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I. Circle the correct answer.

1. A: Is this the right place for British 8. He _____ in when I rang.

a. wasn’t
B: Yes, it ________.
b. isn’t
a) isn’t
b) are c. weren’t
c) is it
d) is d. didn’t

9. Henry _____ school at fifteen.

2. Roger is ________ Austria.
a. has left
a) with
b) from b. leave
c) not
c. left
d) a
d. leaved
3. A: Do you smoke?
10. Sorry for __________________________
B: No, I _________ back to you so late. = Sorry for the late
a) don’t a. coming
b) ‘m not
c) not b. getting
d) doesn’t
c. responding
4. A: _____ does he work? B: In a
11. How _____ time off do you get a year?
a) Why a. many
b) When
b. much
c) What
d) Where c. any

5 How _____ do they play golf? d. some

12. I go to work _____ foot.

a) usually
b) every a. by
c) often b. to
d) time
c. on
6 Are there _____ messages for me?
d. from
a) got
b) any 13. I _____ the report yet. I need a couple
c) a more hours.
d) have
a. didn’t finish
7. We're writing you in
_____________ to (= about) the b. don’t finish
email we received on...
c. haven’t finished
a. regards
b. regarding d. ’m not finishing
c. view
d. regarded
14. Could I _____ a message?

a. speak 20. Does the conference centre have internet

b. leave
a. access
c. tell
b. location
d. say
c. centre
15. A: How do you do?
d. transfer
B: _____
21. Sorry, I didn’t _____ that.
a. Pleased to meet you.
Could you say it again?
b. I’m pleased too.
a. not with
c. Nice to have met you.
b. explain
d. Good to see you too.
c. catch
16. A: What’s he like?
d. miss
B: He _____

a. works for the National Bank of Poland.

22. Let’s move _____ to the next point of my
b. ’s the Public Relations Manager.
c. ’s a nice man.
a. about
d. plays golf.
b. up
17. It’s the _____ meal I’ve ever eaten!
c. for
a. expensive than
d. on
b. more expensive

c. expensivest

d. most expensive
23. I’m sorry, but can I just _____ in here?
18. I’m writing to _____ the refund for
a. come
damaged goods.
b. interrupt
a. claim
c. move
b. tackle
d. speak
c. take

d. book
24. I _____ from you.
19. It cost one hundred euros!
a. look forward to hear
What a complete _____ of money.
b. looking forwards to hearing
a. invest
c. look forward to hearing
b. spent
d. look forwards for hearing
c. waste

d. lot
25. So, let’s sum _____ what we’ve discussed 31. Do you have any
so far. __________________________ on you?

a. about a. cards of business

b. up b. business cards

c. with c. work cards

d. for

26. We usually _________________ 32. We need to ________ a solution to the

( = communicate with) clients directly.
a. attend
a. deal with
b. find
b. delve into
c. make
c. deal at

27. I believe we should take a different

__________. = I think we should do something 33. When the company?
a. joined you
a . action plan
b. did you join
b. course of action
c. did you joined
c. action item
34. The new system________ me focus on
28. Our business is more important jobs.
__________________________. We have to
a. lets
hire two more people.
b. allows
a. slowing down
c. gets
b. growing
35. Today, we need to on a date for the launch
c. growing up
and promotion.

a. discuss
29. James always does
b. meet
__________________________ well.
c. decide
a. job
36. Alison is in ________ of the Finance.
b. his job
a. responsible
c. working
b. working

c. charge
30. You should always call the customer by
his/her __________________________, not 37. Who is the _____ of your department?
his/her first name.
a. boss
a. last name/surname
b. head
b. second name
c. main person
c. familiar name

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