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Monday– Friday 9:00 am– 7:00 pm Bakery

Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am– 9:00 pm

Me n u

Baked sells lots of good and

fresh desserts. You can get

cakes, pies, cupcakes, and

more. Our bakery is known

for our autumn themed kitchen

Eat Good
and dining area as well as Feel Good

our autumn themed deserts.

Fresh baked pastries

Phone: 412-240-7485

We accept credit and debit cards 5217 Clairton Blvd.

as well as cash and checks. Pittsburgh, PA 15236
Coke Products $1.00
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, etc. Pies
Lemonade $1.00 $2.0
0 per
Made with fresh lemons
Apple Pie slice
A crispy crust with a sweet apple filling
Coffee $1.00
Ask for it to be made how you
want it. Iced, dark, etc.
Cheesecake $2.00
Original flavor Cheese- slice

Shakes $1.00 0 per Pumpkin Spice $2.5
Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, or Baked Blueberry Pie slice Cheesecake pumpkin 0
cookies and cream A soft crust with blueberry filling per
spice flavor mixed into slice

Iced tea $1.00 Autumn Warm Vanilla $1.5

Sweet or unsweetened Cake 0
Pumpkin Pie $2.0
Chocolate Cake $1.5
Iced Lemon Tea $1.00 0 per 0
Iced tea with hints of lemon slice Chocolate icing and choc-
Crispy crust with pumpkin filling olate flavor per
Apple Juice $1.00
Freshly made apple juice
Strawberry Cake $1.5
With Strawberry icing 0
Hot Chocolate $1.00 per
Freshly made hot chocolate
0 per Lemon Cake $1.5
Pecan Pie slice Lemon flavored cake 0
Roasted pecan filling per
Carrot Cake $1.7
Crispy Cookies $2.5 5
Chocolate-Chip, Oatmeal Rai- 0 per per
sin, or sugar doz-
$2.0 Coffee Cake $1.7
Cinnamon Rolls 0 per Coffee Flavored cake 5
without icing
With or $1.50
Baked’s Banana Pudding Pie slice per
Banana pudding filling

Brownies $1.00 Red Velvet $1.7

Per Chocolate flavored cake 5
With or without sprinkles
brow per
nie Coconut Pie $2.0
Cupcakes $1.5
0 per
Croissant $1.00 Crust with coconut filling 0
slice Vanilla, Strawberry,
Plain or Chocolate filled
Chocolate, Birthday per

Bagels $1.5
Plain or Cinnamon 0
Cookies and Cream Pie $2.0
0 per
Made with a chocolate cookie crust slice
Pound Cake $2.5 and and cookies and cream filling
Vanilla, Chocolate, or Lemon 0

Cake Pops $1.50

Vanilla, chocolate, strawber- per
ry, or cookie dough pop