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January 2019

Mimi’s Corner City Club of Albany Johnny Evers
Happy New Year!
Holiday Party Torch Talk: Politi-
cal Gadfly John
I am hoping everyone had a wonderful
holiday season and it was spent with all Hennessy: Gov.
of your loved ones. Sulzer’s
Now onto those dreaded New Year’s Executive Auditor
resolutions that we all seem to make! Monday, January 7, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

We have exciting things coming up in As always, UClub members are
the new year for the club. invited to the Torch Club’s month-
ly dinner and talk. The first talk in
For the first time we will be competing the new year is by John T. Evers,
in the Wine and Dine for the Arts Slid- Ph.D., and is entitled, “Political
er Slam competition on January 18th, Gadfly: John Hennessy, Governor
and there will be a lot of fun member Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, Eliza-
events to look forward to.
Sulzer’s Executive Auditor.”
beth Wyld, and Assemblywoman
Patricia Fahy Hennessy, Gov. Sulzer's top inves-
As always it is a great pleasure and
privilege to work for you. If there is tigator, was a newspaperman from
anything you ever need or want to dis- the 1870s until 1913 when Sulzer
cuss please do not hesitate to reach out hired him. Hennessy also served in
or stop by. the State Assembly from 1893-
1895, exposed government corrup-
Hope you all have a very healthy and tion in New York City in the early
happy new year. 1900s, and was appointed a Mo-
reland Act commissioner three
times to investigate state govern-
ment. A close personal friend of
Sulzer's, Hennessy spearheaded
investigations into government cor-
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth
ruption and Tammany Hall that
Wyld raced against the Legislature's in-
Come support UClub Execu- vestigation of Sulzer - at the direc-
tive Chef Don Rogers as he The City Club of Albany, Inc. tion of Tammany - to see who
held its annual Holiday Party at would bring down the other first.
competes in Wine and Dine for
the Arts Slider Slam The University Club. Senator
January 18th 8:00 –11:00 p.m. Kirsten Gillibrand was a surprise Director of Government Affairs of
at 90 State special guest. She was accompa- the NYS Business Council, Evers
nied by her mother, Polly Rutnik, is a past president of the Albany
Competition will be fierce, but a long-time member of The City Torch Club, where he has been a
tasty, including the following: Club. member since 2004. He currently
serves on the Editorial Board for
AJ Jayapal: Swifty’s/Miss Sydney’s Senator Gillibrand was in Albany Torch Magazine. A Hackman
Dan Gordon: Nicole’s Restaurant to discuss her recently published Grant award winner, he received
Don Rogers: The University Club children’s book Bold and Brave: his PhD and MA from SUNY Al-
Dimitrios Menagias: City Beer Hall Ten Heroes Who Won Women the bany. His doctoral dissertation
Frank Schlosser: Prime Bar + Grill Right to Vote. The book is of par- traced the use of the Moreland Act
Matt Barton: The Diamond Club ticular interest in that it emphasiz- and the restructuring of New York
Matthew Williams: Albany Marriott es New York’s important role in State government under Governor
Ryan Cusack | Slidin’ Dirty the history of U.S. women’s suf- Al Smith. He has also published
frage. numerous articles on New York
Torch Cont’d Albany Roundtable: Albany Book Talk
political history. Evers has served Mayor Kathy Sheehan to dis- and Signing
as Historian of Albany County and with David
cuss future of New York's
Historian of the State Assembly. Pietrusza:
Capital City
Wednesday, January 16th TR's Last
Evers describes his greatest aca-
demic achievement as being told Noon-1:00 p.m. War:
by Bob Ward that he should audi- Theodore
tion for Jeopardy!. Roosevelt, the
Great War,
The Torch social hour begins at and a Journey of
5:30 p.m. with a cash bar. The Triumph and Tragedy
talk will begin at 6:00 p.m., fol- Wednesday, January 16th
lowed by Q&A, and dinner at 7:00 5:30-7:30 p.m.
David Pietrusza, noted author
Watch Gov. Como’s State and historian, will present a talk
of the State Address with on his latest book, TR's Last
friends and colleagues War: Theodore Roosevelt, the
Mayor Kathy Sheehan will ad- Great War, and a Journey of
over a delicious meal at Triumph and Tragedy, at the
dress the first Albany
the UClub Club on Wednesday, January 16
Wednesday, January 9 at noon
Roundtable luncheon of 2019 on
Wednesday, January 16. at 6:00 p.m., with a reception
beginning at 5:30 p.m.
Do you want
to know what Mayor Sheehan became the 75th
mayor of Albany in 2014. On TR’s Last War is a riveting new
Governor account of Theodore Roose-
Cuomo has January 1, 2018, she was sworn
in for her second term. velt’s impassioned crusade for
planned for military preparedness as Ameri-
2019? ca fitfully stumbles into World
Mayor Sheehan has dedicated
her administration to unleashing War I. The book unveils a
We invite you to come watch sweeping epic not of a lion in
the State of the State address Albany's full potential, leading
with a commitment to communi- winter, but a Bull Moose bel-
with all your friends and col- lowing at a blazing global infer-
leagues on the big screen in the ty, equity, and opportunity. She
is an energetic champion of the no’s very gates—and ready for
Grille Room. one final stampede in.
renaissance now underway in
We will be serving a hot and Albany, and is working to revi-
talize all of the City's neighbor- Author Michael Malice said of
cold lunch buffet beginning at the book, "David Pietrusza has
noon. hoods.
that rare gift of having history
The cost for the luncheon is $20. read like a novel. The insults,
The cost is $25 per person and the egos, the triumphs are all
will include lunch, a non- There will be a hot and cold buf-
fet from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m., there as we read about the most
alcoholic beverage, and some- colorful of all presidents."
thing sweet to finish. The regu- with the program commencing at
lar menu will also be available. 12:30. Reservations are required
by January 14 and may be made There is no charge but reserva-
Reservations are requested tions are requested. (Club web-
(mfahy@universityclubalbany. at
site or contact the Club)
com; 518-463-1151).
First Friday Opening for
new Artist-in-Residence
Mike Mirsky
Friday, February 1
6:00-8:00 p.m.

