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We’re Building More than Pipelines

We’re building Canada, bringing

growth to the north
We’re building sustainable communities
through jobs and investment
We’re building opportunity for all Canadians.

The Northern Gateway is far more than a pipeline.

It’s about creating economic opportunities, jobs and
the promise of a brighter future. And we will build this
new gateway to the world to the highest environmental
and safety standards.

The Northern The pipelines will Kitimat Both oil and Export oil approx.
Gateway Project be buried at a depth Marine Terminal condensate lines 525,000 barrels/day
is a $5.5 billion* of one metre in a to include two ship will be serviced by to new marine
pipeline project 25-metre wide berths and 14 10 pump stations terminal in Kitimat
right-of-way tanks for oil and powered by electric
Northern Gateway condensate, which pumps to limit noise Import condensate
comprises dual Provides access to thins heavier oil and greenhouse gas approx. 193,000
1,172 km pipelines new growing markets products emissions barrels/day

Dawson Creek The Northern
Mackenzie Grande Prairie Gateway Pipeline
Tumbler Ridge
Prince Rupert Terrace Fox Creek
Fort St. James
Houston Whitecourt Bon Accord
Bear Lake
Burns Lake Prince George Mayerthorpe
Kitimat Morinville Edmonton

British Columbia Alberta




*Updated from 2004 estimate using latest information from Statistics Canada Consumer Price Index and other construction indices.
An Update From Northern Gateway
Filing the application for regulatory review with the National Energy
Board (NEB) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
(CEAA) is an important step forward for the Northern Gateway Project.

ver the last two years I’ve questions about the project have
had the pleasure, along been answered and be satisfied
with other members of the that the project is in the public
project team, to spend time in interest. The Secretariat to the
many of the communities along JRP will conduct information
the route. During these visits sessions with the public and
with community members, I’ve Aboriginal people to assist in
had a number of discussions understanding the joint review
about the project, ranging process and the ways in which
“…environmental protection
from employment and local one can participate and make
hiring to Aboriginal business will always be front-of-mind their views known to the Panel.
opportunities and community throughout both construction
investment. One particular As a final thought, I would
issue that has been consistently
and the operational life like to suggest that people
raised is the need to protect of the project.” also consider the numerous
the environment. I certainly benefits that Northern Gateway
appreciate the importance that can provide to the residents
local residents place on the environment and I of northern BC and Alberta. These include
want to encourage all affected stakeholders and employment, skills development, procurement
Aboriginal people to continue to provide feedback opportunities and contributions to the community
on our project. and the province through a secure tax base at local,
provincial and federal levels.
The success of a project on the scale of Northern
Gateway depends on the support of the communities We encourage you to get involved and to contact
it impacts. We know that this support will depend us with your questions and suggestions. To find out
on our ability to prove to communities that our more about the NEB-led regulatory review process,
project is safe, that it has been planned responsibly please go to, or feel free to email me
and that environmental protection will always be at with any questions you
front-of-mind throughout both construction and the may have.
operational life of the project.

For this reason, we strongly encourage people to

participate in the regulatory review process. The
process will be led by a three-person Joint Review John Carruthers
Panel (JRP) appointed by the NEB and the Minister President
of Environment. The JRP will need to ensure that all Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines
A Fair and Open Discussion
Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines’ application will undergo regulatory review
with the National Energy Board (NEB) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment
Agency (CEAA). Other federal government agencies will also be involved as responsible
authorities, including: Transport Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Indian and
Northern Affairs Canada and Natural Resources Canada. Provincial agencies and
resource managers may also contribute to the review in an advisory capacity.

he regulatory filing represents an important At the heart of the regulatory review process
step forward in the public review of the is what is known as the Joint Review Panel
project and is another opportunity for (JRP), made up of three members appointed
Aboriginal people, community leaders and by the NEB and the Minister of Environment.
citizens to ask questions about the project Both agencies have agreed to integrate the
and provide their feedback. There are various requirements of the NEB Act and the CEA Act
ways to participate in the into a single process to include
regulatory process and
information on that will be
The Joint one set of environmental filing
requirements and one public
sent out by the regulator. Review Panel hearing process for the project.

