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October 20th marks the 6 month anniversary of the BP Oil Spill.

Over these past 172

days, America has been victim of a total blackout of information.

The reality is beyond stark, and being a retired political correspondent, I am beyond
sickened by the ignorance, silence & complacency of the major news media.

What you will find below is my report on the subject, which is simultaneously an excerpt
from my new book ACROPOLIS NOW.

ACROPOLIS NOW is NOT the European sequel of “THE BIG SHINY PRISON” – it is
a completely different work chronicling my life over the past 8 years. It is a deeply
personal manuscript & I have no illusions of it being completed until Spring 2012.

However, with consistent demands that I share/post some new material, I hope this
suffices. And to any journalists/newsrooms receiving this, please take action.

To learn more about the BP Catastrophe, I highly recommend the site – the man running it has been collecting data from hundreds
of sources all summer, and the portrait it paints is… well…

-- Ryan Bartek --
The textbook definition of disaster is a calamitous event, especially one occurring
suddenly & causing great loss of life, damage, or hardship -- such as an earthquake,
airplane crash, or oil spill of unprecedented caliber.
That’s what is happening right now, in The Gulf, in 2010. Mistress Maam and I
have been living at The Acropolis Hotel, charting the ecological terror not broadcast on
CNN, FOX, MSNBC, DrudgeReport, InfoWars, MichealMoore or even
There are a number of reasons for this, of which I will soon begin to elaborate.
Under Obama’s authorization, the United States Coast Guard (& British
Petroleum) have dumped nearly 50 million gallons of the untested, experimental
dispersant Corexit 9500 (& the far more lethal 9527) into the ocean, creating an
ecological monstrosity buttressed by 500 to 900 million gallons of crude oil.
No one is quite sure the actual figure. Even by the lowest of estimates, Deepwater
Horizon now equals three dozen Exxon/Valdez’s – previously the worst oil spill ever
sustained – and which in aftermath left the vast majority of cleanup workers dead due to
rampant toxicity levels.
All of those deceased grunts, it should be noted, never had to contend with
Corexit – a chemical four times more toxic then the crude in itself. Corexit’s function is
to literally eat the oil, instantly obliterating it into minuscule particles. In theory, these
particles are biodegradable & mix effortlessly into the ocean currents like loose grains of
In reality, Corexit had never actually been used on anything larger then 1000
barrels of oil – which is why all of these globules have accumulated into a massive jelly
blob roughly the size of Rhode Island. Furthermore, the chemical immediately releases
the most deadly, latent properties of crude, causing the surrounding water to soak up
3,500% more of the toxic properties then it would in its natural state.
This aquatic Corexit landmass – this oxygen-deprived, toxic vacuum -- has
already killed hundreds of thousands of fish, altering the eco-system for decades and
permanently mutating the genetics of all ensnared life forms.
As The Blob heads towards Southern Florida, smaller chunks continue to wash
ashore in Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, etc. At a microscopic level, it’s been
continually ingested through skin contact of any & all swimming those same beaches.
Having never been tested at length on human subjects – and quickly banned in the
UK – all emerging research now comes directly from the epidemically ill Southern
population & rapidly dying mass of cleanup workers. This past week, in fact, an
investigation determined that Corexit is a confirmed carcinogen – in all probability worse
then Agent Orange in itself…

