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Literary Essay Rubric

Criteria Expert (4) 3.5 Practitioner (3) 2.5 Apprentice (2) 1.5 Novice (1)
Focus (2) ● All details are evidence based ● Most details are ● Some details are evidence ● None of the details
and relevant (help to support evidence based and based and relevant are evidence based
claim) relevant (help to and relevant
support claim)
Lead/Introdu ● Expertly engages the reader ● Effectively engages the ● Writer attempts an ● Literary essay is
ction and by crafting an introduction reader by crafting an introduction and lacking both an
Conclusion with a “hook, clearly stated introduction with a conclusion but essential introduction and a
(3) claim, supports, and names “hook, clearly stated component(s) are missing conclusion
the author and text claim, supports, and
● Expertly crafts a conclusion names the author and OR
that summarizes the main text
● Literary essay lacks an
points of the essay ● Effectively summarizes
introduction or a
● statement to make the reader the main points of the
“think” (lesson learned / literary essay in the
generalization) conclusion

Organization ● Includes well-sequenced, ● Includes sequenced ● Some paragraphs lack ● Writing lacks
(3) indented paragraphs (topic paragraphs (topic essential components organization
sentence, sentences with sentence, detail ● Some transitional ● Transitional
explanations, closing sentences with words/phrases/ sentences words/phrases/
sentence) explanations, closing are used correctly sentences are NOT
● Body paragraphs are sentence) used correctly
organized, restating the claim ● Most transitions
and one support (words/phrases/
● Many transitions sentences) are used
(words/phrases/ sentences) correctly
are used correctly
Developmen ● All pieces of evidence ● Most pieces of ● Some pieces of evidence ● Evidence is not
t/Elaboratio identified to show the evidence are further are further developed further developed
n (3) support is true is from the developed and either and/or some are copied or most/all
text and well developed, paraphrased or quoted from the text (plagiarized) evidence used is
either paraphrased or quoted ● Includes at least two copied from the
● Includes at least two clear examples from the text text (plagiarized)
examples from the text that that show the support
show the support is true. is true.
● Includes explanations of the
evidence (ex: this
demonstrates…; this
suggests…: this is important

Usage of ● Errors made are minimal ● Few errors made that ● Many errors made, some ● The errors made
Grade Level which result in a fluid essay impact meaning of the which impact meaning and impact meaning of
Grammar/M that is easy to read and essay and make it easy make the essay hard to the entire essay
echanics/ understand to read and read and understand in and make it difficult
Spelling (2) understand certain areas to read and

Sentence ● Consistently uses varied ● Sometimes uses varied ● Uses simple sentences ● Writing contains
Structure (1) sentence structure (ex. sentence structure (ex. fragments and/or
simple, complex, compound) simple, complex, run-ons
Word Choice ● Uses higher-level vocabulary ● Uses grade-level ● Uses some grade-level ● Does not use
(1) which adds interest vocabulary correctly vocabulary correctly grade-level
throughout the writing throughout the writing vocabulary