National Energy Board The Minister of the Environment Canadian Environmental

•The NEB is an independent and the NEB have appointed Assessment Agency
federal agency that regulates three experienced people to •CEAA is responsible for
international and interprovincial serve as the JRP. coordinating environmental
aspects of the oil, gas and assessments of projects that
electric utility industries involve decisions by the
The JRP will address two
•It regulates the construction federal government
fundamental questions:
and operation of interprovincial •The CEA Act requires that an
In terms of the Canadian
pipelines to ensure they are in environmental assessment be
Environmental Assessment Act,
the public interest and that carried out before a federal
they are built and operated in will the project cause authority issues a permit or
a safe and secure manner significant adverse effects on licence, grants an approval or
•Should Northern Gateway the environment? takes any other action that
receive approval, it will be would enable a project to
regulated by the NEB for the In terms of the National Energy proceed with development
life of the project Board Act, is the project in the
public interest?

Timeline 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Northern Gateway Aboriginal and public consultation*
File regulatory application
Public and government review process
Construction (subject to regulatory approval)
Commissioning and start up
*The Secretariat to the Joint Review Panel (JRP) will conduct information sessions with the public and Aboriginal peoples additional to and independent from Northern Gateway’s consultation.
A World-Class Gateway
As the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken between the two
provinces, the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project will bring economic
opportunities to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups across northern
British Columbia and Alberta. With an estimated capital cost of
$5.5 billion, Northern Gateway will create thousands of job opportunities
for regional residents throughout project construction and operations,
while providing approximately $36 million of property taxes annually.

Northern Gateway will be a model of world-class safety and

environmental standards.

Total of About Total of About

$4.3 billion 62,700 $2.6 billion 1,150
of labour-related person-years of construction local, provincial and long-term
income across employment throughout the federal government jobs across
Canada during Canadian economy, including tax revenues generated Canada
construction a peak workforce of from all economic activity during operations
3,000 workers from project operations

Oil Pipeline Condensate Pipeline

• Westerly flow • Easterly flow

• Transport of oil from near • Transport of condensate from

Kitimat to near Edmonton
Edmonton to Kitimat for
export to new growing markets
36 20
inch inch
• 1,172 km in length
diameter diameter
• 20 inches in diameter
• 1,172 km in length
• Will carry an average of 193,000
• 36 inches in diameter
barrels of condensate per day
• Will carry an average of • Condensate is used to thin heavier
525,000 barrels of oil per day oil products for pipeline transport

Kitimat Marine Terminal: A Model of World-Class Safety and Environmental Standards

Two mooring berths

Approximately 220 ship calls per year

Improvements to navigational aids and new radar monitoring system

Tethered and escorting tug system

Total of 14 storage tanks for oil and condensate, potential for two additional tanks

About 165 new jobs in Kitimat to operate the terminal, escort tugs, first response
and to monitor the surrounding marine environment
S e tting t h e standa

Canada’s Pacific Coast is a source of pride for all Canadians. If Enbridge did
either over land or water, we would not have proposed the project. We

ocated in Kitimat at the end of the

Douglas Channel, one of the widest

and deepest inland waterways on

North America’s West Coast, the Kitimat

Marine Terminal will be a model of world-

class safety and navigational standards.

To help ensure those standards are met,

Control Facilities
Northern Gateway is participating in a Tanker Berth
with containment boom Tank Terminal
11 oil, 3 condensate
voluntary assessment known as the

TERMPOL Review Process, administered Northern Gateway invited

by Transport Canada. This review representatives from local government,

process evaluates marine terminal environmental organizations and

operations, vessel routing and other Aboriginal groups to participate in

the QRA. A QRA working group was
marine safety issues. As part of this
then formed to allow interested
process, Northern Gateway, together
participants to provide advice on
with interested participants, also
the design, consultant selection
completed a Quantitative Risk Assessment
and completion of the Quantitative
(QRA) to evaluate the marine Risk Assessment for the marine
operational components of the project. components of the proposed
Northern Gateway project.
r d fo r W o r l d- C l ass

not believe that the movement of petroleum products could be done safely,
recognize our responsibility in protecting this important national heritage.

