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Direct Examination of Arresting Ocer on Illegal

Possession of Drugs
Name of Witness: PO1 NiloBentresCabansi
Philippine National Police, Baguio City

se:: The
The witn
s will
will test
y on the
the arr
est made
made to
accused Antonio Mendoza for haing possessed illegal drugs!
the testimony of P"#Ca$ans
P"#Ca$ansii is $eing presented and o%ered
to proe the following:

&#' That
That he is
is amem
amem$e $err of the
the Phili
ppininee Natio
nall Pol
$y profession!
&(' That
That he wi will test
y as one
one of
of the
the witnwitnes
sess for
for the
& )' That he is presently a mem$er of the Philippine
National Police Criminal *nestigation and +etention
&-' That
That he was
was the
the one
one who act
ed asas a poseu
er to
 /uancho+ela Cruz!
& 0' That he was the one who e%ected the arrest of 
accused /uancho+ela Cruz! and
&1' And
An d to pro
e suc
suchh rel
antt mat

Main testimony of the itness

Prosecutor A!ellAlexis Aberin : Mr2 Mr2 Witn

s, how are
you employed3 *n other words, what is your profession3

PO1 NiloBentresCabansi : * am a $ona

$ona 4de
4de mem$er
mem$er of 
the Philippine National Police2

" : What
hat is your
your ran5
ran5 as a mem$e
em$err of the
the Phi
National Police3
A : P"# ma6am2

" : 7ow long hae you $een in the serice as a police

A : * ha
hae $e
$een in
in s
seerice fo
for al
almost ##
## ye
years n
ow2 *
started since (99-2

" : Where are you designated, Mr2 Witness3

A : * am currently designated at the Police tation ;,
Baguio City, Ma6am2

" : <ou mentioned in your a8dait of arrest that you are a

mem$er of the Philippine National Police Criminal
*nestigation and +etention roup, is that right3
A : <es, Ma6am2
" : ince when hae you $een sering as a mem$er of 
that group3
A : * hae $een a mem$er of the PNP C*+ since (99;2

" : "n the ;th of Noem$er (9#0, were you wor5ing3

A : <es, Ma6am2

" : Were you assigned any tas5 on that day3

A : We were assigned to conduct a =uic5 sureillance
$ased on the report our con4dential informant2

" : And what is the result of your sureillance3

A : We con4rmed the truthfulness of the report of our
con4dential informant against the accused2

" : After con4rming the report, what happened ne>t3

A : *, together with P"# ?eslie @aguindin, our
con4dential informant @ole> /urister+awaton, and the P+A
men, conducted a meeting on how would our $uy.$ust
operation will run2

" : And what did you conclude in the meeting3

A : That * will posed as the $uyer, and after the accused
will hand me the merchandise &sha$u', * will gie the signal
to my comrades2

" : Where did you conduct the $uy $ust operation3

A : *n his stall, near their house in pper uarry, ma6am2
" : Will you tell us what happened then3
A : We arried in the area, * was in ciilian attire, * saw
the accused a$out eight &;' meters and * approached him,

" : And since you pretended to $e the $uyer, was there

any conersation made $etween you as the $uyer and with
the accused /uancho+ela Cruz3
A : <es, ma6am2

" : Can you tell the 7onora$le Court what was that
A : * was as5ed, DAnong5ailangan5oD2 * pretended to $uy
5itchen utensils and said the secret code E* will $uy Magic
arapF which is alleged to $e the phrase used $y customers
to refer to a 92(0 gram of methamphetamine hydrochloride,
commonly 5nown asshabu2

" : What happened when you informed the accused a$out

the secret word 3
A : * handed him a P#,999 peso $ill2

" : What happened after that3

A : 7e handed me a small plastic sachet2

" : +uring that time, did you 5now what was contained in
the plastic3
A : * suspected it to contain Esha$uF your honor due to
the familiarity of the usual paraphernalia for the use of such
prohi$ited drug2

" : What did you do ne>t when you suspected that the
content of the plastic was sha$u3
A : * approached him and identi4ed myself as a
policeman, * raised his left hand2 Which was the pre.assigned
signal so that P"# @aguindin together with the rest of the
mem$ers of the P+A rushed to the scene to e>ecute the
arrest of /uancho+ela Cruz and con4scated the plastic

" :When you proed that the content of the plastic was in
fact sha$u, was the arrest of the man e%ected3
A : <es, ma6am2

" : The man who sold the EMagic arapF, do you see him
in the courtroom today3
A : <es, ma6am2

" : Would you point him out please and mention an

article of his clothing3
A : &witness points the accused /uancho+ela Cruz'
 Theaccused is wearing a $lac5 tight.4tting shirt and a pair of 
maong dar5 Geans2
Prosecutor: <our honor, may the record reHect the
identi4cation of the accused, /uancho+ela Cruz2

" : What transpired when you arrested him3

A : 7e identi4ed himself as /uancho+ela Cruz2 Thereafter,
* informed him of his constitutional rights2

" : +id he ma5e any response regarding his constitutional

A : None, ma6am2

" : Which police station did you $ring the accused to3
A : We $rought him to the Police tation ;, Baguio City2

" : pon arrial at the Police tation ;, Baguio City, what

happened to the con4scated items3
A : * su$mitted it to the des5 o8cer on duty who then
su$mitted the same to the la$oratory for analysis2

" : Mr2 witness, do you remem$er haing e>ecuted any

statement regarding this case3
A : <es, ma6am2

" : * am showing you an A8dait of Arrest e>ecuted $y

P"# NiloBentresCa$ansi which was preiously mar5ed as
>hi$it #B$  during the pre.trial2 Will you go oer this and
tell if that is the statement of yours3
A : <es, ma6am2

" : And a$oe the name P"# NiloBentresCa$ansiis a

signature2 Whose signature is that3
A : My signature, ma6am2
Prosecutor% May we pray, <our 7onor, that the name
Irederic5 Jaliente and his signature in the a8dait $e
$rac5eted and mar5ed as >hi$it EB.#F3
&Court% ''''''''(

Prosecutor% No further "uestions) your honor*