This brings us to a multitude of barbaric realities. Foremost, all of that Corexit, crude oil
& methane gas has for some time been evaporating and, in turn, raining down upon the
region, the East Coast, the Midwest – all the way into Canada. This precipitation, in turn,
is now eating through plant life as an acidic pesticide would.
One search on YouTube will bring forth hundreds of amateur videos of this, as
well as testimonials from people dizzy & vomiting after heavy rains, passing out, sick for
days – their homes covered in oily residue & the streets slicked with that distinctive
“rainbow film.”
There’s been a 65% increase in people seeking emergency care for respiratory
problems all over the South. Even an official CDC survey in Alabama found that 50% of
all questioned claimed newly emerged respiratory problems. In Louisiana especially, as
well as Florida, it is reported that entire communities are now vomiting blood.
A recent study has also found that this mix of rain, oil & Corexit has altered
sediments natural ability to cleanse arsenic from the water supply. 16 private wells
outside Tampa were found to be of nearly fatal, poisonous levels.
Dozens of studies have also confirmed the unspeakable contamination of waters –
oil up to 220 PPM (parts per million); in some areas of Mississippi 620 PPM. Even beach
sand is testing around 200 PPM at average. There should be none.
And then the air quality. On May 3rd a Russian television crew confirmed that the
air in Venice, Louisiana was so filthy the camera operators should have been wearing
contamination suits. The EPA claims that 5-10 PPB (parts per billion) or Hydrogen
Sulfide is acceptable. The news crew had clocked 1192 PPB.
The VOC count (Volatile Organic Compounds) clocked in at similairly hideous
ranges. The State of Louisiana says 3.76 PPB is acceptable for Benzene, Methylene
Chloride 61.25 PPB. On May 2nd, the air quality registered 3,416 PPB combined VOC’s.
Likewise, in September, a team from Bio-Cascade (an air-pollution specialist team from
New Jersey) visited Alabama and found 110 PPM of VOC’s in the air.
To add insult to injury, unmarked Coast Guard planes have been continuously
spraying Corexit over civilian populations, over shallow waters & beaches in a frantic
effort to annihilate the aforementioned aquatic jelly blob before it reaches shore.
One couple, living in their boathouse, woke up soaking from said airplane spray
and immediately started puking blood. Their skin is now covered in sores, like lepers –
same as the other hundreds of individuals now coming forward. No one seems to know if
these people, now turning up in droves, will even survive.
There are dozens of families that went to the beach for a scenic Sunday, coming
home covered in blisters, bleeding from their eyes. These people are generally rushed to
ER and the doctors are clueless how to combat these symptoms – all toxicology reports
indicate a poisoning by unknown neurotoxins. Emerging blood tests show staggeringly
high amounts of ehtylbenzene, hexane, xylene, isooctane, and both 2 & 3-methylpentane.
There are many other frightening examples of the above predicament and even
more unanswered questions regarding the following. Ever heard of Vibrio Vulnificus, a
rare waterborne illness originating from oyster beds? V.V. claims a small number of
deaths worldwide, yet last month six deaths were attributed to V.V. One of them – a 12
year old boy named John Lopez – simply walked on a Florida shore barefoot and was
eaten alive within 24 hours. There is distinct evidence that this strain may have been a
mutation, which an ongoing study at Louisiana State University is currently researching.
Can anyone even imagine the repercussions of an Ebola Ocean?
Beyond all this, the true horror emerging is the negligence of the EPA, whom
refuse to test the seafood emerging from The Gulf -- which means, quite frankly, that a
staggering amount of individuals have been ingesting Corexit daily, literally eating it for
months on end, at a global scale so criminal it cannot be fathomed…

Millions of people are going to die.