Safe and Secure Tankers Raising the bar for marine safety
All tankers that call on the Kitimat Marine
Terminal will be modern and double-hulled on the north coast of BC
Our regulatory filing application and TERMPOL submission
include the following proposed marine safety standards:

All vessels entering Kitimat Marine Terminal

will be modern and double-hulled

Operational safety limits will be established to cover

visibility, wind and sea conditions

The escort tugs will have extensive first response

capabilities to provide immediate assistance if required
(available to any ship in distress)

Northern Gateway will install an advanced radar system to

cover important route sections to provide guidance to pilots
Oil Tank Inner Hull Outer Hull and all marine traffic on the Northwest coast

Additional navigational aids will be installed, such as

Custom-Built Escort Tugs navigation beacons, buoys and lights throughout the
Custom-built escort tugs will be tethered to and in confined channel area
close escort with all loaded tankers to ensure safe
passage through existing coastal shipping routes Prior to arrival in Canadian waters, all vessels will be vetted
by independent, third-party agencies and will be required to
meet Northern Gateway’s safety and environmental standards

Vessel speed will be reduced in the marine channels

to between 8 and 12 knots

All tankers visiting the Kitimat Marine Terminal will

be safely guided by BC Coast Pilots

While docked at the Northern Gateway Kitimat

Marine Terminal, tankers loading export oil will be
surrounded by a containment boom

Information from new weather stations along

the route will be available to all vessels

Northern Gateway will significantly increase the emergency

response capabilities along the main northern shipping routes,
making the routes safer, not just for tankers but for everyone
Ensuring Saf

Prince Rupert
Yukon NWT

Traffic Kitimat

British Columbia Alberta

Cherry Point (Blaine)

“Northern Gateway’s shipping routes can be safely navigated
by the largest ships proposed for the project. In fact, at
the narrowest points the Douglas and Principe Channels
have waterway-to-vessel width ratios three times wider than
Transport Canada’s minimum recommendation.”
Chris Anderson, Master Mariner, Principal, Portplan

Over the past 25 years, more than 1,500 ships have safely travelled
to Kitimat carrying petrochemical products, including methanol,
ammonia and condensate. For Northern Gateway, three tanker routes
are proposed, all of which are existing shipping routes. The routes
include the North route via Dixon Entrance and Browning Entrance,
the South route via Queen Charlotte Sound and Caamaño Sound
and the South route via Queen Charlotte Sound and Browning Entrance.

afe Passage
Master Mariners Establishing Safe Routes Today, large vessels safely travel to ports up

All tankers visiting Kitimat will and down the BC coast. At the narrowest point along the route
(1.4 km wide),* the proposed vessels to be used in the Douglas and
be safely guided by BC Coast
Principe Channels have waterway-to-vessel width ratios three times
Pilots. These master mariners
larger than TERMPOL minimum recommendation of 455 metres
know the intricacies of BC’s
for a two-way channel width for the largest proposed vessel.
coastline and work together
with the captains of ships to Douglas Channel (Kitimat)

safely navigate vessels into Largest proposed vessel: 350 m x 65 m

Narrowest point of waterway: 1.4 km
our ports. A pilot’s primary Depth at shallowest point: 36 m
Depth of loaded vessel: 23 m
concern is the safety of the
ship, crew and marine habitat. Principe Channel (Kitimat)

Pilots must go through years Largest proposed vessel: 350 m x 65 m

Narrowest point of waterway: 1.4 km
of intensive training before Depth at shallowest point: 36 m
Depth of loaded vessel: 23 m
they are accepted into the elite
position of licensed pilots, and TERMPOL Navigation Requirements†

only then the most qualified, Largest proposed vessel: 350 m x 65 m

Minimum channel width: 455 m
experienced and knowledgeable Minimum water depth: 33 m
Depth of loaded vessel: 23 m
mariners are accepted.
* Channel widths defined for the navigable section between the 36 m depth contour lines
† For two-way channel width for Northern Gateway
Protecting the Environment

t Northern Gateway, safeguarding the quality of life enjoyed
by communities along the project route is always front-of-
mind, and we understand that the best way to do this is to
protect the environment. As such, the long-term success of our
project depends on our ability to construct the project in an
environmentally responsible way.