The University Club is excited to wel-
come and exhibit Center Square neigh-
bor and artist Michael Mirsky.
Mirsky’s beautiful watercolors will be
8th Annual Burns Supper right at home in our National-Historic
Register listed Clubhouse.
Friday, January 25
6:00-9:00 p.m. Members Luncheon Featur-
ing Talk on Albany’s Lost 98 Join us for a meet-the-artist opening
reception with hors d’oeuvres and cock-
Acres by UClub Board member tails on First Friday, February 1, from
Whisky, haggis and poetry are on David Hochfelder
the bill of fare for the UClub’s 8th 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Thursday, January 31, 12:00-1:00 p.m.
Annual Burns Supper. The evening
will feature cocktails, a bagpipe
David will be speaking about 98
procession, the presentation of the
haggis, and a special dinner menu. Acres in Albany, a project includ-
Celebrate all things Scottish! ing a wonderful blog, which docu-
ments the people displaced and
The UClub's Burns Supper has be- the structures demolished to make
come a warm and bright tradition,
way for the Nelson A. Rockefeller
giving us all something to look for-
ward to during the dark winter Empire State Plaza.
In 1962, the State of New York We are having a Super
We guarantee you will find old
friends and new; tartans and bag-
seized 40 blocks in the core of Bowl Party (No matter who
downtown Albany for construc- is playing!)
pipes; songs and stories. We'll also
have the celebrated haggis, poetry tion of a massive, marble state Sunday, February 3, at 3:00 p.m.
(Scottish accent optional), whisky, capitol complex, the Empire State
the Cup of Kindness, and lots of Plaza. Over the course of the next We are kicking off the afternoon
laughter. two-and-a-half years, the State in the best way possible!
tore down 1,150 buildings, dis-
The evening will begin with cock-
tails in the living room at 6:00
placing roughly 400 small busi- Festivities will start at 3:00 p.m.
p.m. At 7:00 p.m. we will have the nesses, 3,300 households, and with appetizers, drink specials,
7,000 people—over 5% of the and fun giveaways.
traditional bagpipe procession into
the dining room for a fabulous city’s population.
meal. At 5:00 p.m. the grand buffet
David, his wife Ann Pfau (also a will come to life with all your
Guest speaker will be Phil Bayly tailgate favorites!
who will give a talk entitled, “How familiar face around the Club!)
the Scots invented the modern and a small group of others have
spent the last few years bringing Cost is $20 (sign for drinks).
world.” This is a member and guest
these very important stories back event.
The event will be hosted by UClub
into conversation.
member Duncan C. Hunter, who
was born in Scotland and studied Please contact the Club to re-
The cost is $20 and a hot and cold serve your seat by January 31.
theology at the University of Glas-
gow. buffet will be served. Reserva-
tions are requested and can be
Tickets are $65 per person, or $120
made by contacting the Club.
for a couple. Reservations are re-
quired by January 21 (Club website
or contact the Club). 2
University Club Officers: University Club Directors: We would like to welcome
Amy Kramer: President Teresa Casey home club member and of-
Jeffery Hill ficer Robert Crudden from
Jim Davies: Vice President
Geoffrey Hoderath
Chuck Seifert: Treasurer
his military duties in
Michael Lieberman
Bob Sheehan Afghanistan.
David Hochfelder: (acting) Sec-
retary Damon Stewart
Robert Crudden: Secretary (on Tim Varney We are glad to have you
leave for military service) home safe and sound and
Nate Maloney: Past President thank you for your service.

January 2019 Save the dates!
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Super Bowl Party
30 Club 31 1 Club 2 Lunch/ 3 Lunch/ 4 5 Club
February 3rd
closed New Year’s Closed Dinner Dinner Lunch closed
Eve Dinner Happy
New Year!
Valentines Dinner
February 14
6 Club 7 Lunch/ 8 Lunch/ 9 Lunch/ 10 Lunch/ 11 12 Club
closed Dinner/ Dinner Dinner / Dinner Lunch closed
Johnny State of the Members monthly lunch
Torch Talk
(to be announced)
13 Club 14 Lunch/ 15 Lunch/ 16 Lunch/ 17 Lunch/ 18 19 Club
closed Dinner Dinner Dinner/ Dinner Lunch closed As a reminder, the Grille
Room is routinely open Mon-
TR’s Last day-Thursday from 11:30 a.m.
War to 8:00 p.m. for lunch, dinner,
and happy hour. On Fridays
20 Club 21 Lunch/ 22 Lunch/ 23 Lunch/ 24 Lunch/ 25 Lunch/ 26 Club the Grille Room is open for
closed Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Burns closed lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30
Supper p.m. The Grille Room may be
open at other times for special
27 Club 28 Lunch/ 29 Lunch/ 30 Lunch/ 31 Lunch/ 1 2 events. The Clubhouse is open
closed Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Dinner/ Lunch/ Club all day Monday through Fri-
Members Art Open- Closed
lunch with ing
day if you want to come by
David Hoch- and work, relax, or socialize
felder (or even shoot pool or bowl a
few frames)!
3 Club 4 Lunch/ 5 Lunch/ 6 Lunch/ 7Lunch/ 8 Lunch/ 9 Club
Open for Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Closed

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