And no one knows, not at all -- no one except for me & Mistress Maam.
No one, that is, until The Blob actually touches shore in a definite, unavoidable, in-your-
face kind of way. And then mainstream America will catch on in a definite, unavoidable,
in-your-face kind of way. And then things will grow exceptionally grim, exceptionally
fast. And then The Great Panic will begin.
Which is the major reason this is not being reported. The Federal Government has
failed so abysmally in such a cataclysmic, catastrophic way that not only is it an
embarrassment to their prestige, but the lineage aftereffects I’ve entailed are so hideous,
so murderous, the only way to solve the problem is to pretend it simply isn’t happening.
The straight answer would have been immediate evacuation, which was stalled
through fear of economic/political backlash. The NAVY had already evacuated by July
2nd under the guise of fighting a drug cartel, having relocated 46 warships to Costa Rica
capable of carrying 200 helicopters & warplanes, plus 7,000 U.S. Marines “who may
circulate the country in uniform without any restrictions” for “anti-narcotics operations
& humanitarian missions between 1st July 2010 until 31st December 2010.”
And also by July 4th NATO’s Chairman of the Military Committee Admiral
Giampaolo Di Paola ordered 2,400 Canadian Military Forces to prepare for deployment
to the Coast to assist FEMA, simultaneously moving all critical NATO assets a hundred
miles from shore. Much movement & tactical placement has occurred, though much of it
secretly and unable for definite confirmation, since all “official” sources remain silent.
The real fear it seems is not the deadly chemical, but the rupturing of the seafloor
itself. At the moment it is “plugged” – but all data indicates a rupturing for miles beneath
the surface, oil still seeping through the ocean floor kilometers around. If the seabed
gives way, this would equal an instant tsunami so massive and violent in its force that it
would cover Florida within minutes, wiping out tens of millions in one brutal stroke.
But even that seems child’s play compared to the possibility of an oil hurricane.
Just what happens, pray tell, when a Class 5 ripper just barrels through Texas leaving a
trail of toxic, cancer-causing, brain hemorrhaging, methane suffocating death? What does
the evil commie nigger look like then, when he sends the National Guard in to forcefully
remove Grandma Bush-throttler by gunpoint? Or what happens when he simply does
nothing and the Texas Tea hurricane comes anyway -- when all those people are proxy
butchered by this callous breach of human dignity?
There was no contingency plan from the outset. And the only way out is to keep
burying, keep blacking it out. The entire Washington elite allowed this to happen – and
now their asses are on the line at such an appalling, historic level that no previous tragedy
in American heritage remotely compares.

And still, no one knows. You can grab a man on the street, scream at him, shake him by
the lapels, explain point for point what I just elaborated, but not a thread of it sinks in. All
they can envision are petroleum dolphins, beached whales & pelicans shitting oil. Their
ignorance is manifold, engulfing, complete. Here, in The Dead City where The Acropolis
is center of the filth-ridden maze.
Whereas previously Barack had floundered, struggling against unsparing criticism
& distortion, he has failed unspeakably & decisively. Since inauguration he waded
through an avalanche empirical attack stunting the smallest progression -- the slightest
shove to the GOP & a firestorm in return. He lost the propaganda war early, decisively.
They swarmed in and tore his flesh, Jackals devouring his entrails from the floor. The
greed kingpins subdued & suffocated, sucking the very marrow from his bones. It was
already over. Long before Deepwater.
Which is the reason why Obama – via executive order -- made it a $40,000 fine &
felony charge with a max sentence of 15 years for filming the oil spill or “cleanup effort”
without “official authorization.”
And then Barack -- in one of the coldest, most callous maneuvers any President
has so disgustingly played on the American public -- brings his own family to Florida for
economic gear-greasing, poll strengthening, panic-diverting propaganda. Has his kids jog
shoreline in swimsuits. Has wife smile & wave-lure the hesitant. Signals all to their doom
clenching prolific pearly whites, bullets sweating sauna stampede…
Which is why Mistress Maam – having been driven to the breaking point in
monolithic disgust -- decided to directly take on The President mano-e-mano. In a surge
of petroleum drenched passion she hitchhiked to NOLA for one purpose -- to lead
hundreds of anarchists onto the beaches with cameras in hand to stage a mass arrest so
loud, so brazen, so earth-shattering in its tantrum that the entire country would have no
choice but to pay heed to the scream. Felony suicide, cause celebre…
And she did, she actually pulled it off, that Mistress Maam – alongside Dr.
Jeremy Sullivan, no less -- though in the end she could never muster more then three
loons to follow her into those felonious depths.
No arrests occurred, but the “Zombie Logz” documentary was successfully
completed. They made Florida, viewing firsthand those sprawling red waters & vile black
sand. The scream they emitted was like a warning gunshot, ricocheting with splendid
ease. An entire network was forged in the process. And in the end, smoke clearing &
sandbags refurbished, a third GhostNomad now demands the head of Europe on a stake…


A 666 Page Autobiographical Beast c/o Ryan Bartek
Projected Completion: Spring 2012 --

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