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Article appeared Friday, January 11th, 2019 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The Revelation (555) yousuf mahbubul Islam, PhD

The Abrahamic religions {1} all speak and warn about a Day of Judgment – a day where
each human will individually stand trial in the presence of his/her Maker, i.e., in front of
God who created him/her. We all seem to be living difficult lives, so the question is, is
the Day of Judgment necessary? Why do we have or need a day for judging humans?
What would the judgment be about?

Can the answer to these questions be worked out from the humans’ point of view? Since
it is God Himself who has set aside a day for the judgment of humans, who else but He
would know best why? To understand, therefore, we would have to examine the logic of
the necessity of a Day of Judgment from God’s point of view. God’s point of view may
simply be fulfilling His purpose in creating humans. So, succinctly put, would the Day of
Judgment be necessary to deliver judgment on whether the individual has fulfilled his/her
purpose of creation?

Continuing this line of thought, what could God’s purpose be? To answer this question,
let us first ask what He has done for human beings? God has made each individual
unique and therefore beautiful in his/her own way. He has given an environment,
parents, children, friends, spouses, sustenance of the best, skills, opportunities to derive
satisfaction and an opportunity to get to know of God’s Qualities through His Blessings.

What should a rightful and appropriate reaction of a human being be to His blessings?
Should this be recognition and acknowledgment of God for who He is, gratitude,
adoration and observation of His commands as revealed in the Holy Scriptures? Could
God’s purpose be outside this logic?

In contrast, if one is arrogant and ungrateful, how should God look upon such a
rebellious person? And at which point in time should He decide and take action to deliver
His Judgment to separate those who fulfill their purpose by being righteous and those
who are responding unjustly to God and His blessings?

God confirms this logic in the Holy Scripture, the Al-Qur’an. He informs us of the purpose
of putting us on earth and ending with the Day of Judgment.
“In order that God may separate the impure from the pure put the impure one on
another heap them together and cast them into hell. They will be the ones to
have lost.” [8.37]

But God, being Most Merciful, doesn’t want anyone to lose. He therefore revealed
guiding Holy Scriptures and sent prophets throughout the ages to guide and show the
way to human beings.
“But verily you call them to the Straight Way;” [23.73]

What could be the straight way – a way that leads to purity for our souls? There are two
ways that we can approach God – we can call on Him when we need something.
Alternatively, we can also call on Him simply to adore Him, be in awe of Him, to be
grateful to Him or even share our appreciation of God with others. Which way can be
classified as the straight or righteous way? We can of course call on Him when we need
Him, as He is always there for us, however, we should remember to thank Him when the
need is fulfilled.

23.74 “And verily those who believe not in the Hereafter are deviating from
that Way.”
Only one who is ungrateful and arrogant will deny the Day of Judgment and the
subsequent life of bliss with God. As opposed to this attitude are those who consciously
think about God and His Purpose; fear the fact that they will stand before Him on the
Day of Judgment and hope for His favor.

23.75 “If We had mercy on them and removed the distress which is on them
they would obstinately persist in their transgressionwandering in
distraction to and fro.”
To test our faith and belief, God regularly puts us in trouble. However, those who are
arrogant move away from God, instead of calling up on Him in humility and submission.
They may even panic and/or search for solutions elsewhere. Looking for relief from lucky
charms, amulets, religious sages, occult, idols, other human beings, pieces of coded
paper, i.e., anything other than God alone is transgression.

23.76 “We inflicted Punishment on them but they humbled not themselves
to their Lord nor do they submissively entreat (Him)!”
Punishment or trouble is a reminder and at the same time is an opportunity to turn to
God, repent and seek His indulgence.

23.77 “Until We open on them a gate leading to a severe Punishment: then

Lo! They will be plunged in despair therein!”
God is warning us that if we continue to ignore Him, one day the ultimate punishment of
Hell will befall us; from where there will be no escape.

23.78 “It is He Who has created for you (the faculties of) hearing, sight
feeling and understanding: little thanks it is you give!”
He has created us as intelligent beings – this thought and fact alone should motivate us
to turn to Him in repentance and thank Him. Should we then overlook the opportunities
given by Him to utilize our hearing, sight, feelings and intelligence, i.e., the power to
analyze His Blessings and respond, by turning to Him in awe, adoration, humility and