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Counterpoint MUC 213 – Dr Hirt

Da Capo Aria: Final Project

In Gmi. Or Dmi.
For Voice and Bass line with Continuo
I) Form
Brief introduction usually the
first phrase
Piango, gemo, sospiro e peno, In tonic Key (may use
A E la piaga rinchiusa è nel cor. tonicization)

Optional- Brief interlude w/

modulation,[to Dominant or
relative Maj. If in Minor]

Solo chiedo per pace del seno, [In Dominant or relative Maj.]
B Che m'uccida più fiero dolor.

Optional- Brief interlude w/

modulation back to tonic(home)key

Piango, gemo, sospiro e peno, Literal Repetition of A

A E la piaga rinchiusa è nel cor. In tonic key

Codetta Optional Concluding Phrase

Continuo only

In Dominant or relative Maj. If in Minor

Syllable division:
Pian-go, ge-mo, so-spi-ro e pe-no,
Pian-go, ge-mo, so-spi-ro e pe-no,
E la pia-ga rin-chiu-sa è nel cor.

So-lo chie-do per pa-ce del se-no,

Che m'uc-cida più fie-ro do-lor.

I weep, I groan, I sigh, I suffer,
And the soreness is confined within my heart.

I only ask for the sake of my heart's peace

That an even more fierce pain should kill me.

II) Steps to compose

1) Create melody [use natural speech Rhythm] or harmonic prog. Mostly 2 or 4 bar
phrases an occasional 6 or 8 mea. phrase is possible but not probable.
2) Harmonize [pop chords above top staff] or melody
3) Write a bass line [ Roman numerals below the bass staff w/ figures]
4) Create Intro, interludes and coda [ primarily from existing phrases – voice rests]
5) These will be sung during final exam times- all voice majors are expected to sing
there own pieces and help out others in the class by singing their works. We will
need a Cello or Bassoon during this time. If we can’t find one the men in the class
will sing the bass lines, so keep them simple but defined.
III Form
Sectional form Intro A Interlude
Sub Form a-a’-b Mod. To dom.
(phrases) [a’ is optional] (minor key)
4 bars 4 bars each 4 or 6 bars

B Interlude {optional) A Coda

a-a’-b Mod. To tonic a-a’-b
[a’ is optional] [a’ is optional]
4 bars each phrase 4 or 6 bars 4 bars each phrase 4 bars

It is challenging to mod to the dominant in minor because there are only two common

Tonic d minor d–i eº - iiº F - III g – iv A-V VI - Bb viiº

Dominant a mi. iv xxx VI xxx xxx xxx xxx

Here are some suggested progressions [illustrated in dmi. But the same RN work in gmi]: