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Production Operations Management

Prelim Exams (2nd Sem)

NAME:_________________________________________________________________________ DATE:___________
COURSE:____________________ __________________________________Instructor: DEXTER P. ALCANTARA, MBA

Please READ & FOLLOW the instructions carefully. Write legibly. Any forms of ERASURES, SUPER-IMPOSITION of words
renders an answer INCORRECT.

I. Identification.

___________________ 1. A system that takes inputs and converts them to outputs.

___________________ 2. A tangible product of a production.
___________________ 3. A process which is a predominant activity of a production system.
___________________ 4. Consists of one or more actions that transform input into output.
___________________ 5. An intangible product of a production.
___________________ 6. A category of business process that govern the operation of the entire organization.
___________________ 7. A category of business process that support the core processes
___________________ 8. A category of business process that are the core processes that make up the value stream
___________________ 9. A revolution that is developed in England in the 1700s, an essential milestone in POM.
___________________ 10. Is the management of an organization’s production system.

II. Multiple Choice

__________________________1. What is not an entry level job in POM?

a).Purchasing planner/buyer b). Production analyst c). Production specialist d). IT security analyst

__________________________2. Identify the “direct” output of a production system from the choices below

a).Waste b). Technological advances c). Pollution d). Products

__________________________3. What is not a part of Historical Milestones in POM?

a). Labor Management b). Scientific management c). Operations research d). Industrial revolution

__________________________4. What is the initial part of the production as a system?

a). Conversion system b). Control system c). Input d). Output

__________________________5. Identify the Primary Resources Input of a Production System below:

a).Materials/Personnel b). Customer Desires c). Customer desires d). Product Information

__________________________6. An activity in Operations Management in Airline Industry that deals with weather
and landing conditions and seat demands for flights.

a). Locating facilities b). Forecasting c). Assuring quality d). Motivating employees

__________________________7. An activity in Operations Management in Airline Industry that deals with flying
and maintenance operations for safety, dealing in customers at ticket counters that ensures efficiency and courtesy
on services.

a). Scheduling b). Forecasting c). Managing Inventories d). Assuring Quality/Quality assurance
__________________________8. It is the Initial Critical Success Factor on Management

a). Planning b). Supervising c). Delegating d). Measuring

__________________________9. An Activity in Operations Management in Airline Industry that deals with location
of maintenance facilities, Major and Minor Hubs

a). Forecasting b). Capacity planning c). Locating facilities d). Managing Inventories

__________________________10. It is a kind of product/output that deals with High Degree of Customer contact

a). Services b). Goods c). Quality assurance d). Employee Mentorship

III. Essay. Please write the Keywords first before beginning the Essay (20 points each).

1. Discuss and compare the Points of Comparison of Goods and Services on these Characteristics :

a. Measurement of productivity

b. Uniformity of Input

c. Opportunity to correct problems before delivery

2. Discuss in your own words the importance of POM in every organization.

3. Discuss in your own words the potential effect of abolishment of contractualization on every industry
towards Production Operations management, does it have a direct effect to improve the quality of
Services/Goods to its Customers?