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EDTE 500

Hannah Taves
October 2018
Overview of Student
Student A is a grade 1 student from Georgia Avenue Elementary. This student
displayed a very comfortable attitude towards reading, but also showed that they lack
confidence. During the reading interest survey the student explained that they get
excited when it is time to read and that they read most at home. Their favourite books
are from the PJ Masks series and they read at least one book form the series every night
before bed. Student A noted that they love reading PJ Masks the most because it is easy
to read picture books because they can use the pictures as context clues. This student
demonstrates that they are well equipped with strategies and feels very supported in
reading both at home and in the classroom. The reason I have said that this student
lacks confidence is because they continued to stress that they are not comfortable with
reading long words or blends, but they have proven to me in both assessments that they
are very capable. This student has an accuracy of 1:5 and is reading at a 98.2 percent.

Reading assessment & School-Wide Write
Grade: 2
Strengths Struggles

-Very strong with letter recognition. Student -Reading aloud clearly

stated both the letter and sound that they
-Misreading words due to going too quickly as
make because they wanted to show me their
a result of visuals
-Lacks confidence in certain areas of reading
- Great at breaking down words, isolated and
segmented words with no hesitation
-Reads with fluency, expression, and accuracy
-Adequate comprehension

Next Steps / Strategies

-Practice reading aloud to improve pronunciation of words
-Slowing down when reading aloud so there will be less visual errors (ex: tried and
- Create a list of sight words for child to read aloud (these words can be taken from reading
records with meaning errors)
-Have student read better fit books that challenge them so they can practice reading long
words that intimidate them

Overview of Student
Student B is an intermediate student in Grade 4 at Georgia Avenue Elementary.
For the NLPS I scribed and read for this student. Student B was very uncomfortable with
reading with someone who they do not have a rapport with so they were very quiet and
cautious with their answering. During the readers interest survey my student said “I
don’t know” for the first 3 questions so I stopped there. Once we read the story
together she seemed much more comfortable with me and started telling me stories
about what she eats with her family and made a great connection with the story. What
was interesting was that once we got to the “making connections” section of the NLPS
she was not able to make any. I prompted Student B to remind them of the connection
they informally made to me prior but they could not recall what they said. When it came
to most questions they did not understand the vocabulary that was used in asking the
question like main idea, sub topic, inferencing, text features, etc..

Reading assessment & School-Wide Write

Grade: 4

Strengths Struggles

-Looking through text for information -Using personal connections to comprehend

-Engaged while text is being read to student
-Asking for scriber/reader to go back to a
section and reread to find information
-Vocabulary is not at grade level to
comprehend texts or comprehension questions
-has difficulties discovery what the text is
about and the purpose of text

Next Steps / Strategies

- Go over vocabulary that student did not comprehend; find definition and
practice using those vocabulary words when reading for comprehension (have
words with definitions on flashcards to help student retain information)
- Go over expectations of a student and the purpose of a scriber/reader so student knows
how to utilize scriber/reader
- Practice making connections with text and films by making a Venn diagram to compare
themselves with the text/film
- Practice reading and comprehension with people that student is more comfortable with
to see if it changes responses to questions