or a threat?”
“A promise. Just try me. And I don’t give a fuck who hears me smashing
your pussy.”
“Just so you know. You’re not thinking this out very well. It’s as if you’re
asking me to misbehave.”
“Maybe I am,” he growls, standing back up and stroking his hard bulge
through his slacks. I bite my lip and stare. “Keep looking at me like that, and I’ll
keep you very busy on your knees.” My pussy is rioting, demanding I rebel. I
squeeze them together, hoping to stave off the urge to undo his pants.
His phone rings before I can cross around his desk, but he wags his finger
at me, calling me to him. I do because…I just can’t get enough of Mason.
“James, what’s up?” I can’t hear what his friend is saying, but from the
growling coming from Mason, it’s not good. I wonder what it’s about. “I’ll talk
to her. Yes. I’ll call the cops.” He looks at me, and I can see the concern in his
eyes. “Yeah, okay. Talk to you later.” He hangs up the phone and sets it on his
“We need to talk.”
“What’s this about?”
“When they brought your things, they found a tracking device. I didn’t say
anything because I didn’t know what it was for or why it was there, but they
decided to see if they were being tracked. Someone showed up at James’s house
and attempted to shoot him and his sister.”
“What! Oh my God,” I screech, nearly fainting. Mason holds me tight,
hoping to call me down. “Who would do that?”
“Well, she’s in custody.”
He pauses longer than I expected, then reluctantly comes clean. “Your
mother. She was implicated by the actual shooter who was caught on James’s
“What? Why?” I thought it would be Carissa for sure.
“All I know is that she has a life insurance policy on you. How she got
anything in there is a mystery to me, but they’re questioning her now.”
“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. She’s always looking for another
jackpot. I told her that I was going to be moving out some time after graduation
the last time we spoke.”
“Wow, she didn’t hesitate. I won’t let her harm you, but the police are
wanting us to join them downtown.”
“As soon as possible.”
We get down to the station, and I pretty much listen to what Mason has to
tell them. I only add my last conversation with my mom when they ask. It’s
frustrating to feel like this, but what can I do.
“I’m curious how she got a tracking device inside my things,” I question.
“Yes, that is tricky since she hasn’t been there since she filed for divorce,
she claims, but the shooter revealed that little tidbit to us. His cousin worked at
the Grable estate and did it on her behest. Apparently, they were lovers. It
explains how it got in your belongings.”
“Thank you for your quick actions, officers.”
“You’re welcome. It was your acquaintance Mr. Smith that did the work.”
We leave the police station on State Street and head home. I just want to wash
my hands of all of this. Since the crime was perpetrated on his friend, we won’t
have much to do with the case even though we were the intended targets.

Chapter 16
Christmas morning comes faster than we expected. After a night of
passion, we slept in. I wake up, slinking downstairs to make some coffee for us.
When I come back, she’s stretching in the bed, smiling at me. “Merry
Christmas, Winter.”
“Merry Christmas,” she replies, kissing me as I hand her the coffee. It’s
hot, but I made sure not to fill it too high. “This feels too good to be true,” she
moans, taking a sip from her mug.
“Well, it is.” I take a drink of mine and set it on the nightstand. "In a few
years, we’ll be waking to kids jumping on the bed, rushing to open presents.”
“How many babies do you want?” she asks me. We haven’t really talked
about exact numbers. I can afford a whole brood of them if we want.
“A hundred,” I tease.
She scoffs and takes another drink. “Um, I don’t think that’s possible.
Even if I could manage to have kids in my sixties.”
“Fine. I suppose five is good enough,” I grumble. I’m so happy, I want to
pin her to the bed and claim her all over again, but I’ll just steal some kisses for
now. I take her coffee and set it on the nightstand next to mine. “We better get to
it then.” Then I pounce on her for a lovely Christmas morning that started with
deep kisses and finished with Winter screaming my name.
We finally make it downstairs around noon. There’s a game on today, so
we’re going to watch some football and have dinner with a couple of my friends
and my mother. She loves Winter and can’t wait for us to marry. Although not as
much as I want to marry Winter. I’m losing my mind, hoping that we can get
married before the new year, but with the drama with her mother and everything
happening so fast I didn’t want to push her.
Winter’s in the kitchen prepping our dinner while we wait for our guests. I
tried to help, but she kicked me out. The gate buzzes just as I plop down on the
sofa with my beer. I open it the gate with my phone when I see it’s my mom.
