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2nd Grade Newsletter

January 14 – 18, 2019

Upcoming Dates:
1/17 – Field Trip to Miami Children’s Museum

Happy Birthday to: Ms Munoz 1/12,

Anabella 1/21, Chase 1/27
Spelling Words – long i. igh, y
Night Kind Spy Child
Light Find Right High
Wild July Fry Sigh
By Why Behind Lightning

Note from the teacher:

 Go on i-Ready Reading and Math – strive for 45!
Happy Birthday
 Students shouldto: Ms
read Munoz
at least 1/12,
20 minutes Anabella
each night. 1/21, Chase 1/27
 Please check your child’s folder each night and sign/return any necessary
documents. 

What we are working on this week:

Assessments i-ready lesson 21 Chapter 6 Magazine: Why Changes in
* Subject to change Lessons 4, 5, People Work Properties
Monday and 6
Math Text Focus i-ready Topics: Topic
I-ready lesson 13 Connecting words and lesson 13 - Needs and Identify
Quiz pictures wants different
Friday: Topics: - Consumers changes in
Ela Vocabulary 3 Digit and producers properties of
-Cold read Test Papaya, dared, Addition various
-Spelling Quiz
trembled, fearsome, Vocabulary: objects
serious, searched, Vocabulary: Consumer,
-Changes in
muttered, chattered sum, producer, Vocabulary:
Property Test
addends, need, want, Texture, color,
tens, ones, limited size, shape,
Chapter 6 Mid
hundreds, resource, trade, melting,
Chapter Quiz service, benefit
regroup evaporation