As part of Northern Gateway’s planning, a team of over

200 environmental experts and scientists conducted a
comprehensive analysis along the project route in areas such
as marine biology, soil, vegetation, wildlife, water resources,
fish, human health, archaeology and others. The findings of this
analysis have been incorporated into our planning to ensure
that construction proceeds safely and responsibly and that
our environmental impact is minimized throughout the
operational life of the project.

Safe Pipeline Construction

Before construction begins,
Enbridge obtains right-of-way
or easement agreements from
landowners and arranges for
fair financial compensation
for use of the land.
Clearing and grading Construction Trenching Layers of soil are peeled Stringing/Bending Pipe is laid out
Environmental and safety begins by clearing and grading the away and stored until the pipe is laid. along the right-of-way. Individual joints
inspections begin as right-of-way. The construction of pipelines Construction crews dig the trench for of pipe are bent to fit the terrain using a
soon as the construction causes short-term disruption when the the pipe. The depth of the pipeline hydraulic bending machine, and the pipe
ground is excavated to lay pipe. trench will typically be a metre or more is prepared for welding.
crews start.
beneath the surface.

Critical Project Analysis

Participants There are a number of measures we are committed to following
to ensure the environment is protected, including:
Drum Cavers
Principal Geotechnical Engineer,
AMEC Earth and Environmental
Continued careful planning, strict construction standards and ongoing
careful monitoring of company activities
Frank Bercha
Principal Engineer – Risk Analysis,
The Bercha Group Meeting or exceeding government regulations and standards
for environmental protection
Jerry Aspland
Principal, Aspland Associates
Training employees and contractors so they understand their responsibility
Dr. Ed Owens and
Dr. Elliott Taylor
to protect the environment and follow environmental rules and procedures
Polaris Applied Science, Inc. Providing the public and government with relevant information regarding
Kevin Obermeyer planned activities and responding to their concerns
CEO and President,
Pacific Pilotage Authority Quick remediation of environmental damage resulting from our actions
Jens Bay or the actions of our contractors
Project Manager, FORCE Technology
Environmental research will be encouraged, supported and undertaken
Audun Brandsater
Principal Consultant, to continually improve our company’s environmental protection
Risk Management and Analysis, and restoration procedures
DNV (Det Norske Veritas)
Proven Safety Management

ipeline safety begins with route selection and continues
through design, construction and the operational life of
the pipelines. Enbridge takes pride in its longstanding
reputation as a safe pipeline operator and socially responsible
company. We have over 60 years of experience in pipeline design,
construction, operations and environmental protection. Northern
Gateway’s environmental and safety features for the pipelines include:
•The route selection minimizes potential • The pipelines will be protected with both a
geotechnical issues and ensures that the fusion bond epoxy coating and a cathodic
pipelines are located within a stable corridor protection system to prevent corrosion “Northern Gateway has engaged
•The route selection minimizes the number of •The pipelines will be monitored and controlled
sensitive water crossings and optimizes the 24/7 from the operations centre in Edmonton local, national and international
locations of crossings to avoid critical habitat •Technology and strict operational experts to help ensure the safety
•All water crossing techniques will be standards will ensure rapid and effective
approved by Fisheries and Oceans Canada emergency response and reliability of its pipelines
and the National Energy Board •The pipelines will be monitored and and facilities and the protection
•Safety control valves and leak detection inspected using air patrols, a line pressure
systems will provide strong safeguards monitor alarm system, annual soil surveys, of the environment.”
for the environment in-line inspections, investigative excavations Channa Pelpola
and slope stability monitoring M.Sc. Lead Environmental Consultant

Topsoil and other organic
material is returned
to the right-of-
way and the
is revegetated.
patterns are
Welding/Coating Welders join the Lowering in and tie-ins Construction Backfilling/Testing The trench is restored and
pipes together using either manual or crews gently lower the welded pipe into the backfilled and the land is re-contoured erosion control
automated welding technologies. Welds trench. A separate crew completes tie-ins, for reclamation. The entire pipeline is measures are installed
are inspected and certified by X-ray or connecting continuous lengths of pipeline pressure tested prior to commissioning where needed.
ultrasonic methods. Pipeline joints are that have been lowered into the trench. and start-up.
coated and inspected.