“Merry Christmas,” she cheers as I meet her at her car. She brought her
boyfriend with her. It’s not a big deal to me. I’ve already had him investigated,
not that I’d tell her. He’s clean and seems to be on the up and up. We’ll see from
there. “Harry, this is my son, Mason. Mason this is Harry.”
“Hello, Harry. Merry Christmas.” He doesn’t shy away from my hand,
shaking it with a firm grip as he looks me in the eye.
“Hello Mason, your mother has told me a lot about you. I hear
congratulations are in order.”
“Yes, I’m getting married as soon as I can convince her.”
“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll get her to it. A quick service for the New Year
sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?” my mom says, smiling and walking into the
Before we even eat dinner, my mom has Winter planning out the wedding
for the new year. I could kiss that old woman.
James and his sister, Rebecca arrive before dinner. Followed by my friend
Rob, who’s a bigger loner than I used to be.
“Hey Mason, thanks for the invite,” Rob says, shaking my hand.
“Thanks for coming. Dinner’s about to be served. Let me introduce you to
my future wife.” After a quick introduction to everyone in the room, I notice that
Rob’s not paying attention to anything other than Rebecca. This is the first time
they met. Her eyes turn to his several times as she tells a story to Harry and my
mom. The stolen glances aren’t missed by James who is very protective of his
After dinner, we gather around the tree with pie and coffee. “So Mason,
since you’re not taking the deal with Grable. Are they going under?” James asks.
“I’m not quite sure. I’ve cut all contact with them, but with the scandal
going around, they might sell it to you at a fair price if you’re interested.”
“Hey, I hear he’s fired his daughter and taking over until he can sell the
company,” Rob adds.
“Sounds good to me. She’s killing the brand,” James remarks, biting into
the apple pie that Winter made. “Winter, this is fabulous.”
“Thank you.”
“Are you interested in it, James?” I ask him, wondering if he’s willing to
invest that kind of money into a failing company.
“I’m not sure yet. I’m going out of the country next month for about two
months and won’t be back until the middle of March. If the business is still
hanging on, I’ll check it out. And I’m good at ignoring women like Ms. Grable.”
Come to think about it, he’s just as bad as the rest of us when it comes to staying
away from women.
“Are you all available for New Year’s Day?” my mom interrupts.
“We don’t have any plans.”
“Goodie. Mason and Winter are getting married here at the house, so we
expect you to be here.” I stare at her like she’s crazy, but she waves me off.
“What Mason, it’s only a week away. You need to invite people before it’s too
“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, Mrs. Hunt,” James adds.
“Same here, Mrs. H,” Rob chimes in.
“We’d love to have you all there,” Winter adds.
My mom pats Harry’s knee then stands and addresses us, “Great, now if
you’ll excuse us ladies. We have to talk dresses.” She leads Winter and Rebecca
out of the room.
“Wow, your mom is one tough woman,” James says, blowing out a harsh
“That she is. That she is,” I mutter, chuckling to myself.
Chapter 17
We just returned from a quick honeymoon on Isla Nubia when we got a
call from the Will County sheriff’s department wanting us to come in for an
interview regarding the attack on James and his sister.
“I’m not looking forward to this.”
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I know this is fucking hard, but I’m not leaving
your side.” Of all the damn people, her own mother was more ruthless than even
the Grables. They were just petty and Carissa Grable jealous. It takes a lot more
than that to put out a hit on your only child.
“I know. I know, but do you ever worry that I’d be like her?”
“God, no. Do you? Would you ever hurt our babies?”
“Never. That’s a horrible thing to even think.”
“Look, remember when I finally told you about my father. What did you
“First, it was your mother who let it slip that he was an adulterous bastard.
And I told you that I’m nothing like my mother, so I know you don’t have to be
like him.”
“Sure, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, but I’ve come from my
mom too, and you are part of your dad.”
“Stop making so much sense.”
“That’s what I’m here for. I don’t like seeing you sad. It pisses me off and
makes me want to knock someone out.”
“Chill Rocky. This is going to be a somber day for me, and we’re going to
a police station. I can’t have you locked up for popping a cop in the mouth.”
“I’ll behave. Maybe hit the home gym afterward, or maybe I’ll take you
hard and fast as soon as we get home.”
“Damn you, starting something you can’t finish. Let’s go in, big meanie.”
She swats my arm and walks ahead of me, swinging the door open. She halts,
freezing in her spot. “What the fuck are you doing here?” I get in and see both
Grables standing there, talking to a man in a suit. When he turns, I remember
he’s the detective we spoke to previously. He steps up to us and shakes our
“Hello, Mrs. Hunt. I’m so glad you could make it. We hope we didn’t ruin
your honeymoon,” he remarks, rubbing in our marriage to them.
