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For more “official” terms, please see the Leapforce Yukon Glossary, click here.

• 3 Parters – Needs met task where you rate it based on the snippet, then on the landing page
(which are not in the same order as the 1st part), and then comment if your ratings were very
• Aggregators – Tasks that ask you whether or not a specified website is an event aggregator.
• Allos – Tasks utilizing the Allo app
• APA – Automated Personal Assistant task where you write requests fitting specific criteria or
identify the parts of requests that were previously written
• ASQ – Answer Seeking Query
• BOQ – Breadth of Query task
• Backchat – Previous chat posts that can be found by scrolling back as far as the history will
• Bot – An automated system that triggers a Temporary Lock for Quality Audit.
• BU – Block Utility task
• Candies – Candidate answer tasks
• Canons – Query pair tasks where you determine if Query 2 is a perfect canonicalization rewrite
of Query 1
• Captions – Image tasks that ask you to select the most appropriate prewritten caption for the
provided image
• Cats – Category tasks
• Choosies – Two–sided tasks with an overall side rating and required comments
• Contextuals (aka Pat Smiths) – Tasks where you determine if the 2nd query is dependent on
the context of the 1st query.
• Creepies – Tasks based on your personal data (photos, emails, locations, etc)
• Croutons – Freshness side–by–side tasks where you determine if the Needs Met results are
stale or not stale
• CVB – Cute Video Break
• Dangos – Contested name for newer Relevance/Coverage (aka NuRel/Cov) tasks that are color
coded red, grey, and green for off–topic, contextual, and descriptive terms respectively. This
color assortment resembles the Japanese "dango" dessert
• Einsteins – Topic tasks with an Albert Einstein example that takes up a large portion of the
• EWOQ – The rating platform for Project Yukon (now called RaterHub)
• Fauxcals – Local tasks by name, but reference the General Guidelines and have an EAT
component instead
• Forced Task(s) – When you have only 1 task option
• FU – Follow Up query task
• GG – General Guidelines

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• Gravies – A task which involves serious and grave concepts such as suicide contemplation and
sexual assault
• Greyjoys (aka Greyouts) – Needs Met tasks with some results greyed out as "no rating
• GSA – Google Search App
• Hubs – Section page tasks (previously titled hub pages) that have you determine if a website is
original news or unoriginal news
• Homes – Tasks completed using a Google Home device, as seen here.
• Index – Another term for Raterhub (where you acquire tasks)
• IMG BU – Image Block Utility task
• Iron Man – When you get logged out of the Leapforce Extension after 10 hours of continuous
• Jmom (task) – An endearing term used for all 1 minute audio tasks, because Jmom loves them
• Jmom (verb) – The act of responding to a chat post deep into backchat
• Junkies – The kid version of "Trashies" where you mark if a YouTube title/thumbnail has junky
content for users 2–12 years old
• Kids – YouTube task where you rate the results with the mindset that children of a certain age
group will be viewing them
• Leavers – On–device tasks which require you to not be at home, work, or any other personal
location in order to complete them
• LP – Landing Page
• LB – Leapbot (The pop quiz “bot” in chat)
• Locals (aka Maps) – A local task that references the Maps SxS Guidelines where you to classify
a query and rate 2 sets of maps/local results
• LQA – Local Query Analysis task
• Mandies – Mandatory tasks that you must do to open up more task options
• Meats – Needs Met tasks with E-A-T sliders
• Metapps – Similar to Relapps (related apps), but use the “needs met” scale instead.
• Mets – Needs Met Tasks
• MOW – Mobile Optimized Website
• MU – Marginal Utility SxS image tasks
• NM – Needs Met
• NoClick – Tasks with result blocks that are not clickable
• NRT – No Rating Tasks (what Raterhub used to say when there were no tasks)
• NFT – No F***ing Tasks (used when NRT just doesn’t express your frustration)
• NTACA – No Tasks Are Currently Available
• NuRel/Cov (aka NuRelcov) – Relevance/Coverage tasks that are color coded red, grey, and
green for off–topic, contextual, and descriptive terms respectively
• PA – Preferred Agent (see Preferred Agent Program)
• P/CQ (PCQ) – Previous/Current Query tasks
• Perso – Personalized tasks

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• Phantom – When you click on a task but are redirected back to NRT or when you click on a task
and it just refreshes the current index
• PII – Personally identifiable information
• Politiquotes (aka Poliquotes) – Political quotes task where you denote if the details of a quote
match certain criteria
• Pollens (aka Sneezies) – Medical type tasks that ask you to determine if a given phrase has
pollen allergy intent
• Porn Whispers – Audio tasks where you rate the transcription quality of real voice queries
• PQ – Page Quality
• Privates – A task where you decide if a set of queries need to be answered using private
• Products – Tasks related to searches performed on Google Shopping
• RA – RaterAide
• RB – Result Block
• DARB – Device Action Result Block
• SCRB – Special Content Result Block
• SIRB – Special Information Result Block
• WSRB – Web Search Result Block
• Rosettas – Query classification tasks
• RR – Result Review task
• R&R – Report and Release (using the Report a Problem/Release this Task button)
• R4R – Ready for review (regarding invoice status)
• Rel/Cov – Relevance and Coverage tasks
• Relapps – Related Apps tasks
• Relcrapps – What they are called when they are short on time and require a comment
• S2D – Send-to-Device tasks
• SASR – Submit and Stop Rating button
• Scrollies – Needs Met tasks that require you to scroll through many examples before getting to
rating part of the task
• SERP – Search Engine Results Page
• Shelves – A task that involves rating YouTube shelf results for a particular category
• SimQ – Similar Query task
• SIRB – Special Informational Result Block task that asks to to evaluate each individual section
and then the block as a whole
• Sleepies – Two–sided tasks without an overall side rating that don't require comments
• Speakies – Speaking aloud required task
• Stampies – An eyes–free task where you "stamp" the beginning and end of certain audio
events and choose which assistant provided a better response
• Stickers – Tasks that ask you to describe a given emoji
• SxS – Side by Side task
• Thumbnails – Tasks where you evaluate the image utility within a result block and the image
representativeness of the landing page

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• Train – A continuous string of tasks that last a long time
• Trashies – YouTube thumbnail task where you determine if the images are trashy or not.
• TWSS – YouTube "mature words validation" tasks where you watch a video clip and determine
if a word is being used in a mature or offensive manner. TWSS normally stands for "that's what
she said", which fits the tone of these tasks
• UCO – A task that asks you to identify upsetting, controversial or offensive content
• UYBJ – Use Your Best Judgment
• Voldemort (aka Voldie or Voldy) – Used to refer to RaterAide in chat (the 3rd party time
tracking app that must not be named)
• Wall – When Raterhub shows 3 of the same task types as “options” (SxS, EXP, or the ultra rare
• WebU – Web Universal task
• YTBU – YouTube Block Utility task
• YTPQ – YouTube Block Utility task with Page Quality

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