Enbridge is committed to ensuring that
vessels transporting petroleum products via the
Northern Gateway Terminal will be operated to
the highest internationally recognized safety and
environmental standards. The safe passage
of marine vessels will be achieved through a
comprehensive strategy that brings together the
best people, technology and planning. The marine
strategy will include standards such as modern,
double-hulled vessels escorted by powerful state-
of-the-art tugs, vessels under the guidance of

The pipelines will be monitored 24/7 and in-line experienced BC-based marine pilots through
inspection tools will be used to measure size,
frequency and location of any anomalies indicating coastal waterways and a new radar monitoring
even the slightest change in the pipeline system.
facility to provide additional marine safety.
Meaningful Consultation and Engagement
The future of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project rests with the
communities of the North. We are committed to meaningful and open
discussion with Aboriginals, stakeholders, communities and private
landowners in BC and Alberta.

“Northern Gateway would provide
nbridge has a long history orthern Gateway’s public
a predictable revenue stream for
of working with Aboriginal consultation program is
local government and jobs for
groups and has put in place designed to:
both Aboriginal and non-
a detailed Aboriginal policy
Aboriginal people in the
that identifies paths to mutual • provide information about
community, as well as opening
success. We have embraced a the project
the door for new marine
new relationship with Aboriginal occupations for coastal • identify issues
peoples across Canada and communities. As we look at the
recognize Aboriginal rights. • listen to concerns and
opportunities that may create
answer questions
jobs, we also have to recognize
Northern Gateway is
that it must be done in an • obtain input into environmental,
committed to working with
environmentally sustainable way. economic and community benefits
First Nations and Métis groups
If the environmental review
along the pipeline route to • obtain input and incorporate
process confirms that no harm
create meaningful economic it into project design, planning
will be done, these are the
opportunities and to incorporate construction and operations,
kind of direct community
traditional knowledge into the where practical
benefits that I would like to
planning and operations of the
see happen in Kitimat and along • establish a community-based forum,
project. A measure of our success the shipping route.”
will be our ability to accomplish in the form of community advisory
Joanne Monaghan, Mayor of Kitimat
these goals. boards, for stakeholder participation
and input throughout the entire
To achieve this high level project lifecycle
of respectful and meaningful
involvement, Northern Gateway Public consultation is an
is seeking to develop: integral component of Northern
Gateway, because we believe that
• Aboriginal equity ownership in the project can be improved by
the Kitimat Marine Terminal and gaining local knowledge, insight
pipeline operations and recommendations from
• Protocol Agreements that provide funds people along the pipeline route as
to support a dialogue between Northern well as others potentially affected
Gateway and Aboriginal groups by the project. We encourage
stakeholders and participating
• Additional agreements that
cover specific opportunities “What’s most impressive
Aboriginal groups to share
such as employment, training, about this initiative is the their thoughts and help identify
business procurement and demonstrated willingness of environmental, economic, social
environmental protection Enbridge to engage communities and business concerns and
throughout the process, to opportunities for communities
• A coastal community strategy to
listen to concerns and to meet throughout the life of the project.
build upon the local knowledge and the requirements of stringent
skills of coastal First Nations environmental regulations.”
Dan Rogers, Mayor of Prince George
Community Engagement
Building Sustainable Communities
and Community Advisory Boards As a leader in Corporate Social
Responsibility, we see Culture &
Northern Gateway is undertaking an Community, Education, Environment and
extensive community engagement program Health & Safety as key building blocks for
a sustainable community.
for the project. The community engagement
Enbridge’s community investment
program offers a wide variety of opportunities program supports not-for-profit
for individuals and organizations to learn organizations through financial
about the project and provide input. The contributions and human resources. In
2010, Enbridge will invest over $10 million
opportunities include public open houses,
with numerous charities, non-profit and
presentations to local governments and community organizations across Canada
community organizations, small group and the United States.
meetings, local offices in Kitimat and Terrace,
a project website, newsletters, blog, a project
toll-free number and email address.