“Thank you, but we returned the night before,” I say, relishing the scowl
growing on her face.
“You two are married?” she shrieks.
“Yes, despite your lies,” Winter adds with a smirk.
Ms. Grable throws her hands up in the air then points her finger at her.
“Goodness, I hate you. Your mother is ruining our good name, and you are just
as trampy as her. You better watch out Mason, or you’ll end up one of her
victims too.”
I lose my shit because no one talks to my wife like that. I slide Winter
slightly behind me and warn Ms. Grable, “You better watch what you say about
my wife, or I’ll just warn off my friends in the industry.”
She throws her hands up in the air, screeching about the stupid company,
and storms out of the station.
Winter’s former step-father comes closer, takes a deep breath, and speaks,
“Sorry about her. About all of this, Winter. I really wanted to care for you, but
between your mother and Carissa, I just couldn’t get over the tension.
Congratulations on the marriage. I’ve learned a great deal in the past week, and
I’m truly sorry.” He walks by us without another word.
“Wow,” the detective mutters.
“Yeah, we were a dysfunctional family. Our story could be a soap opera.
Can we just get this over with?” Winter asks, holding onto my hand a little
“Come this way.” We follow him into a small interrogation room. I pull
out the chair for Winter then take the other seat, dragging it closer to her and sit
“So can you tell me about the day you moved out of the Grables?”
“That night, I received a nasty voicemail from Mr. Grable telling me my
things would be outside when I got back. Mason called James’s moving
company, and they picked it up that night. The next morning, they dropped it off.
I didn’t know about the device until the shooting, but Mason did.”
I take over adding what I know. “They told me it was found in one of her
boxes and would keep it with them. James took hold of it, and you already have
his part of the story when it comes to the shooting.”
He nods, acknowledging me then directs his gaze to Winter. “Yes, so
please give me a little information about your relationship with your mother.”
“We never had a good relationship. When I was younger, I remember my
parents fighting about me, and my father looking into getting a divorce. They
didn’t divorce because he died a week later. She moved quickly onto the next
man, but he was old enough to be her dad. She used him until he had enough and
divorced her.
Again, saddled with me, she brought me along to win over Mr. Grable.
After that worked, I was left to my own devices until she needed to show me off
to his fancy friends and such. She filed for divorce and fled. This time I was old
enough to not come with, and she was ever grateful for that one. Mr. Grable let
me stay to finish my education as long as I assisted his daughter. Of course, it
was to use it against her in the divorce to help him keep the majority of his
assets. That’s pretty much it.”
“Your story matches a lot of what Mr. Grable gave in his statement about
your mother and you. That’s all we need to give the district attorney for the case
to move forward.”
“Is she claiming she’s not guilty?” Winter protests nearly popping out of
her chair.
“Yes, but the evidence is mounting. Her account of your relationship
doesn’t match either yours or Mr. Grable’s statements.”
“Well thank you, detective. If that’s all, we’re going to be on our way,” I
blurt out. This is too much for Winter as it is.
We shake hands, and as he walks out, he adds, “Again, thank you for
coming in.”
“Can we go home? I’m so tired,” Winter complains, laying her head on
my shoulder.
I tug her closer around the waist, then give her a little kiss on her temple.
“Absolutely. Still jetlagged?”
“I suppose, but it could be that you kept me up last night, or your
swimmers are Olympians.”
“Shit, are you thinking you could be?” I ask, smiling from ear to ear.
“I haven’t had my period, so it’s a huge possibility,” she remarks as if it’s
not a big deal.
“I’ll pick up a test after work. Will that be okay?” I doubt I’ll be able to
hold back that long, but we’ll see.
“You’d really do that?” she questions, stopping in front of the car.
“Why not? Let everyone see that buying tests. I’m just making sure I
knocked up my wife.” I puff up my chest, then open the passenger door and help
her inside. I run around to the other side, feeling lighter than air right now. My
gut tells me it’s true. She’s going to be having my baby. Now, if I could keep my
cool, I might make it until after work tomorrow.
Chapter 18
I wake up from my nap and see it’s only nine at night. Mason’s not
anywhere in our bedroom. I exit the room and look for him. “Mason,” I call out.
“I’m coming.” He dashes up the stairs. “How are you doing, my beloved
“I’m great. What’s going on?” I question. He’s looking rather suspicious.
“Um. I left for a little while.”
“I picked up these.” It was a bunch of roses and a box of pregnancy tests. I
grab them both, laughing the entire time. He’s so adorable. I pull him in for a
kiss then go back into the bedroom.
