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The Minnedosa

Since 1883
Volume 136 Issue 44 Friday, January 11, 2019 90 cents plus tax

INSIDE New Year Blows in With a Storm
this week

Jean a

New Daycare
for Erickson

2 S
Photos by Karen Mitchell

tudents in a number of school divisions, including
Rolling River, enjoyed a bit or an extended Christmas
holiday when the first big snowstorm of the year roared
in. The Manitoba blizzard began Sunday, January 6th,
Refugee just one day before schools were set to open after Christ-
mas break.
Family Heavy snowfall and fierce winds continued to worsen
as the day went on and through the night leaving a mess
Settling in of heavily snow covered, packed and drifted roads Mon-
day morning. The storm and poor road conditions forced

the closure of numerous schools throughout southern
Manitoba for one more day. However, Mother Nature’s
wrath was not finished yet and the storm picked up again
Monday with strong winds making visibility difficult in
some areas. Schools in Rolling River were again closed
Tuesday as a blowing snow advisory saw gusts of over 50
km/hour. Out in the rural areas, roads drifted back over
If your label reads
almost as fast as plows cleared them making travel in
19/01/31 some areas difficult or impossible. Severe windchill also
plagued the area making the outdoor temperature which
It’s time to renew Top: Heavy snow accumulated along streets and roads making travel
fell to under -20 feel closer to -30 degrees Celsius.
your subscription! The clean-up continues after this seasons first, and
and parking a bit difficult for some drivers before the cleanup began.
Inset: Residents and snow removal crews have been kept busy with
hopefully only big winter storm!
204-867-3816 snowblowers and shovels as we dig out from the storm.