To complement these community engagement

activities, Northern Gateway has established
community advisory boards. Community
advisory boards bring diverse interests
together, providing an opportunity for
meaningful exchange among Northern
Gateway, Aboriginal groups, non-Aboriginal
communities, industry and the general
public. It is envisioned that these will be in
place for the lifetime of the project.
Nurturing Economic Growth
The construction and operation of Northern Gateway will deliver sustainable economic
and social benefits to local communities in Alberta and British Columbia.

Should the project receive regulatory approval, it will create a lasting legacy of local
investment, tax revenue and jobs for the North, over and above the tremendous benefits
created by access to new and growing markets for Canadian natural resources.

At a time when the economy in northern BC is changing, many communities are looking
for other sources of revenue and employment. Northern Gateway has the potential to
support economic growth in the region and contribute to an energy sector that has
generated $7.5 billion in net royalties to BC since 2003.

Building Canada
Benefits Include: The North will be counted on to
supply labour and services such as:
• Total local, provincial and federal
government tax revenues during General construction

30 years of operations will be Electrical and mechanical contracting
approximately $2.6 billion; this •
Transportation (air, trucking and rail)
includes about $36 million per year •
Clearing, logging and salvage
estimated to be paid by Northern •
Gateway as local property taxes Site restoration

• About 1,150 long-term job Supplies (concrete, gravel,
building materials)
opportunities throughout the •
“The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Equipment and parts
Canadian economy, including 104
represents jobs and some much-needed •
permanent operating positions Fuel
investment in a region that has been hit •
created with Northern Gateway and
Industrial rentals, repairs
hard by the recession and the decline
113 positions with the associated •
in our traditional resource industries. Food services and accommodation
marine services

You also have to consider the value Environmental monitoring
• About 62,700 person-years of •
of introducing some diversity into the
employment will be created Field technicians
northern economy, so you have some •
throughout the Canadian economy Stockpiling pipe and supplies
balance and people have more options in
during the construction phase of •
terms of employment.” Surveying
the project, with 3,000 direct on-site •
Building access roads
workers required during the peak Tim McEwan •
period of construction President and CEO Construction camps and catering
of Initiatives Prince George
increase in Canadian Gross
Domestic Product over 30 years

tax revenue during construction $114M $912M
tax revenue during construction tax revenue during construction
Columbia Alberta Canada
tax revenue over 30 years tax revenue over 30 years

$462M $2.6B
tax revenue over 30 years


anada’s Future
Benefiting British Columbia Benefiting Alberta Benefiting Canada
Construction Phase Construction Phase Construction Phase
• 4,100 person-years of on-site • 1,400 person-years of on-site • 62,700 person-years total
employment and 31,300 employment and 13,700 employment including 12,100
person-years off-site person-years off-site east of Alberta
• $2.5B in total labour income • $1.2B in total labour income • $4.3B of total labour income
• $165M tax revenue to Government • $114M revenue to Government across Canada
of BC during construction of Alberta during construction • Total government tax revenues
• More than 400 workers required • Alberta residents will account during construction will be
during peak construction to build the for 24% of project-related approximately $912M,
Kitimat Marine Terminal and related employment including over $590M in
infrastructure federal tax revenue
Ongoing Operations
Ongoing Operations • About 380 long-term jobs created Ongoing Operations
• About 560 long-term jobs created • 1,150 long-term jobs created
• $26M/year of labour-related income
in BC with $32M/year of labour- throughout Canada
• $462M in tax revenue for the
related income • $68M/year of labour-related
Alberta government over 30 years
• 165 long-term jobs and $17M/ income across Canada or $2B
year in wages created by Kitimat over 30 years
operations, including the terminal • $2.6B in total tax revenue
and marine services, tug fleet and for local, provincial and
environmental monitors federal governments
• $1.2B in tax revenue for the BC
government over 30 years
Building Partnerships With Canadians
Our success hinges on our reputation. Meaningful engagement and
sustainable, respectful relationships with all those directly impacted
by Northern Gateway are fundamental prerequisites for acquiring
and maintaining our social licence to operate.