“It might be too early to tell, you know,” I remark, closing the bathroom
door before he can sneak in, locking it because I can’t trust his eager ass. Setting
the roses in the sink, I open the box, pulling out a wrapped stick. I read the
instructions, even though I’m pretty sure this is very basic. And it is: pee on
stick, wait, read results. Bingo.
“What’s taking so long?” he asks through the door. I giggle some more.
“I’ve just read the instructions. Chill out. Are you going to stand there and
listen to me pee?”
“I’d watch if you’d let me in,” he insists.
“You are a mess. I’ll be out in a minute.” Damn, it’s tough to pee knowing
that he’s on the other side intentionally listening in. My stream finally kicks in
and I rush and place the stick in it. Once I think it’s soaked enough, I cover it
with the cap and finish up. I’m just as anxious as he is, but his demeanor helps
me calm down. As soon as my hands are clean and the toilet’s flushed, I open the
door. He damn near falls in.
“It’s over there. I haven’t looked yet.” He lifts it off the toilet tank and
“Yes, yes. We’re going to have a baby,” he roars, picking me up in his
arms and kissing me wildly. “Now, that that’s settled, let’s go to bed,” he teases,
carrying back to bed.
“But I’m not tired.”
“You will be when I’m done with you,” he growls in my ear.
Damn, do I love this man.
Christmas One Year Later
“Right on time,” Mason grumbles, releasing my nipple as the baby
monitor goes off to the sound of our crying son. His nursery is next to our
bedroom, so we don’t need a monitor, but we like having it anyways.
I giggle, “Merry Christmas.” He grumbles a merry Christmas to me as he
pulls up my nightgown. Mason kisses me again, then jumps off the bed. “Are
you ready to take little man down to open his presents?”
“I think we should,” I answer, getting up and walking over to the dresser
for a fresh change of panties. “I have the Nikon ready. By the way, when is your
mom coming over?” I ask as I enter the bathroom.
“Harry said they were coming at nine,” he says, slipping on a tee shirt and
staring at me as I lose my nightgown and turn on the shower.
“Good, we have an hour to get dressed. Can you bring him in while I get
dressed and then we can rotate?”
“I’m dressed, but I’ll change the baby, and he and I will make coffee
together. Now kiss me.” He crowds me, pinning me to the bathroom wall and
crushing his mouth to mine and running his hands over my naked body briefly
before dashing out of the room. Now it’s my turn to grumble.
I wash up and get downstairs just in time for my in-laws to hit the
intercom for the gate.
“Merry Christmas!” she shouts. “Open the gate already.” I hit the button
on the wall and head into the kitchen.
Mason comes in the living room laughing. “Sorry, you know I think she’s
more excited for Liam’s First Christmas than we are.”
“I think so,” I laugh, taking my baby from his daddy. Mason bends down
and kisses Liam before kissing me. Damn, she’s running up the stairs. He goes to
the door to let her in. She squeals, kicking off her boots. “Merry Christmas.”
“Merry Christmas, Mom, Harry.”
“How is it going?” Mason asks Harry. “Has she been up since two in the
“Close. She didn’t want to be late.” They laugh and go into the kitchen
with everything his mom brought along with her.
“Let me see him,” she says after removing her coat and gloves. “He’s
gotten so big. I missed him.”
“How was Hawaii?” They spent the past two weeks enjoying the sun and
She smiles down at Liam in her arms and answers, “Beautiful. I loved it.
You two should take a vacation there.”
“One day, but not any time soon.”
“Why? He’s the boss. He can take time off, can’t he?”
“Yes, but I’m not interested in traveling for a while.” I place my hand on
my stomach and rub. I only found out last night, but Mason works quick.
“Oh my God, does he know?”
“Not yet.” I had a surprise for my husband in a little while. A personal gift
to unwrap when we’re all alone. After getting the baby a bottle, we all gather
around the tree and open presents. Most are for Liam, but Mason spoiled me as
well. It’s times like these that I miss having my dad here. He would love Mason
and our son.
We just received a phone call about my mother from the detective on the
case. They were supposed to go to court the first week of the new year, but she’s
finally pled guilty and has been sentenced to ten years for solicitation of murder
or attempted murder. I can’t believe that’s all she got, but someone like her will
suffer big time without her lavish lifestyle. I shouldn’t feel that way on
Christmas, but I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Mason and James’s staff.
“Baby, are you okay?” Mason asks, taking me out of the morbid place I
was heading down.
“I’m fine, Mason. Happy actually.” He grabs me and pulls me onto his lap
since Grandma has the baby again.