hrough Enbridge’s Neutral Footprint Planting a tree seedling for every tree
Program, Northern removed to create the
Gateway will work pipeline right-of-way
with conservation and Setting aside an acre of land
environmental partners for habitat conservation
to counter the impacts to for every acre of wilderness
land and trees caused by permanently impacted
the project. The program
Creating a kilowatt of
advances various stewardship renewable power for every
and habitat protection kilowatt of power used by
initiatives, such as: pipeline operations

As a world leader in Although the volume of

energy transportation and product that Enbridge now
delivery, we recognize our role Pat Daniel, President & Chief Executive transports through its pipelines
in addressing issues related to Officer leads Enbridge employees in has increased by 42% since
planting one of the 60,000 trees the
climate change and the 1990 — greenhouse
company donated to communities near
impacts of energy resource gas emissions have been
its operations to commemorate its
development. 60th anniversary in 2009.
reduced by 20%.

The Enbridge Natural Legacy Program The Enbridge Safe Community The Enbridge School Plus Program
is an opportunity for Enbridge to Program is designed to provide was established by Enbridge in
demonstrate our ongoing commitment substantial monetary grant partnership with the Assembly of
to environmental stewardship, habitat support for first responders, First Nations to support enrichment
remediation and protection. The program police agencies, fire-fighters, programming and extracurricular activities
has a successful track record of Emergency Medical Services in First Nations schools near major
working with organizations such as the and other related health Enbridge pipeline routes. The overall goal
Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ducks providers who respond of the program is to encourage First
Unlimited, Trout Unlimited, Pacific to emergency situations in Nations youth to stay in school, enabling
Salmon and Tree Canada, as well as Enbridge right-of-way them to pursue higher education and
local schools, educators and volunteers. communities. secure better jobs in the future.
rade Routes mobile training facility
provided students with the opportunity
to develop skills and abilities that
will not only help them to secure their own
economic future, but will also contribute to
the economic future of their communities
through the construction and development
of large infrastructure projects planned for
northern BC. This state-of-the-art mobile
training facility offered students introductory
trades training, apprenticeship technical
training and journey person upgrading.

Enbridge was proud to be the lead corporate

sponsor of this important initiative when
it launched in 2007. We believe Northern
Gateway represents a real opportunity for
British Columbians to develop skills that can
be applied to a variety of industries after the
construction of our project is complete.

Building Sustainable Communities Environment • GP College Canadian Tire Golf Tourney
(Grand Prairie, AB)
• Monkman Pass (Terrace, BC)
Enbridge has a 60-year history of • Pacific Area North Coast Integrated • Community Foundation of Grande Prairie
Management Area Forum (Vancouver, BC) (Grande Prairie, AB)
giving back to the communities where • Northern Sustainability Forum (Smithers, BC) • Peace Curling Association Tour Championship
(Grande Prairie, AB)
we live and work. Highlights of Education
• Prairie Gardens Festival (Bon Accord, Bruderheim
• Arts Umbrella (Prince Rupert, BC)
our support for Northern Gateway and Morinville, AB)
• Minerals North (Fort St. James, BC)
• Calvin Kruk Performing Arts Centre
communities include: • Ride for Literacy (Burns Lake, BC) (Dawson Creek, BC)
• Heavy Metals Rocks (Prince George, BC) • Looking for Love Animal Shelter (Kitimat, BC)
Health & Safety • NW Science and Innovation Fair (Terrace, BC) • Métis Nation BC Economic Development
• Vanderhoof Volunteer Extrication Association • Hog Wild About Reading (Burns Lake, BC) Forum (BC)
(Vanderhoof, BC) Culture & Community • CFNR Music in the Park (Terrace, BC)
• Enbridge Northern Gateway World Baseball • Fallen Four Marathon (Mayerthorpe and • Parent Advisory Council Playground
Challenge (Prince George, BC) Whitecourt, AB) (Tumbler Ridge, BC)
• Marlin Swim Club (Kitimat, BC) • Iskoteo Arts Festival (Grande Prairie, AB) • Terrace is Hockeyville (Terrace, BC)