“Good, because when everyone leaves, I’m going to make you so happy,
you scream,” he whispers in my ear. “My name. Over and over again.”
The day flew by in a hurry, and now everyone was down for an afternoon
nap before we make Christmas dinner. I take my man’s hand and lead him to our
bedroom. As soon as the door closes, I slip the little tag right where I want it. “I
have one more present for you to open, Mr. Hunt.”
He growls, staring right at my core. “Fuck yeah, talk about the perfect
gift.” He’s on me, pinning me to the bedroom door and kissing me hard. Mason
lifts my arms over my head, running his hand back down them to my breasts and
over my waist until he reaches my ass. He squeezes it before grabbing the
waistband and dragging them down, revealing my pussy to his face. Quickly, he
takes them completely off of me and lifts my legs over his shoulders.
“My favorite gift,” he mumbles on my mound. I run my hands over my
breasts, needing to come so damn bad. I hear his undoing his belt, then he
stands, his thick cock pointing at me. I moan wanting him to dirty things to me,
and he does. I find myself spun around and bent over as he pushes deep inside
my greedy slit and swats my ass. Leaning over my back, he huskily whispers in
my ear, “You’re mine, Winter, and I’ll never get enough of you.”
“Me either,” I whimper, tightening my walls as my orgasm comes to the
surface. I thrust back, taking control, so he knows what I want without me
having to say it. He cups my breasts, pinching my nipples, and pumps deep into
me until I’m coming. I cover my mouth, so the rest of the house doesn’t hear me
cry out, “Mason.”
He roars my name into the middle of my back, then drops kisses on my
neck before helping straighten up. We go into the bathroom giggling. And I see
the stick on the back of the toilet. Shit, I can’t believe I left it in there.
He picks it up and turns around. “Baby, are you serious? Are we having
another baby,” he asks, smiling from ear to ear.
“It’s fast, but your men know how to swim.”
“Yes, they do. How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine so far. I just missed my period this week, so I checked. I mean
we’ve only been back to getting it on for about a month.”
“Now we have another reason to celebrate.” He bends down, kissing me
until I’m breathless.
I smile and remind him, “I still have to check with the doctor, but I believe
it’s accurate.”
He nods, but “Little momma, why don’t you rest for a little while. We
have an hour before dinner needs to get started.”
“Lay with me,” I say, dragging him back to the bed. We climb into bed in
“No other place I’d rather be.”
Christmas Four More Years
Liam and Max run into our room and jump on the bed, waking us up. “It’s
Christmas! It’s Christmas,” Liam shouts. Then I remember that they are jumping
around Winter who is six months pregnant. I stop them and say, “Boys, boys, be
careful. You could hurt mommy.”
“I’m right here. Smile,” Winter says from the bathroom door with her
camera. I sit up and smile, and the boys do their best to freeze so she can take a
picture. “Perfect.”
“Get your butt on the bed with us, mommy,” I order her. She hurries to the
bed cautiously. We cuddle as a family, and I take the camera from her and do a
group selfie.
“Presents, presents. Merry Kistmas, mommy,” Max says, hugging her as
best as he can. We all say Merry Christmas, and I take a couple of fun shots of us
playing before we head downstairs. Liam is four, Max is three, and our little
princess is on her way. Winter went on birth control for a full two years, so she
wouldn’t get pregnant right away and as soon as she stopped—boom pregnant
“Okay, we’ll go down right now. Are my parents up?” They have been
spending the night on Christmas Eve after Liam’s first Christmas, so they didn’t
miss out on a moment of the celebration.
“Yes, they are.” I’ve started referring to Harry as my dad because he’s
been wonderful to us and loves my mother with his every last being.
As we go downstairs, the boys run into grandpa Harry’s arms. My mom
comes out with a tray of coffee and cocoa and sets it on the table. “Santa came,”
Liam squeals with wide light brown eyes. Both boys pass up the cocoa to get to
their Christmas presents.
“Take it easy boys and pass a present to everyone,” Winter instructs them.
It takes a second for the emotions to settle and for them to follow the rules.
“Okay, I read the names. Max can pass them out. Okay,” Liam commands.
He’s a born leader and my little replica. Max looks more like Winter’s dad which
is pretty incredible since we named Max after him.
Liam knows how to read somewhat, and the boys get their system and
start handing a present to each person. “Now you can open them,” I tell them.
Wrappings fly everywhere, and their screams of joy pour through the
room. My life is fantastic, and I’m so damn grateful for it. Bumping into Winter
was the best thing to ever happen to me. I lean over and whisper in her ear,
“Thank you for my family.”