The Alberta Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society Arts Umbrella’s Sarah McLachlan Music Outreach Program
(STARS) team saves precious minutes in life or death offers the gift of musical guidance to 200 young talents.
situations. The Enbridge Safe Community Program Enbridge is proud to support these programs, offered
provides financial support to first response emergency in Vancouver’s inner city and selected Northern BC
organizations in communities where we live and work, communities, which help youth develop a lifelong love
helping them to acquire new safety equipment, obtain of music, enthusiasm for learning and a positive attitude
professional training or deliver educational programs. about their own abilities.
We are building
community partnerships
We are raising the bar for
marine safety on the Northwest coast
60 Years of Safety and Innovation
Enbridge’s success has been built on a 60-year history of safe, reliable and environmentally
responsible operations combined with a tradition of mutually beneficial relationships with our
stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

From its inception in 1949, Enbridge has placed the highest priority on the safety and reliability
of its operations. Our goal is to prevent all spills and leaks from our energy transportation and
distribution systems. We invest heavily in pipeline integrity and maintenance encompassing all of
the tools, technologies and strategies needed to ensure our pipeline networks have the strength
and operating “fitness” to do their job safely and reliably.

For Enbridge – as well as the landowners and communities along the right-of-way – this focus on
pipeline integrity has enormous implications. It’s a major step towards ensuring safe, incident-free
operations on one of the longest and most sophisticated liquid hydrocarbon pipelines in the world
that transports more than 2 million barrels of liquid petroleum resources every day.

A Sustainability Leader
In 2010, Enbridge was named We’ve been recognized as Enbridge has been We’ve been consistently ranked as
to the Global 100 Most one of Corporate Knights included in the Dow Jones one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers,
Sustainable Corporations, Best 50 Corporate Citizens Sustainability Index and in 2010 were recognized as one
ranking highest among in Canada over the last (North America) for the of Canada’s Ten Best Companies
Canadian companies. seven years. past three years. to Work For and one of Canada’s
Greenest Employers.

Norman Wells
Enbridge’s pipeline systems
have operated for over 60
years and today comprise ENBRIDGE INC.
Headquarters Calgary, Alberta, Canada
approximately 15,280 ENBRIDGE ENERGY PARTNERS, L.P.
Headquarters Houston, Texas, USA
kilometres of pipeline. ENBRIDGE GAS DISTRIBUTION
Zama Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada
We have a growing Fort St. John
Liquids Systems and Joint Ventures
Natural Gas Systems and Joint Ventures
involvement in the natural Fort McMurray Gas Distribution
gas transmission and Cheecham Solar Assets
Wind Assets
midstream businesses. Edmonton
As a distributor of energy, Hardisty
Blaine Calgary
Enbridge owns and operates
Canada’s largest natural Regina
Lethbridge Cromer
gas distribution company, Rowatt
Portland Gretna
and provides distribution Clearbrook
services in Ontario, Quebec, Montreal
Superior Ottawa
New Brunswick and
New York State. Casper
Salt Lake City Sarnia Buffalo
Enbridge is committed to
fostering the development Chicago

of renewable and alternative Patoka

Wood River
energy sources, with
interests in more than Tulsa

560 megawatts of
environmentally responsible
power generation.
New Orleans
At Enbridge, we’re big believers in balance. This is why we’re
generating a kilowatt of renewable energy for every kilowatt of
electricity we use to power our pipelines. That’s not only good
for the environment, it’s good for business.
Our growing interests in green energy – including wind, solar,
heat recovery and hybrid fuel cells – generate attractive
returns for investors. Currently our investments in renewable
and alternative power have the capacity to produce more than
560 megawatts of electricity, which is enough to meet the
energy needs of approximately 180,000 Canadian homes.
As one of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies – and
one of Canada’s Greenest Employers – we’re delivering far
more than energy. We’re delivering on our commitment to
achieve a neutral environmental footprint.
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